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on May 22, 2014
I love this doll although I do wish that they did place the wolf ears on her head since she is part wolf and she wears the hood to hide her ears (at least that is to my understanding the story).
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on February 8, 2014
Pleasantly surprised how much I like this doll. No weird eye wonk and no weird hood stains that I've heard about from other buyers. Plus she was cheaper on here than in store.
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on October 11, 2016
Very upset with what I received. I was promised to have the original version of Cerise like the picture was shown in the listing. Instead I got the re-released version which may I add has no ring, no bracelet and the basket those not have red on the top. There is also no brush or stand included :/ The box might I add has weird plastic spots in places. The face just annoys me, her eyes are huge from all the ORIGINAL dolls I've seen. And there isn't even a picture of the character on the side of the box. Cerise is my favorite character in all of Ever After High. And I was very excited when I bought her. But when she came, that's a whole different story. Don't know if I will be returning this or not, but one thing is for sure, very upset. And I am going to try to find a different Cerise.
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on April 19, 2014
This doll is perfect for any Ever After High fan. I just love the endless detail that these dolls exhibit in both their facial features as well as their overall outfits. Each doll is beautifully thought out so that you can tell what their personalities are like right from the start. As for Cerise Hood I just love everything about her: Her facial features give off this shy, yet mysterious vibe about her. Her outfit gives off a mix of modern and classical style so that you can tell that she comes from fairytale lineage.
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on August 26, 2015
I decided to take a gamble and try to get the re-release doll since I already own the original Cerise Hood. I'd read there were some differences between the two face ups and since I collect Cerise dolls I became very intrigued. It's difficult to see the differences from the box due to the bangs and hood but they're there. I can't describe many differences of the two outside of the boxes but can say the bracelet and ring are not present on the re-release and the basket does not have a print on the top. The boots are also lacking the silver detail on the buckle. If you are wanting to try to get the original doll you may end up disappointed but since I wanted the re-release for collecting purposes I couldn't be happier.
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on March 30, 2014
Apple white claims to be fairest of them all but in my opinion Cherise is the most beautiful of them all, She does have long hair and doesn't have wolf ears that disapointed some people but I find these are things that could easily be solved by some people and scissors.

I am perfectly happy with her having long hair, I think she's even prettier with it.

Her outfit is very 'Punk' but it still keeps what you'd expect of red riding hood, I like her leggings and her boots, My only gripe is I wish that Cherise got the same treatment as hunter huntsmen when it came to her brown leather plastic peices, If you look at his doll they're very detailed and look extremely like they're made out of leather, Cherise just has chocolate brown plastic for her belt and boots that have details but none of them are painted or detailed as his are. She still is incredibly detailed though and has a unique face compared to Raven, Apple.
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on February 26, 2016
Beautiful beautiful doll. I haven't been able to slip the boots off her feet they're on tight but looks like it's possible. She doesn't have wolf ears under the hood, and if you pull her hair back her human ears are pointed like an elf. I've read once you take the doll hood off it's hard to get the hair back in so I haven't tried. Hair's straight and soft. I'm in love with the outfit. Her leggings, the lace sleeves, her plastic waist belt and plaid shirt that's cut at an angle. Her hood is gorgeous it has a bright red that fades to dark towards the bottom and a beautiful woods silhouette on top.
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on December 28, 2014
This doll is surprisingly gorgeous, moreso than the other Ever After High dolls. First of all, she has a different mold with a longer nose as well as longer legs, making her taller than all the other characters. Her clothes are the high quality that we have come to expect from Mattel with the line and her hair is silky and straight. She does have the glue issue Mattel dolls have been having lately, but it isn't so bad on Cerise [at least mine]. Highly recommended for kids and collectors!

Just note, the doll does NOT have true wolf ears like Clawdeen Wolf under her hood, she actually has ears that resemble Vulcan ears.
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on November 15, 2014
I was only planning on buying the Legacy Day version because I honestly wanted the Cerise Wolf, but it was out of my price range. When I saw this one had been marked down from the original $20 I saw in stores, I decided to pick it up too. I'm considering taking her out of her box and sewing her a velvet and fur trimmed cape like the Wolf version since I got her at a lower price, but I haven't decided. Perhaps even make some ears out of fur, I've seen the doll's ears and I'm not the happiest about the elf ears.

I looked over my doll and I have to say when I saw the ones in stores, the left eye was always smudged or it had some thin line going through it. Then her hair was always messed up, the bangs were cut crookedly, or the hood was pulled back awkwardly to reveal the tag between her and her head. I was lucky enough to order this online and both eyes are perfect, the bangs were cut well, and a lower price.

Now I'm going to go contemplate more on whether she's staying in the box or not....
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on October 22, 2015
I originally wanted only Apple White because she was so pretty, but Cerise Hood caught my eye. She's extremely pretty and she looks the most natural, which is great since I planned on making casual clothes for her.

There were a lot of downsides though.

For some strange reason, these dolls come with their hair covered in gel. I'm not sure what purpose this serves, other than to drive insane the people who customize their dolls. The gel ends up seeping through the cardboard (as what it did for my Apple White). With Cerise, the gel went right through the red hood and stained it. I've soaked both the doll and hood in boiling water because, consequences be damned, I wanted that gross gel out. It's still there and it's still gross to touch. I feel like this would make it harder to style unless you know what you're doing, but if you're me or a child, who knows what we know. Also, while washing the hood, the water became dyed in red. Not sure if that means anything, but I'd assume rubbing the hood against the doll constantly may stain her.

That's not the only problem I had with the hair. The bangs on my Cerise were cut too much on one side, making it look like I stuck a bowl over her head and had no control over my motor skills, resulting in an awkwardly thick clump of hair on her head and an embarrassing hairstyle.

I'm also not sure what happened while she was being created, but she has strange band indent marks on her forearms. I'm guessing they appeared because she was taken fresh out of the cast and the creators decided a piping hot doll was the best time to band Cerise's basket to her arm. Combined with the branded numbers on her lower back, I have decided to make her a delinquent.

Overall, she's still very pretty and Ever After High dolls are lovely. It won't matter much considering I plan on doing a complete overhaul on her look since the factory make isn't great.
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