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on August 26, 2016
I knew I wanted an Everki Bag, but I had a hard time deciding between the Atlas and the Titan.
This bag is extremely well built, which is why I am giving it 5 stars.
It is HUGE and can easily fit everything including laptops and gaming consoles.

That being said, I did end up exchanging it for the Everki Atlas as it was far too big for what I needed.
I needed a bag that would be ideal for college classes.
The Titan is great if you carry your gaming console with you or if you are taking a cross country trip and can only have 1 bag.
But good luck fitting it under your desk at school.
It is definitely a great quality bag, but be aware that this bag might be too big for what you need.

I have attached a photo comparing it to my old Swiss Army bag and the Atlas.
From Left to Right: Swiss Army Bag, Everki Atlas, Everki Titan.
review image review image review image
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on July 31, 2017
I debated between the Titan and the Atlas, and ended up going with the Titan. This bag is HUGE, as plenty of others have mentioned.

My laptop is only a 15.6" Dell Precision, but I tend to carry a lot of other stuff with me almost every day. It's my portable office. I have been known at times to put my DSLR camera bag INTO this bag to carry my Canon 7D with a 24-105 and a 10-22 plus a flash completely inside the middle compartment. Today, I have my cord organizer bag (bubm medium), plus a digital multimeter, my 28-oz smoothie container, and an electronic lockbox in the middle compartment. Yes it's heavy. That's along with the normal stuff, the mouse, the power brick, the laptop and files.

Speaking of files, a legal size pad will fit just fine. In fact, I can actually carry around 11x17 paper in this bag, it's that huge. For my job (real estate agent), I sometimes have flyer material that is printed on 11x17, so it's nice that it fits directly in the backpack. I use the space just outside of the laptop compartment for this.

Zippers seem to be very high quality and there are no seams that are splitting or anything at all. It still looks brand new even 1 year later. And I use this EVERY day.

The only negative is that it is heavy. But that primarily comes from the ability to hold much stuff.

My prior backpacks have worn out or have had zipper failures or other problems like splitting seams. The prior backpacks include a Lowepro Compudaypack (which was a terriffic backpack until the zipper failed the second time in 9 years), a wenger synergy backpack. The Wenger Synergy was not a good backpack. After 1 year, I had splitting seams and the plastic waterproofing stuff on the bottom was starting to peel. After 2 years, half the waterproofing fell off, and I actually had holes in the seams.

But the Everki Titan after 1 year still looks brand new.
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on September 17, 2013
This is the best backpack I ever owned! I originally bought this back in June. I have an Alienware R18 and needed a backpack that can fit it. There weren't too many choices out there and I didn't like the look of Alienware's backpack. Having gone through a bunch of bags, I was skeptical about this one, but it exceeded my expectations.

I first used this bag to carry bottles and such. I had a friend who was moving from NYC to San Diego and she needed to get rid of some of her supplies. I managed to fit around 10 bottles of laundry detergent, softeners, kitchen cleaners & spray bottles, cooking oil, and other random kitchen supplies. I was amazed at how much this bag can carry.

Then in mid July, I took a one month trip to Paris, France. I do photography & video and needed a lot of my equipment there. I managed to fit my Alienware R18 with that brick battery and cable, 13" Macbook Pro w/cable, 2 TB WD My book external HD, 1 TB hitachi touro external HD, mouse & pad, Wacom Intuos tablet, running accessories (garmin watch & charger, ipod mini + charger + headphones, waist compartment belt), gaffers tape, a few writing notebooks, collapsible reflector w/white balance, Pentax Spotmatic spII 35mm camera with 50mm lens, and whole assortments of pens and utilities. And there were plenty of room for more items, but I was afraid that it might get too big to fit in the overhead compartment of the plane.

Another huge plus are the backpack shoulder straps. For a bag that can carry a lot, the straps need to be very comfortable. I've been through so many bags that can fit quite a bit, but the shoulder straps were less than ideal. The straps on this Everki are probably the most comfortable I've dealt with in a long time.

+ HUGE amount of space
+ so many compartments, it seems like every time I go into this bag, I would discover another compartment
+ the main laptop compartment opens 180 degrees for easy airport checkpoint x-ray.
+ can easily fit Alienware R18 or any other laptops 18.4" or smaller, plus another smaller laptop
+ very comfortable shoulder straps for those heavy load

- not really a con, but there's a pouch on the back of the bag which is kind of hard to reach if, let say, you have an open bottle of water and want to quickly put it away. Normally on bags, there are side pouches to put the bottles in, but for this bag, they are zipped compartments. Again this isn't a con. I'm just nitpicking.
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on August 8, 2016
First off, I work in China although I am not from here. I am based in a little known town that is a 2-hour drive away from the nearest major city. I had bought an Everki Flight before and it had impressed me no-end with its build quality and design.

After I decided to make the switch from a 15.6 to a 17.3 inch laptop, I had to have an Everki to carry that laptop. I settled on a Titan because it would pretty much equip me for any laptop-size change that I may go into in the future. So, I made the purchase.

Amazon logistics was amazing. The package arrived at my doorstep 9 days later.

Although I don't exactly live on top of the Himalayas, I don't know what I was more impressed with - Amazon's reach or the bag itself.

With regards to the bag, I haven't really put it to the test yet. It looks like a bigger version of the Flight with minor variations. The material is solid and first-rate as I expected and all the pocket compartments as seen on promotional media are there - you can read about these in the other customer reviews.

2 things that are worth mentioning, though - the shoulder straps and the stitching. I have been used to the Everki Flight's shoulder straps up until now. They are durable but, more or less, feel like the shoulder straps of just about any other backpack. The shoulder straps on the Titan, however, do not. They are thick and they are heavy. When you squeeze on them, the material inside moves. Buckwheat? Definitely not styrofoam. Whatever the case, these shoulder straps were meant to carry heavy things.

Last of all - the stitching. This is the one short-coming of the bag that I received and the reason that I deducted 1 point from the possible 5 full points that I could have given the product. I actually wanted to only deduct half-a-point but, since this is not possible under Amazon's scoring system - I took out a full point.

The problem? There were more instances of open-ended stitching than I would have preferred. When I say open-ended stitching, I mean when the end of the thread is exposed or hanging loose and not secured or tucked away. This is where the workmanship of the Titan I have departs from that of the Flight I have. No such problems on the Flight. Danger of future unravelling in the Titan? We'll just have to wait and see. I'm not particularly worried about it at this point in time.

There's always the limited lifetime warranty I guess.....
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on April 19, 2017
I needed a new laptop to carry my 17" Asus ROG laptop as my old bag was far too small for such a large machine. I also carry a Microsoft natural keyboard, mouse, bluetooth headset and numerous other small accessories and everything fits great in this bag.

The checkpoint friendly opening works great and TSA have never given me any trouble for using that option instead of removing my laptop to put into the trays.

This bag has a much higher build quality than previous bags that i've owned and is great for anyone who needs to carry a lot of fairly heavy items. I don't think it would be great for long distance hiking or anything of that nature, but for taking your large laptop and accessories through an airport and on planes it works well. On the regional jets (CRJ200/CRJ300) even with all the stuff I have in it, I can still just barely fit it into the overhead bin. On mainline jets there are no issues of course.

The straps and options for assisting to keep all the weight centered work quite well and i've worn this backpack for about 25 miles of airport walking so far and everything still looks brand new.
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on February 8, 2017
This was an expensive backpack but I wanted to treat myself since I ride my bike to work and this is my sole means of transporting items.

This thing is huge and spacious. I was actually worried it wouldn't fit under a plane seat but thankfully it does.

A few things to consider:

1. There is no luggage strap on the back to rest it on your carry on roller. This was annoying and I will add one myself in the future.
2. The laptop section is huge, I actually wish they had a little more padding on the bottom since when I drop my laptop in it seems to hit the bottom hard.
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on December 19, 2016
This is without doubt the best backpack bag I have seen yet. One of the biggest issues I have had in the past is: Quality. From the zippers to the stitching to the material, everything rocks.
- When I grab this bag and pick it up, this thing feels solid even when packed full of gear. I do not feel like the strap is going to give or that I need to even "be careful". This is really solid and I love it.
- The zippers are way bigger than any Samsonite or Targus I have ever owned and I have gone through quite a few in my years. They feel rugged and much more industrial than the fore mentioned. Because of zipper damage in the past, I have become weary and still make sure i watch what i am doing but they feel good. This will be something to look at after some good usage. I bought an Atlas from Everki two weeks after this for my work laptop and they use the same ones there.
- Tons of room and the added organizational space I wished the Atlas had as well. Not only do you get the "business" section for pens, cards and small items, you get the position right behind it with larger storage places as well. You can fit larger documents, passports, tickets, personal items and whatever else will fit. The pictures on the add showed a mouse and something else in them but I did not use them for that. I have seen no other bag with this much room and storage design.
- Stability - this bag will just sit straight up whether it leans against something or not. That may change as the bag gets more wear in time but i like the fact that it doesn't fall over every time you take your hand off of it.
- The designed this will a lot of little add on items that add to the value:
- The straps allow you to grab a small adjustment loop after you throw this on your back to adjust how high or low it sits against your form. Some people may like a lower riding bag or be of higher height; the bag allows you to adjust for difference of want or need.
- There are two small straps that come around the front to clip in to the front of the bag to provide stability. If you are packing this thing yet it still seems to somehow shift items inside, these straps can be tightened to make sure the sandwich effect keeps everything where you want while making the bag as a whole more solid. I like the way they hide the strap connectors inside a little cover so they do not get caught on anything.
- The top pouch by the handle has a hole for you to let your ear buds access a player that resides in the pouch but being fully concealed and zipped up. I personally do not use that, but some may think it is awesome. Another add on they didn't HAVE to put in.
- One utility ring on the front for those quick clip, always used items and a key clip inside one of the organization areas. The ring is awesome as i always use carabiners for just about everything it seems. The key clip is ok if you do not use super industrial rings (thicker) and you do not have 4 million keys. Too many and you might smash something.
- Although I have not used it, they provide a "rain coat" for your bag. Nifty. There is a small pouch at the bottom of the first chamber that has this inside, zipped up. Unroll it, set the bottom of the bag in and then wrap it around. Two small straps to make sure it stays on and there is added protection from water.
- I would use price but I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for and this is worth every penny to me but we are all different. You decide that one.
I have a MSI GT72 Dominator Laptop in there will a ton of other electronics including headphones and all your gaming needs. External drives, iPad in the slot in front of the pc (made for pads) and cables of every type you name it.
I would buy another without batting an eye from the first impression. How it stands up a year from now will be telling.
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on March 17, 2013
I will first admit that I have OCD when it comes to organization and spend a great amount of time researching products to fit my needs when it comes to organization. I have exactly 10 backpacks, all of which were purchased for the never ending quest for organizational/capacity/durability perfection. They range from Timbuk2s, to High Sierras to the Oakley Kitchen Sink...all of them have been retired or put to different use because I found this bag!

Reasons why I need organization/capacity/durability:
1. I am a engineer
2. I travel internationally - racked up 100K+ miles so far and its only March
3. I love gadgets and carry more than the Woz (Steve Wozniak)
4. I need to be able to find things without much effort
5. I need a bag to last to the abuse of international travel - as well as day to day

Reasons why I chose this bag:
1. Tons of research lead me to Everki as a company
2. I wanted the 17" Checkpoint friendly bag - but didn't want to spend $295 as my quest has become more expensive than its worth probably
3. It has a life time warranty
4. It has an unbelievable amount of pockets - I stopped counting after 20 (what I consider) pockets
5. The build quality is second to none - you get high quality but I guess that is why Everki products cost so much
6. It had all the International travel requirements I needed
7. It had a non black interior - makes it super easy to find stuff even when on a plane
8. It comes with its own rain coat - sounds stupid but you would be surprised how many times I wish I had this feature
10. It was only $168

1. See above
2. What I can carry in this: Macbook Air, Dell Latitude 15inch, Bose Quiet 15's with case, 4 cell phones (yeah I know its a ton but I have the need for that many) Ipad, Nook, Sunglasses with case (oakley Pit Bosses with case to give you idea of how big) Book I am reading, all the power cords needed for all my devices, two 2 TB hard drives, all my travel documents, my medicine I have to take on a daily basis, Ipod, Pens, Stylus, etc...all of these things are stored nicely in their own areas and are very accessible at all times.
3. Check point friendly

1. I can carry too much stuff - I stuffed even more into this bag since I found out it can carry more with ease.
2. Checkpoint friendly area needs to be padded like the the 17" checkpoint friendly bag this one compares to from EVERKI
3. I am jetlagged as hell and writing this so my grammar and spelling is probably horrific...

Buy this bag or anything from EVERKI you wont be disappointed - now, how to sell all of the other bags I don't need...hmmm
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Bought the Dell XPSo18-5909BLK XPS 18 ALL-IN-ONE CoreTM i5-3337U 1.8GHz 500GB+32GB SSD 8GB 18.4" (1920x1080) TOUCHSCREEN Windows 8 Keyboard & Mouse here on Amazon when I found myself needing something larger and with more versatility than an iPad, but with the same tablet-type plusses of levels of portability and lighter weight.

LOVE it (review will be posted after the device is more thoroughly worked over) but finding a way to transport it meant combing over countless products.
Finally settled on this backpack, and it exceeds all expectations.

First, for a backpack it has a neat and polished look. Generously sized for all your additional gear. It's not easy finding something that can protect an 18.4, and the pocket for it in this pack is a near custom fit. There is actually just enough room to use a sleeve if you so desire.

Without being so heavy that it dislocates a shoulder, the Everki Titan has a compartment for everything, all in an urban warrior kind of elegance. It looks good. Not so flashy that it's going to be stolen in 60 seconds, but clearly well made.
I expect to be using this a long long time. No doubt it handle a lot of wear.
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on March 22, 2017
Amazing backpack straight out of the packaging. Room for my laptop, tablet and phone... and all the chargers and stuff to go with them... and still room for a few days of clothing if you know how to pack. Plus room for a water bottle, pens, a book or two...very spacious pack. Strong and well-made... tough seams and zippers. Comes with water resistant rain cover. Well fitting and nicely padded. Fits me well... I'm six feet tall. I can't say enough good things about this pack. Well worth the money.
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