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I have another Everest bag and really like it. My husband often steals it so I figured I would get him his own. I really like the separate side compartments on bags. Especially for shoes, toiletries, and dirty laundry accumulated throughout your trip. I don't like to mix those things with clean clothing. When this arrived, I was surprised at the height of this. It is taller than my previous bag. I like the the wider, shallower bags for myself (because I hate digging) but for my husband that taller one is better because his bigger shoes can fit. I also love that that bottom panel thing is sewn inside the lining. The ones with the bottoms that are removable drive me crazy--they always fall out or small stuff gets hidden underneath them. Also nice--the shoulder strap is attached to the bag with metal tabs and metal clips. VERY nice feature, as those plastic D rings can and clips can break(then you are trying to somehow tie your shoulder strap to the bag...and of course this always happens in the middle of an airport of something.)

Another nice thing about these kind of bags is that we use them when we go to the beach. We pack our clothes in them, and when we take our clothes out at the hotel, we take out our clothes and use these kind of bags as our "beach bag." LOTS of stuff can fit (big beach towels, radio, snacks, even a few cocktails :D :D) And since there are separate sections, your phone or wallet isn't swimming around with the sandy towels in the middle. Plus it is decent enough for my husband to carry to the beach...not a girly thing with flowers and rope handles or something. This one is a little big and slightly more "luggage-y" than my other one, so we probably won't use it for that purpose, but we could.

It IS a little heavy (even empty) which makes it more sturdy, but for carrying a long way, I kind of like those cheap light ones. So you have to decide if you want study, good-quality that is slightly heavy, or if you want cheap, lower-quality that is really light (but won't last long.) Depending on what I need them for, I have both kinds in my house!
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on July 23, 2017
This is the first piece of luggage I've ever purchased for myself; I'm 22 and I've never really been much of a traveler or someone who stays away from home for very long, so until recently I'd never needed anything more than a backpack to hold my stuff when I signed up to go to a convention with some friends. I bought this bag specifically for use at a 3-day-2-night event where I'd be in a hotel, so I wasn't expecting to put it through any hard use, but I did also purchased it with the intent (and hope) of it being a good investment for future trips that require me to carry a few things along with me.

So, what were the things I liked?
• The price was very friendly to my budget; the tag on the bag suggests it should be sold for $40, but I purchased mine for only $25 and that seemed like a reasonable price for a decent bag I could put my belongings in for a trip.
• It’s very, very spacious! I was able to fit all my clothes, makeup, toiletries, wigs, costumes, and even my memory foam pillow inside of it and have room to separate my dirty clothes from my clean ones; I probably could have stuffed more into it, but I didn’t want to try pushing it to the limit and it was already a bit heavy with all that in it. So I personally wouldn’t fill it as full as you can.
• The bag is separated into a main compartment in the middle, two compartments on the ends, and a pocket along the front and a mesh pocket on the end.
• The material is sturdy but still remains flexible, so it was easy to pack things into it and it was easy to compress its volume down so it took up less space when I went to store it, but it also has enough integrity to be able to hold its shape without being stuffed totally full.
• It has both hand straps and a removable shoulder strap
• The bottom is reinforced with a little sheet of plastic (I think) and has little feet on each corner, so the bag isn’t sitting directly on the floor and there’s a bit of protection between the floor, bag, and my belongings.
• The hardware looks pretty sturdy! It doesn’t feel like anything is going to break with general use, though I also wouldn’t put 80 lbs worth of stuff inside of it and then try to carry it around by just the shoulder strap.

But there are some things to keep in mind, like, because it's so big it's easy to over stuff; this isn't a "fit it to full capacity" kind of bag, otherwise it'd have much heavier duty material and hardware and probably would have wheels. This is probably intended as a big, open bag to carry big, bulky things like for camping or sports, football padding or bedding or climbing gear or things of that nature--they're not necessarily dense and heavy, but they aren't easy to pack into a small space due to their shape/size. I think if you did stuff this full with, say, clothing, and then tried to carry it with the shoulder strap alone that it might break something. If you just intend on packing a bit light but just have things that take up room or you feel like you're going to come home with more than you left than this bag will serve those purposes perfectly.

Overall, for $25 I can't complain! It served me perfectly while on my trip and looks totally undamaged and ready for the next adventure.
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on December 8, 2014
I bought this bag to go on a 3 day camping trip and was initially impressed with the metal hardware on the carry strap and zippers. The bag appears to be of good quality and the reinforced bottom is sewn in and is not removable. it has 4 round feet on the bottom of the bag to protect it. The bag was larger than I needed since I was able to fit my clothes, sleeping bag, extra shoes, a light aluminum camping coffee pot, large flashlight, and other camping items in the bag.

The Velcro that holds the two carry handles began to separate the first time I used it which made me suspicious as to how well this bag would hold up. I weighed the bag loaded and it was 40 pounds, not overloaded by my standards considering how large it is...

The shoulder strap hardware (metal) broke while carrying the bag about 20 feet after unloading it. This was unacceptable as I feel it should have held up under a 40lb load and a 20 ft walk. The bag didn't sustain any other damage.

I liked that it has a large pocket on each end, a net material pocket on the end for wet or dirty items (I put my sandals in it), and a long zippered pocket across the front for small items. The bag is very roomy and can probably hold two weeks worth of clothing.

Besides making the hardware stronger and sewing the Velcro in better, I would prefer it had double zippers on the pockets and main opening so it would be easier and faster to access items.

I would have ordered one of these for my son but due to my experience and needs, I will look for a better quality bag. If you need a one time use bag and you keep it light, this is probably the best bag you will find for the money. Hope this review helps you in your buying decision.
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on August 15, 2016
This bag is HUGE. It's clearly meant as a bag to lug around equipment such as hockey gear or similar. Probably a bit too big for a regular weekend duffel. If filled to the brim, it's really heavy; if this is meant to be a travel bag, consider one with wheels instead. It's not fun to carry it around if it's full.

If big is what you need, and you don't want a rolling suitcase, this is for you.
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on November 9, 2015
This bag came a day early and new condition. It is as good or better than advertised. The capacity is 103 cubic liters, so look inside a 100L cooler for a size comparison. The material is thick and tough enough for air travel. It isn't as strong as an expensive tactical military bag, but definitely isn't one of those thin giveaway bags either. Overall, a very good bag for the price.
review imagereview image
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on March 4, 2015
This bag is exactly what I expected when ordering it. The material is not very thick, but it is not flimsy either. It is rubberized on the inside and provides rudimentary water resistance but will not contain serious exposure to rain. The piping on the edges of the bag is of the same cloth as the rest of the bag. On nicer bags the piping is made of rubber/silicone material and is a little more resistant to wear. The zippers seem perfectly adequate for my purposes, but will probably not sustain heavy use. I plan on using this bag very lightly. I will be storing my bike gear in it, as an easy grab-and-go bag. It will sit in the garage and will ride in the trunk of my car. I do not intend this bag for outdoor use and it is perfect for my purposes. If I were looking for a heavy-duty cargo bag to use on a daily basis, I would not buy this one. It is not sturdy enough for heavy cargo and everyday use. But it is perfect for lighter-but-bulky loads and moderate or weekend use.
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on October 13, 2015
This bag is LARGE. It matches the measurements listed for the size, so if you're concerned about getting something too big, take the time to measure it out before buying it. I definitely didn't realize it would be this big, but it has still worked out quite well for me and my family.

Regardless of size, this bag is lightweight, and sturdy. So far this bag has been on multiple short trips, and easily fits clothes for two adults for a long weekend. The zippers hold up well, and with the extra pockets, you've got plenty of room. However, it doesn't have much structure or reinforcement to it. As a result this bag is quite floppy. The fabric doesn't appear to be that durable, but for a cheap weekend bag, you couldn't do better!
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on May 26, 2015
Girlfriend and I both bought these to use as dirt biking gear bags. Previously had expensive Axxo gear bags purchased from a local riding shop. I am pretty rough with my riding stuff, they usually are roughly tied down on a trailer for the trip. The Axxo bags ripped within a few trips. So far we've used these Everest bags on 15 riding trips. They are still holding strong with no sign of wear. If the price stays reasonable I will continue to buy these and suggest them to others. Love it!
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on June 22, 2016
Good product but then purchased the Outdoor Products Mountain Duffel which is 50% better quality material for what, a buck more! Sorry Everest, a good second place.
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on July 17, 2013
I knew from the get go that this was not a heavy duty bag. The fabric IS on the lighter side, but it will do just fine for my purpose. I am replacing one very similar that simply ripped while we were packing to return from Cancun. Luckily I was able to sew it up and now I use it only for road trips. The repair finally gave out and I am replacing it with this inexpensive duffle. It is a very nice roomy bag. It appears well made, the hardware is of a very decent quality brushed nickel (I am guessing). The fabric feels thin, but it does appear to have an inside coating. For the price, this is an excellent bag. It would probably even hold up to some air travel, but I purchased a heavier duty wheeled duffle for that (Of course for more money too). For our extended road trips, it looks like I can jam this bag with tons of stuff and just throw it into the back of the SUV. I am extremely pleased with this purchase.
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