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on July 1, 2011
So here's the deal. I've read just about every review there is on every floor steamer that exists. I've used old school mops, swiffer wet jet (useless) and even hands/knees with sponges and magic erasers. After my first use, i stared at the floors and was a bit disappointed. However, after really looking at the floor under bright natural light, I realized that all the streaks I was seeing were a result off all the old pinesol/swiffer/orange glo/pledge I was blasting off my hardwoods. With this in mind, I conceded to a double scrubbing and was pretty happy with the results. Now that I've used the steam mop a couple of times, I'm amazed with how clean/non-sticky my floors are. While The first few times may have been a bit more time consuming, i now find that my mopping time is literally 1/4 of what it used to be. Maybe even more impressive is that I've found myself mopping the floor at least every other week whereas it used to be put off to a once every other month, with spot treatments as needed. To address some of the concerns, yes, you do have to vacuum first, and if there's a huge mud clot on the floor you're going to have to scrape off the bulk. I'd say for the price it can't be beat.
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on April 19, 2011
Title says it all -- I love it! Easy to use, heats up quickly and does a great job at cleaning. I used to have the Eureka Enviro Steamer (yellow) which was bulky and did not a good job of getting into corners and up along the edges of the floor. The Shark glides along and reaches under cabinets and the lip of the stove and refrigerator. I love the pad for the professional vs. the deluxe Shark. The professional pad has little "fingers" all over it which does a super job of cleaning the toughest dirty floors. I have two toddler boys who spill everything on the floor. This machine has saved my life!
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on May 18, 2015
The first cleaner I received did not work. The instructions say to call Shark if you have any problems. When I did they gave me instructions on what should fix the problem but it didn't. I then called them back and was told I had to pay a fee to replace the cleaner I had owned for less than 24 hours that had never worked. Whilst it was only a small fee I was very unhappy, it's the principle of the fact that they claimed their quality assurance was excellent, which I am sure it is and I had never questioned, and that for me to get a working product I should pay more money!
So, I looked into the Amazon policy on replacements. Thankfully they provide an excellent service and replaced it within two days free of charge! Shark you really need to follow a similar example.

I bought this cleaner because I have owned them in the past and really loved the clean feel of everything when it's steamed (I had one in the USA, moved to the UK and bought one there and have moved back to the USA and wanted another, non have broken). So far I have only used the wooden floor and scrub (tile floor) options. That part of the steam cleaner is excellent. However, the pads they provide with it do not work that well. I bought replacement pads from Amazon which are amazing. See photos. I apologize for the state of my floors, I have a 10 month old Great Pyrenees who loves to dig and then come into the house. The first picture was cleaning the tile floor where my puppy sleeps with the pads that came with the cleaner, as you can see not much dirt on there, the second and third pictures were from cleaning of the floor immediately after the first clean with the replacement pads, from that you can see how much extra dirt it lifted. I would recommend this product.
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on October 11, 2011
I got this mop on sale at Costco a couple of months ago. The first couple of times that I tried using it, I was disappointed. I set the mop to the heaviest "scrub" setting, and it still wasn't getting up even small spots on the floor. If I hovered over the spot for 45 seconds to a minute, it might start coming off... but it was disappointing and time consuming to say the least. The third time I used the mop, I decided to dampen the mop head with warm tap water before starting to scrub. Wow! It made a huge difference!! And my floors ended up spotless and squeaky clean (and the mophead completely saturated with dirt on both sides)! Get the mop head wet, and you won't be disappointed! (unless of course you want to clean your floors without getting them wet, but in my opinion, that just isn't possible ;)
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on August 30, 2013
I absolutely positively love this steam mop. I bought this on a whim, which is out of the ordinary for me because I usually research extensively before I make bigger purchases. Let me tell you, I am truly impressed with this. My kitchen floor shows dirt easily, as it is white tile, but now it is so easy to keep them clean thanks to this machine. My bathroom floors and tub walls are slate, after steaming them with this they shine. What I am most impressed with is NO CHEMICALS! I have a little one that is crawling all over the place, so it gives me peace of mind knowing that he is crawling around on clean floors with no chemical residue. I also have high pile white carpets which stains easy, this is very easy to use on spots and gets them out like it is nothing. I use this on the outside of my oven, stove top, windows (i purchased a squeegee for $2 at homedepot to use with this), mirrors, counters, floors, carpets, area rugs, couches, sinks, and even the outside of toilets.. I can honestly say this thing has cut my cleaning time in half, no joke! I have ranted and raved over this thing to all my family members, I 100% recommend this to anyone that wants a clean home in a fraction of the time..
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Well I bought the Shark Lift Away Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3901) several months ago, so this review will give you a good idea of what it's really like to own one of these.

Shark Steam Mop Thoughts

1. I'm a big fan of steam cleaning my floors using the Shark Steam Mop. This one works better than the old Shark Steam Mop, which I broke because I didn't use distilled water. So PLEASE don't forget to use distilled water with your Shark products!

We have an old linoleum floor in the kitchen that's off white. It's constantly getting dirty from our shoes, cooking, and whatever shenanigans our cat Lucky performs with his food.

I once scrubbed the kitchen floor on my hands and knees using a scrubbing sponge and a razor blade, and I never want to do that again! Now we simply use our Dyson to vacuum up cat hair, cat food, and other messes around the kitchen and steam clean it to perfection using the Shark Pocket Mop.

We’ve tried it on light oak floors, light tan bathroom tiles, the kitchen linoleum floor, and the dark cherry looking bamboo flooring in our master bedroom. The steam mop made all these flooring surfaces shine to perfection. But ALWAYS remember to vacuum beforehand, especially if you have pets that shed hair. Also, women tend to shed hair where they do their hair, so don’t forget to vacuum those areas as well.

Shark Fabric Steam Thoughts

2. One of the reasons I felt compelled to buy Shark’s most expensive steam mop was the portable handheld steamer that detaches from the mop base. I used the Garment Steamer with Brush on our black out curtain that we hang over our living rooms window and backdoor in the winter. This curtain was a wrinkly mess and since it’s 100% polyester it comes out wrinkled from the dryer no matter what you do.

Anyways, the fabric steaming went fairly well but here’s my recommendations to anyone considering using this option. I found that it helps to keep the fabric to be steamed stretched out, because if you leave the fabric or garmet loose, it takes a lot longer to remove wrinkles. Also the steamer only seems to work when it’s upright, so if your steaming a curtain that hangs to the floor, the last foot and a half are going to remain wrinkled unless you have someone pull the curtain up so that you can get to that last foot.

It’s possible that if you lay the fabric on a bed, it may work out better for you, but I didn’t try that method yet. The fabric steamer did remove the wrinkles quiet well, and I even recorded a video clip of how it went. I’ll be posting that on my YouTube Channel “ProvenHerlper” soon.

Shark Portable Steam Cleaner Thoughts

3. The other compelling reason I used to convince my wife on this purchase was the steam cleaning option. We have chrome bathroom fixtures like showerheads, shower valve, bathroom faucet and so on. I thought that the portable Shark Steam Cleaner would blast away water spots, soap scum, and grime from these surfaces without a problem. Well, I certainly blasted the heck out of these fixtures but the results were not that spectacular. If I was completely against using chemicals to clean my bathroom, then maybe the Shark Steam Cleaner Tool and lots of elbow grease would work okay, but honestly it’s so much quicker to use something like a Greenworks spray and paper towels to clean those fixtures then it is to use the steamer. This is the only configuration of the Shark Pocket Mop that I’m not so impressed with. I do believe you will zap bacteria into oblivion with the steam, but my huge Hansgrohe shower valve trim was just as riddled with water spots before as it was after I blasted the heck out of it.

I even tried using the steamer on my bathroom sink and faucet, but the results were not that spectacular here. And once again you can’t really use this steam cleaner properly to clean a small bathroom sink basin because you cannot maintain the 90 degree position needed to achieve steam production. As soon as you tilt the Shark Pocket Mop to the side or even upside to really get at the surfaces inside a sink or underneath the faucet, the steam production tapers off quickly.

Well, you heard me mention my YouTube Channel ‘ProvenHelper’ above, so if you’re interested in seeing the Shark Pocket Mop in action, check out my channel. I basically make a lot of How-to videos on practically anything. I hope you enjoyed my honest review on this product.
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on April 27, 2012
We purchased the Shark Model S3901 yesterday. My hope was to just get the Kitchen floor a little cleaner and use it in my work room in the basement to keep the tiles clean. I will say this money well spent. We have lived in our house for about 20 years, original linoleum in the kitchen. Over that time even mopping everyday will not keep the floor clean. I used this mop had to do it like three times during the course of a busy day but the floor looks almost new again. I did the same to the two bathroom tubs with the detachable part and both tubs look like new. I am just trying to get the house looking great in case the housing market can come back and I can sell. I did not use it on the bathroom floors yet as both are new tile only as week old. I do plan to try it on the kitchen counter as it is 20 years old as well. The steam does get pretty hot so be careful not to burn yourself. I had a 20% off coupon and only ended up paying 132 for hit where I purchased it, I think I have already seen it pay for itself. One other little detail, do not throw away the instruction booklet as there is a small cleaning wire near the back of it that you will need when cleaning the nosel, and make sure you use distilled water.
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on May 29, 2011
I've been looking for a floor cleaner that would clean the crevasses in my stone flooring. Heavy machines hurt my back for weekly cleaning, small automatic cleaners that use pads and spray chemicals don't get into the deeper portions of the floor. Also, I don't like drying the floor with an additional towel so we can walk on it right away.

So when I saw a commercial for this product I thought "what the heck" and bought it. I thought that it would be fine for daily dusting, but had my doubts that it would clean that well, and figured the pads would become prohibitively expensive, but I had to try it.

I can't comment on the pads as yet, but one pad worked well for all three areas, and is still not too dirty to use on the other side next time, but I do tend to clean my floor regularly. An especially dirty floor might need more than one pad.

It's easy to assemble, heated up quickly, comes with an extra long cord so you can clean more at one time without unplugging, and the hot steam lasted through the bathroom, dining area, and kitchen.

I had it on the scrub cycle through the entire cleaning just to test how long the water in the reservoir would last. When I was done, I had 1/4 of a tank full left, which was better than I expected! (call me Doubting Thomasina)

I have two small parrots and their droppings are notoriously hard to clean up; usually I have to use a paint scraper on the dried stuff. This cleaned it up easily, and cleaned even in the deepest crevasses.

The floor was immediately ready to walk on, and it's squeaky clean... literally, my bare feet squeak on it, and the floor glows.

I would highly suggest this product, make sure you use it as instructed, and use only filtered or distilled water in the tank so you don't leave hard water residue on the floor.
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on September 22, 2011
I have been using this for months. Each time I used it my floors become cleaner and cleaner. I have given up on my Swiffer Wet Jet because it smells awful and really used alot of pads to get my floor half way clean and leaving a residue. This version comes with enough pads to do all of my tile (three baths, kitchen & foyer). It may not remove everything on your first use, but it takes it off in layers. The Swiffer residue built up over the years. When I use the steam mop the floors feel very clean now. There is no odor. I throw the pads in the wash with a little bleach and the come out clean. The first time I used them they were a dark grey, now they don't pull off as much scum because they did their job. I had read about previous versions that had wimpy handles, but this one is very sturdy. The pads go on very easily, but you do have to wait for a cool down. I have even used it on my shower floor to remove scum that that gotten stuck in the grout. It is a work in progress getting better with each steaming. I do love steaming my tile floors, but don't understand the carpet cleaner, unless it is to sanitize only.
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on April 21, 2015
These people have the best commercials and I have debated purchasing one since the old fashion hand and knees method works the best but as we age or have knee issues it is too difficult. Someone gave me this since they hated it and I thought why not, it's free! It never dawned on me watching the commercial that this was no different than a sponge mop really until I used it.

Followed the directions, thought I got the floor really clean then looked at the bottom of the pad, see photo's. I thought there is no way possible my floor is clean since I am "steaming" dirt back into the floor. I took a clean white paper towel, wet it, wiped the exact area I had just "steam scrubbed" with just my hand. Take a look at the paper towel after using the Steam Pocket. Called the company twice, both people said it really is more for sanitizing than actually cleaning, you should really wash the floor first. Yep, just what I want to do. This floor has only been in a few weeks.

This is the biggest con that I have seen in a long time and so glad I did not actually have to spend money and I understand why they wanted to get rid of it. I will get my old one repaired from another company, no washable pads, just scrub brushes and water with a rinse setting that actually gets the floor clean!
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