Customer Reviews: Euro-Pro Convection Toaster Oven
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on December 4, 2006
This is my first toaster oven I have ever owned. Im sure others who are more seasoned with working with toaster ovens have a favorite, and rightfully so; but for a first time toaster oven user this little machine is surprisingly simple and easy to use.

It was a toss up between the Euro-Pro and Cuisinart. Im sure the Cuisinart is a great Toaster oven, but being near identical in options accesories and space saving, this Euro-Pro was about $10 cheaper, not to mention about 1 inch smaller on the out side for space saving; note that the insides were still the same size for food on each model for the Euro-Pro and the Cuisinart.

This Euro-Pro is quick, toasts bread ever so evenly, and cooks chops nicely. There are settings for Bake, Broil Toast Grill and a keep warm setting. This is a true conventional oven which cooks all around. The fan is good and strong but nice and quiet. This comes with a really good handle to help you slid out the tray and racks while still hot as not to burn your fingers which is very easy to use. I still recommend an oven mit though. The front metal handle is slightly curved as not to burn your hand on the hot glass, 'I have big hands and fits nicely', but the handle is sealed as not to get hot in the least while cooking.

The owners manuel helps get you started with recommended settings and times for steaks, chops, fish, veal, chicken and a few other things which has been right on the money so far with my experimenting with it.

Mine came not only with the handle for the trays but 2 wire racks 'upper and lower' and a cooking tray. I found Nordicware to have some really great accesories for toaster ovens such as single serving broiler plates, muffin pans, cake pans, casserole dishes and other nice stuff to add on for any new time users wanting to get into toaster oven cooking. So any new time buyers of toaster ovens may wish to order a few Nordicware accesories when placing your purchase if you think your going to experiment with it, and you will when you find how fast this is to use.

I love the fact about not having to spend 20 minutes to pre-heat just to cook a meal, but still have a nice fully cooked 'real' meal thats not a fast microwave job, but still nearly as fast as a microwave. Since I bought this Euro-Pro I havent touched my microwave, my Euro-Pro is as fast if not faster then my new microwave, and gives a good true evenly home baked meal desert or snack.

I am especally pleased with the crumb tray at the bottom which slids in and out easily for cleaning, but well sealed as not to let heat escape when cooking or toasting. The oven is very well built and unlike some toaster ovens which have a latch to auto pull the tray out as you open the door, the Euro-Pro dosnt, which I like. One less thing to break, and with the easy to use tray handle, pulling out the hot tray is a snap. The designers of Euro-Pro really did a good job putting this together.

Like I said, Im sure others who may review this and who are more experiance with toaster ovens will have their favorite, and I am looking forward to hearing this as I depend on user reviews to help make choices, but all I can say is that on this Euro-Pro toaster oven, for a first time user, its simple to use, well built and will give very happy results for beginners like me in toaster ovens.

The product description states this also does rotisserie but this isnt a rotisserie. I didnt want a rotisserie but just wanted to make sure anyone who may be looking at this fine toaster oven by Euro-Pro isnt dissapointed thinking this is a rotisserie. Im not sure if this is standard on all convection toaster ovens or not, but the convection only works on the Grill Bake and Broil settings, but there isnt a need for convection when toasting to my knowledge. Im also not sure if this is a standard or not, but as soon as the timer goes off, the oven automatically turns off which is very nice as so you dont have to stand over and watch it so you dont miss the timer and food burns up.

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on December 21, 2006
I got my Euro Pro about 4 years ago and used it constantly in my home. Now that I am traveling around in 5th wheel - would not be without. I bake, broil, toast in it - very rarely have to use my propane oven if ever. The unit is small enough to fit snugly on the counter so doesn't take up a lot of space I don't have. This is one appliance you can't go wrong with
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on December 5, 2006
I recently bought this oven after replacing my black and decker. Wow-what a great investment! The oven is slightly larger than my old one allowing me to do more with it. I have toasted bread and waffles without problem, baked rolls and broiled onion soup all with superior results. The appliance looks very sleek on my countertop and is well made. I would highly recommend this toaster oven to others.
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on January 21, 2007
I have tested this little oven by baking dinner rolls for Christmas dinner, baking pie shells, toasting bagels (perfectly, I might add), toasting bread that is toasted all over and reheating deep fried foods and pizza. My son uses the little oven more than the microwave now.

The Euro-Pro Convection Toaster Oven is so simple to clean. It is plenty large enough on the inside for any use my son & I need, yet it is small enough that it doesn't get in the way in a small kitchen.
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on August 31, 2007
When our toaster oven went kaput, I browsed the internet for a replacement. The reviews for this unit were very favorable, so I went with it, and I'm not sorry I did. The crumb pan is very easy to remove and clean, the various cooking/toasting/grilling features are great, and I have no complaints at all. This oven, while a little larger than I am used to, has a lot of versatility and I love it!
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on August 10, 2007
This is my third toaster oven. The first one I picked up at a used store just to see how I would like it. I soon found that I used it more than the microwave, and that it more than adquately replaced the toaster. It is great for just about everything. I'd wanted a convection oven, but couldn't justify the expense. The second toaster oven I bought on sale, for around $14, but soon found that it was not self-cleaning and got to look grody quickly. Now that I knew I would use it, I thought I'd go one step up and try the convenction, having heard so much about it. I got it for 1/2 the normal $80 price at Macy's on sale - and extra off, because I bought the store model ... they didn't have any in the box. It was missing the manual -- and I later realized that it also didn't have the grill tray, but this is not a problem, because I saved the trays from the two toaster ovens I had before.

Even tho this one does a lot more than the toaster oven .. .with a grill setting and convection, it takes up little more space than the other toaster oven, which is great.

This Euro-Pro is FAST... and it doesn't need to be pre-heated, like the other toaster oven. The food cooks evenly, the fan is strong but quiet. The crumb tray is great for cleanup, and the unit is self-cleaning, which is fantastic. It will always look like new!

I only got one tray ... and the cooking racks, but as I said, it's okay, because I have the trays from other units I've had, and I've seen separate trays that can be bought for toaster ovens, which are very inexpensive.

I love not having to pre-heat, and not having to use the regular oven and heat up the whole house in the summertime. I rarely use the microwave, since starting to use toaster ovens.

This unit is not a rotisserie. I'll get that one next!
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on October 18, 2008
The oven works well, is simple to use and is larger than the older models of toaster ovens. You can easily bake one of the personal size pizzas in this oven. The timer turns off the oven so when your food is done if you don't hear the timer, you won't over cook your food. I have used the oven about 6 times since purchase a couple of weeks ago. I cooked a pork loin roast in it and the roast turned out evenly baked and stayed juicy compared to a standard size oven. Other advantages are the oven doesn't heat up the whole kitchen compared to a standard oven. It's exterior does get warm, however compared to my old B&D toaster oven this oven's exterior case doesn't get as hot.
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on March 19, 2007
I purchased this through Amazon and found that it wasn't as good as claimed. It does not toast bread well and takes a LONG time to do it even with the convection feature. I am sorry I chose this one. My old one was much better even though it was well used and worn looking. Very dissappointed.
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on May 6, 2007
Thrilled with this toaster oven. The convection feature expedites cooking time and cooks evenly. The inside is large enough to fit an over-size pie plate. No need to turn on my large kitchen oven to make a cake or pie. This one works just as well. Reheats food slices done perfectly in just 5 minutes. Very happy with this purchase.
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on February 18, 2007
Purchased Euro-Pro from Macy's for 59.99. With shipping and taxes it came to 74.66----Same model is on sale at Linens and Things for 29.99.

As for the toaster oven--we use it mainly as a toaster and as a toaster it doesn't do the job. First batch is too light second batch too dark.

I would not buy another.
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