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on June 7, 2006
I listened to this for at least two months and loved about 80 percent of the songs. Great songs great lyrics great band. Then something clicked. As I noticed that all the songs run together I went back and read all the lyrics. It was then that I understood why there was a prologue that told the listener to open the booklet and read along. Sorry for those that are Christian theme wary, but don't worry this one is one that appeals to anyone and every human. The story is simple, it's a journey of one man that is tired of doing the right thing and wants to "be with" this girl. If it's for love then why is it wrong? He just "Wants to wake up in someone else's arms" Which is the first track after the flashback prefaced in the first real song "We're So Far Away"

3) Someone Else's Arms - "I've got a feeling It's not the safest place to start. This heavy breathing, it seems we're better off breaking hearts." He knows they are lusting after each other and want more. Should they really break each others hearts rather than give in? "I just want to wake up, wake up in someone else's arms "

4) "Suspension" is the fourth song (counting the prolog) where he says he's not scared and he's ready to do it, but knowing what this means he makes it obvious he wants the girl also to realize what they're about to do: "Say anything, but say what you mean. When you whisper you want this." - Separation from him and God.

5) "This is the Countdown": There in they' did it. I picture this the day after. The whole conversation is him and the girl thinking about what they did their previous dilemma with doing it and the rationalization: "Did you think that the night would posses us, Take us over like the rain that's falling down?" "I can see the signs, and I can read between the lines. But I don't know what we were fighting for, I'm just trying, to breakout." Yet he later mentions they're stuck treading water.

6) "Painless" is about the experience. He's just trying to "wring the color from the grey" "just one more chance to get away" He tries to make himself happy or fulfilled with this relationship "one more night is all he needs" "Until this empty place is filled, I'll keep pretending." All great lines from that song.

7) "The Ocean" is next and reality is setting in. He can't sleep at night and spends his thoughts trying figure it out:

" the night becomes the space that's somewhere in between what I feel and what I'm told. Sitting on the shoreline trying to figure it out, figure it out. To find out the meaning and reach it somehow."

8) "Breakdown" is where he knows the Breakdown is going to come. If you want something you can have it. God won't stop us we have free will. So he does what he wants but soon realizes this relationship is not going to fulfill him anymore than anything else of this world will and he knows that it will soon "Breakdown" It's great. One verse will talk about how he can't wait to be with her again then the next will be "I'm waiting for the breakdown (here comes the breakdown)" - he's addicted. "So take care what you wish for, for it may come true. But that September sky, how it whispered, "I love you." But I couldn't take it, any longer, no I couldn't stand. But the night brought sparks and the sparks brought flames. And you had to be sure this wasn't one of those games."

9) And Breakdown comes... "Mistakes We Knew We Were Making" She gets pregnant and then the blinders come off. This is real.

Driving in the rain to the hospital, quiet aches intense, what at once just seemed the impossible, now makes perfect sense. we held hands to face the uncomfortable cold, and lonely room.

10) "Cover ME". This used to be my least favorite song, but now that I know what it's about, I realize it's a perfect display of the confusion, regret, painful realization and feeling of helplessness... that is appropriate for this part in the story:

"This is the last breath I, I think I'll ever take. this is the last move I , I think I'll ever make. Will there be a chance now to figure this out? And be free tonight. But the music's much too loud, To hear this alarm sound. Too loud, will you cover me? But the emptiness I've found, Can't keep me on the ground."

11) " The EverGlow". In a moment of silence above the din, he looks to the sky and says:

"Here's a night, and it shines. And it calls us on and on. So be here by my side, and watch the stars. They're ours. Make a wish or just take charge. The moment comes get lost and go far. I think that we've got what it takes, to get this heart start beating again."

12) "Ready and Waiting to Fall" He's ready to come back to God. It's amazing how he equates coming back to drowning. He doesn't want anyone to throw him a line because he knows he has to be in 100% or he'll be tied back to the worldly actions lusts and desires etc that got him in this in the first place:

"Though it was a while ago I still can recall That moment, so ready And waiting to fall Can you take me back in time Remembering when You captured my heart" When God was all he knew "Heaven made sense And all the words rhymed No chance in stopping now I'm taking it all" he's going back to putting his faith and direction back in God where everything made sense.

13) "Anything" He's back and acknowledges that "Love is the wave I ride" and that being with God is definitely a ride it's not easy, but "every now and again sometimes I get lost on the wind of a dream.

the air gets clean and the seas get wide. and I can do anything. the pain it won't even cross my mind. there is wonder in everything. the rope gets loose and the chains unbind."

14) "The Sun and the Moon" He thinks back on the past journey he was on:

"wasted time. I can not say that I was ready for this. but when worlds collide, and all that I have is all that I want. the words seem to flow and the thoughts they keep running. and all that I have is Yours. all that I am is Yours."

A journey of sin and redemption. Amazing story from an amazing group.
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on December 30, 2005
I have so much to say about this album. I recently started reading Alternative Press and they made mention of Mae. Their description likened them to other bands I enjoy, and the whole concept of The Everglow intrigued me. I checked out a couple of tracks on Myspace and purchased the album via amazon the next day. It's ship time was the longest wait of my life.

It was worth it.

I first listened to this CD all the way through, following along in the booklet (because I'm a real sucker for concept albums). After that listen I would have agreed that while beautiful, moving, and relatable, most of the songs on the album kind of melded together.

Then over the next few days I found myself singing little snippets of different songs from the album that I didn't even realized I had picked up. I listened to it a few more times and it's safe to say I am now hooked. The music is complex and emotional, without being pretentious. It's like Relient K minus a couple of guitars, and plus one piano and some depth. Actually I've heard tracks that remind me of The Format and even Ben Folds. It's a gorgeous album. Relaxing and uplifting, while still delightfully emo.

I think it's really telling that most of the reviewers have pegged different songs as favorites. This album has a lot to offer, not just a few cheap formulaic singles. I'm personally partial to "The Ocean", "The Sun and the Moon" (despite some puzzling and cheesy lyrics), and especially "Anything". "Suspension" was an early favorite, and probably the most radio-friendly single.

Overall, I'd say while at first listen this album might sound repetitive, that is just because the band realized their concept so very well. The album is both cohesive and subtly varied. A story from beginning to end, and a musical treasure that I cherish.
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on April 6, 2013
Yet no one knows of it. Though the band has officially broken up, this album is continues to show how you can take a story concept, beautiful songwriting, and create something that will live on. In one way, its a shame it never became a sensation. But, at the same time, it remains an album I continue to cherish, knowing that its brilliance will never get "overplayed" or hyped commercially. I've seen this performed in its entirety twice in concerts. I continue to give this as gifts to those that find love.
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on July 2, 2016
This is one of my favorite albums. I love how it flows like a story and every tracks blends into each other. Truly it's a soundscape. I know some of the other reviews are heavy on religion (specifically Christianity), but it's very subtle in the album and is only religious if your ears read it that way. Just the story of a guy trying to find his place in the world, understand himself, and be at peace.
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on September 26, 2007
One listen to "The Everglow's" infectiously jaunty lead single "Suspension" should be enough to convince most listeners that Mae is a force to be reckoned with in modern pop-rock, alternative, and indie. They are not explicity emo, even though they use the best aspects of that style to their advantage frequently (sensitive vocals, heart-rending guitar harmonies, etc.). And their songs and lyrics are certainly a far cry from the depression, catharsis, and earnestness of most emo music. Instead, these guys are a much more pop-oreinted indie-rock band. The songs here range from the sweet Ben-Folds-esque piano ballad "We're So Far Away" to the heavy-ish guitars and darker melody of "Painless". There's plenty of hook-laden piano all over the album though, sometimes taking the lead with twinkling, pensive melodies, sometimes providing a lush, cushy harmonic bed for the song to roll around in. The guitars are never overwhelmed, though, as these guys never forget they're a rock band, no matter how much time keyboardist Rob Sweitzer spends tickling the ivories or vocalist Dave Elkins serenading the listener with his sugary sweet, incredibly pleasant upper register. Not to mention, the backbeat provided by drummer Jacob Marshall and bassist Mark Padgett is as solid as that of a hard rock band. "Someone Else's Arms" is a particularly good example of Matt Beck and Elkins's ability to create the kind of heart-rending dual-guitar harmonies that listeners of modern emo, alternative, and indie are so hungry for. Additional highlights such as "This is the Countdown" and "Breakdown" provide further proof that Mae has a real talent for professional, polished pop-songcraft amid all of their alternative-sounding guitars and indie-influenced melodies. "The Everglow" should appeal to any one that is looking for a beautiful, infinitely pleasant, and modestly epic album that revels in mainstream contemporary rock without falling into genericism.
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on August 12, 2012
The CD is in great condition. But the moment I opened it up, the case took no effort to fall into two parts, so it had definitely been broken in half before mailing. The CD definitely matters more than the case, but I would have liked being told that the case was busted before purchase since it was claimed to be like new.
Either way, good purchase for the music, but please don't list something as "Like New" if a part of it is broken. It makes the buyer feel just a little skimped.
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VINE VOICEon September 22, 2009
I bought their previous efforts awhile ago Destination Beautiful and Destination: B-Sides. It took a minute for both of those to sink in. But with a new release coming i felt that i needed to get more immersed in Mae and where they are coming from in there music. So i decided to buy The Everglow about a week or so ago.

It didn't take long for me to see how much they continue to grow as musicians/lyricists and just in their everyday lives and how it's incorporated into this record. Each song on this one is a continuing chapter to the previous one. You already know that they bring great emotion to each song that they sing and this is know different. With solid vocals and a all around excellent performance. The Everglow is another notch in the belt of a talented and still grow band. I look forward to the rest of the ride and plan on being their with Mae regardless of who leaves or comes in the band.

Mae will always be one of my favorite bands out there, represent and give this one a listen. It's not just for fans of Mae, but anyone that's looking for something a little different. But still enjoyable to listen and relax to. This one is it.
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on January 31, 2006
I still can't get enough of this cd! I have been a Mae fan for about a year now. And if you thought you were floating on air before. Just wait until you purchase this album. A def. buy! If you are an emo/christian rock/mae fan, you must buy this cd!!
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on July 11, 2014
love love love
i cant wait to see them at the 10 year reunion tour
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on July 2, 2016
Great concept album. Wish it came with digital book.
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