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Platform: PC|Edition: Gold|Change
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on January 23, 2012
I like many aspects of Europa Universalis games generally. This game, however, just wasn't very playable. I had to resort to cheat codes to even have a chance and competing with the computer. The computer-controlled players just churn troops like you wouldn't believe. For example: as playing the Seleucids, no matter how many Egyptian armies I slaughtered, more kept showing up much faster than they could be legitimately raised. Also, to lack of any kind of tactical control over battles is frustrating. There was too little reward for all the micro-management that goes into just running your empire.

Not recommended.
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on January 21, 2013
you won't be able to run it.
It'll crash all the time.
No support from Paradox at all
No refund
You'll be throwing $9.99 to the trash.
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on May 10, 2010
This game was really fun. As far as gameplay I think it is on par with Rome: Total War. It is more in depth in the politics of the Ancient world and more historically accurate. The main problem with the game is that it crashes all the time. It is extremely frustrating. It also would be nice if the game didn't automatically end in 754 A.V.C. (1 A.D.). The game is worth the $6 but it has a lot of bugs.
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on June 3, 2013
I own most of Paradox's recently published games, and I found the graphic and other systems of this game very similar to other Paradox games such as EU3, Victoria 2, and HOI3. I would say that this game is fairly good to the best, as I personally found it somewhat less enjoyable than all three other games I mentioned above.

The graphics of this game comes with both positive and negative aspects. This game is one of the few Paradox games ever to feature a rotatable camera, which is kind of nice, but in terms of details of the map, this game looses out clearly to Victoria 2 and Crusader Kings 2, and slightly to Europa Universalis 3 and Hearts of Iron 3. Additionally, the playable area of this game is very limited (I understand Rome only expanded so far): the map only represents Central and Southern Europe along with Anatolia, North Africa, and some parts of the middle east, which could sometimes bore you if you played a scenario for a very long time, as there's not a large area of land you can conqueror or do diplomacy with, like in EU3. I also don't quite like the interface graphics, as it looked somewhat too rough and general, using classical Greek textured icons and event backgrounds for all nations including Pagans. Aside from the above things, the game's graphic system is very similar to all the other games I mentioned (units, different map types, ships, battles representation, etc.)

In terms of user interface, the game uses a character system like in Crusader Kings, which let you play as a character rather than just a nation, but unlike in Crusader Kings, the game will not end if the player's character dies without an heir or successor, but instead the player will still play the same nation but just with a different character. I personally think the game's interactive system is somewhat too simple, and from time to time I also feel that the game gets boring after awhile with the lack of different nations you can interact with, like in all the other Paradox strategy games. One of the most annoying things I ever felt playing this game was when I get this unstopping supply of random character events tossed at me ever 15-30 days or so, forcing me to read all of these lengthy events and choose different options around every 15 seconds if I play on full speed. Also, when I play as Rome, I keep getting annoyed by all of the civil wars I get every 15-20 years. Also, the barbarians can also get very fustrating if your empire has a lengthy border facing unclaimed territories. Aside from the above things, the game is reasonablly enjoyable in the same way as Europa Universalis 3 (except the map limits).

Overall, I gave this game a 4 out of 5 for its acceptable representation of gameplay in the Roman time period with only a minor amount of inaccuracies (such as when negoiating peace deals with a country you're at war with), but I would still only recommend this game to those that enjoy other Paradox games such as Europa Universalis 3 and Crusader Kings 2, as this game still have many "Paradox" learning curves.
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on April 5, 2013
The game is fun and interesting when it works. However I can rarely play for more than 10 minutes before a crash. Paradox has a history of unstable games, and this is the worst of the bunch. After updating the game using the game launcher, the game no longer even opens.
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on March 27, 2012
I think the core of the game is very good and the management aspects are superb. With a little effort, one can play any of the Greek nations, Rome itself, or try to unite Gaul with one of the Gallic tribes. The British and Germanic tribes however typically aren't strong enough to manage the "barbarian" enemies the game auto-spawns and aren't truly playable.

I think overall, it's a great war / empire management game, with great depth, as detailed in the other reviews. The controls are perfect, so are the government styles (for the most part). Managing a government can be frustrating, but that's part of the gameplay imo, challenging the player to find solutions that prevent the nation from falling into civil wars, and running with the basic assumption that republics, like the Roman Republic, are not sustainable in the long term. Republics thus will fall to civil war caused by populist agitation or to dictatorship in the game. Some characters are very loyal, some are very effective at management or martial things, and a handful are loyal and useful. Sometimes, as in history, a player has to put incompetent people in power just to ensure stability, or, the converse, put a potentially disloyal general in command for the sake of decisive victory.

The main deficits, are, however, lasting bugs (even on the latest patch, though I do not seem to have serious issues on windows 7 x64).

The game tends to crash a lot, randomly, typically not so much when starting, but more and more as a scenario goes on over decades and centuries.

There is also a system of cascading alliances that develops over time as the ai diplomacy improves. Depending on how the AI plays, it will typically ally with 1-3 other powers, and basically any regional war will become a WWI style dogpile, where Rome declares war on Pontus, who is allied with Magna Graecia, who is allied with Carthage, who is allied with Egpyt, etc. etc., even sometimes resulting in ridiculous wars where some nations end up caught in war with both sides of the alliance, or every nation in the world is allied against a tiny minor power in a distant corner of the map. It kind of ruins the gameplay, in the sense it's unrealistic, ahistoricial, and annoying to have 90% of the world at war over any war. And don't get me started on how monarchies can't seem to figure out who they want the heir to be and change the heir randomly enough to upset half the court or the monarch themself.
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on June 6, 2012
i was very excited for this game, however it wouldn't open up, i received an error message. i tried to update it but it failed about 80 percent of the way done...tried uninstalling then reinstalling but no avail, i got a dud game. buyer beware
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on February 28, 2013
I love this game, if I only had a better computer to play in on. It works great in the early stages, but this game is for the long run and your computer better be able to handle the extended play.
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on April 8, 2012
I saw it ran in vista, which usually is not a problem for W7, figuring worse case senerio im out $2. game wont even install on 64 bit os. C'est la vie

Edit-- found correct setup file, ran it in vista compatibility mode, seems to have installed correctly. This is the second game from amazon downloads that I have had issues installing.

more Edit-- game would not launch, deleted, re downloaded, did not install at all again, opened a trouble ticket
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on September 23, 2010
I made the mistake of not reading all the reviews for this product and did not realize how many problems I would have with it. I think that the idea behind the game is a good one as I like history-based games like this, but the constant problem I've experienced while playing Europa Universalis Rome Gold is that the game crashes often. It's quite frustrating: I went online and downloaded the patches I was supposed to, but the problem persists. Also, this can't be a result of my system being too slow as I just purchased a new computer recently and this is the only program or game that causes my computer any problems.

This is just my opinion, but I think that the makers of this game rushed it out to market without properly testing it and haven't done a good job with the patches they've completed so far.

Please do yourself a favor and buy another/ better game.
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