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on September 24, 2013
I have been installing surveillance cameras for over a decade. I have had customers want cheap and customers who can't imagine using cheap cameras. This type day/night camera provides a good resolution and image clarity. IR units function as advertised. The cost is quite competative as well. The hardened materials are very strong and provide great protection for baseball bat impacts. Have not tested against BB guns or small projectiles, but a simple hammer test was performed and results were a functioning camera without breakiing the whole camera. Once unit has been running for 6 months I will report back on the longevity of this camera.
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on December 29, 2012
Pros good image quality
Night vision range is very good
flexible mounting options

Cons nothing that would make me not buy it.

OK I have a few of these cameras from different vendors on here. These are like the others I have reviewed in the past. These have very good image quality colours are good not excellent but much better than the cheaper cameras. The night vision is very good distance wise, image quality is good. I can see things out past 100ft but they are dimly illuminated but this is expected as light falls off exponentially. The other thing to be aware of when using them at night is when your using wide angle vision your IR light my not light the edges of your image well. It will produce a very bright light in the centre at close range which may cause your image to look a bit washed out in the centre. I recommend not putting the camera too close to what you want to watch.
All in all I am happy with the image quality of these and the fact that you can vari the zoom is great but you will have to refocus the camera to get sharp images afterwards. There is a small thumb screw driver included or you can use a small slotted one that fits.

These dome cameras will work outside or inside tho for inside use they are rather large for home use may fit better in a large space like ware house or office, outside of the home they are fine.My house trim is white and these blend in well tucked under the eves of the house. You will need an area of 5.5 inches to mount the base with the supplied screws. Also if your mounting these on a wall with out any solid wood to screw into do yourself a favour go to a hardware store and get some substantial wall board anchors as the ones supplied are marginal for a camera of this size in my opinion. Also would recommend if using the screws supplied to drill pilot holes for the screws as I had one snap as I was screwing it into wood.

I like the dome types as they allow you much more flexibility in mounting them vs a bullet camera as you can rotate them to level the image if mounting on sloped surfaces ect but the bullet camera needs less mounting area for the bracket.
The one thing I did not like about this one is the large ring acts as clamp to the body of the camera. The ring threads onto the base so you must hold the camera in position as you screw the ring tight to be sure you don't move the image too much.I would suggest you just snug the ring up to offer some resistance and adj camera than tighten fully to reduce chances of moving the image out too much.
The ones I bought in the past had screws to tighten the ring onto the base of camera and was less likely to move lens.

The one thing that bothered me is the vendor did not put them in a shipping box but rather just wrapped the two boxes in shipping paper and tape. When I received them there was scratches in the body of the camera where the socket rested on the camera body. I my opinion that probably caused the paint to get damaged in shipping as these boxes didn't appear to have a enough packing in them to ship like that. So now I wonder if they will rust as they are used in an outside environment. I didn't opt to return them as I needed them to complete my system before going on vacation.
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on May 16, 2013
Great day time picture from Dawn through Dusk. Poor Night quality imaging. IR LEDs are super focused for center of camera field of view, creates white wash even at 60 feet from object. There are NO OSD (On Screed Display) controls. The OSD claims are not true. The only image control you will have is what your DVR system controls from brightness and Contrast. I have 2 of these cameras and would only recommend them if you need something to start with and are on a limited budget to get your CCTV DVR system up and running.
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on August 14, 2013
I added this camera to supplement my QSee security camera system. I've had it for a few months and thus far, I'm happy with it's performance. It's not perfect but for the money, I think it's a good deal. To sum things up, if I had to do it all over again, I would happily buy this item again. As a matter of fact, I may purchase another one for my back yard.

One thing I would like to see for night vision cameras is the angle of the infra red leds. That way you have some idea of the approximate viewing angle you will be able to see at night. With this camera, because of the narrow angle i/r's, you may not to be able to see as much as the actual camera picks up. To be able so see more, I may purchase a separate infra red light (similar to types sold here on Amazon) to get a better night time view.

My main goal with this camera was a stealthy install as opposed to the more visble cameras in my current system. I mounted it under the eaves of the house with just the lens and leds visible. The body of the camera is not visible unless you are standing right beneath it. You can barely see it from the street, which is exactly what I wanted.

With 700TVL's, day time viewing is great. I have both 600TVL and 640 TVL's cameras. You can definitely see things clearer with the additional tvl's. Adjustability (zoom and focus) is easy with a small flat head screw driver. There was no included flat head screw driver with my camera. I played around with it before installing and its focused about 40 feet out. I have my camera facing the front yard and it picks up some of the street. It's comforting and refreshing to be able to see what's happening on my property, even in total darkness.

I don't like the reddish glow the infra reds give off, but thats the trade off for being able to see at night. It's not a glaring type of light, it's more of a soft reddish circle of lights that can be seen during darkness.

As others have said, in night vision, there is this narrow beam "hot spot" where the majority of the infra-red leds are focused. The infra reds are so focused that (it appears--possibly an optical ilusion--that you can faintly see in color) as opposed to black and white during night time operation. But make no mistake, you can certainly see in the areas around the narrow beam during night vision.

So in closing, after owning a few other night vision security cameras, I would give this four out of five stars. And that's only because of the narrow beam of the focused leds. For the price, had the leds been more widely focused, I would give this camera five stars (IMHO of course).

Oops! Didn't realize I had written so much, but hopefully it helps someone who may be on the fence about purchasing this item.
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on March 12, 2013
I got this camera because I wanted a wider viewing angle than the standard cameras that came with my system. I was very surprised at how much better this camera's picture quality was than my other cameras! The colors aren't washed out and it seems much clearer. The only issue I had was how to remove the base from the camera to mount it as there are no instructions with the camera (twist off).
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on June 24, 2013
I had to return these cameras for a refund and I was charged for return shipping. The advertising product stated Indoor and outdoor use but as I opened them up and read instructions they can not be used in a humid environment or they can cause fire and electrical shock. Description for these cameras should have stated this information before purchase. I do live in the region where humidity is constant. These are good cameras for indoor use only. If you are looking for an outdoor weatherproof camera make sure it has at lest an IP rating of 65 or better.
Is this being deceptive I do not know but you can be the judge.
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on September 22, 2012
Big camera, not nearly as covert as the standard bullet cams I have around. High quality image in day and night. IR lights are focused to a spot, this creates a bright blue spot about 15 feet from the camera. I bought it for the wide angle/ high quality image and it does that well. 20-30 feet of night vision.
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on January 13, 2015
Good Camera for the price. I had found that if you purchase a camera they are much better with the Sony HAD chip. It does zoom in and out using the set screws on the front. About 3 times closer view then a regular 3.6mm wide angle camera that comes with most DVR packages. This is a great option for close up viewing of objects and people. A wide angle camera ( with2.8 and 3.6 mm lens) are good for viewing large areas but it is almost impossible to recognize somebody unless they are within 6 feet of the 3.6mm lens camera. I zoomed this camera up to about 3/4 way (approximately 8mm to 10mm or so) and can recognize someone from 20 to 30 feet away in my driveway. I also recommend you have several cameras zoomed up and have several cameras covering a large area if you want to be able to identify somebody that commits a crime. For that reason I purchase an 8 channel DVR for the front yard and 8 channel for the side and back yards. It was cheaper then purchasing one 16 channel. Plus with a 16 channel there are more pictures on the screen and harder to see live pictures then an 8 channel DVR. The SUPER HAD COLOR CCD chipset is a lot better picture them a regular camera. The cameras that come with most DVR's are rubbish so I recommend purchasing a DVR by itself and adding the cameras for a better picture. Cameras on Amazon with the Sony EFFIO cipset also have an outstanding picture especially when in a low light situation or a darker porch or garage area. The camera came default with the BLC option turned off. So remember to go to the OSD menu and check to see if the options are all on thanks
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on December 25, 2013
Pretty good daytime camera, poor night vision. I bought 3 of these and get the same results from all that are outdoors. Good color and clarity during the daylight, but a lot of "snow" pixelation at night outside of the infrared lighted area. Inside the night vision is fine, a clear b/w image. I've swapped one of the outdoor cameras for the indoor with the same results. Since I wanted these for outdoors, they don't get more than 3 stars
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on March 2, 2013
All I recommend on this is that you make sure your DVR is Hi-Def! my old P.O.S. DVR makes the image much worse than when I connected it directly to my HDTV! Great Camera! Highly recommend!
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