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on March 31, 2017
This is the first Etrian Odyssey game I've played, and I didn't really have a clear idea what the series was before I bought (I just heard it was a cool RPG/dungeon crawler type game) but I have to say, it's really exceeded my expectations so far. I haven't finished it yet but I'm really enjoying it (well I was until Logre broke my heart...still hoping he'll redeem himself) and I'll probably look into buying other Etrian titles in the future.

Also, while the "characters" you play are all generic, you do get to meet some interesting people in town, and besides the main quest there are lots of interesting side adventures that really flesh out the world and the town. So even though the game is a map-drawing dungeon crawler with a cut-and-paste crew at the lead, it still feels very dynamic.
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on March 1, 2013
I have never played a previous Etrian Odyssey title, and my husband warned me that they can be difficult dungeon crawlers.

My playthrough has been on normal so far, and I've probably clocked about 10-12 hours, my main party is level 15. This is a turn-based rpg with wondeful little animated monsters, whose animations change when they get close to death. The game will punish you on normal mode for not grinding and levelling up. Big bosses that roam the screen, unlike random encounters(although there is a meter in the bottom right to signal when an attack is impending), can destroy your party in a single hit if not properly levelled up. I'm still on the first map, still going through the BF3, and have to return to town to heal and restock after fighting one large boss. Be warned, expect to grind normal enemies and harvest lots of food to pay for your new gear and items.

The QR codes have been useful, which are easy to find online. You can get free items, weapons, and dungeons. The game caters to creating different parties to switch between, but I've decided on five classes and only one core party as I don't think I have the patience nor time to grind three different guild parties. If streetpass is enabled, you can share and receive other people's playable parties, which may be great in a pinch if your lucky to get a high level guild ticket.

Finally, I love skill trees, and the options don't disappoint. It's tough to choose, although I tend to stick with how I play. Defense and healing must not be ignored or your party will die (unless maybe you're playing on easy.) Some skills are also dependent upon certain types of weapons or shields being equipped. I've enjoyed the characters and minimal dialogue so far, and we'll see where this tale takes me!
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on March 6, 2014
This game isn't your run of the mill RPG. It is HARD like really HARD. I would recommend it to everybody that loves turn based combat and isn't afraid of a challenge.

Beautiful graphics
amazing gameplay and mechanics
Good interface
Lots of weapons, skills, and characters to play with
lots of different deployable strategies.
the ability to draw and paint your own dungeon maps.

This game on the normal setting is hard as ....well hard. if your whole party dies, you gotta start a whole new game from start! It's pretty hard. On the casual difficulty the game is much easier and more enjoyable

Remember in this game:
Normal= HARD
Casual= NORMAL
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on April 18, 2015
For context, I have beaten the previous games in the Etrian Odyssey series. Whenever games are in a series, it is hard not to compare them to one another. The series has continued to stay true to its roots while adding new elements. If you are interested in an old school, challenging, turn-based RPG, you'd do well to pick this up.
For starters, it continues to improve over it's predecessors. I have enjoyed all of the games in the series, but whenever I go back to play an old one, I find myself missing features that the newer games incorporated.
As many others have stated, one element that has not changed is the mapping element. You are charged as explorers to tackle new environments. It's up to you to make your own notes about shortcuts, monsters, resources, quest items, and anything else you encounter. It's a simple interface, but it is not a gimmick. Each environment you come across will destroy your party unless you properly prepare and take notes about what you find. Really, even if you do, sometimes you will get destroyed. One thing I appreciate though is that the times that I died, it never felt random. I knew the choice I made where it all went wrong. I pushed my luck exploring this room, or I should have ran away from that unknown foe. Maaaaybe I shouldn't have investigated that super dangerous looking artificat in the middle of the room when I was low on health. That sort of thing.
One thing that I found better done in this game than others in the series is the balance of parties and characters. In I-III, there were very specific party builds that were "right" for the job. This is still true for the very late content (which is admittedly frustrating) but I found that the party mechanics were far more liberated throughout the game. I no longer felt like I had to consult a FAQ to ensure I wasn't wasting my time with what I thought was a balanced party.
The game is light on plot, but I personally do not hold that against the game. The core of the experience is in the gameplay, and it knows what it wants to be. That being said, I still felt invested in my characters. I think of games like X-COM where you might have, on the surface, a generic character. But you go through enough tough battle together and you still feel a connection!
The music is really good. No, it's not the best RPG music of all time and have you looking for remixes of the boss music. But I enjoyed the music for each dungeon, battle, or town. And as you often hear these tracks over and over again in an RPG, still enjoying it after +80 hours is high praise!
Overall, a very fun game that will get you in the adventuring spirit!
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on June 16, 2014
I very much enjoy Etrian Odyssey IV. I'm not super far into the game yet though, I tend to play both this and EO Untold as off and on games when I'm looking for something to do. The reason for this is because Etrian Odyssey games are such challenging games. If you don't want an extreme challenge or to spend forever on a game, I wouldn't recommend this game for you. It is a very fun dungeon exploring game though, and with the challenge it gives, should last you a very long time. I do wish you could get all the skill tree skills, or that you got more than one skill point for each time you level up. Would be nicer if you got 2 or 3. I feel like it takes a little bit of planning to decide what skills you want and how much into each. The good thing though, is that you can always go back to town and sacrifice two levels on a character to get every single skill point back that you lost no matter what level your character is. It's probably not necessary to modify what skills you choose to spend till later on in the game, such as if you find a boss is weak to a certain element but you didn't put points into it on your Runemaster. Overall though, it's a fun dungeon crawling game, and with lots of customization in what you choose to do with your party, what skills, what classes, etc, if you want a challenge and a good dungeon crawling game, be sure to try out Etrian Odyssey IV.
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on April 30, 2014
I Can't stress how much I enjoyed and still enjoy this game its one of my favorite games on the 3ds. This is my first game in the series and I feel like I missed out so much by not playing this wonderful series (Note you don't really need to play the games before to get the story each game stands by its own) , the music is just so GOOD its catchy and memorable and always fits the atmosphere for what area its intended.

The customization is just so enjoyable you can pick a class for each of your party members, name, a look for each of them and what kind of skill each of theme gets as they level up. Also each weapon, armor, accessory, items and food give certain stats boost or skills that can change how a battle will play out.

This whole games is played on a grid in first person mode in dungeons, forests; while the over world has you flying around on a grid in third person view; towns have more of a menu interface but I don't mind. Everything on the Over world and Dungeons is mapped out by you so if you like drawing maps or don't you better get use to it because you can get lost if your not careful with the map making

Boss monster or "FOE" as the game calls them are always visible on the map except on rare occasions, and that’s important because you want to absolutely avoid these guys until you are ready to fight them because they will wipe out your whole team with in a few moves and any items you may have had but didn't save or sell in town will be lost (except the map you made)

All the NPC have funny dialog and some of them even join you when you go questing, or give you quests to find/make or repair better weapons and armors etc. The Crafting systems is nice every enemy drops some thing you can use to make better things and some drop even better things depending on how fast or how you specifically killed a monster.

There are plenty of side quest and extra free dlc via QR codes that you can find on Amazon, IGN and Gamestop,

Over All this is a wonderful game and series to get into and you won't regret this if you like games like XCOM, Fire emblem, and 1 person dungeon crawlers of yesteryear and even if you don't think you can understand a game like this the tutorial is very good and this game makes it very easy to grasp its game mechanics
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on May 31, 2015
This game takes me back to the days I played my first rpg on the Sega Master system. It was known as Phantasy Star. It is still one of the best I ever played....simple to grasp and challenging as well. This game plays very similar. Atlus knows how to do rpgs. This is only my second title in the Etrian series. My first being Etrian Mystery Dungeon...another great Atlus title. If you like classic-style rpgs, get this game. I am planning on purchasing many of the older titles in this series that Amazon is still offering and playing the rpgs I've been missing. Looking forward to knew titles as well....keep them coming Atlus.
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on July 27, 2014
I honestly didn't think I'd end up liking this game as much as I do, and I really like it. A LOT.

Many of my friends recommended this game to me since I'm a big fan of RPGs, but the whole dying in the lowest level of dungeon with no saves kinda rubbed me the wrong way. I'm a very cautious player, so the very thought of not being able to save when I think I'm going to get myself killed is an uncomfortable feeling for me; it makes me feel like I've wasted my time, especially with the whole "draw your map" thing going on. Contrarily, I'd like to believe that the map drawing is the most addicting part of the game and it makes me feel accomplished when I map out an entire dungeon. It's that psuedo-accomplishment feeling that pushes me to go deeper and deeper into dungeons and into my impending doom if I'm not careful. More about danger in the paragraph below.

Fortunately for a person such as me, the game comes with two difficulties: Casual and Normal. After trying out the casual option and getting too cocky, I tried the normal setting and got decimated for not being aware of my surroundings. All the deaths that I've suffered are all on account of my inability to be unaware of the FOEs around me and their patrol patterns. Three times I got cornered, and twice was because I dwelved too deep and tried to continue because I didn't want to come from the beginning. The game isn't cheap and everything bad that happens to you is solely your fault. For example: In a dungeon I came across a bag and had the option to take what was inside; the game specifically narrates the following line: (You see a leather bag on the floor, perhaps from another explorer. You could check the bags contents, it could have something valuable, but then again you don't know what could be in there...). I decided to check it anyway and got one of my party members poisoned by a spider inside. The thing is you can try again to see if you get something worth the effort, but it could all be in vain and potentially poison (or kill) your party. This kind of thing forced me to be suspicious of everything I find in dungeons. I truely believe that type of event made the you feel that at any moment you can be killed via your own curiosity, and gives it that extra push it needed to give me a reason to take chances.

Let's talk about these "FOEs" I mentioned earlier. FOE is an acronym for "Formido Oppugnatura Exsequens" which I -think- means "fight against terror". Basically you want to steer clear of FOEs, depending on your party's capability and location FOEs can be monsters that destroy you in an instant, or just easy prey for some rare materials. Obviously, you're going to start off as being their prey, but when you get strong enough to face them, their worst nightmare. FOEs usually follow a distinct patrol pattern, so you can slip by them when they aren't looking. But get too close to some and they will chase you down until you leave their patrol region, usually no more than 5-7 spaces from their original point. If you want the best equipment, you're going to need to take down some FOEs as they carry rare materials that you need in order to obtain said equipment.
Long story short: FOEs are powerful enemies that you can avoid/fight; fighting usually rewards you handsomely.

Character creation is a thing I'm a huge sucker for. Unfortunately character creation is limited to a class and a portrait with a color change. However, the lack of differentiating visuals for characters is more than justified for the amount of skills that each character class has. Each class has a large skill tree that goes from Novice to Veteran to Master, each tier having a vast amount of passive, support, and special skills for the character to learn. There are 7 classes from the start: Landsknecht, Nightseeker, Fortress, Sniper, Medic, Rune Master, and Dancer. Each class has it's own strengths and weaknesses. For example: The Nightseekers have an insane Attack/Agility growth and can attack with two weapons, making them deadly at melee range, but their low defense makes them vulnerable to any incoming damage. Having a Fortress taunt the enemies so that the enemies attack the Fortress instead of the Nightseeker is a good strategy to utilize. There's always a good party if you have the skills that correlate with each other. The depth that the skills and abilities offered more than make up for the character visuals.

The main feature that I really liked about the game is the drawing of maps. I had more fun drawing maps than fighting monsters in dungeons and if that's what they were going for, then they succeeded with flying colors in my book. The feeling I get from completing a map more than makes up for the annoying random ecounters; (at least they let you know when you're going to be atacked so you can prepare).

I feel I've babbled on for too long, so I'll leave my simplified comments below.

-The difficulty of the game can be changed if one wants to.
-While character customization lacks visually, the skill trees associated with each class more than makes up for it.
-While there isn't a save spot every dungeon, there is an option to create a suspend save in case you need to do something else, and just come back later.
-Wynne's grammar is so bad it's actually quite funny at times.
-The map drawing is super addicting! Well to me anyway.
-The amazon page image says that it comes with the OST and art book. My copy did not.

If anyone actually bothers to read my entire review, I thank you for your time and hope you consider getting this great game.
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on January 12, 2014
Etrian odyssey IV not only expands graphically from its series, it also expands on everything else, the fun boat exploring system from EO3 has now been improved into an airship explored system, and much better implemented into the main storylne, with the introduction of independent caves to explore besides the main labyrinth like in past series, the soundtrack is also a staple of the series that keeps being great to listen, its a shame they decided to change the instruments this time from the "retro" soundtracks the series used to have, but its still has great pieces to listen, particularly, "Faith is my pillar" is one of my favorite battle themes in the series.

The game also has extremely fun classes to play, particularly, I found Landsknetch, Arcanist, Bushi and Dancer to be extremely fun to play as, and subclassing got a fix from the one we had in EO3, which was a little too broken.

Its only problem is that it seems to have more exploitable skills at really low levels, making it a little easyer than other games in the series, however, its still an extremely fun experience, the exploration alone is still one of the strongest points in the game, and the plot still remains entertaining for the whole run.
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on July 20, 2013
This game quickly becomes addictive for anyone that enjoys classic RPGs, Weapons, characters, large amount of monsters, however i will admit, it also suffers from classic RPG syndrom by becoming boring and repetitive after a few levels. This coming from someone who loves FF/dragon quest/etc. I recommend youtubing it first or downloading the demo before buying. As for the inaccurate product description, they claim the artbook and music cd comes with this, but i only received the game itself. Not a huge deal as that has nothing to do with the quality of the game. 4* out of 5!
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