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on October 3, 2014
I used this bag for the first time on my flight, and both ends of the shoulder strap broke before I even arrived at my gate. The bag was fairly light, filled half-full of clothes. Pictured is one end, the stitching of the strap itself ripped through on the other side.

In conclusion, pay a little more money and get a bag that holds up for more than one trip.
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on August 16, 2016
This is sturdier and better quality than I expected for the price. I got this thinking it would tide me over until I could decide on a better bag. My last bag was purchased in person at a store with limited choices and it didn't take long for me to destroy it. I need a gym bag for several activities and like to pack a lot in. This fits a lot inside and the fabric seems (so far) really sturdy. I like that the bag holds its shape (for the most part) even if I take items out. I like the structure and feel of it and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived!

I LOVE that the side mesh pockets are wide and hold more than just a water bottle. You could easily put wet items or sweaty shoes in the mesh outside pockets and still have the zipped up side pockets to use.

The side pockets are blissfully separated from the bag! My other bag was deceiving b/c if I put items in the side pockets, they squished into the main bag. You can pack as much as you want in the main bag and THEN still put things into the side pockets, or vice versa. With my last bag I had to maneuver items around to see what I could put in each pocket...taking things out, moving them into the main compartment, strategically stacking items to shift over the bulk that was interfering into the main section...etc. This bag is great for those of us that like things organized and separated. I put as much as I want into any of the compartments and know that as long as it fits there, I won't have to move it or shift it. LOVE THAT!

So far, this bag is perfect for me: structured, organized, sturdy, roomy.
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on March 16, 2017
My intention when buying this bag was to upgrade to a bigger gym bag. I was a little skeptical as dimension wise it is only 3 inches more then my Reebok bag bought at Target several years ago.
Once this was delivered I quickly packed all my clothes and had plenty of extra room for my towel and other burly products. I no longer have to carry a stuffed full bag every morning.
It is a little bulkier to carry but I think it is due to having a piece of stiff board to keep the bottom flat. The shoulder straps are nice and feels a lot lighter then it is.

Side pockets fit heels well
Large front pocket
Feels lighter to carry

No extra inside pockets to hold things in place

****Edit:after having this bag for a few months and using 5 days a week for gym/work clothes the metal clips are pulling apart the fabric. Very disappointed And dropped my rating down to 2 stars!!
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on January 11, 2017
Researched Amazon.com and purchased two of these duffel bags (navy w/ blk trim). They were dlivered today. Box arrived in good condition. Upon opening the box, I inspected and found a manufacturer flaw on one of the duffel bags.

These duffel bags come with a carrying strap. And, on one of the Carrying Straps the pin was missing from one end of the strap latch... making it impossible to latch one end of the shoulder strap to the duffel bag. The simple and easy fix would be for Everest Luggage or Amazon to simply send me another strap with a working latch clasp. However, the system seems to require I RETURN the entire duffel bag in order to gain a shoulder strap that works (with working clasps). Wish they could simply send me a new strap rather than require I jump through all the RETURN hoops. If not for this annoying Quality Control issue, I would call this a great value for the money!
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on July 25, 2017
Over all I don't have issues with this bag except for one large glaring issue.
The metal loop that supposed to attach to the shoulder strap will bend and pop loose.
I am fortunately it does not pop loose right away, and after trying to bend the loop back into place it will only fail again but only faster.
So that makes the shoulder strap completely unreliable and forces you to carry the bag from the central handle, ruining the value of the bag for me.
The metal loops aren't even round or D-rings, it's this odd shape that only makes the soft. non-welded loop even weaker. An odd design choice when looking at the construction of the rest of the bag.

Other than that metal loop failing the bag is over all strong and sturdy, but not having a reliable shoulder strap a deal breaker, especially during travel. I am strong enough to suck it up and cope with the lack of shoulder strap. But I can imagine for many others this makes the bag completely unusable. Only reason I even gave this bag 3 stars is I somehow milked 2 years of occasional use out of this bag (keyword occasional).
This would of been down to weeks (if not days) if had this been a bag for daily use.
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on April 29, 2017
Ok, so the bag itself is fine. Its spacious it has nice pockes and it feels like its studily made. BUT! (And this is a big one) the metal attachment for the shoulder strap is ABSOLUTE GARBAGE! I wouldn't suggest buying this unless you 1) don't mind the broken strap. 2) have a means to fix that problem. Or 3) like to carry it by hand. A quick side note you can buy an incredibly sturdy replacement for it at home depot, its usually where the keys are.
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on March 14, 2016
You get what you paid for, I guess. There's nothing spectacular about this bag, it holds stuff fairly well but it can also break easily.

This is my second bag, the first one I used to travel abroad. Wasn't a big fan of it only because there was a portion on the side that was rough and it kept scratching me. If I wasn't lazy, I would have figured out a way to cover that area or just cut that piece off.

My second bag didn't last very long, sadly. I needed a cheap bag to store my sport equipments in so I came back and bought this bag. It did take fairly heavy abuse, but not long after, the metal piece that held the side strap attached to the bag broke off (out of everything, that would have been my last guess to see fail first). I ended up just getting a carabiner to replace the broken one.
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on July 12, 2016
Second one I've bought, and both seem to be well made and the materials are quality. First one was for a trauma jump bag while the second is a bug-out bag.
One issue a previous buyer noted was the weak spot in the brackets that you hook the should strap to; I've reinforced the BOB bag brackets with 175Lb zip ties just in case, since that bag contains enough supplies to feed, water, shelter and protect 2 people for a week. I ran the ties through the strap and the flap where the suspect brackets are, so if one does give there'll be no slack to jerk the bag while I'm carrying it.

The bag layouts are perfect for my applications, with the trauma bag center compartment easily holding three of the largest plano boxes for burns, bleeding, airway & general, leaving the end compartments for splints, cold packs, and a light surgical kit.
Very pleased with these two bags.
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on June 26, 2015
I have purchased this duffle bag for a short vacation trip, something I just wanted as a carry-on. Unfortunately, the bag's metal brackets that were attached to the sholder strap bent in half after carrying the bag for a total of 30 minutes. It was full of general necessities for a summer trip: shorts, t-shirts, a towel, a pair of sneakers, and basic hygienic utilities.

-fits a lot of items and clothing.
-dual sided large pockets plus a small front pocket
-good quality zippers

-shoulder strap metal brackets too weak and can easily be bent
-must use handles for maximum reliability
-handles requires an unreliable Velcro strap to stay together that detaches sometimes

If you are looking for a bag you will be using everyday, full of equipment or clothes, this is not the bag for you. This bag is for the moderate gym-goer or occasionally used to carry light-weight equipment such as basketballs. Do not use this bag to its potential or for travel. You will deeply regret it.
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on December 17, 2014
The fabric and build of this bag is very sturdy. I feel like its going to last me a very long time, and I've already had it for months. However, a few design flaws make me wish it would fall apart so I could buy a new one. First, the adjustable strap doesn't adjust well. You can try shortening it to fit your body, but the clasp losens and it falls back to full length within 30 minutes. I'm a 6'0" tall woman and the strap is too long for me at full length, so I can't imagine how it would feel on more average-sized people. Also, the fatal design flaw of the two side pockets are that they only have one zipper. Two zippers that met in the middle would be ideal, so if you're trying to grab your wallet or phone out you can just unzip the top, grab what you need, and reclose. Instead there is only one zipper that begins at the bottom, so every time you open it you risk spilling out everything inside. If you only use this bag at the gym, that would probably be OK, but I bring my gym bag to work as we have a gym at the office, so when I try to store my keys/wallet/phone/etc in the side pockets for easy access I have to be very careful to make sure not to spill the contents every times I get something out. 3-Star purchase because it seems like a sturdy bag that will last a long time and has plenty of room and side pockets for all your needs, but has a few design flaws that would make it much more functional.
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