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on April 24, 2012
'Caveat emptor' should be a caution against not just unscrupulous sellers, but misguided buyers as well, a self-warning of sorts. To that end, I read all ~1600 reviews of the Eureka, paying special heed to the three percent or so that awarded it one star. Call this a meta review. My conclusion after a complex and detailed statistical and psychological analysis of the complaints is that the hand-held vacuum was being misused, abused in some cases. After a few months of use, I agree with all the positives: Eureka is powerful & easy to use, the brush enhances cleaning power, the canister is a snap to empty, and the filter creates a nice, tight seal. As for the complaints...

"Vacuum stopped working after X uses/N years." That was the predominant complaint, sparks and smoke and vacuum broke. Many of the reviewers who sent their Eurekas to the Great Vacuum too soon seemed to be using them as replacements for full-sized vacuum cleaners: three flights of stairs, several area rugs, hotel lobbies, etc. I planned to use mine to clean up the occasional kitchen spill and kitty-litter dusting--no sucking marathons, just little sprints here and there. Could there have been honestly defective units among these? Sure! I mean, the FDA allows for up to 60 insect fragments per 3.5 oz of chocolate, so a defect in three out of every 1000 Eurekas is nothing to get all huffy and litigious about.

"Vacuum is too heavy." Again, an easy-to-dismiss complaint for me. Step 1: read product specs and ascertain that product weighs 7 pounds. Step 2: lift a bag of potatoes to get a feel for what 7 pounds is like. Step 3: conclude that I can hold seven pounds for the thirty seconds or so it will take me to clean up the flour and popcorn that have peppered the kitchen floor. Step 4: be pleasantly surprised that the 7 pounds referred to the shipping weight, and that the Eureka sans box weighs (according to my bathroom scale) a featherlight 5.4 pounds. Step 5: determine that if the Eureka were a bar of chocolate, then the FDA would be OK if it contained up to 1500 insect fragments.

"Vacuum blows dust everywhere." This was perhaps the most serious of the warnings that I read. After all, vacuums need to exhaust all that air somewhere, and I have noticed this issue with some uprights, especially on hardwood & tile floors. I took solace in the overwhelmingly positive reviews, especially those that addressed the suck-and-blow issues. In particular, one reviewer noted that the vacuuming should be done by pushing the Eureka away from you and not towards you since the exhaust was stronger under the Eureka's belly. That's how I vacuum anyway--plus, I identified, since the exhaust is stronger under my belly as well--so I took a chance. So far, there has been no exhaust problem, no blowing stuff around.

"Power cord is hard to store." As I see it, there are four options for power cord management. Option one: get a cordless handheld vacuum, put up with weaker suction, leave unit constantly charging and sucking power, replace batteries every couple of years once they reach the end of their recharge cycle. Option two: get a short-corded handheld vacuum and plan to spill beans only near electrical outlets. Option three: get one of those internal-storage crank widgets that are a pain to operate or else spring-loaded with an angry and temperamental spring. Option four: to store, wrap the long cord around the base in the time that it takes you to say wrap wrap wrap wrap wrap wrap wrap wrap wrap.

"Hose suction is weak." Nope, it's strong. The same motor powers both the hose and the main unit. And the hose is ridiculously easy to use, requiring none of the attach/detach acrobatics of most vacuums.

"Vacuum requires screwdriver to turn on." This must have been written by Edward's younger brother, Johnny Screwdriverhands.

"Vacuum doesn't work in Australia." Well that settles it then: I'm not moving to Australia.
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on April 21, 2016
Why I bought this product: I needed something small and portable to clean up messes in the car and in the house. My daughter can make many messes and this is easy to store, get out, use, and put away. I use this often for cleaning up food that my 11 month old throws to the floor.

What I really like: The size and color, it is easy to pack up and store under the sink cabinet. No loss of suction after using it very often for over 5 months.

What I really do not like: kind of loud

Packaging: My item was shipped right away, and I received prompt notification. I received it on time and it came as expected.

Thank you for reading my review, please let me know if you found this to be helpful. I like to know that it is worth my time to write these reviews. Have a great day!
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on October 27, 2014
I read many of these reviews. I go right to the negative ones to get worst-case scenario. Most prevalent criticism was overheating. Bought the thing anyway. Figured 7-minute duty cycles was acceptable. Got it today. Pet hair nightmare in this old Victorian house. The Eureka EasyClean is perfect for furniture and stairs. Even if they look clean, a once-over up carpeted stairs will show you how much you don't see. Pretty amazing. I find backward strokes work best with brushes on. The reviewer who said the back part of the vacuum drags on the floor must've been leaning on it like a Tonka truck! Yes, you need to adapt to the instrument and develop technique. This is a very effective vacuum. Another reviewer said the cord was too long for the twist (the place you wind the cord around). That is not the problem I had. When the cord was wrapped, and the plug snap came off of the wound cord securing it, the cable LEAPT OFF THE TWIST! I mean came to life, fully animated, spewing power cable about. Bizarre. But all of that is OK.

Problem is:

It simply was not built to last.

Adding up three 7-minute duty cycles, I can already see fray and wear on the brushes. Especially the outer ones. Not good. I am hearing that you can order parts, but replacing them on your own is iffy. I am game. But I guarantee you, the brushes will need replacement before the filter does.

Speaking of which, the filter is a taxidermist's delight. It neatly stacks pet hair in the filter! That is cool. It is also nice that the fill bin is front and center so you can immediately see what you are getting. And all that jive about the exhaust fan? It is not emissions. Emissions would be what you are supposed to be vacuuming up leaking back into the exhaust. Not the case. But the exhaust is fierce. Why? Two reasons. It's a kick-ass little vacuum, and that air has to go somewhere. And, because the motor is so strong, and the damn thing has heating issues anyway, it needs to be constantly cooling itself.

So that's it. The guy who said you basically rent it for a few months may have it right. It's sad. Planned obsolescence and all. But when it works, it really works. Eureka should have a recycling program for this unit or shame on them. Or, they could make it more user-serviceable. Or, they could just charge more and make one that lasts. But Eureka definitely needs to make a move soon here.
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on March 29, 2013
This item sat in my wish list for several months while I searched for the best hand held vacuum for money. I finally purchased the Eureka this week and i'm extremely happy. I have a town house with 2 sets of open stairs. We have 4 cats, 1 dog and a guinea pig so the battle to keep the hair under control is always underway.

1) Long cord long enough to go all the way to the top of my stairs
2) Riser Visor - allows you to do the sides and tops of stairs
3) Crevice Tool - Easily stored on device for corners and floor boards
4) Power - My stairs are Animal hair free

1) Item is a bit heavy but manageable. Had to use two hands 1/2 way up the stairs. However still so much easier than a full size vacuum that I'll deal
2) Hair clung to the filter making it really hard to clean off. I had to use a paper towel to remove the debris and still couldn't get it as clean as I'd like
3) You can't Wash the filter, or get it wet at all for cleaning. I can see having to replace this filter several times.

Overall, this is a powerful little machine that is strong enough tackle the zoo of animals in my home. Where I wish it was lighter, i'm afraid that would take away from some of the power. Very happy with my purchase.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on January 5, 2018
Powerful and competent, this is easily the best hand held vacuum i have ever used.
Yeah it's a bit heavy, but that just means it is strong & sturdy.
Yeah it has a cord, but it is long and you get much better performance than the cordless chargeable variety. At under $50, this seems to be an essential household item.
So, if your criteria is NOT cheap plastic cordless machines, then this purchase is a no-brainer. It doesn't need many bells and whistles, but it does have a variable brush cover for both horizontal and vertical vacuuming, which is a pretty important function. It also has a few attachments like a brush and a tapered crevice tip, but no more than what you actually need.
Did I mention how powerful it is?
To be blunt - if you are old and/or feeble you will probably not be able to handle this vacuum. Anyone else will find this to be the strongest handheld vacuum on the market, thus the most useful one.
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on April 1, 2017
Update 1/14/18- this little guy is still working like a dream! I’m about to order a new filter for it. Picks up pet hair with ease. I’d buy again and I’ve recommend it to friends.

This arrived one hour ago, and yes, I immediately pulled it out and plugged it in! Both my husband and I are stunned about how powerful this little guy is. Heavier than I did expect but not overly heavy (I'm used to the crappy dust buster hand vacs of yesteryear that are about a pound in weight and barely pick up a crumb off the floor).
I vacuum the steps a few times per year because the Hoover is heavy and my back can't handle it more often. The last vacuuming of the steps was about 2 months ago thanks to my husband. We have two fur babies with us who love to share their allergy inducing fur everywhere. The Eureka took on two sets of stairs like it was its last war on earth. My stairs now look like I just shampooed them!! Amazing!!!
I'll include a nice pic for your enjoyment of my used-to-be filthy steps.
The old stand up Hoover obviously didn't clean as well as we thought because what came out of the Eureka looked like I could create a new "catdog" replica that we might have to start feeding.
All in all, I highly recommend this little gem.
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on December 22, 2017
I rarely ever review items that I buy on Amazon but this Eureka EasyClean is the BEST hand held Vacuum I have ever had !! It has so much suction power and it picks up things even my High end Vacuum doesn’t.I have tried so many hand held chargeable Vacs and I was always disappointed .I decided to try one with a cord and I am so happy that I did!! I would highly recommend this anyone who is looking for a handy little vacuum with the suction power of a large expensive vacuum .You will be so amazed the difference between rechargable handheld and The EasyClean handheld with a far reaching long cord .I am never going back to weak chargeable hand held vacs after my experience with this one .After many years of going through chargeable handheld vacs that were weak and disappointing.When I first tried this yellow cutie I shouted EUREKA ! HAHA I finally found a handheld that is Worthy of a review. I will never buy a cordless handheld vac again, they are just too weak
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on November 6, 2015
The hose that unfastens from body of vacuum and then attaches to the crevice tool is too short and inflexible for efficient cleaning of hard-to-reach areas, which was my main reason for choosing this vacuum. I would much prefer a longer hose even if it didn't wrap snugly around vacuum.

Very, very loud considering the fact that this is handheld and the motor is right up close and personal. Again, would prefer slightly less power if noise could be reduced. (I should be hearing is very good and loud noises of any kind drive me crazy.) I'm going to use my earplugs next time I vacuum and see if they are any help, or perhaps noise-cancelling headphones. I'll try to follow up with how that goes.

Excellent suction, used it for vacuuming up cat hairs, just-trimmed human hair, and miscellaneous dust and crumbs from hardwood floor. The clear cup revealed that very fine particles had been picked up. I'm experimenting with using with or without the rotating brush on hardwood, but when using on throw rugs I used without brushes and stepped on ends of rugs so they wouldn't be chomped up by vacuum! I think, though, that it would probably work quite well on carpeting.

I recommend if the noise is not a problem and if you are not frequently planning on trying to get into hard-to-reach spaces.
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on August 27, 2015
I have had this vac for a while now and have both positive and negative experiences. Its extremely powerful for a small vacuum. The brush however is not. If you attempt to use this on a rug, the vac sucks so hard that the brush will stop spinning. It works ok for stairs but it can't get into the corners. The exhaust seems to blow anything behind you up into the air because it's angled down. It does not work well for our cars for this reason. If your constantly turning it because of a confined space, you're simply blowing dust and dirt all over.
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on August 23, 2017
I have had this vacuum for 5 years. I also bought the hand-held, battery-powered Black and Decker vacuum at the same time, as they had the same amount of stars. I must say I have no idea why. This vacuum is miles and miles better than the other one. The one and only thing that would be better about the other one is that it is cordless. That doesn't mean anything though, compared to the many, many things that I like better about this one. It has way better and stronger suction, not to mention you can use the brush roll or the suction tube. I can vacuum pretty much anything with the tube, including large pieces of paper and quarters (not that I do so on purpose, but I have vacuumed many coins with it and it doesn't even affect the performance, just goes right into the bagless canister). I have been using this to vacuum my car for 5 years as well as rugs, dustbuster (just sucking up dust that has gathered on things all around the house), and just about anything I couldn't use my large vacuum for or if I didn't have a large vacuum. It has lasted well over the years and I haven't even had to buy a new filter or anything else. It doesn't even seem like it's dying, so I hope it lasts at least another 5 years!
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