Customer Reviews: Evil Dead (Blu-ray + UltraViolet Digital Copy)
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on April 23, 2015
I was VERY leery when I heard they were doing a remake, but this movie scared the crud out of me. There was definitely some fun, unique new stuff in here, while keeping the flavor of the original classic!
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on October 16, 2016
Loved it! Scary and over the top gore! Huge fan of the originals and this remake did a great job retelling the story although it is missing the campy Ash character. Don't expect any comedy relief scenes other than a line or two. This version had a more serious tone to it with a ton of good jump scares. I had my hands over my eyes a few times. The main demon gave me goosebumps whenever it appeared. Definitely one of the scariest films in the last few yeasts.
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on February 8, 2015
I am a total fan boy of the original Evil Dead trilogy that I was glad to see they went a different direction. I knew that it had to be good because both Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell were producers on the film. They did none of the campy fun from the original and went full blown horror. The young actors all did a great job and it leaves a resonating creepiness with you. When I saw this in the theatre there was a young woman behind us crying.
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on October 5, 2015
not as engaging as the original, but OMG is this ever one helluva gratuitous gorefest! Pretty clever allowing the tripped out sister be the lone survivor this time; the numerous role variations worked for me. Technically brilliant--enjoy!
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on February 13, 2016
This is one of my favorite horror movies ever made! A group of people stay in a cabin in the woods but little do they know that this location was once used in dark magic rituals. They find a book of spells and perform a fake ritual but soon find out that sometimes fake is close enough. One of them, a young girl, is soon demon possessed and starts to attack them in violent, gruesome ways! This movie reminds me of a combination of The Exorcist with the original Evil Dead. The people who made the original also made this version and they really nailed it! This version is twice as good and deserves every good rating it gets! The movie is rated R for violence, gore, language, and scary imagery. Easily in my top 5 horror films ever!
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on May 7, 2015
I was very hesitant to like this(or even the idea of remaking a classic), but it did amazing homage to the original, while still remaining very new and fresh. Plus, it sure had a lot of bloody good scenes.
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on November 21, 2016
Best Horror Movie EVER!?! I was told they made an original of this back in the 70’s? Haven’t seen it, but my family loves scary movies and we have seen the majority of the ones out. This has to be one of the scariest, if not the scariest! I also never “re- watch” movies I have already seen, but I know I’ve watched this atleast 5 times!! Just an FYI: I have a younger daughter that we allow to watch “certain ones”, but I would NOT advise this one for a young child!
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on August 1, 2015
I'm a firm believer that a movie doesn't have to be 'explicitly gory' to be scary or good, or both. I could fill this comment box with quite a few very good, scary movies that had little or no gore at all!

Alternatively, I don't have enough room to list all the flops out there, which contained massive overdoses of gore, yet essentially, could put an audience to sleep. That is, if it wasn't for the completely unnecessary and sudden orchestral volume amplification, (x the power of10), in predictable, 15 to 30 second intervals.

On the other hand, providing there's a point to the explicit gore, it can be a very important addition. A movie like “Fury" with Brad Pitt, (who did an amazing job and of course the tremendous acting of the supporting cast of co-stars), is an example.

Therefore, Evil Dead surprised me. In a way, the gore of the movie was necessary to get across the twisted evil world of the demon that only needed 5 souls in order to be freed upon the world.

Like “Fury” needed to convince the audience that the tank crew saw THE apocalypse, the soldiers in that tank, and the kids in that cabin, were both dealing with a situation that consumed them and even if they got out alive, they’d likely be certified sociopaths with a bird nest of psychological problems and no hope of returning to sanity.

That’s about as close as I could relate the two films. Make no mistake, Fury is a serious piece of work and I think it may have even been nominated and/or won a number of recognition awards. If you have to choose seeing one or the other, there’s no doubt that Fury would be the one to grab. However, I realize that I’m trying to compare apples and basketballs.

With Evil Dead, I was surprised that the actors were as incredible as they were, with the exception of one, (the brother of the heroin-addicted girl). In fact, his acting was more what I was expecting from this kind of movie and very consistent with the genre of B-rated, gory, horror films.

I’ve seen this actor in other horror films and though I can’t remember his name, I don’t believe he’s ever done anything other than ‘those kind of films'. It was strange that he was in the “Evil Dead” film because I don’t consider it a “B-rated” movie.

He seemed to miss almost every opportunity he had to give a realistic response to the horrible situations that were increasing in severity by the quarter hour, (I mean of the story's time line, not the movie's actual time). Yes, he was supposed to be ‘in denial’ but seriously, you can be ‘in denial’ for just so long and even then, that doesn’t mean you won’t be extremely frightened with the situation regardless of what you may think is behind it.

The movie started of great and the storyline worked through its predictable steps. There nothing wrong with a predictable path but of course, when you have five, 19 to 23 year old kids in an old cabin containing an ancient, evil demon, (until one of them lets it out), you can expect them all to make stupid decisions… "It’s what they do"...

The film was definitely scary and had me yelling at the screen for the dumb kid who’s going in the cellar... alone, or the one who, after finally getting through this obstacle course of evil, escorts the girl to the car only to stop and say; “Oh, I forgot my keys inside on the table. Wait here, (alone), I’ll be right back”…

Yes, you know he won't be 'right back' and it's a crap shoot as to which of them will be the one to regret that decision first! That’s always a scene that you can see coming a mile away. So why isn’t it a “B-rated” horror flick? Because the special effects were first class, top-drawer, applications, that’s why!

The film has an awful, if not “traditionally optimistic”, ending and that was disappointing. Of course, I should have guessed it would, when I watched the 'ultimate world-demon' having trouble getting through a barn wall made of some old, rotten planks. He was ineptly chasing the 120 lb. 'victim to be' who had broke through that same aforementioned 'barn wall' with a few elbow strikes moments earlier... (hmmm).

However, Evil Dead did impress me with the acting and effects. It made me jump a number of times and I guess that’s what we’re looking for in a ‘scary movie’ that happened to be gory as well. I couldn’t pick the 3.5 stars as a rating or I would have, and I think it deserved more than 3 stars, so 4 stars it is.
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on March 8, 2016
Wow! If you like bloody screaming and almost sickening horror movies like me, this one is never too old to be inserted in the dvd player for a jaw crunching night! I watched this movie before on Redbox and knew that I had to own it. I waited a while for the price to come down much and after it was affordable by me, I bought it and glad I did. Its freaky and the acting as well as direction is very good. The whole family enjoyed watching it and it freaked most of us out. Great horror movie! Print was good and had no issues with the product itself. Recommended!
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on September 8, 2016
This is a very nice edition of the Evil Dead reboot. Love the steel book case, looks great with all the red. I would highly recommend to fans of the Evil Dead series. The reboot was pretty crazy too, way better than I expected.

Also this is not the Unrated version of the remake. Same extras as the regular Evil Dead bluray, just a neat case.
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