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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
Everyday Enlightenment: The Twelve Gateways to Personal Growth
Format: Paperback|Change
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on September 9, 2015
 "When people ask me abstract questions about time, or space, or reincarnation, I may respond by asking whether they exercise regularly, eat a wholesome diet, get enough sleep, show kindness to others, and remember to take a slow, deep breath on occasion--because it seems important to bring our spiritual quest down to earth. Of course, there's nothing wrong with philosophical speculation. But let's not mistake conceptual thought for the spiritual practice of everyday life. After all, what does it serve to know whether angels wear earrings if we can't hold a regular job or maintain a long-term relationship? What good does it do to pray like a saint or meditate like a yogi if we are unchanged when we open our eyes? What good to attend a place of worship on Saturday or Sunday if we lack compassion on Monday?"

~ Dan Millman from Everyday Enlightenment

Dan Millman has easily been one of the biggest influences in my life.

I was given his book Way of the Peaceful Warrior almost exactly a decade ago when I was a 25- year old CEO running my first business ( during the dot com boom of the 90's. The market had just crashed and we were about to go from 45 employees to 14 before selling the biz. Dan's wisdom helped navigate that juncture of my life... and many since!

In fact, he was the first author I loved so much that I went out and read all of his stuff. Some of my favorites (that I think you'll also dig) include: Way of the Peaceful Warrior and Everyday Enlightenment (of course), Body Mind Mastery, The Life You Were Born to Live and Living on Purpose.

(Also, since that first read, Dan and I have gotten a chance to play some chess and share some great conversations and it's been a pleasure to see a Peaceful Warrior in action in Everyday life. :)

A former world champion gymnast and coach at Stanford and UC Berkeley, he's an awesome blend of East and West--with an unflinching focus on the PRACTICAL aspects of spirituality.

In Everyday Enlightenment, Dan explores what he calls the "Twelve Gateways to Personal Growth": Discover Your Worth; Reclaim Your Will; Energize Your Body; Manage Your Money; Tame Your Mind; Trust Your Intuition; Accept Your Emotions; Face Your Fears; Illuminate Your Shadow; Embrace Your Sexuality; Awaken Your Heart; and, Serve Your World.

I'm excited to share some of the Big Ideas:

Discover Your Worth - The 1st gateway.
"St. Nike" Was Right - Just do it!
Habits: - Desired & undesired.
Carpe Punctum - Seize the moment, yo!
Daredevils - Are terrified, too.

Here's to gracefully walking thru the twelve gateways and, of course: Carpe punctum!


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on April 30, 2013
I'm a Millman fan. I became hooked when I read No Ordinary Moments 15 years ago - and completely changed the trajectory of my life.
I recently picked up this book - the timing was perfect. I've been reading (studying) each section - taking up to 2 weeks before leaping to the next one. Very powerful tools if you're doing inner work and seeking authenticity.
He has a great way of defining fundamental spiritual principles - making them simple, practical and useful. Some reviewers might say there is nothing new here - I feel that's because fundamental truths do not change. Fundamental truths are built upon and 'rediscovered' based on personal growth 'spurts' - deep pools that each person must explore in their own way and in their own time.
This book has served as an inspiration for self-exploration at a time when I was seeking more. Highly recommended.
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on August 28, 2015
If you would like to improve your self worth, want to visualize your goals with more clarity, and live a life of more, get this book. I am bowled over by the overvalue this book provided. There must be a reason why real life changing books like this are not on the best seller list. They are meant not for the entertainment of the masses, but for the top 10% who take what they want out of life.
I am finding ways to send some extra cash to Dan Millman for this great gift.
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on February 16, 2014
Dan takes you through a journey that hits on every aspect of the human life. He thoroughly explains his thoughts and ideas on how to deal with everyday existence. Yet at the same time, many of his ideas are ideas you have to find for yourself. That may sound a bit confusing, but Dan's main premise is not for you to trust him, but to learn to trust yourself. After reading gateway 11,"Awaken your heart," it was amazing how much better I started communicating with everyone, especially my father. He culminates the book with a practice that has, over time changed my life. I am very grateful to Dan and consider him a mentor even though we've never met. I hope you will give this book a chance, I think it can make a big difference in your life as well.
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on November 4, 2017
This is my second copy. After lending my first one out so many times I decided to give it away and order another one for myself.
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on May 25, 2017
The ultimate in "self-help" as it doesn't just provide new ways to live life, but more reminds us of the natural way of love by means of useful reflection and strategies to apply to the game of life. Thank you!
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on April 10, 2011
This is the third book written by Dan Millman that I dive into. The book begins with building up quite easy and gets more and more exciting the further you get. I felt like I was carried through the themes of everyday enlightenment as if it was written for me and it spoke so much to me and my inner wisdom. It taught me to look at many spiritual aspects in a holistic way. And again Dan Millman once again makes the point that being enlightened is not just about getting there but mostly about the journey.
I love the book and lent it to my best friend right away. Afterwards I will definitely read it again, as I did with his other books. Thank you Mr. Millman!
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on February 23, 2016
Read them all, I have. The message is timeless. Peace
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on October 12, 2016
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on April 13, 2013
Another insprirational book by Dan Millman to add to my collection. I am very pleased and will read it many times.
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