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on March 7, 2012
Just a quick video review of the Evoluent Mouse. I discuss some pluses, some minuses and my overall impression of how it works for me.

A point I don't clarify in the video is when my hand feels good (nerve problems aren't flaring), I still prefer to use a normal mouse over this. It's just easier to work with. I'm also ambidextrous a bit, so with a normal mouse, I can use either hand if need be. This mouse is only good for my slightly-dominant, right hand.

Finally $89 (or something near there) is a LOT to pay for a mouse that doesn't entirely fit the bill. It would be a real coin flip whether I would buy it again (for that much money anyway) now that I've worked with it a bit, and I'm not so blown away by it.
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on April 22, 2015
This really helps with carpal tunnel and wrist pain.

The finish is terrible. It gets soft just from your hand oils and starts rubbing off after a year or so. I saw another review that said that alcohol would dissolve the finish, so after it started coming off, I used some alcohol on purpose to remove all the loose finish. The slick plastic that is under it actually feels nicer to me than the original finish. I don't know why they felt the need to use such a terrible coating. It's not like there aren't finishes out there that can be in contact with hand oils and not dissolve.
review image
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on February 22, 2017
A good product, if expensive. It's a specialty product that's probably not produced in huge numbers like your typical $20 Logitech mouse, so it's got a higher price. The silver on the thumb rest feels like the plastic you find on cheap Chinese toys. Doesn't feel like it should cost $80 - $90 new, but that's the way of things. The Kinesis Advantage keyboard feels like a hollow bathtub toy and it's $250 - $300, but it's a similar niche product. The buttons and thumb rest attract skin grease like a magnet, so you'll probably want to scrub every once in a while.

The software that comes with this is junk if you want to click and use the keyboard at the same time, at least under Windows 10. When I held down a key on the keyboard and tried to click on something, the click didn't go through. I first noticed it while trying to play a game, but it happens in productivity software too. I uninstalled the Evoluent software and switched to "X-Mouse Button Control" from highrez.co.uk to re-assign my buttons and never had that problem again.

A useful tip to turn off that obnoxious light on the back: make sure the computer is on, unplug the mouse, hold down the pointer speed "-" button on the side of the mouse and plug it in. No more light. It still shows the little green lights on the top to indicate the speed/sensitivity.

As a mouse it is good. Optical mouse, adjustable sensitivity, upright stance, puts the mouse cursor where you want it. It has outlasted the Anker wireless vertical mouse I bought around the same time whose scroll wheel has started becoming unresponsive. A bit expensive, but I'm hoping this and my trusty Microsoft 4000 keyboards will fend off carpal tunnel / RSI a bit.
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on September 29, 2017
If you have functional problems with your hands or fingers, this may be the mouse for you. I have both. I have had this mouse several days now, and it's been such a help. "Clicking" is a particular problem for me, and this mouse has reduced the need to click by about 75%. I set the mouse to click for me if I hover over a click spot. Also I was able to adjust how long the mouse needed to hover before the auto click function engaged, which I really need, as I have to have more time to get the cursor or arrow were I really want it to be. There are a lot of different things you can set the mouse to do for you, but I am not great with computers so there was some more complicated settings I don't feel comfortable doing. But the auto click, and the ability to move the cursor when typing by just hovering, is huge for me. I also set the "scroll" on the wheel to a faster pace so I have to move the wheel less. Also you can easily use different fingers when you do have to click, like your middle or ring finger, very helpful to me.If you understand programming better, I think there's a lot more you can do. This mouse is going to help me keep working, as my job requires a lot of computer work. I will be getting one for home as well. Size wise, I got the regular, I am not a large person, and the size fit fine.
Thank-you to Evoluent for thinking about those of us with disabilities.
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on November 15, 2017
Since this is a vertical mouse, it poses slightly less arm strain than a conventional horizontal mouse. More importantly for me, it has an actual middle button in addition to the wheel. I injured my tendons trying to use wheels on other mice. I have separate scrolling software, which doesn't come with the mouse, allowing me to use the middle button to scroll.

Depending on your operating system, Evoluent also provides a driver allowing you to program the mouse buttons. I can't handle chords, but I can reprogram the buttons on the left to page up and page down for a faster alternative to scrolling.
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on May 1, 2016
The design concept of this product is great, but there is a big problem with the actual engineering. Namely this: the buttons are way too sensitive. It is very difficult to grasp the mouse without inadvertently pressing the buttons and doing things you don't want done. So you have to try and keep your fingers extended to avoid this. That of course creates fatigue, which is what this product was supposed to mitigate. My arm gets more tired now than with the old regular mouse. I waited more than a week before writing the review to see if I could adapt to it and that didn't help. It is still frustrating. Then there is the other obvious issue of the thing being way overpriced for what it does. It might have been worth it if it performed as expected, but it doesn't.
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on November 17, 2016
I've been dealing with tennis elbow for the last year and a half. I was forced to stop working out in the mornings until it healed. Even after months of inactivity, however, I was still have issues with my elbow. After doing a little research, I discover a related condition I'd never heard of before - mouse elbow. Because of the nature of my work, I'm mousing all day long. I concluded that pronating my hand all day, was contributing to my tennis elbow, and lack of healing. I needed a solution. After reading the reviews, I decided to give this mouse a try. I purchased it and set it up at work. I can honestly say, in the thirty plus years I have been using mice, this is the most comfortable mouse I have ever used. It took very little effort to get used to it. It keeps the hand in a natural "hand shake" position, and once I'd adjusted the speed and tracking, I found it took very little movement at the wrist, to manipulate my cursor across the span of my two screens at work. I was so pleased with it, I purchased a second one to use at home, which brings me to why I gave it four stars instead of five.

At work I use Windows 7. At home, I was using Mac 10.11 (El Capitan). The mouse worked fine at first. Once I upgraded to Sierra, however, the mouse became a door stop. Nothing functioned as it was supposed to. Most of the buttons were dead, or stuck in one function. Yes, I know. My fault. I wasn't paying attention. I wrote to customer support about the problem. They responded that new drivers with Sierra support were on the way, and should be issued in about a week. That was three weeks ago and still no updated drivers.

To be fair to the company I should have waited to upgrade the OS if I wanted to keep a functioning mouse. And, this isn't the only company whose product has had issues running with Sierra. It begs the question, however, with Sierra having been months in beta, so companies like Evoluent could write drivers before the official release, why do these companies wait until after the official release to suddenly discover their product doesn't work? Why make your customers wait weeks, sometimes months, after an official release to START working on the driver problem.

In conclusion, the product gets four stars for great construction, and if you run Windows, great drivers that let you configure the crap out of this thing. One star gets deducted for poor preparation for the Mac Sierra release. At home, and until the updated drivers are release, the mouse is little more than a door stop.
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on July 8, 2014
I work on a computer all day long and often into the evening. The keyboard doesn't really give me any problems but the mouse sure does; I get a lot of pain in the forearm. I had hopes this would help but it really didn't seem to have any impact. I gave this several months of steady use and didn't see any difference in pain. I ended up going back to my old solution of alternating hands and giving one hand a rest until the other starts hurting.

I find it hard to tell which button the main fingers are on; there really needs to be more definition to the left/right/mid buttons so finger placement is known at all times. This mouse could go a long way toward being more form-fitting to the hand. The cord seems quite fragile, and it is not easy to position the mouse to keep it out of the way. Like others have mentioned, it is a magnet for finger grime and has to be cleaned often. I did not have the problem some others reported of not being able to move the mouse around; I quickly adjusted to tilting the mouse to the right so it did not track and then it is very easy to move to a new location.

This mouse does have some nice features like extra buttons for the thumb and easy DPI switching, so I gave it 2 stars instead of 1. The software is not very high quality, and the tray icon serves no real purpose except to display the DPI setting. Unfortunately the mouse did not help with what was 100% of the reason for my purchase, so considering the cost and the problems it's a 2 for me. I no longer use it and one of these days it will probably show up on the shelf at the local Salvation Army.
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on December 26, 2015
I'll be comparing three mouses and there differences but first a short background for my reasons of needing an ergonomic mouse as we all have different reasons. I'm a gamer from way back in which to my knowledge caused to to gain carpal tunnel syndrome in which I had surgery over a decade ago actually I had it in both hands and both were operated on, years after the surgery, I still to this day have pain and discomfort when using a mouse. Lets start with the first mouse.

I first purchased the Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse, July of 2014 in which alleviated or helped with the pain but still have some discomfort even though it positions your hand in an somewhat vertical position, it did OK but still left me in a bit of pain after long periods of use.

I had just two weeks ago before Christmas bought and tried the Posturite Wireless Penguin Mouse though it positioned your hand in the correct position full vertical it was very cumbersome to maneuver the pointer, awkward as since your palm rest on the mouse it leaves you using you to use your whole fore arm to maneuver the mouse not near as accurate and precise as the Anker so I had no choice but to return it.

I just purchased this Evoluent mouse and I have nothing but all positive to say about this mouse, hand position is the up right correct vertical position same as the Posturite mouse and more so than the the Anker mouse, maneuvering the pointer is spot on accurate, hand comfort with no pain and many more mouse buttons to offer so out of this group of 3 mouses the Evoluent is by far the top of them all in all areas.

Edit In; 12/30/15
I'd like to let known that I found the scroll wheel not working properly it would jump around in some applications not allowing the page to scroll, I contacted the manufacture and was instructed to uncheck accelerated scrolling box inside under the wheel tab in the mouse software for the mouse, by doing this resolved the problem with the scroll wheel not working.
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on January 3, 2017
I switched from a Razer Mamba 2012 to this mouse about two years ago. The vertical design definitely helps with wrist strain when mousing for more than a couple of hours. I use a computer 12+ hours a day, so that's important. It's also nice to have a dedicated middle button instead of having to click the wheel. Unfortunately, while the VerticalMouse is a decent step up in wrist comfort from the similarly-priced Razer, it's a huge step down in build quality and durability.

The VerticalMouse has a cheap, plastic-y feel that would be acceptable from its $20 competition, but not from a $80+ device. The finger contact surfaces are made of smooth, shiny plastic that makes my fingers sweat and needs to be cleaned frequently. Worse, after about a year my skin oils started eating away the matte coating on the palm area. Worse still, here at the two-year mark mine is starting to break down. The debouncing on the left button is failing, so about half the time single-clicks get turned into double-clicks. Sometimes it just shuts off entirely and needs to be unplugged to reset.

I also suspect it doesn't really fit my hand properly. I have rather large hands, and with the regular VerticalMouse my little finger either rests on the table or feels squashed if I keep it on the mouse. It would be nice if there was a large model in addition to the current small and regular.

In short, this was a decent mouse for a couple of years, but now it's failing and I'm not going to buy another one. I'll go back to the Razer (which is still like new after being used for three years) while I research other ergonomic mice to try.
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