Customer Reviews: Electrolux: AS5203A Airspeed Zuum Black Upright Vacuum
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on March 16, 2013
This was my first vacuum purchase, ever. I was really quite pleased with the vacuum for the first six months of use. It picked up a lot of dirt, dust, and dog hair, never clogged, and was easy to maneuver and clean. However, I believe the brush is this units Achilles's heel. The brush has two small bearings, between the yellow roller tube and the black end-caps. On my unit, one of the bearings failed, causing the brush to mis-align itself and start eating away at the outer plastic guides and the roller itself. Now, this failure did not happen under my own use, but I doubt the wife used it for more than several seconds after the failure - because it makes a terrible grinding sound - but it quickly became damaged beyond repair because of the melted plastic... Soft plastic and quickly spinning parts make a LOT of heat, very quickly. Eureka has said the brush is covered under the warranty, and has since mailed a replacement (its been over a week and I have yet to see it, however). The roller cover, which is the actual face of the vacuum, I complained about via email, afterward, and have yet to hear back on its warranty coverage. If they choose not to replace it, the new brush will fail quite quickly, since it will not be held in place properly.
I think this unit generates a lot more heat than the chincy plastic parts can handle.
Great engineering here, honestly. But poor quality materials ruin it for me.
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on July 8, 2012
This is a great vacuum for the price. I have had a Dyson for several years, and granted while it is older, their slogan is "never lose sucction" - right??

Anyway, wasn't in the market for a new vac because I THOUGHT my very expensive Dyson was handling the deeds around here. Saw an ad for the Airspeed, then overheard someone talking about just days later and thought "I should check this out".

My approach was - buy it, if it doesn't work better take it back. No love lost. So when I saw it on sale, I had to give it a shot. I vacuumed my family room and my bed room with the Dyson, and headed out to purchase the Eureka. Came home and was AMAZED at what the Dyson has been missing! When I saw what was in that canister it disgusted me. UGH!

I have read reviews (elsewhere) that say it is difficult to assemble - false. My 10 year-old daughter and I put it together in under 10 minutes. Only tool required was a small screw driver for the screw that hold the handle in place. Everything else is a matter of snapping in place.

Yes, the cannister is smaller, the cord is shorter, and the tube is shorter than the Dyson. Due to the lay out of my house, these are all things I can live with (afterall, does it take more than 30 seconds to move your cord from one room to the next?).

So far so good! Will update if my opinion changes. Can't believe I paid $89 for this and $400 for my last vac (which is leaving dust on my floors!!!).
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on June 3, 2012
I suffer from chronic back trouble and my 22lb vacuum is difficult for me to push around and carry from floor to floor. I was concerned after reading the review posted about this unit falling apart when lifted; but if you screw the handle together properly, it is sturdy and the cup stays put. I love the retractable hose that does not fall off and the other tools are easily stowed. The unit is incredibly maneuverable and the suction is as good as my larger (and heavier) unit. The cup will need to be emptied more frequently than bags, but it is quick and easy to empty right into the trash. The filter is washable, so no more shopping for bags and filters. The only downside so far is that the cord is only 25 feet. Overall, for less than $100 this unit is a great value.
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on June 10, 2012
I needed a replacement vacume for the upper level of my house. I used to have a dyson for both levels, but daughter took the 2nd one. I only have bare floors upstairs so I did not want to invest in 500.00 for a second dyson.

I tossed around the idea of a rhoomba, but I don't want to mess with batteries charging and I have two hairy dogs that shed. It would never handle it.

My biggest cleaning problem is getting under the beds. I have to use a swiffer to get the hair from under the beds, then I vacume the wood floors around beds and furniture.

I bought an electrolux battery operated floor cleaner, but returned it after seeing how weak the suction was. Also, the battery issue.

I picked up this Eureka Zuum and figured I could just use the plugged in version, and get under the beds with the hose attachment like my dyson.

I tried it first on the carpets downstairs and the pergo floors. I was amazed at the suction power of this machine! It actually was stronger than my dyson (my dyson is veryyyy old though). It left nice suction marks on the carpets. Low and high carpets. I had to empty 3 times because it does have a smaller caniser than the dyson.

The cord is about a foot shorter than the dyson. It is a good quality cord with a nice rubber feel. Not plasticy. It cleaned up closer to the edges than the dyson, went under the furniture a little more too because it is not has high up.

I tried it on the wood floors, and loved the results.

Why I am taking a star off is because I was disappointed in how short the hose for the attachment extends. You really need about to add about another foot or two of extension at least. When I tried to vacume under the bed with the hose attachment, the vacume kept tipping over since there was no length. I will have to continue with using a swiffer to get under the bed. I wish they had a LONG pole attachement we can buy to extend it. OR better yet, if it came with the vacume in teh first place.

I think the dyson is more sturdier. I am not sure how long this will hold up. But I just got it and plan on keeping it away from my husband who is equivilent to a gorilla when it comes to using appliances.

I would highly recommend this vacume right now. It has only been day one. But I have never bought a vacume that had this much suction power right out of the box. I have purchased many vacumes over the years. Love the Dyson but not the price. If you want a great vacume with dyson's suction power and can deal with a shorter hose for attachments, this is the one. PErfect gift for someone too.
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on October 4, 2014
I bought this at Target for $99, just about a year ago. I was nervous after reading some reviews but most were so great I thought I would take a gamble with my money since it wasn't much. At first, the vacuum made a terrible whistling noise every time I vacuumed. I ignored it and so far it was great. Fantastic suction and easy to empty and store, very lightweight. I'm in a one bedroom apartment so I don't need much. Then the canister started falling out if it were touched ever so slightly, as did the hose and other attachments. This is annoying, but the vacuum still worked just fine. Here we are a year later. I sense it isn't picking up any debris, and before I know it, it has overheated and smoked, with a broken belt. No biggie. Change belt and try again...nope. The brush roller does not want to roll. I read another review where the user said a similar thing happened, and some bearings on the brush roller had broken off. I don't feel like bothering with customer service, and I really need to vacuum my floors. Looks like I'll be paying more for a better vacuum this time around. Nice little run there, but I can't say it was entirely worth it.
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on January 17, 2013
I have a tiny apartment so I can't review this vacuum for large homes. I do however have a dog with long black hair and my apartment is fully carpeted. I've never spent a lot of money on vacuums, I'm used to buying a really inexpensive vacuum once a year just because I don't have the need for anything big and fancy. My most recent Dirt Devil stopped picking anything up and over the last couple months I'd noticed I was sneezing a lot more often and felt like being inside my home was just dusty all the time but couldn't figure out why because I keep things really clean. Anyway, saw this vacuum in a Target ad and read some reviews and thought it was worth the purchase even though it was more than the $20 that I usually pay for vacuums (I swear I'm not cheap! Just a bargain hunter) it didn't take long to set up the vacuum so anyone who had trouble likely did something wrong. Keep in mind my apartment is 545 sq ft. I emptied the canister THREE TIMES while I was vacuuming. That is how much dirt and dust and dog hair and other stuff was stuck in my carpet. I was amazed how soft my carpet was, I'd forgotten what it was supposed to feel like. I was also shocked that I emptied the canister so much, I probably could have even done one more pass and had to empty it a fourth time. Even if this thing only lasts me 6 months or a year, the fact that it is ridiculously more efficient than any other inexpensive vacuum makes it well worth the purchase. And by the way, replacing filters on a bagless HEPA vacuum is completely normal and much more eco friendly than having something you have to replace bags on, it's of the reasons the cost of the vacuum is low. So if you have a 1500 sq ft house read someone else's review but this vacuum is perfect for small apartments with pets!
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on August 26, 2013
I bought this unit about 6 months ago. When I first got it I thought that I had found the perfect Vacuum. Now I know that I was very wrong. It has gone from amazing me to how much crud was on my rug to wanting to cry as I realize it is not picking a thing up. The hand tool still works a little bit, but the regular part is not doing a thing. I have looked in the several areas where pet hair DOES clog this and they are all clean.

As others have mentioned, the unit does overheat when you have to vacuum more then one room. It can shut it down and then you have to wait until it cools down before you can use it again.

Yes, this does have an affordable price, but in the long run it's not worth it! I would not recommend this to anyone
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on January 12, 2013
I have owned many vacuums over the years: Oreck, Rainbow, Panasonic, Hoover upright, Kenmore canister.

Picked this up at Target for $79.

--- 2 cats (shorthairs)
--- approx. 1500 sq. ft thick, plush carpet, 4 levels
--- we remove our shoes before coming in
--- no children at home, just the 2 of us

THe belt never worked out of the box. Bought a belt at Target and it worked much better. I used the u belt but not sure if its the right one...seems to stay on.

There is an illusion you are cleaning well, since you *see* the dirt and hair, but it's smoke & mirrors. Really, if you use a quality vacuum, it's going into the vacuum cleaner bag; you're just not looking at it. There is still dirt in all carpets since they act like a magnet for life's crud.

Cord: use cord clip on unit to keep it up and out of the way.

Stairs: wand pulls out of hose; stairs piece pops on, simple. Cleaning on stairs: seems to be average to below-average at best, but my Kenmore Progressive Canister is easier because I can just use the Powerhead on the stairs and it's more powerful.

Bare floors: did fine, no complaints - probably the best use for this thing

No powerhead like a canister, so this won't get under your bed; prepare to move furniture.

Adjustments for floors/vs tools: you need to manually choose those settings on the back of the vac, so bending necessary when switching functions.

Vacuumed a rental which had pets and got 7canisters of hair and dirt off the first floor!

Adjustments for floor vs. carpets: you have to bend down to change those. They're not up by the handle.

Storage of stair brush: attaches on the main vac (via magnet), does fall off easily. That will annoy you, so just pull the thing off and set it aside, then replace before you store .

Allergies issues: go with a *bagged* vac instead.

Dust Cup:
The Zuum is going to expose you to dust when emptying dust cup, plus it has parts within the cup where the cat hair can lodge, requiring you to use your fingers or a tool to extract the clumps; another nuisance issue. Hair gets stuck in canister and difficult to extract. Plus, you have to clean the top filter, and replace a HEPA filter every 6 months. You're exposing yourself to dust, hair and dirt having to maintain this and rinse out the filter. Take the trash can outside and dump it out there, otherwise you get a cloud of dust in the house. That isn't too fun when it's 10 degrees and a blizzard outside, otherwise do it in the garage.

Prevent dirt:
have good mats by your doors; take off shoes before tracking dirt all over carpet. Shoes bring in so much bacteria, think of public bathrooms, what's on sidewalks (dog waste, spit, bird droppings, etc.). I've read some articles that say that carpeting is extremely dirty and hold lots of bacteria and fungi. I believe it. Imagine a white bath towel at each of your doors. After a few weeks of sitting there and never getting washed, it's going to be filthy. That is pretty much the type of dirt and situation you have in your carpeting; you just don't see it as fast, since most people don't have white carpeting.

It would be nice to have hard floors and some scatter or room rugs which could be washed as needed. Hard surfaces harbor less bacteria and are much easier and cheaper to keep clean, than carpeting.

Pet Hair issues:
having two cats, I bought a Furminator and used gently at least once a week on the cats has made a huge difference. One of our cats (the male), sheds a lot more than the other cat, so he really needs it and it's cut down quite a bit on the hair floating around the house and landing on the carpeting. I also use a sticky roller on them after the Furminator and they tend to like that.

If you factor the cost of replacing carpeting, buying vacuums, time spent vacuuming, cost to clean carpets once or twice a year, over a 10 yr. period you'd probably be better off with hardwoods, laminates or tile and some throw/room rugs instead! Speaking of professional carpet cleaning, I had OxiFresh come in to the tune of $280 and it didn't even clean well. Never again with them.

if you need a carpet cleaning machine, try that Big Green Clean Machine (rental at Lowe's to try it out). I use that about every 6 to 8 months and it does a terrific job - I have a review on it. You can also buy this for your home, but I have not done so yet. Want one so much!

*****UPDATE***** It is now Jan. 2014 and this is already smelling "hot," like it's going to burn out. I haven't used it that much because I also bought the Shark Rotator which I love!!! The "Shark Rotator Professional 3 in 1" Vacuum. Love it! Only $259 (even less if you can find a BB&B coupon). Does a fantastic job on the cat hair and fine dirt/dust. The Rotator rocks!
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on April 2, 2015
We have had ours for three years or so (actually lost track). I'm searching for a new power cord today because years of wrapping it around the back has worn the original one thin. My home shop has a powerful air compressor that I use to blow out the canister and filter(s) after nearly every use, this helps maintain pick-up ability a lot. Parts are not that expensive online (the cord is going to run about $22), relatively inexpensive. *Ours is used weekly on the main floor of our house (about 1,100 sq ft.).
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on September 14, 2014
This is a really great vacuum if you're looking for a machine to scoot debris across the floor with a powerful brush roller. If you want the debris to actually end up IN the vacuum, you should probably augment your purchase with a broom and dustpan. That way you can sort of "aim" the debris into a general area of the floor as you scoot it around with the vacuum's roller, and then use the broom and dustpan to remove the debris from the floor. Open the top of the vacuum and dump the dirt inside, and you're done! Easy.
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