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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 4, 2013
A great bargain.

Well made. I found no defects.

Provides protection from rain, scratching, etc. for your laptop computer, particularly in a briefcase, suitcase, backpack, etc. Would NOT provide much protection from vibration or impact.

My Dell Latitude (which measures 13 3/4" X 9 1/2" X 1 1/2") is slightly smaller than the Sanoxy sleeve. The material is stretchy, and so, a slightly larger computer (possibly up to 14 1/2 x 10" 1/4") might fit snugly, particularly a thinner model. That would be a good thing if the material was thicker neoprene or more rigid. The loose fit feels insecure. It feels like the computer is slipping out of your hand when you pick it up---and might indeed shift causing you to fumble the case. So, until you get the hang of it, you have to be careful.

Fits my Canon LiDE 210 scanner well.

If your computer fits loosely, like mine does, consider adding inner-sleeves or spacers of protective material, such as corrugated cardboard, unopened bubble envelopes, etc. The best would probably be sheets of 1/8"-thick or thicker sponge neoprene. Sponge Neoprene 1/8" Thick X 54" Wide X 1' I used a 1/4"-thick sheet of rigid high density bubble packaging material, which works very well.

Yes, the sleeve is fully reversible, but the reversed color (red) is not attractive.

The Amazon Vendor I purchased the Sanoxy sleeve from shipped directly from China (not mentioned in the Amazon description), with a resulting estimated shipping time of nearly 1 month. In fact though, I received it in a little over a week.
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on July 22, 2015
So I did not have high expectations when I purchased this case being less than 6 dollars. All I wanted was a basic case that could keep the dust off my laptop and also prevent damage from scratches or minor bumps. And it does just that. Don't expect any sort of real drop protection as it is a thin amount of neoprene. Thinner than say the king you get in a ace bandage for your knee or wrist. The flap design could be better sometimes its a little hard to fit the laptop in and tuck the flap back over but adding a zipper or some sort of Velcro would frankly increase production cost which would make it more expensive. And you are not looking at a 15 dollar or up notebook case.
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on June 19, 2015
Unlike some, mine is actually red on the inside. And it *is* reversible. I guess there are different variations floating around. Mine was from a Marketplace vendor named DD222, so maybe ordering from them would increase your chances of getting a red/black reversible one.

It's thinner than an older neoprene sleeve that I've been using for years on a smaller laptop. I'm not really bothered by this; I wasn't expecting serious cushioning. The goal is to protect the laptop from getting scratched by other things that might be rolling around in my backpack.

The laptop is an Asus ROG G501, which is about 15"x10"x0.8" (383 x 255 x 1.3mm), with rounded edges. It fits almost perfectly, without stretching. In fact I wish it fit a bit tighter. It would probably be perfect for a laptop that was just a bit larger. EDIT: I ended up returning the Asus, and eventually I got an MSI GS60 Ghost instead. This laptop is a bit larger: 15.35"x10.47"x0.78". It fits nicely, with a bit of stretch, except it takes a bit of work to get the flap closed. I think it's getting easier, though.

The rubber smell is annoying. EDIT: The smell faded a lot in the 2 months that it sat unused on a shelf. I don't notice it anymore, unless I stick my nose inside it and sniff.
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It really irks me when posts for different products are bundled together, which makes it a hassle to sift through the posts for the ones pertinent to the product you plan on buying.

Aaaanyhoo, this review is for the Red/Black Etekcity Reversible Neoprene Laptop/Notebook Sleeve 15.4"-15.6".

The workmanship is so-so. The end of the red trim under the flap is not finished off in a hidden area but in a fairly conspicuous area. This is unsightly and makes the construction of the sleeve look shoddy.

Fit-wise, this sleeve is a PERFECT fit for my 15.6 Acer Chromebook. The only niggle I have is the flap doesn't stay flat. I'm thinking of sewing velcro onto the underside of the flap and onto the adjoining side to secure the flap.

Protection-wise, the neoprene sleeve will protect your laptop/notebook from scratches and light bumps. My 15.6" Chromebook is a snug fit in the sleeve and won't easily fall out of it. I have another 14" HP Chromebook; this one just slides around inside the sleeve. Therefore, I wouldn't recommend this sleeve for anything smaller than a 15" laptop/notebook.

In sum, this sleeve provides adequate protection but the workmanship is slightly shoddy and the flap needs to be secured.
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on August 20, 2015
These guys are liars. They say they ship in a couple of days from the US. Later you find out it is a ruse and instead of a couple of days you will wait for weeks and your "product" will be shipped from China. It is not as described. No way this thing is "reversible". It's more like some pieced scraps of some really "stinky", cheap low grade neoprene-ish (somewhat) material that looks like it was the damaged end throwaways off some other products; which they then slapped together with the most obvious gooped up cheap stitching imaginable. I used to work with professional producers at the LA garment market - I know the spectrum of "cheap vs well made"; in as far as industrial stitching goes. This stuff is well below "rock bottom". Plus, It fits like a really bad suit; sloppy and uneven. Neoprenes might have an odor when they are manufactured but that fades typically before being used to make something. This stuff is just TOXIC stench. Another thing; don't forget that the economic structure US v. China is like 10/1. A thing that cost $100 here is $10 there for the same grade/qualtiy. So spending even $4 on something there is like spending $40 here. You can get a really high end, well fitting neoprene computer cover-suit for $20 ANYWHERE. Direct from China you should expect to spend $2 - $3 for the same quality, plus shipping. This thing is just old fashioned thievery dressed up in wholesale junk. Since it's really all Chinese and NOT shipped from a US company as claimed, it's like a huge middle finger thrown into the air as they rob you. Amazon should just slice away all of Chinese commerce from it's site, except Amazon is complicit. Amazon has it's own "Chinese Sweatshop setup" right here in the US, which they are publicly threatening people over this very moment. Amazon - clean up your act, and get rid of lying dirtbag sellers you know are passing off garbage!
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on May 25, 2014
It would be nice, I would of gave it more stars, if I received the right size (15.6) that I ordered. After six days of shipping time, they sent me a (14.1) in the color red. This was my reply back to the seller. They gave me credit for my order. That was great. Needlessly to say this sleeve didn't even come close to fitting my laptop, and its too big for my tablet... ( Looks Nice on the web page though.) Came in a Plastic envelope all curled up to fit in the mail box, since you can't really damage it.
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on October 7, 2015
After over a year of heavy use it's still really useful, folds down, is lightweight, and fits nice & snug. Recently dropped my 15" laptop on the sidewalk and to my surprise this cover completely protected it. It aint kevlar, but it definately absorbed what would have been a nasty hit. The neoprene is breaking down a little bit on the corners, but that doesnt reflect lack of quality or poor stitching, it reflects heavy use in grad school. At this rate I think it will last for two more years of grad school and then some. Great deal for around 10 bucks or whatever.
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on June 7, 2013
I confess to a little disappointment when opening the packaging, but that's really on me not the product or seller. Surely I'm not the only one who goes for the bargain hoping it will compare to more expensive alternatives, then allows the hope to become expectation. These are the facts:

1. It is as described.
2. It does fit my 15.6" Macbook Pro
3. It was delivered more quickly than promised.

That should earn it 5 stars, but I can't bring myself to rate it that way because I don't want to mislead the next person to think this product will be identical to one 2 or 3 times the cost. It won't; but it will be everything one should fairly expect from the lowest cost option.

So here's the rest: It was a little thinner than I hoped, but it will provide the marginal protection it should against an incidental accident. The flap doesn't naturally lay quite as flat as shown in the picture, but for additional protection inside a shoulder bag or backpack, and maybe occasional carrying around the office on its own, it does the job. It is more than a fair value that does exactly what it should for the price. However if you're expecting more than that, you should consider a more expensive alternative.
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on May 31, 2013
First off, for the price, this is a high-quality laptop sleeve. Unlike other reviewers reported, mine did come in black with a red interior, looking just like the picture.

The main body of the sleeve seems to be made from 1/8" thick neoprene, while the little flap is made from 1/16" thick neoprene, making it easier to close.

It does have a rubbery smell, but I only notice it when I insert or remove my laptop, so no big deal.

My main gripe is with the recommendation that this will fit 15.4" or 15.6" laptops. The outer dimensions are 15.00" x 10.94", making it almost 1/2" wider than the product listing, while the length is an exact match.

My laptop is a Lenovo U510, measuring 15" x 9.75" x 0.8". So, it's a relatively thin laptop. With a 15" length, you'd think it would fit well in a 15" sleeve, right? Not so much. It slides in real nice, and you can pull the flap over the end, but it won't lay flat. The opening kind of puckers.

I would recommend only buying this if the length + thickness of your laptop equals 15" or less. (Using my laptop as an example, 15" long + 0.8" thick = 15.8" > 15" = too big!)
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on October 2, 2011
I bought this case for my new macbook pro 15'' i carry it to class everyday in my book bag and this case is great. I see this case has alot of bad reviews i disagree with. Yes it smells funny when you get it but its like a new car smell for cases the case comes sealed in a bag so its probley not the sellers fault. second the case it what like 7 bucks it works great protects my mac there is a little extra space but it really isnt worth mentioning considering this isnt a cutom made case for a mac so it shouldnt fit perfect. it protects my mac day in and day out even in the rain (has happened mac was fine) it is reversible you can have it black or a bright red it reverses perfectly and it literally the same thing diffrent color im happy if something does happen ill just buy another im use to it now so i like it. its a sleeve not a case there is no need not to have a little space its not designed to protect from a fall or huge impact.
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