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on March 12, 2007
Euclid's Elements: all thirteen books complete in one volume. The Thomas L. Heath Translation. Dana Densmore, Editor. Santa Fe, New Mexico: Green Lion Press, 2002. Cloth, 529 pp. ISBN 1888009187.

I have just received my hardcover copy of 'Euclid's Elements' and must say that Green Lion Press is to be congratulated on having given us, not only an accurate and uncluttered student-friendly edition of Euclid, but a book that in terms of its physical makeup is truly splendid.

What a striking contrast this Green Lion Press book is to the over-priced trash so many publishers see fit to inflict on us today. Rather than the sort of pseudo-book we have grown accustomed to - books on paper of mediocre quality in imitation cloth-covered boards; books with those wretched thermoplastic spines that either won't open flat or if opened will immediately crack; books designed to self-destruct after only minimal use - Green Lion Press has given us something very different.

Their hardcover edition is cased in sturdy real cloth-covered boards. Its pages are Smyth-sewn in the traditional manner so that the book will open flat. It is beautifully printed on durable high-quality paper and the typography and layout are also excellent.

Green Lion Press has, in short, given us A REAL BOOK at a reasonable price, one that will easily withstand the heavy use most readers will be giving it, and one that is a truly fitting vehicle for this masterpiece of Greek wisdom.
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on May 19, 2015
I bought this book seeking theory that would better my understanding of basic plane geometry, as a stepping stone to more advanced geometry. I had the usual high school level of understanding and view of plane geometry as boring, useless theory that left me with many loose ends. After reading two pages in to the book, I saw that changing. Two chapters ("2/13") later, basic plane geometry became like a game to me - easy to remember, reason with and use for practical purposes. I got the Green Lion hardcover edition - Which I think is definitely worth the price. That thing is rugged and will probably last decades on a shelf with the right conditions.
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on March 14, 2014
I bought this book wanting to understand the geometry from some astrology book I had. The first few proofs I read were so obvious that I gave up on the book for a while. But, I returned to reading it and discovered the proofs were not all simple. After this revelation, I really invested in the book and came away with a great appreciation of Euclid's merit. Upon completion, I went on to invent calculus, formalize the laws of motion and gravitation, form the foundation for classical mechanics, and analyze the fundamental nature of light and color.
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on June 8, 2015
Buy this version... In programming CNC machines I get a chance to use various types of math in my job, so getting a complete course is a no-brainer. Reading the text from this 1940 translation by Sir Thomas Little Heath is really good. To those who haven't read this translation, this is a wonderful read for a math book. If you have already become familiar with the translation then you already know that descriptions of the geometric propositions can be difficult in the hands of anybody except for the Heath translation. I have read several types of Geometry primers over the years, and they all qualify as the dry math book description. Not this text. This text just jumps off the page and into your hands in a way that makes you want to solve the propositions in a straightforward and step by step manner. Feeling in charge of your use of the technology that Euclid excelled in teaching 2500 years ago is the greatest tribute to a teacher and to the translator that you can experience.
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on August 31, 2012
As a college professor, I have been teaching Fundamentals of Math for future school teachers for several years now. The geometry module of our course textbook leaves something to be desired, so I have been supplementing and rearranging this material all of this time. I have stressed how important the teaching of Geometry was to the ancient Greeks, and this point cannot be overemphasized in today's illogical thinking society any more than I could here. This material is indispensible I think in the learning process for young children and it is just great to have this complete set of 13 volumes in one hardcover book.

Thanks so much to the publisher for doing such a great job! You will not be disappointed if you are in a similar circumstance as I in purchasing this book; especially, the price is quite reasonable considering the prize that is this wonder of the ancient human mind.

Good luck to all who pursue the experience and for the sake of future mankind and civilization, share the wonder!
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on March 14, 2012
in English is the Heath translation, so I am told. Maybe, but seemingly endless minutia comparing every conceivable argument and complaint made in over two thousand years of criticism, which necessitates tiny print spread over three volumes, does not make for a very user-friendly experience. The folks at Green Lion Press have removed all that extraneous and somewhat tedious material and have retained the essence of Heath and the Elements in a single, splendid, utilitarian volume. This is a book that is meant for serious daily use with heavy paper, sewn bindings and plenty of white space for notes. The layout is just right, with attention taken to make sure that all figures are exactly where needed so that there is no page flipping to find any figure that is referred to in the text. This publisher clearly has taken a great deal of pride in producing a volume that feels good to hold and use. Euclid is better because of the craftsmanship that went into this edition. If you own only one geometry book, this should be it.

The 1908 Cambridge edition of Heath is available online from Google Books as a set of three free pdf files, so the full result of his impressive scholarship is readily available to anyone who enjoys delving deep into the details of that extensive variorum set.
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on June 17, 2016
Euclid's Elements is one of the most beautiful books in Western thought. Each proposition falls out of the last in perfect logical progression. One might be worried, since it is a math book. "High school geometry sucked!" I hear you cry. Let us be clear: this is not a math textbook. It is math at its finest. All the basic theorems you learned in that miserable high school class are proven within the first four books. Then come ratios. And numbers. You even get to build an tetrahedron in a sphere. Hate math? Buy this book and realize what math truly is.

As for this particular edition, it is a lovely example of a book. The binding is excellent and stands up quite well to the test of time. I've been using my copy extensively for a year and it still looks brand-new. In addition, the diagrams repeat if necessary on different pages. This is appreciated, especially in longer propositions. Definitions are numbered, which is helpful for classroom discussion, and there is a Greek (and English) glossary at the end which is extremely helpful if one needs to know a particular word for a mathematical term or for looking up propositions centered around a certain mathematical object. Overall, a great edition that makes Euclid's Elements even better.
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VINE VOICEon October 25, 2005
This edition of Elements put out by a publisher called Greenlion is superb. The font size, text layout, figures adjacent to propositions, and wide margins make this book very convenient to follow the logic behind each proposition. I used to own the three volume edition put out by Dover but this one beats it by leaps and bounds.

Of course Euclid's Elements, to my mind, ranks as one of the majesterial achievements of the human mind. I follow the format of one proposition a week till I complete the cycle. Then take a respite for a year or two and repeat the exercise.

In 1963 during a train journey from Bangalore to Bombay (via.Poona), India, I was reading Dr. Radhakrishnan's Indian Philosophy. Upon noticing this an elderly gentleman admonished me to stop wasting time and go with something he called "the great Eee-u-clid's ideas". He then gave me one of the best lectures in Western Philosophy that I can remember. Euclid, he said, is far more than geometry. This was my introduction to Euclid other than High School geometry. This gentleman told me that he had written down each propositon and proof from volumes available at the goverment Public Library in Cubbon Park, Bangalore. He was a clerk at the library who had no formal education. Everytime I open the Elements I think of Mr. Gururaj. Such is the beauty and power of Euclid.
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on March 6, 2016
As others have stated, this is the best book ever written. Question: do you know of other books (in other subjects) which follow the same strategy as Euclid's book; that is, start from extremely simple statements and then slowly, methodically, logically build upon them?
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on March 25, 2017
What one can say for the most influential book of all times apart holy books...that the presentation is a piece of art facilitating, in one volume, the effort and pleasure of amazing itself...
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