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on June 6, 2012
I'm giving this 5 stars for the time being because it works very well, but I know vacuums decline over time (so my rating could change). I just received this Eureka vacuum in the mail today, and it works miles better than my previous vacuum, a Bissell. I'd had the Bissell for only about 6 months, and it had already quit on me. I thoroughly cleaned and washed all the filters, and it still wasn't working well enough to pull the dog hair out of our new rug (black dog hair and a cream colored rug, so the hair shows badly). So, I decided to replace the Bissell with a higher quality vacuum (the old one was only about $60, this Eureka is 3x the price, although I bought it on sale for $141). I've only used it once, but I'm pleased so far. It pulled ALL the dog hair out of the rug, and it looked very clean for a few hours (until my dog laid down and shed all over the place again.) I'm also pleased with the pet tool hose attachment, which is the first time I've had a brush tool that was actually able to remove all the dog hair from the couch. I've had many vacuums in the past, and none of them were able to get the hair out of the couch very well, but this one surprisingly actually does. I also really like the design of the vacuum base, because it is very slender and actually slides under the couch. I've also never owned a vacuum before that did would always be too big, and I would have to use the hose to get under the front edge of the couch, but I don't have to do that any more!

My only complaint at the time is that the hose is a little awkward. It stretches kind of like a slinky and looks really cool and modern, but it doesn't stretch easily enough and the vacuum kept falling over when I was trying to use the hose. It's a silly little problem, that I fixed by moving the vacuum closer, but it was awkward. It's also large and heavy, but that's okay because small, lightweight vacuums tend to not work very well.

ETA: I wanted to add that it really does create a nice "suction seal" for each floor setting. I vacuumed again today, and first did my high pile rug, so I set it on "high carpet", and did a very good job. I moved onto my low pile rug, forgetting at first to change the setting, and it wasn't working very well. I was confused, but then I remembered, and changed it all the way down to "low carpet" which allows the bottom of the vacuum to suction itself right to the carpet, and it works very well. This is a feature I haven't seen in a vacuum before.

2nd ETA: I read the only other review so far (by Jodi C) and I wanted to comment on her review, since she reviewed the vacuum quite poorly. Yes, it is quite heavy, but I see weight as good quality. I hate really light flimsy appliances and electronics. I feel like this vacuum is built to last, where as my previous vacuum, which was very lightweight, was not. About the cord placement, I think she missed the hook for the cord on the handle. You hook it up there, and then it won't get in your way. I don't know what she's talking about with her attachments not working, it comes with three attachments, and I've used all three just fine. Mine fit onto my hose. Maybe she didn't put it together right....
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on August 18, 2013
So what's a guy doing rating a vacuum cleaner? I'm retired and have taken over some/most of the house cleaning chores so my wife doesn't have to clean on her days off. I refer to myself as my wife's trophy husband.

We've had several hoover vacuums over the years with the most recent one being a Wind Tunnel T Series Pet Bag-less which worked OK for almost 3 years. It cleaned OK; I replaced a few belts and the turbo head but it was never a vacuum that you could say "I really like this vacuum cleaner"! It was kind of like driving a nondescript Buick or Chevy; it would get you there but the ride and style were missing. Being in a rut, I thought I would buy another Hoover BUT, after reading the reviews, there is a significant percentage of motors failing and many reviewers had the same complaints that I had noticed but lived with. The Hoover I had ran hot; I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did.

The hunt was on for a new and different vacuum cleaner. I like to read through the different Amazon reviews but like anything else, you have to weed out the non-issues like, "it's too noisy" or "I keep running over the cord" when you know that most vacuums come with a cord hook. Noisy? Try working around jet aircraft for awhile.

I found a nicely rated lower end Eureka but it didn't have a agitator switch or a manual carpet height adjustment not to mention a turbo wand which is a must if you have pets. I visited the Eureka website and found everything I wanted in this model. But, when I came back to Amazon, I notice a 4 out of 5 star rating. After reading through the reviews of this vacuum and others brands, I still settled on this model as it has everything I want in a vacuum.

When the vacuum arrived, I quickly assembled it after reading through the instructions thoroughly. I never could get the handle to "snap" into place but it's held in place by a locking cam. I had the same problem as a few other reviewers in that the tool holder fell off which is because the locking cam failed to engage. I re-assembled it and it hasn't given me any more problems. The turbo wand is held in place by a magnet rather than snapping in place like a hoover. I haven't had trouble with it falling off like other reviewers but I make sure it's seated before it clicks into place via the magnet.

OK, how does it clean? I've used it for 2 weeks and find that:
- Everything works as advertised. I especially like the positive Suctionseal which literally pulls the rug up off the floor as you pass the vacuum over the rug. When vacuuming tile or wood flooring, the Suctionseal feature puts the vacuum close to floor surface; it does a great job!
- The hose is much longer than the Hoover and is more handy to use "on the fly". If you unwrap the hose off the top and bottom rails, there is less likelihood of pulling the vacuum over as you stretch out the hose.
- This model comes with rubber wheels that really make a difference when vacuuming tile or wood flooring. I think the Buick/Chevy analogy can be used here as the vacuum is much more responsive to steering in and around furniture. This model weighs a few more pounds than some vacuums but my petite wife used it this weekend with no problems.
- I like the foot controls especially the agitator on/off. The agitator also stays off when the vacuum is in the upright position. I think this is a great feature that allows you to use the hose and tools as you pass by furniture.
- There is a large clear plastic window for the agitator so you can see if it's turning/working. You can also see if any string is wound around the agitator.
- There is also a large clear plastic window on the cord rewind spool. If you wind too much cord up in one area of the spool and it won't fully retract, you can pull some cord out and redirect the cord so it winds correctly and allows the cord to retract fully. I had to guess on the Hoover.
-The noise level is much better than our past 2 Hoovers. The Eureka has a deeper, less shrill whine.
- One of the largest differences between this vacuum and the Hoover is a tool/floor rotating vacuum switch. This switch is much more effective in directing the airflow to either the hose or to the vacuum head. But, you have to remember to switch it back to floor after using the hose setting! Since I suffer from CRS syndrome that so many older Americans suffer from, I have found myself re-vacuuming areas after I suddenly remembered to switch back to the floor setting.
- The last nice feature is the clear bumpers located around the vacuum head. The Hoover had black bumpers that left black marks on the wall and moldings. The vacuum head is also thinner than the Hoover so it slides under some of our furniture better.
- My wife emptied the canister easily enough. I use to clean and wash the Hoover canister each week as the holes around the cyclonic insert would clog up with hair and dirt. I've noticed that the Eureka cyclonic insert holes haven't clogged up so I haven't felt the need to wash it out. The plastic on the inside of the canister doesn't seem to attract and hold dirt the way the Hoover did. Perhaps this is because it's new? Time will tell.

As I've been thinking of all the many attributes that I like about this vacuum, I could think of only one negative. This model didn't come with a headlight like the Hoover. It was kind of nice to light your way down a hallway especially in the winter when the lighting was poor. Certainly not a deal breaker. All in all, I recommend this vacuum and gave it 5 stars.

3/15/2014 Update:
After about 6 months, the roller/belt system failed. At first, I thought it was a broken belt. After taking it apart and replacing the belt, the roller still wouldn't turn. I took it apart again (4 screws) and saw that one of two belt pulleys had stripped on a metal shaft. I contacted Eureka Customer Service via email and described the problem. They returned my email within 24 hours and directed me to call and talk to a Customer Service Rep. The Rep said that Eureka would replace the vacuum in kind and would not require me to return the old machine - sweet! I peeled the manufacturing label off the old machine and mailed it to a Eureka dealer in Illinois. A week and some later, I got a new 1105A model which is basically the same machine but an upgrade. So, to recap, I still think the 1104A vacuum merits a 5 star rating eventhough there is a design flaw in the roller drive system (plastic pulleys on a metal shaft). I also think Eureka Customer Service merits a 5 star rating for accepting the fact that their vacuum had a design flaw and making it fairly painless for the customer (me) to get a replacement. How many other companies would have required the old machine be boxed up and sent to a repair center for a lengthy period of time?

In a few weeks/months, I'll rate the 1105A that I got as a replacement.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 15, 2014
Incredibly disappointed in this product. We have owned this same model for a couple years and needed to order a new one after our son unknowingly dropped the inner part of the canister into the trash when emptying it. This vacuum had worked great for us. Suction power was phenomenal and I particularly liked the pet attachment. The only negative aspect was the design of the canister. It wasn't as easy to empty as I had hoped. Dog hair would get stuck inside and emptying could be quite messy. But other than that inconvenience, we were very satisfied. I was unable to find a replacement part, so last week I ordered the same vacuum. When it arrived, it was easy to assemble and the instructions were clear. The only problem is the locking mechanism didn't work and it wouldn't stand upright. Not wanting a vacuum that keeps falling over, I contacted Amazon and they ordered a new one and emailed me a shipping label to return the defective vacuum. Two days later (today) the new vacuum arrived. Assembled it without difficulty and found the same problem! After reading many of the reviews tonight, I find that this seems to be a design flaw and in just a few minutes I was able to find four reviews mentioning the locking mechanism failure. I contacted Amazon who offered a prompt refund and emailed another shipping label to return the vacuum. Overall, I am still without a functioning vacuum, and am very disappointed with Eureka for continuing to sell a vacuum with known design problems. On a positive note, I could not have asked for better customer service from Amazon. So now I'm left to disassemble and repackage another vacuum for return before heading out to purchase a new one. Sigh...
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on September 23, 2013
Have been a Eureka product user for many years. This is not the quality of their past products. Very disappointed. Update 10-31-13: had the unit less than 3 months and the beater brush no longer works. Eureka says that I must take it to a service center but they can't tell where that would be. I have to go to FedEx and get a box to ship it in; then they will tell me where to ship it AT MY COST. No FedEx store within 200 miles. Product is essentially useless and I am $150.00 out of pocket. _MOST UNHAPPY
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on October 27, 2015
Well here's an update. Before giving up on Eureka I called their customer service to find out that my sweeper was recalled for this very problem and they're sending me a new one once I send in the placard with the serial and model number. Now that's customer service and I'm so glad I decided to call.

We purchased this vacuum in January 2014 because we heard it was great for pet hair. It was great at first but in August of 2015 the bar stopped spinning and it stopped picking up. First we bought a new belt but that wasn't the problem because when we opened it up to put the belt on we found all broken plastic parts inside. Our vacuum repair man had some not so nice words to say about it but we got it fixed for $50 and were once again happy with it. Well this week the same thing happened, not even 2 months later. While vacuuming small plastic parts started falling from inside the vacuum down through the bar which is no longer spinning. Sad to say I'm looking for a new sweeper and it won't be a Eureka. See first sentence for update.
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on February 20, 2016
From the start we had problems. When it showed up it did not work. Checked and the belt was burned and stretched before use Could not find the right belt anywhere. Called Eureka and they said it was probably that the belt was bad and that they would cover it if I took it to one of their repair centers. The closest was about 40 minutes from me. Took it in, it was the belt. The guy replaced it but, charged me for the belt. Said he would not honor the warranty because Eureka would not reimburse him for a belt. After driving 40 minutes I just paid him. All of this in the first 3 days.

The cord rewind never worked correctly because it would not rewind completely, you had to push it in the last foot or two. After that it would not stay unwound. So had to wrap it to have it completely unwound and then let it rewind up to 2 feet. Next the floor edge guard deformed and twisted out of its holder. Could not get it back in. Then a little while later the plastic foot switch broke so I order another and replaced it.

Now the canister hinge broke. The thing is three years old and has to be replaced. I had always bought cheap hoovers ($60 model) and thought for once buy a good vacuum that might last more than 3 years. Paid 3 times as much for this and it is ten times worse than what I always thought of as cheap models.

This vacuum got normal use, was not banged around, no kids played with it. It is just a bunch of poorly engineered minimum thickness plastic.
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on December 5, 2013
Pros: Cheaper than Dyson, not too heavy

Cons: Stopped working after half a year, feels cheap

This vacuum cleaner is great when it works, but unfortunately it stopped working half a year later. I don't use it that much, maybe once a month, so I didn't expect it to break so soon. I expected something more from a brand like Eureka, but unfortunately it looks like I have to go with premium brands like Dyson to get a working product.

When it was working, it picked up dirt just fine, but it felt cheap compared to other vacuum cleaners. The overall design feels flimsy. I don't expect much out of a vacuum cleaner, but for a company that only sells them, I would expect more.
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on November 2, 2013
I wanted to buy a new vacuum when we moved into our new home for the new carpet. I was excited about the suction seal as we have wood floors. I was very faithful in cleaning and washing filters but the suction keeps getting worse. We have had it about 10 months. The cord works if you handle it just right but the majority of the time I just looped it around the handle because it was a pain.

The reason why I'm really upset with this vacuum is that after only 4 months of use our carpets - very nice carpet I might add - began showing signs of corn rows and matting. It just hasn't been good at picking up the carpet in traffic areas leaving it looking about 10 years older than it actually is. In our last house and cheaper carpet we used a Eureka Boss, which worked awesome. The boss was heavy, another reason I opted for this and liked that I wouldn't have to spend a fortune on bags and filters. I have 3 little boys and a yellow shedding lab so I vacuum a ton. My poor carpet is worn down way more than it should be so I just purchased another Eureka Boss in hopes it will suck some life back into not even year old carpet.

It seemed to work on wood floors okay, but my poor carpet. I'm so mad. We had the same carpet in our last basement and it held up so much better than what it has in our new house so I believe it is the vacuum that is to blame. (If only I could afford a kirby) Keeping my fingers crossed that the Boss will be the perfect EMT for my non responsive carpet, smashed by a crumby vacuum.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 10, 2014
Not one to write reviews. Purchased this under a yr ago and worked great. Had no issues until owned 1 month from the one yr warranty expiration. Started to smell plastic burning when vacuuming the carpet and couldn't figure it out. We have always kept it the filters and roller clean. Then one day the roller stopped spinning as the vacuum started to vibrate making a loud noise. Upon doing a little investigation I noticed the roller was stripped and burnt from the housing on the left side making this vacuum useless.

Since it was still under warranty I called Eureka in early March 2014 and they referred me to bring it to one of their authorized service centers which was over 30 miles away or they would send a new roller at no charge for me to install. No biggie since it's just 3 screws and the bottom cover that needed to be removed. However, I also had to order the top cover since the housing or groove that the roller fits into was burnt and melted. At this time I thought ok I can do this! But, the parts were on backorder and had a stock date of 3/18/2014. So, I figured to way the two weeks.

It's April and I still don't have the parts and when I called Eureka they told me that the parts are still on backorder and there is no stock date listed. So now I have a vacuum that still runs perfectly but can not use because of 2 poorly designed most valuable parts are missing....

So beware buying this item because if it breaks and you are able to repair it (warranty or not), there's no telling when you will get the parts and that's no difference if you brought it to their authorized service center or not.
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on September 28, 2016
We purchased this as a replacement for an identical model we purchased several years earlier after the dog decided to snack on the (unplugged) cord. Needless to say, they cheapened the construction and design considerably. We loved the previous vacuum, and are considering splicing the cord, and returning the new one. The brush roll stalls out under normal operation, and sounds like it is about to take flight.

It does still do a decent job, and has plenty of suction, but our expectations were quite high, and jaded by the old model.
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