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on September 27, 2013
Let me state that this item is fine for connecting a device to your home network. If you need an inexpensive 15 meter cable this is a decent solution. There are some issues though which I'll put into bullet points to save space.

- This is not a twisted-pair cable. This means it's technically not Cat 5e. Or Cat 5 either. Standards dictate it must be twisted-pair.
- Because it's not twisted-pair: This cannot reach maximum speed of a regular Cat5e (1 gigabit) cable.
- Additionally, it is more susceptible to interference from electrical sources. Do not run it near electrical lines or AC to DC converters.
- Again, without the twisted-pair it feels flimsy and is prone to crimping so be cautious about going around corners too sharply.
- Wires are not colored properly. Both the striped-orange and striped-brown copper wires are identical in color.
- This is VERY nit-picky. The cable is actually 15 meters which is 49.2 feet.

I'm using the item to connect a smart TV in an area with weak WiFi to my home network and it's fine for the application. Do take note though that this is definitely far from a high-end product, and I question using this in situations where dropped packets would be disastrous, like playing video games on a PC or console.

I contacted the seller with this information and was basically told that for 4.55 and free shipping it's good. The issue is more that the description is incorrect, but there you have it.
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on April 25, 2015
Do not buy this cable, period. It does not follow the Cat5e standard, and the one I purchased doesn't work at all. The wires aren't twisted, the wire gauge is too small, the endings don't click into place very well, and there are two copper wires per jacket. There are supposed to be eight small copper wires inside each jacket.
Overall, it is a poor product, and don't waste your time and money ordering it.
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on July 2, 2014
i bought this to move my wireless router further away, It is very low quality i tried to use my to connect my wireless router, after i did the internet said that it wasn't plugged in i tried for about an hour and never could get it to work. the second i plugged it in with its old cable it worked. long story short buy a different cable
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on August 16, 2013
I had always thought expensive cords were a rip-off, that you were just paying for stronger casing and for it to look snazzy, but apparently, there's a minimum to how cheap a cord can be and still work.

The casing cracked immediately, revealing the wires (even though I had only barely handled the cord, and very gently, plugging it into a laptop on a desk). I don't mind that; figure that's why the cord is cheap. I *do* mind when the cord doesn't even work though. Waste of five dollars... My computer works fine with my friend's cord (same router set-up and all that, of course; we tried to be scientific), and my friend's computer works with my friend's cord, but my computer does not work with THIS cord, nor does my friends. Maybe it requires some special settings that I'm unaware of? Pain in the butt, waste of my time & money, and I still need to buy a (better) cord now.
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on May 11, 2015
Works just fine for my Xbox 360 as well as the PS4 I've had no issues and I also use it for my computer. I took a star way because the prong for insertion into whatever device is very flimsy and cheaply made. Every time I insert it into one of my devices I'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't break, because it feels as if it just might. However it hasn't yet hence the 4 stars so in my overall opinion I say get it, it is well worth the money fr this item.

(UPDATE: 9/13/2017)

I still use this cord and one of the prongs did break off about 2 weeks after I posted this review HOWEVER I'm still using this cord right now and I have no issues thus far.
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on August 23, 2016
A great Ethernet Cable for a great price. 60 feet of cable that will work for any electronic project u have in your home or business. I ran mine from the living room through the ceiling to the back of the house for my computer. And I still have plenty left which I unplug sometimes to run to the bedroom for my PS3. Our internet does not pick up so well in the back of the house. And I got very frustrated so I stumbled on this and it works perfect. No more problems in the back of the house and its cheaper than buying another router for the back of the house.
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on January 8, 2015
It's cheap and long and it does it's job. The second you remove the packaging, you will instinctively know how cheap this is. It feels like it was a bad batch but most likely they are all meant to be like this. You can feel the extra empty space under the insulating plastic. It took only a few days of me being as careful as I could be before it ripped anyway. The good thing is that even after the white plastic ripped, the four other wires under stayed perfect and seem stronger. I believe this cable is only meant to last a few months max and for the price it is no great loss. If your thrifty or desperate go right on ahead and buy. But if you want something that'll last a few years, then buy something better.
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on December 29, 2013
I have a DSL modem with a five-jack router, built in. I wanted to run internet access from my living room modem to my bedroom back-up computer. These days, virtually all modems (phone or cable TV), have built in Wi-Fi, so I got a small Wi-Fi adaptor here at Amazon, an Edimax EW-7811Un USB plug-in type, and gave it a try.

It took a bit of time to figure it out but I got it working. Despite it being a fast /n mode type, and with a strong signal level, I was disappointed by the slow data rates. Maybe a configuration issue on my part, but Wi-Fi seems much slower than wired connectivity. I hadn't known this.

I bought this cable for it's super low price. I was surprised at the excellent quality and generous length for the money. Using this cable with my modem's router, my internet access was very fast and identical to the direct living room connection. Of course, I can't have a cable running through the house, but it told me what I needed to know. Wired connectivity is the way to go. I have some Category 5e wire, so I'm going to get a couple of wall-jacks, do a bit of carpentry, and run a direct access between the machines. In short, this cable is a terrific value. Fast service, too.
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on September 7, 2013
First of I would like to say I am very satisfied with the shipping of the product. I was able to use this product, but there were a few eye openers in the process that I am not too happy about.

The first thing I noticed with the cord was that one end was able to snap into my ps3 console, while the other end fit in my modem, but never snapped in. It is loosely connected to the point where if i yank the cord it will pop out of the modem. When i delicately tried to push the small plastic stub on the end of the cord up to help it snap into place, it instead broke off with just a slight touch.

So maybe there is an explanation to this fiasco, which might be that my modem is old (5-6yrs) and that this new cord was not designed to fit the old modems as well. When i compared my old Ethernet cable to the the new one, there was a slight difference in size of that plastic stub that helps lock in the cord. (hmmm interesting)

To put that all aside i would recommend this product if you have a newer router or modem. It gets the job done for me right now, but i dont like to know that one end is loosely fitted so that it can pop at any time someone yanks it.
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on October 3, 2016
Was perfect for what I needed it for, I had to run it through my office and on the ceiling to make sure it was up and out of the way, It was long enough to run through the walls and still had a strong enough signal to conduct a high enough speed to work properly with my computers, I purchased a few of these and have used them thoroughly each time.


Long and you can get it around to go anywhere


Tangled mess if you don't run it through properly
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