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on August 5, 2015
This is an additional review after having used these gates for well over a year. I still highly recommend them but read on for very important info. I have 3 of these gates and I noticed on all 3 that the plastic hardware used to lock the two gate pieces together will eventually loosen over time with repeated opening and closing of the handle. The plastic parts I am referring to can be seen in the photos and they are on the top and bottom of each gate. The main purpose of them is to "lock" the gates in the desired width for your hallway. The problem is that the plastic parts cannot withstand the screw torque necessary to hold the gates together firmly. This leads to the parts loosening and allows the gate to "slide" left or right when opening and closing the gate. This can be a dangerous problem because it could lead to a failure of the gate to lock and someone could "push" through it.

I tightened and retightened the screws in the plastic hardware however the hardware is not durable and the plastic pieces eventually cracked. These parts should be metal and not plastic. I do love the gates so I decided to fix this issue permanently. I went to the local home improvement store and bought some 1 3/4" screws and nylon lock nuts to prevent it from coming off. I drilled holes through the gates and bolted them together (see photos). This will lock the gates in place and prevent any unwanted "sliding" left or right. You can rest easy that the gates will never fail after doing this simple fix. I still highly recommend the gates but be aware that you should check and recheck the gates every so often for loosening of the plastic retaining pieces if you choose not to bolt these together.

Very sturdy gates and they look great. Be warned, these MUST be drilled into a STUD in the wall. Do not mount these into Sheetrock only as they are heavy and can easily rip out of the wall. If you don't have a stud near your stairs, you can use a piece of wood to extend out and give a proper base to mount the gate to. See photos for examples.
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on April 24, 2016
Very sturdy and I like the fact that there's no bar to trip over. But as one reviewer said, be careful!!! This gate has he tendency to slide over time and loosen so that the clasp isn't "green", instead it's in the "red" zone meaning it's not securely tightened and your toddler will pull it and be flying down the stairs in no time. So instead of drilling and putting a bolt, I bought cable ties and tightened it on top and on the bottom so that it CANT loosen again no matter how many times you tug on it. See photo.
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on February 26, 2016
Easy to install. Good quality. Easy to open. Perfect for any size doorway. We've had this gate up now for a few months. What I love most about it compared to other gates that are fixed is how easy it is to open & close the lock. You just push up on it. The ones that you have to line up the holes are crazy difficult while holding a squirming baby. Because our 14 mo is a daredevil beast, she continually grabs at the gate and shakes it trying to open it. She's freakishly strong like a hulk baby but hasn't been able to force it open or break it. I'd recommend this gate over any other. I did a lot of research before buying & asked a bunch of friends because I was so worried about getting the right gate that could contain our little monster. I highly recommend this one.
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on June 29, 2015
Do yourself a favor and buy some real drywall anchors. Toggle bolt anchors if you can. IT wasn't the easiest thing to install and I didn't trust their hardware especially for something going at the top of the stairs. I do like this gate does not have a auto close feature it, for the gates at the top i don't want to have to worry about getting hit in the back as I'm about to go down a flight of stairs. I've only had the gate for about 6 months and gets opened and shut multiple times a day and seems to be holding up well. It can be a little noisy as the hinge area has some play but overall its not bad. As i said before though its worth it to do right and buy some better mounting hardware than it is to use their cheap stuff that pulls out with very little force.
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on August 15, 2015
We live in a split level home, so the main floor is upstairs. After my 7 month old pushed the cheapie wooden tension gate down the stairs and almost fell down the stairs as well, I knew we needed a sturdier solution. After some research, I chose this gate. My husband installed it in a few minutes, and I adjusted the width so that we could "slam" it shut without having to mess with the button.
It's perfect. It's ultra sturdy, swings wide open so that there's nothing to trip over when going down the stairs. Really does take only one hand to open, and you can just "slam" or kick it shut, My 4 and 7 year old have no problems opening the gate by themselves. They like the red/green indicator that tells them it's "safe" (green) or "danger" (red) for the baby.
I also like the color of the gate, it's a nice neutral grayish taupe color.
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on April 11, 2017
The gate works well, and I've installed 2 of these. But installation is a real pain. I'm fairly handy, but maybe I'm missing something in the installation. Since I have baseboards (seems like a common situation), I had to make custom wood offsets for the mounting brackets, use longer screws (4 inch wood screws) than what had been supplied, etc. etc. You also need a level, tape measure, and a helper to get this set up and installed properly.

But since you can't mount a pressure gate at the top of the stairs, I don't know how I'd design it differently, other than including better mounting hardware for people with baseboard molding.
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on August 14, 2016
Within 15 minutes of installing another gate purchased at Lowe's I knew I'd be starting over from scratch. The first gate I tried spanned to 42" width at the top of our staircase, but was nearly impossible to open one handed and it's adjustable width lost its setting so you had to fiddle with it to get a secure closure after passing through.

After reading several reviews online I picked up two evenflo secure step gates - one each for the top and bottom of the stairs. I found these easy to install, and very well designed. For example, the wall fittings give clearance to go over base boards (see pictures) and the offset hinges give clearance for driving the anchor screws. Compared to the first gate I tried, I was very impressed. The bottom of the stairs gate took me about an hour to install, mostly because I wanted to avoid drilling holes in my banister. (I used a banister adapter instead, and took some time deciding how they should work together.) The top of stair installation was my second go round and took just 20 minutes.

About the only negative to mention is the tiny hex screws that are used to set the gate length. I found these to be tough to handle with my real size hex wrench (2mm), but nearly impossible with the provided wrench.

Overall, I'm very pleased with how sturdy these feel and how easily they open with a toddler in one arm.
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on March 25, 2017
Attaches to the wall very solidly and actually works great even on just drywall with the alligator style drywall anchors. Adjustment comes a little loose from time to time but is easy to tighten it back up. Use threadlocker on it if you need to or... if you are not going to move it or need to adjust it you can also drill a hole in the top and but a bolt through it to lock it in place permanently.

Much much better than the pressure type gates also, we actually use ours as a pet gate and the box store pressure gates they could just knock through if they really wanted. This one is solid.
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on August 10, 2016
The only reason I haven't returned this is because it accomplishes one task; keeping our dog upstairs when we have company and don't want him downstairs for some time. Other than that, it is useless against a 2.5 year old and provides no measure of safety against falling down the stairs. I had it professionally installed by a licensed contractor, and all our daughter has to do is push it with some strength and it opens right up. Luckily she's been very careful on the stairs and we don't have much fear of her walking up and down anymore, but I repeat, if you're buying this because you have a child, any child over 1 year old will be able to open it right up.

Addendum: it now doesn't even hold our chihuahua! So it's entirely worthless
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on March 7, 2017
The main reason for buying this gate is that there is no bar on the bottom to trip on when going down the stairs. Relatively easy-install - takes a little adjustment, and the small Allen screws can be difficult to get to for tightening. Has stood up to our 22 lb, 13-month old pulling on it, but does have a slight rattle and give that can be unnerving. The handle can be a little tough to open at times. Would also have loved to see it in a white color option to match our trim instead of the grayish-taupe. Overall though, it's sturdy and I'm confident with it's ability to keep my child safe!
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