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on August 26, 2016
First off, let me say that I have owned Mighty Mites for over 15 years. I've loved them. My first one lasted for 12 years and was a workhorse. My second lasted only 3 years but that was because my child broke a wheel off of it (long story). So when I had to find a replacement, I immediately just looked for another Mighty Mite. Didn't even shop around.

And then I discovered that they had changed some things since my last model and I have to say I'm sorely disappointed it. [Edited to add - be sure to read through the bottom - it's only 5 months later and it has broken to the point that it is going out to the trash)

The new design of the floor attachment only works on perfectly flat floors (hardwood, linoleum, no-nap rugs) and only if you use it with the bristles retracted.

One reason I loved my past Mighty Mites was that a) I could use it in all my rooms, including the one room with a low-nap carpeting and another room with a slightly shaggy rug, and b) I could extend the bristles on the bottom of the floor attachment and those would catch all the long hairs my daughters shed!

What I discovered is that if you try to use it with the bristles extended on something with a low-nap, the floor attachment becomes angled in such a way that pushing it forward becomes 3x as hard as before, AND it looses almost all suction when you start to pull it back. The attachment actually bounces up off the ground as you pull it back! There is no way to have a smooth back-and-forth rhythm... it's PUSH HARD, and then pull back until ACK! it jumped over the spot it needed to vacuum so do that part again.

I had not yet thrown away my old Might Mite and so I tried the old floor attachment hooked up to this canister. Everything worked perfectly. So I can say that this canister has good suction power...

I called Eureka customer support to see if I had just gotten a defective model, and while he was very sympathetic to my problems, he made it clear that this was just how the floor attachments are designed now. He had me try it on the carpeting without the bristles extended, and it solved the problem of the attachment being hard to push... because now it was lightly rolling along with the feel of no suction in BOTH directions. :(

He said that they made the new attachments lighter and that was probably why I was having these problems and that he had heard this from other customers as well.


I will share a few of the other design changes as well:

On the old Mighty Mite, you included two long hard plastic tubes to create the 'wand' that allowed you to stand and vacuum. I liked that if I needed to vacuum something nearer, I could pop off one (or both) of the tubes to use it for things like stairs or cobwebs in the basement ceiling, etc.

The new Mighty Mite use a single metal, telescoping wand. This has the advantage that you can adjust it in smaller increments... so if you are slightly taller or shorter than the average person, you can make it the right height for you to do the floors. And you can adjust it down to half-length so it (in essense) can work on the same jobs where you'd use just one tube from the old model. One down side, though, is that it is a lot heavier. If you often used the old wand for overhead work, you're going to find your arms getting a lot more tired with this model.

Finally, they changed the on-off switch. It used to be mechanical -- there was a tactile sensation and a 'click' that went with turning it on. The new switch LOOKS the same but doesn't work the same. You start to press it and the machine is suddenly on. But if you haven't pressed it long enough, then the machine might turn off when you take your finger (or foot) away. So then you do it again. It may be that we'll get used to it, but I asked each member of the family to try the new vacuum (without telling them my thoughts) and everyone disliked the new switch.

This model still has good suction and is lightweight/maneuverable. As several reviewers have noted, the hose is lightweight and can kink easily but my second Mighty Mite was like that so I was used to that.

My plan is to use my old floor attachment with the new vacuum... and when this one dies someday, I guess I'll be shopping around and trying out a few different models.

[Added Jan 27, 2016... wow, 5 months later and I'm already having to buy a new vacuum. The cheap hose started to kink more and more frequently, until it was literally kinking right by the handle every single time I pulled back on it. This became SO aggravating that I pressed down hard on the power switch (the same one no one in my family liked) and apparently broke it. BUYER BEWARE -- the reviews from years past where this was a GOOD product no longer apply since Eureka has changed so many of the parts to cheaper pieces of junk!]
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on September 18, 2016
I've looked through the reviews and am surprised that nobody has mentioned the problem that I have noticed. The vacuum itself has good suction. I find the cord to be too short, but most vacuums are. I cannot fully sweep a room without moving the plug and that is annoying. However, the biggest issue I have is the very cheap and stiff hose that comes on it. It is really long and while you are using it, it will often "kink" and has developed a bit of a weak spot where it kinks even more frequently and then you lose suction. A higher quality hose would be much better--one that is a bit more pliable. Other than that, it is a good vacuum.
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on June 15, 2016
This is the second Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum that I have owned, and I do not intend to own any other vacuum. The reason why I purchased this vacuum is because I have hardwood floors which I like to regularly clean as I have pets and children, needed something light weight, and with a reasonable price tag. This vacuum has met all of these requirements for me.

First off, the vacuum does very well on hardwood floors whether it is picking up pet hair, crumbs, etc. The hose and crevice attachment help to get hard to reach areas. The suction level is very high which is great. The vacuum is light weight and easy to carry if needed, but it also has wheels and easily just follows along behind you while using the hose. The bags are easy to change without making a mess. Since the vacuum is small it is easy to store which is important to me because I have a small home.

The reason for the 4 stars is the couple of issues that I have had with the vacuum. The attachment designed for the floor is not as effective as I would like it to be for picking things up. I have a local vacuum store nearby, though, which had an attachment especially for hardwood floors for only a few dollars that has worked excellent. Typically, the vacuum is very powerful at picking things up, but at times it can get clogged particularly in the part where the hard plastic part attaching to the hose is bent.
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on February 24, 2015
I've had this vacuum for over 5 years now and have never had one spot of trouble with it. I've read some of the negative things other reviewers have posted and I honestly do not understand their complaints. This is a canister vacuum cleaner, not a jet airplane.

1. It's hard plastic, as most canister vacuums are. The body of the unit is made of very sturdy, thick plastic and the wheels are solid and work well.
2. It has a long cord length. If it were any longer, it would be unwieldy. I don't think there is any vacuum that has a cord that is long enough to just plug in once and vacuum an entire house. The cord is long enough to vacuum two large rooms.
3. The hose is also thick plastic and does not kink.
4. Not all the attachments fit onto the body of the vacuum but I couldn't care less about that. I bought some extra attachment tools and I keep all the attachments in a small trash can that I carry with me as I go from room to room.
5. There is more or less static depending on where you live. I live in Tucson where it's dry and there's usually a lot of static in the air. It's not a dysfunction of the hose that it has static and that hair clings to it as you vacuum. I just wet a cleaning cloth, swipe it down the hose and all the hair and other little bits come off easily. Then I swipe the hose with an anti-static dryer sheet.
6. This vacuum has a lot of sucking power and has a sliding piece that can be opened or closed depending on how much power you need. I use it for everything - dusting, floors and carpeting. For carpeting, I use it to suck up all the surface hairs then I use my Oreck upright for deeper carpet cleaning. If I don't do this, hair gets wrapped around the wheels of the Oreck and it's a pain to pick them out.
7. The piece that the hose connects to is metal, not plastic, and it can be extended to full length for floors or shortened for dusting.
8. The HEPA filter works great. No more dirt escaping out the back of the vacuum.
9. How the "pet" attachment works is self-evident and no instructions are needed to understand how it works.
10. The bags that this vacuum uses have a flap that covers the hole, so when the bag is full and is taken out to put in the trash, nothing falls out of the bag.


I'm very happy with this vacuum, which I've used almost every day for over five years, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a good canister vacuum.
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on November 8, 2017
I used it for a few time, and I tried to like it and keep it, but i have decided to return it after all...
First of all, it does have some [ros:
1. The vacuum is compact and light, and the top handle is great, all of these make sweeping on stairs so much easier!
2. I wanted to get a canister, so I can reach under furniture and other tight spaces more easily than my upright one. This one serves that purpose.
3. There is no issue on blowing out of dust. This was an issue with the previous bagless vacuum I had. That's why I got this bagged one this time. Everything seems to be properly sealed with this vacuum, so far.

1. There is a major design flaw in the floor attachment...The carpet function does not glide on carpet because it does not have a roller. Imagine you try to run the two pieces of a velcro against each other, that's how it is like when using this vacuum on carpet or rugs.
2. They REALLY need to make the cord rewindable... It is a big pain in the butt every time I have to manually wind out the cord to use it and wind it back after I use it...UNDER THE VACUUM!
3. The floor attachment doesn't tend to stay on the stick very falls out easily while i use it. It happens so often that it has become a real issue for me.
4. The tube needs to be made with higher quality material. It tends to bend easily and cut off the air flow. It happens so often that it has become a real issue for me.

I really tried to make this vacuum work for me, but I just can't...
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on January 29, 2018
Lots of suction, easy to maneuver, lightweight, has a filter, and a vacuum bag. I am not a fan of bagless. Frankly, they are messy and add dust, hair, dirt, pollen, in your face and air as you empty the compartment. What bugs me is there isn't a way to store the pet hair attachment, it is like an afterthought. The vacuum is priced reasonably and cleans well. The floor and carpet attachment wand is forever detaching, the handheld cleaning dusting tool, located above the filter falls off with any movement. I wrapped tape around the holder and now the attachment stays in place. The air flow ring is too loose to stay in place and will pinch skin as it opens and closes. I placed a rubber band around the ring to keep it from twisting open and closing so easily. Now I have the almost perfect product.
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on September 5, 2016
 We had this vacuum for 3 years now and it works quite well. However for the price I think you can get better vacuum these days. Biggest complaints are the noise - significantly louder our previous Kenmore Magic blue to the point where I am using noise protection. Also long power cord with no rewind turns out to be a problem for us as noone wants to put it back.

In addition today I have discovered that some of the air bypasses optional HEPA filter attached to the back. If you take a wheel off you will see 16 holes on each side where air escapes bypassing HEPA filter. Considering HEPA filter path is more restrictive it is likely that most of the exhaust air is not filtered at all. I am planning to replace it with different one once last few bags are used up.

I have attached photo of filter bypass holes as well as video comparing sound between this vacuum and Kenmore. Kenmore is 10 A vs this 12 A but sound level difference is well beyond 20%. Audio level was fixed in camera for this video.
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on April 5, 2016
Great little vacuum cleaner. But, you need to add a couple things to make it better. This unit comes with an amazing amount of suction. Wow! It has super pulling power for such a small cleaner. The attachments that came with it are good, but not good enough for carpets. The floor attachment for the carpet has no turbo spinning brush. Just sucks up without deep cleaning, whcih kind of sucks! (sorry, couldn't stop my self lol) Now, the pet attachment is fantastic. That attachment is small but works real good to get pet hair off the easy chair. It is a turbo, spinning brush, but too small for the carpet. It would take all day to do the floor carpet with this attachment. Why Eureka didn't include acarpet brush is kind of amazing. Even if it raised the price by another $20.00, it's needed. Also, the bags are paper. It came with just one. I got my cleaner used. It has a scratch on it somewhere. I have not found it, but it saved me alot.I paid just $55.00 for it! Great deal for sure! So, get the generic turbo brush for Iit, you will be needing it for the carpets:

enter this:

Dust Care Generic Vacuum Cleaner Turbo Attachment
then, I also replaced the paper bags with a washable cloth bag that empties out on the bottom. Much cheaper in the long run, and no more running out of bags:

With both of these add-ons, this is now the perfect vacuum cleaner. It's super light, super powerful, and super cheap-I love it. If your place is small, like 1 or 2 bdrm. then this is all you need. But, get the bag, and especially that floor nozzle for your carpets, or you won't be getting the carpets clean at all.
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on April 15, 2009
The Mighty Mite is a decent vacuum cleaner, especially for the money. I've been through 3 vacuums in 2 years, and I know junk when I see it now. And, for the most part, the Mighty Mite isn't junk.

Pros: It is very lightweight, has good reach with the telescoping pole, decent suction, and the pet hair attachment seems to work fine on my sofa and rugs. The HEPA filter is a definite plus and my hope is that the quantity of house dust will be seriously lowered. It is easy to move, but could use a longer cord than 20 ft.

Cons: The instructions don't even MENTION the pet hair attachment! The only references are on the box it comes in. The suction is adjusted by a rotating ring on the handle, exactly where you hand goes. So, if you accidentally move it to a more closed position while your hand is there, your skin gets sucked in with it. All the attachments do NOT go on the canister. There is provision for one small attachment and the crevice tool onboard. Everything else has to go elsewhere. Plus there is no easy way to deal with the hoses and telescoping rod. They don't fit together any special way and won't stand up. The power cord winds up underneath the vacuum and the plug should clip on to the cord. But, the clip on the plug doesn't actually fit over the cord. It is too small and too tight and makes indentations deeply into the cord, so you can't really safely use that 'feature'.

Sometimes, you have to wonder if the manufacturer ever even tried out the machine themselves. For example, the reason this is lightweight is that it uses incredible flimsy plastic hose. I suspect you could poke a finger through it if you tried hard enough. And, the canister itself is also plastic. That isn't theoretically bad, but what happens is, in a static-y environment, the hair and dust you are trying to get rid of is attracted to the hose and canister! So, you end up with a cleaner house and a vacuum completely covered in hairs and dust. That 'feature' isn't mentioned on the box...

Overall, I like this, in spite of all the negatives. Longevity is a bit of concern for the tools and hose, but it has suction, the disposable bag makes for a cleaner house, it is very easy to carry up and down the stairs and has a long enough reach to reach everywhere in my old house. I'm going to keep it...
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on December 10, 2017
If Eureka fixed two problems, this would be a 5-star rating for a vacuum cleaner. It's small, has very powerful suction, a great handle for hand holding, and rolls around nicely on it's wheels. But no, they cut some serious corners.

The first problem is the HOSE. The hose flange is held onto the canister face with latches based on oxymorons (plastic springs). Even for plastic springs, they are not designed very well and with even gentle use, the hose will disconnect from the face of the vacuum cleaner. This is quite annoying. I called Eureka, complained, and they sent me a new hose. The new hose is just as bad as the original one. I ended up purchasing a small, weak steel spring, cutting short sections, and gluing those sections between the body and latches of the hose flange to make the latches stay latched. The hose latch problem is exacerbated by..

The second problem is the HOSE itself. It is stiff. REALLY stiff. If I compare it to my other canister vacuum, a Dirt Devil Vision, the difference is like night and day. The Dirt Devil hose is nice and flexible. The Eureka hose is so stiff that it is constantly fighting you, and if you don't keep in under control, it will knock things off of tables and shelves around where you are working. It doesn't drape, it pops out everywhere. I've considered getting a replacement Dirt Devil hose and jury-rigging it on to the Eureka flange.

When I say "stiff" I'm not kidding. I have used flexible STAINLESS STEEL vacuum lines that are less stiff. Yes, steel!

Come on Eureka, fix the hose!
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