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on January 25, 2013
This has stood the test of a cult classic. This obscure horror film DVD quickly reached the $40.00 mark. They made a re-issue of it, and it too sailed up to that level. In that regard, this film rates up there with the original "Night of the Demons."

What separated this film from the pack was the cartoon "Taz" like demon with a sense of humor. He was smartly integrated into the film with an attack rape scene with porn star Madison Stone. This was the scene that made the film a cult classic as the demon's tongue licked her chest and caused her bra to come apart. I will take that scene to my perverted grave.

The cast includes David Carradine, Arte Johnson, and scream queen Michelle Bauer, in case 4 topless co-eds aren't enough for you. The other porn star in this film, Barbara Dare, plays a shy geeky girl. Monique Gabrielle was the Dec. 1982 "Pet of the Month." What was most amazing was the better than normal caliber acting from the porn stars. Plot summary: Girls clean house. Girls get ancient book. Girls accidentally summon a demon.

Now if you don't have the money to shell out to buy this film, do a Google search and you might find it free to watch on line. For me this is a must for any horror cult collection.
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"Evil Toons" is a peculiar movie about coeds in a haunted house from the notorious Fred Olen Ray. The premise is simple: four coeds arrive to spend the weekend cleaning an old house; an evil spirit haunts them resulting in mayhem, bloodshed, and other typical debauchery. The acting is absolutely terrible even for this genre: the best of the girls is Monique Gabrielle who, believe it or not, plays the nerdy and reserved Megan.

The real gimmick here is the animated monster who is nefarious indeed. He's onscreen for precious little time due to budgetary concerns, but I have to admit, after listening to Ray describe the laborious process they went through to get the composite footage, it looks pretty good and is definitely an interesting change for movies of this ilk. Today the animation would be done with CGI of course, but when this was made that was in the future, and each cel was hand-painted in New York around the master shot. The stars of the film are David Carradine and Arte Johnson, who turn in perfectly adequate performances even though they are not onscreen very much. I was actually most creeped out by the footage of David Carradine tightening a noose around his own neck in light of his tragic death. I did like the talking book effect, and thought it was cleverly employed in the storyline.

While the movie is very predictable with little to recommend it other than the animation novelty, the DVD is great, and there are loads of extras. I always appreciate the Retromedia releases, and this time they gave us a director's commentary track, the original trailer, part of the editor's original work print of the movie, a brief "making of" feature, and the original "Nite Owl Theater" host segment starring Ray. By far the best of the extras is Fred Olen Ray's commentary: it is genuinely interesting and very enlightening about low budget filmmaking (I especially enjoyed the recounting of the film's origins with the weird but economical "Millennium Countdown" tie-in.) Ray isn't afraid of exposing flaws in his own films (note the long discussion of doorknob and door hinge mismatch issues,) and is quick to explain interesting technical points without getting bogged down in minutiae. The animation process details he gives are especially noteworthy. The "making of" feature is a bit of a letdown if you have already listened to the commentary as much of it is a rehash, although I did enjoy the segment of film dubbed into French. The trailer is a camp classic, but that makes sense because so is the movie. The original editor's work print is very interesting to compare to the finished product, although I would have liked to see this cut of the entire film instead of the brief section that the DVD shows.

"Evil Toons" was a very ambitious film, especially on a $140,000 budget. If you are a connoisseur of the "coeds in peril" genre, this is a unique film you won't want to miss.
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on August 5, 2017
ok movie really crappy transfer
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on April 3, 2014
The case and trailer made it look goofy but interesting. Created by Fred Olen Ray, who would go on many years later to create Heretv!'s The Lair, I was rather impressed with one, very cheesy and goofy but very enjoyable. David Carradine the most well known actor, the rest are character actors, still it was pretty good. I wanted to get the Anniversary edition, and I may still, but currently, it's too expensive. Evil Dead meets Roger Rabbit, pretty accurate, but more for open minded adults, but check it out anyway.
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on December 12, 2016
Exactly as I remember with USA-up-all-nite. Campy, minimal plot, overy the top David Caradine, beautiful women.... if you enjoy the genre, this is a must
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on September 7, 2016
this is made so badly and is so lame it is beyond words the movie makes very little to no sense at all the movie to just a movie to show boobs
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on February 14, 2002
Big fan of the original . I bought the 20th anniversary for the updated commentary. I was also hoping the picture quality was going to be better. As far as the updated commentary, there was some new information, but a great deal of the update commentary was covered on the bonus features of the original DVD, plus the original has several short bonus features not on the 20th Anniversary.

My biggest complaint was that my new copy arrived damaged and heavily scratched. That was more likely to UPS's handling than Amazons, but regardless the video was badly damaged and would not play past the 40 minute mark.

As far as the movie, its one of my favorite low budget "horror" movies with a lot of heart and doesn't take itself too seriously. Lot of tongue in cheek writing and one of those movies that is so bad, its awesome.
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on October 12, 2016
This is a nice scary boob comedy movie. Nudity is not lacking in this movie, nor is the silliness.
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on October 25, 2015
Live action mixed with cartoons. The live action part of the movie was entertaining enough that there really was no need to have cartoons in it. Anyhow, I liked this movie.
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on January 14, 2017
For a corny cult movie, you gotta roll your eyes to enjoy it, lol
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