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on August 25, 2017
I love this show. It's a heartwarming series family oriented series of well written and acted. I have watching 2-3 episodes a day and can't wait to get back to a new episode. The relationship between father and son is very true to life, at least my life. I can only say, and it's a small 'complaint' is that I wish it had been set IN Colorado instead of Utah. I can tell the difference, but I know Colorado and it would have offered a more authentic location. That said, the show isn't less entertaining but I do notice the difference in scenery at times.
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on March 18, 2014
This set cost the most, but for good reason. In my opinion, it had the best Everwood episodes and storylines (mainly with Colin) in it. Season 2 was very good, too, but after Hannah was introduced the series started going downhill. I still recommend seeing all of the episodes, and the last 2 seasons (3 and 4) are pretty cheap, and I think worth the money.

The only gripe I have is the case for this one: Very bulky for 6 discs or so. It has a nice leaflet describing most of the episodes, commentaries for select episodes. The case actually fell apart on me, but it was probably because of age. I recommend a disc wallet or sleeves to protect and store these discs. Here's a Youtube review I found that shows you the case in detail: [...]
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on September 27, 2017
I happened upon this show years ago after they were wrapping up its fourth season, it was heartfelt, funny and had a sort of chemistry you find in a great TV series that you just want to binge watch. It just felt good! I recently purchased all four seasons from Amazon because I wanted to revisit the series now that a few of the younger cast members are becoming successful, it's a good show with an overarching theme of love, determination and faith WB usually carries pretty good series if they can keep them going that is. Great show, DVDs were purchased used from Goodwill sort of banged up box but the DVDs were unscathed and played perfectly. Thanks
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on June 9, 2014
I lobbied for this series to not be dropped by the "W-B" when the whole network changed. 7th Heaven was kept. Go figure!

Everwood had been such a treat weekly, that we bought the videos after it was dropped. The last season video tapes, however, did not play.

When I saw Everwood was available through Amazon, and with television programming such a wasteland this summer, it seemed the perfect filler for our "before bed time-after the sun finally goes down in the north woods" time.

The characters are remarkable and their interplay so intelligent; there's usually a laugh or a tear in every episode. If you've never seen it, now's your chance. But watch it from the beginning.
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on September 12, 2009
Several years ago I watched "Everwood" and thought it was a delightful series. It is about a widower who moves with his two children from New York City to a small rural community in Colorado. He had been a renounded brain surgeon, but now is running a free clinic. The episodes deal openly and honestly with a number of current "problems" that the children face as they try to adjust to an entirely different life style and culture. It's hard not to fall in love with this family and I am enjoying the series even more now when I don't have to wait a week between episodes. The series comes in an attractive case and brings hours of great viewing. Although some people may not agree with all the stands that are taken on some of the issues (because these issues are definitely a part of the episodes), you will still find each episode interesting. Personally although it has been a long time since I have had children at home, I still find it interesting to see how the "modern" generation thinks. To me the series has been worth the money invested. There is also a second series season that is available.
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on January 25, 2018
If you are looking for a family friendly series for ALL ages, this series touches upon so many family and social issues in a genuine way. It is thought provoking. It is well cast and appeals to so many age groups. I would watch again. Highly recommend for couples or families.
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on May 14, 2008
I've been holding off on this review for a while because frankly I can't begin to express how good this show is. One of my favorite shows of all time has been "The Wonder Years" and I'm starting to think that Everwood is even better. The Characters are deep. The Drama is excellent but not over bearing with a wonderful balance of humor at just the right moments. And the story's are wonderful without being afraid to tackle issues of the day. Buying it is a no brainier now that its only Nineteen Ninety Nine. The only problem is there is very little known about whether the last 3 seasons are coming out anytime soon. So If you get hooked good luck trying to find those episodes. *wink* Really I can't tell you how good it is your going to have to see for yourself and really at the price of a newly released movie could you really pass up the chance of a at least what you can consider a wonderful 17 hour mini-series.
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on November 30, 2004
Everwood, Colorado had never seen anyone like Andrew Brown before. A world-class surgeon featured in magazines and newspapers around the world, the good doctor lands in Everwood following a tragic turn of events in his life in New York, and from that point on, the small mountain town was never the same.

In this show, now in the third season on The WB, Treat Williams stars as Dr. Andy Brown. After his wife dies in a car accident, Andy moves his children, teenager Ephram and younger Delia, to the tiny mountain town of Everwood, Colorado, mainly because he remembers his now-deceased wife mentioning the village once. As a doctor, Andy was amazing, but his parental skills were severly lacking. He had worked most of his life at his job, and the family almost came second. Now he realized it had to come first and it was a tough adjustment for both himself and his kids.

Treat Williams is fantastic in the role of Dr. Brown. You almost believe that he is a world-class surgeon, who now practices free family medicine. But the best we see him at is in his relationship with his son, which features the backbone for the show, particularly in the first season.

Ephram is played by the very talented Gregory Smith. He has the whole brooding teenager bit down perfectly. His anger toward his father is well documented throughout the season, but you also see that despite it all, he still cares about him. A talented piano player, the youngster tries to strike a balance in life with music, his father and school all major players in the balance.

Emily VanKamp stars as Amy Abbott, the beautiful daughter of the town's 'other' doctor, Harold Abbott. She quickly becomes interested in Ephram, but for reasons that really have nothing to do with him, but more to do with his father. This first season served as a spring board for the Amy-Ephram arc that continues to this day.

Debra Mooney is also great as Edna Harper, mother to Dr. Abbott and nurse to Dr. Brown. She comes across as exactly the type of person you might meet in a small mountain town. Her husband Irv, played by John Beasley, doesn't get as much screen time as he deserves, but he does serve as the narrator on the show. The narration on the final episode is probably one of the best on any television show in a long time.

Vivien Cardone plays young Delia with the perfect amount of innocence needed for the part. She is more foregiving than her older brother, but also manages to find trouble of her own in many different ways.

Chris Pratt had a smaller role in the first season than in season two. As Bright Abbott, Amy's brother, he served mainly as a protagonist to Ephram at the start, but his character made some great strides over the season and was a key part of season two.

Tom Amandes plays Harold Abbott, certainly providing much of the comic relief of the show. He is a true family man, but very set in his ways, which leads to many interesting situations. While originally not pleased with Andy's arrival, he begins to see the newcomer as an asset as the season, and subsequent ones, moves on.

This show deals with a lot of tough issues. The town certainly has its share of problems, but the arrival of Dr. Brown seems to bring some of them to the front for everyone to see. Heavy issues like drunk driving and abortion move through the town and the cast and writers do a great job of handling the situations.

This show is recommended for anyone who likes a quality drama without much violence and with a focus on family issues.
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on July 27, 2017
Loved this series and binge watch each season. The acting was excellent, and I became quite attached to each character.
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on February 22, 2017
Everwood really tackles all the tough issues. Love, loss, father/son relationships, death, life, gays, diseases... it changed our lives just like Everwood changed Andy's.
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