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Eternal Kiss: Mark of the Vampire
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VINE VOICEon August 30, 2011
This is the second book in the Mark of the Vampire series and I will admit, I was not sure if I was going to like this one as much. I loved Alexanders story in Eternal Hunger and Nicholas was present, but more in the background and did not really stand out to me. Lucian is actually the brother I am dying to read more about, but still the Roman brothers are a intriguing bunch to watch, so I was still excited about this book. I have also figured out that the more I read about these Roman boys, the more I fall in love with them.

A little word of caution though, I mentioned this when I reviewed the first book, but I think it needs to come up again. These boys are not the overly sweet, sensitive vampire that is going to whisper sweet nothings in your ear. They are fierce, no crap taking, kicking butt and taking names kinda boys. To say they are rough around the edges I think is putting it mildly. The point of this description? The brothers language is not always pretty, actually wait, it is never pretty. They describe things like they see them and it can be a bit jarring if you have not read about them before. I personally don't mind it because I know that is how they think. The point of being in a characters head is to see the world as they do and these brothers are not shy about how they see things. So just a heads up, language sometimes blunt, but makes total sense since these books are a view of the world through the Romans eyes.

Onto the content, this book is all about Nicholas, the "lover" as Laura has called him. I originally thought that term meant he was the sensitive one out of the group. Um, no. I was forced to rethink that whole theory after this book. I had no idea what was in Nicholas' past and when it was revealed to me I was thrown through a little bit of a loop, it was something I did not see coming. His past did add depth to his character and his actions made more sense once I knew where he came from. I always enjoy delving into charters past and seeing what has molded them into becoming what they are now. I have also found that Laura is really good at throwing curve balls at the reader unexpectedly and it keeps me on my toes through the books, which is awesome!

So, back to Nicholas. At the end of book one, he was sent through morpho and now shows the mark of his true mate on his cheeks. He has no interest in finding her at the moment though, because he is trying to keep the Eternal Order from pushing Lucian through morpho. While trying to track down Ethan Dare to satisfy the Order he mets Kate a veana (female vampire of pure blood) who claims she has brought him his son after the boys mother was killed. It puts a little bit of a kink in Nicholas plans and sets him and Kate on a series of events that challenges both of them.

The relationship between these two characters was tense at first, but the chemistry was there from the beginning, lurking below their tough facades and itching to break through. Kate was strong willed and did not just bend to Nicholas' every whim. She did not fall at his feet and do whatever he asked. In turn, Nicholas had to work to win Kate's trust and vis versa, and this made the relationship more interesting to watch unfold. Just like in Eternal Hunger there are many obstacles that stand in the couples way. However, watching both of these fiercely independent people try and fight their feelings and learn how to rely on another person, kept me completely engrossed in the story. Laura does a fantastic job of connecting you with the couple and letting the characters stay true to who they are.

Don't worry though, you get to check in on the other two Roman brothers from time to time and there is still plenty of brother banter to go around. I always enjoy watching the brothers taunt each other and Eternal Kiss did not disappoint me there either. We even get a glimpse of Lucian interacting with Bronwyn. I am keeping fingers crossed that she is meant for Lucian, but there is no summary yet for his book so I am unsure. It has to be her though, right? Right? Well, I am going to keep telling myself it is to keep me sane.

This is a perfect time to mention the ending. Don't freak out. I am not going to spoil it for you but, if you have read Eternal Hunger than you know that Laura left us with a resolution (for the most part) with Alexander, but then Nicholas' life was thrown into chaos as the book came to a close. Which left me dying to get my hands on the next book to see how his story would unfold. Eternal Kiss is no different and at the end of this book Lucian is the brother whose future now remains unknown. I was gripping my book a little too tight there at the end because I could not believe what happened. Laura, your killing me! Just kidding, the ending was amazing, I just want Lucian's book that much more now! Which, is a good thing because if means I have been sucked into this world and I cannot wait to see what Laura has in store for us next. If you are a fan of paranormal romance, this is a series you must check out. Fantastic characters, intriguing mythology, fast paced action, surprises behind every page and some hot vampire brothers who will dare you not to turn the page. What's not to love?
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on March 25, 2012
OMGOODNESS! This one has so much going on but this is a good thing. The way the stories/plot unfolds and how they are all connected is just awesome.. I could not put this book down.

Except I am missing one thing.. In the beginning. It doesn't make sense to me why or how Mariebelle was mistaken for the target.. Unless I'm missing something. Just went right over my head.... Nevermind I just figured it out. LOL

But Alexander, Nicholas, and my beloved Lucian oh how I've missed them.. And Gray?! He breaks my heart. Ladd pulls at your heart strings as well.. And the villians! WOW..

I love the way this plot is unfolding concerning these brothers and I can't wait to read Gray's & Lucian's story. I love this series I highly recommend you read it!
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VINE VOICEon April 8, 2011
I can't say enough good things about this book. This book was a non-stop ride. I wasn't able to put it down; no sleep for me. Laura offers up surprise after surprise - the Roman brother are a perfect example of alpha male; each with his own issues and strength. The characters are so well developed; they are sexy, hot, and undeniably the edible. I still love Lucien the most but, Nicky story puled at the romantic in me. February cannot get here soon enough...I need more Roman Brothers and I need them now.

Try to read this book slow...savor it.
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on July 8, 2011
This is the second book in The Mark of the Vampire series. This is a series that is going to keep getting better and better with each new installment!
Nicholas Roman has a very dark and disturbing past. And the things that he went through are still affecting him into adulthood.
Kate is one strong heroine! She is a pureblood female vampire. She is serving time in prison for a crime that she didn't commit. She is about done serving her sentence and can hear her freedom calling for her. She risks it all to help a young boy.
Nicholas and Kate do have some trust issues. There are lots of twists and turns in this book and (again) I did not want to put it down! The sex is intense!! It's very descriptive and leaves you with an "I'm on fire" kind of feeling!!
I highly recommend this series to one and all! The only downfall here is that I am very short on patience and Eternal Captive isn't due out until February 2012!! But good things come to those who wait....and I believe that Lucian is worth waiting for ;)
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on June 2, 2011
OMG what a book!!!!
For me, this was better than Eternal Hunger (and let me tell you that is a wonderful book)
This book is plain and simple breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
An awesome extra is that the excerpt to the next book, Lucian's story was included at the end of the book.
Please Mrs. Wright keep it up.
The only bad thing is that I have to wait till next year for Lucian's story (so sad)
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on November 13, 2014
This book has everything--everything to keep you reading past your bedtime or when you should be doing something else. It has great characters and a plot to keep anyone interested. Wright's whole series is splendid, and this is a star in the series.
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on November 9, 2014
I have really enjoyed this series so far. This story was about Nicholas. The first was Alexander, hopefully the next will be Luscian.
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on May 29, 2011
Nicholas Roman is the second Roman brother, he is the dark haired, black eyed middle brother who in his younger days before Lucian found him, was working as a whore. Now that he is living in New York with his older brother, Alexander and younger brother, Lucian, whom both think he gave up his job as a whore years many years before but learn from Dare that he has continued to sale his body the entire time. Dare is an evil, Impureblood vampire who is trying to build his own Impureblood army to take over the Pureblood vampires who he thinks mistreat the lower class Impurebloods. But Dare's strings are being pulled by a bigger more powerful being and the Roman brothers are out to find out who or what is wanting to start a war between the two breeds of vampires. The Eternal Order of Vampires sent Nicholas into his Morpho early, so they can have more control over him. Morpho is when a male Pureblood comes into his true mature vampire form, he becomes unable to be in the sun and also has to find his True Mate. The Roman brothers are all three males whose father is the Breeding Male, a Morpho male who impregnates any and all females that he wants and is able to control the sex of the child. The other vampires consider the Breeding Male and the offspring's to be dirty.
Kate is a Pureblood female, called a Veana, who has spent the last 10 years in a vampire prison for a crime she did not commit. While on last few months of her prison term, she was working in a Credenti, a vampire community, at a local school for young kids. While Kate was waiting with a small boy, Ladd, whose mother was running late, a horrible murder occurs. Ladd's mother showed up to get him but Dare flashed in behind her and slit her throat right in front of Kate and Ladd. Dare flashed away leaving Kate with the boy and his dying mother, who told Kate about the boys father. Kate escapes the Credenti to take Ladd to Nicholas who she was told was his father. Nicholas meets Kate thinking he is meeting someone else, his feelings for her are almost instant but he fights them knowing that she would never want a whore for a mate. I feel like I have already given so much of this story away so I am going to leave it with this- I LOVED this book, I just wanted to crawl right into the pages and hold Nicky, cuddle Nicky, rock Nicky, stroke his hair and to whisper too him that he is not dirty and he deserves love- true love, someone that will love him for him and not for what he felt he had to do in the past. There are so many twist and turns in this book that it held my attention so much I didn't want to put it down to go to sleep or even to go to work. Ohh and the snippet we get of Lucian and his story makes me wish it was 2012 already!!
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on August 29, 2015
Could not put my iPad down while reading this!
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on April 24, 2011
Wow, with Eternal Kiss (EK) Laura Wright got me hooked!

Nicholas and Kate`s story is the story of two people who suffert a lot in their childhood. Both are shaped from life and that makes it, at the beginning, very difficult for them. They have both to learn to trust and to give in into love.
And as they do... Oh boy! It`s hot, HOT!!!! (I say only women restroom *rolling eyes*. LOL).

Eternal Hunger was good, but Eternal Kiss went far deeper into the storyline. I liked that a lot! - Of course, the worse thing is now, that I've to wait till 2012 until I can read Luciens story. The tidbit of his story, at the end of EK, was mouth-watering!
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