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on August 9, 2013
Can't say enough positive things about this. I had a bad infestation of carpenter Bees in my yard barn. I tried everything from Wasp/Hornet spray, Sevin to chasing them and hitting them with anything that was handy. Saw Pyrethin used on "Billy The Exterminator" and had to give it a try. This particular offering comes with a puffer duster so i went for it. Blew a couple of puffs into active holes in barn and immediately heard loud buzzing followed by carpenter Bees falling out. "Puffed" all holes i could find and a month later - still no carpenter Bees anywhere to be seen/heard! Wish i had had this before they did all the damage. I'm going to have to replace several of the pieces of wood they destroyed. Tried it on a couple of wasp nests - and same result. No more wasps. The fact that it not only kills those present but keeps new infestations away is great!
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on February 25, 2014
Summer of 2013 - Yellow Jackets nesting in the ground made cutting the grass in 3 areas extremely dangerous. Huge nests! They even made walking to the mailbox and garden dangerous. Dust after dark (entrance hole and exit holes) with a hand bellows puffer, wear gloves, wear a face mask and wash clothes after dusting. You will have great results and won't poison the ground table water, only the bees. We have well water, a garden and a creek and marsh nearby. This was the best option and it worked!

Very Pleased,
Loren Nelson
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on June 4, 2016
The Eaton puffer works well, especially when something like a medium sized nut or other agitator aid is added to the powder chamber. It should be used "upside down", with the spout on top, and shaken once or twice before puffing.
I have not yet been able to test its effectiveness. The Evergreen dust is poorly described on the label. It lists the active ingredient, but lists the rest (99%) as "Other Ingredients." I have searched the entire label, their MSDS sheet, and their website, but have not seen any more information on these "other ingredients." They never responded to an inquiry about this from their website.
I was specifically buying it under the impression that it was Pyrethrin in diatomaceous earth (DE), but I have not found that confirmation anywhere. If it is DE, you would think the company would be proud to indicate that on the label. Otherwise, maybe it is Pyrethrin in cornstarch or talcum powder.
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on July 31, 2014
I had a nest in my siding and nothing seemed to get rid of these bees (I believe yellow jackets). I shot this dust right in the crack I saw the bees going into at dusk one night and never saw any activity again.

Recently, I noticed one yellow jacket looking to make a new nest in a small hole in my garage. He was flying in and out every couple of minutes. I didn't waste any time puffing some of this dust into that hole. Again, no more activity there...

Update: A full season later (after keeping the dust in the cold garage all winter) I had two nests in my corner siding on the second story. I waited until dusk and I could barely reach up there with the ladder. I stretched and loosely shot the dust up under the infected siding. I wasn't sure if it would work because I was probably a good 6-12 inches away from the opening with the duster. It worked though, no more bees!
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on October 6, 2014
Stuff works. Had a large yellow jacket nest between the floor joists and this product knocked them out in short order (once I found the actual nest). The bees were entering through a small gap at an exterior bath exhaust fan, turning the corner and nesting right above my tub/shower unit in the ceiling. I first dusted the entry hole, and days later there was still lots of activity and no difference in the numbers before dusting. Some of the bees were making their way down the wall framing behind the prefab tub wall and into my basement. It took another day or two of careful "listening" to pinpoint the actual nest. I got the best results at dusk or shortly thereafter when the workers were back in the nest. I discovered they were one joist bay away from where the exhaust fan ducting ran so proceeded to drill a small 1/4" hole through the ceiling drywall. I then inserted the nozzle of the billow into the the hole and gave a good 10 squeezes (probably way overkill but was fed up at this point). The next day no activity at the exterior, and a few larger yellow jackets were found in the basement which were basically staggering, not flying. After a couple days no more yellow jackets, whew. This product does the job, and I tried the sprays available at the hardware stores with no success. Locating the nest was paramount if you are facing bees in your wall or floor framing. Use your best guess and start listening while there are no appliance motors or other noises going on in the house. You will hear them scratching and buzzing.
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on August 21, 2012
We had a horrible wasp problem this summer. We had them under the siding and under the deck. We were unable to see the nests in these areas therefore the wasp freeze did nothing to get rid of them. We ordered the Evergreen dust and the wasps in the siding were gone within days. Since we didn't know the exact location of the wasps under the deck we dusted in the general area. We did this a few times. We successfully elminated them! We have since located the nest and confirmed that they are gone!
The product is strong so a person really needs to be careful to cover all exposed skin, wear eye protection and a mask. We bought a cheap coverall suit at Home Depot that covered the body.
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on April 30, 2013
I was looking for Drione in a smaller bottle and found this instead. I found this to be very effective on roaches, ants, silverfish and the odd other insect that attempts to visit. I had also bought the Safer Brand DT prior and that was ineffective against almost all insects.

I used to be in the Pest Control industry and this is one of the few products I will use, particularly around very small children and the elderly.
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on September 23, 2015
Had yellow jackets nesting behind vinyl siding on my deck. They entered wall through a small electric wire hole over porch lamp. Could not go on deck without 25-50 yellow jackets swarming. I researched bee killing chemicals & Found dust chemicals work best when nest is in a wall. Already wasted 3 cans of hornet spray which did not work. This was the lowest cost & less toxic to people that I found. Wait until night when bees are in nest, Put nozzle into entry hole on wall & give 2-4 good puffs of dust. The next day I saw much less bees swarming. I did a second treatment that night & 1 bee was flying during the next day. By the 3rd day, no more bees. Waited 4 more days & still no bees. Gave a few more puffs of dust in hole in wall & then sealed entry hole with Silacone. Product worked great & save me a $75 plus bill from an exterminator. Plus I have the duster & extra dust for future use if needed. dust also kills many other types of insects.
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on October 5, 2015
I have been having an issue with some stubborn yellow jackets that have taken up residence behind my siding after finding a entrance by an old dryer vent that was never properly sealed. After reading instructions online for dealing with yellow jacket nests within walls, I looked for a powdered insecticide that I could puff around and into the entrance in the siding. This method relies on the workers themselves to pick up the insecticide and carry it further within the nest, and in theory neutralizing it. After three applications, where I took care to coat the entrance and surrounding areas where the yellow jackets would typically land, this insecticide has had no measureable effects, and the yellow jacket nest is as thriving as ever. The quality of the puffer was good though, and I expect I will find myself using it with Drione dust in the near future, in hopes that it will fare better.
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on October 7, 2013
Each year I get wasps building a nest under the siding. After watching the pest control guy do it for $75 a visit, I looked on amazon and can buy all the supplies for less than the price of one exterminator visit, and this is similar in composition (pyrethrins) as used by professional grade Drione that the exterminator recommended. Killed all wasps with a few puffs blown into the crevice after dark.

Duster seems OK for household use. Works great for puffing some dust onto plants infested by earwigs/aphids/whitefly in the garden (dust usually washes off with rain).
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