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on December 18, 2012
I have a TrekDesk standing/treadmill desk set up in my office, with a laptop that I need to remove and take to meetings. I'm constantly unplugging and replugging the peripherals at my desk, and the cables often fell all over the place, even after I tried different types of cable ties. I also have the monitor, telephone, desk fan and phone chargers set up at the desk. The outlets in my office are in an odd place... This is all to say that the setup was untidy, unsightly and inconvenient.

I bought this because of the feature that cables can enter/exit the zipper at different points along the zipper, and I thought the length would be adequate for a standing desk. I think there are a total of 7-8 cables in the zipper. Although the end result is well worth the effort, I gave the product 4 instead of 5 stars because of the work required to get all of the cables. It definitely would be easier with two people, if you have more than a basic set of cables all entering and exiting at roughly the same spot on the zipper.

It took me three tries zipping before I was able to visualize what configuration would work best, and get a handle on how to add a cable mid-zip. For cables that needed to exit half-way (laptop-monitor cable, for example), it was a little tricky pulling out that cable and keeping the zipper and other cables working. This is where two people would come in handy: One person to hold the cable bunch steady while the other person forces the zip clip back on the track to continue.

It's easy to cut the zipper to size, and cutting it also worked in a spot where a large section needed to exit. I cut the zipper at that spot, split the cables, then restarted the zipper with those cables that needed to continue down the line.

At any rate, a little while later with red fingers and sweaty brow to show for my effort, I had a tidy cable organizer down the back of my desk, with cables snug, and accessable in the correct places.

One last thing: you might want to be mindful of the clothes you're wearing when you commence with this project. I don't recommend, for instance, wearing a top with extra long laces tied at the neck. You might find that you zip up a length of the laces. Just sayin'.
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on March 4, 2013
I'm afraid I didn't have as positive an experience as some other reviewers.
Before I began installing the Zipper Cord Organizer, I took the extra step of going on YouTube and watching the procedure done from start to finish. It looked so smooth and simple. I was almost looking forward to "watching the magic happen."

For whatever reason, my cord organizer did not readily open up for the little egg-shaped installer. It would open an inch or so, and then the installer would catch on one of the coil's edges. Turns out, the edge wasn't just catching, it was actually collapsing in toward the center of the coil. The only fix for this was to get a screwdriver and pry the mashed section back into place. From there on out, it was a matter of opening up the coil a small section at a time with the screwdriver, and then pushing the co-ax cable in with my fingers. What a hassle! If this plastic organizer were cold, I could see how it would not be pliant enough to smoothly open up. But it wasn't at all cold. On top of that, I was only trying to get one single little TV co-ax cable into the organizer (for appearance reasons).

I won't be returning the item, but I won't be buying another either.
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on October 2, 2013
Bought this product at my wife's insistence to hide a number of tangled wires going from my desktop computer to the top of my desk (about 5 feet). Slow going at first, but once I figured out how to use the product properly it took absolutely no time at all! I was amazed at the difference on how much more organized my desk looked after. I was skeptical at first, but now am looking to use this product in other places in my house given how easy it was and how well it worked.

Few observations though, since this may not be for you:
1. READ the instructions (except they don't come in the package so look them up online!). You really need to use the included clip to open the tube and get the wires packed into the tube. Otherwise it will be virtually impossible to setup properly.
2. Biggest positive: it works with wires already in place. No unplugging necessary. It just snaps around the bundle of wires while they're already plugged in, and all at once so no need to de-tangle existing wires before you setup.
3. Biggest negative: if you need wires to reach to differing lengths, or will need to add or remove wires from the bundle at a later time, I don't think this product is for you. I may be wrong, but don't see how you could do this without unclipping the whole length and starting over again.

Also, I didn't need all 8 feet at once so I cut the length in two with scissors and used in two different spots. No problems.
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on July 3, 2013
- The directions were OK but the pictures helped. I figured it out in about 15 seconds and zipped up some cables in maybe twice that. I spent maybe a half-hour doing the job for real, most of that was figuring out how to get several cables to exit where I needed them to.
- I didn't need to unplug the starting ends of most of the cables; I did need to unplug the final ends of some shorter ones to slack them enough.
- I put 1@ 5-head coax, 2@ 3-head coax, 1@ antenna coax, and 1@ power cord in a medium cable zipper. It isn't stuffed but I'd go up a size for any more than that.
- With a lot of cables in it (as I have), peeling one out may need poking your fingers in to untangle that one from those intended to stay inside.
- It works best if all cables are the same length. You zip up everything at once, then peel back the heads of those that need to enter or exit in the middle. Forget getting a short cable out while you're zipping past it's exit point. If there's room enough inside for the short cable's heads, you might get away with letting its end get zipped in, and picking that one out afterward.
- White wasn't available in 16' lengths, and is more expensive to begin with, so 2@ 8' kits is rather more expensive than a 16' black one.
- The white isn't white! It looks white in Amazon's product photos and on the included product card and the card says it's a white one but this isn't even close. It's gray.

I would have dinged it a star for each of those but the product really deserves more than 3.
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on July 10, 2013
I ordered this cable to sort the hanging cables behind my desk comming from my monitor/speakers/keyboard. When i got it, i realized I should've ordered more as 8ft just barely lasted me. The tubing itself is made out of very good plastic, very sturdy and resists bending pretty well. The tube is pretty thick and i managed to tuck about 4 regular cables and 2 pretty thick cables and it had room to spare. It comes with a tool to make it easier to wrap the tube around the cables, but it only works if you're planning on having no cables coming out in between both ends. I should warn you that the tubing itself is pretty hard and you're gonna need some strong fingers to doit without the tool provided, but it's manageable. Will definitely buy again and definitely recommend.
review image review image
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on April 7, 2013
I got two types of cable management for my desk and tv. One was a Monster CIT Black chord organizer and the other was this white one. I got the black for the back of my tv and white for my desk to make it look a little cleaner. I first installed the black one and went like a breeze! I could fit like 8-10 cables in there with no problem. And if I did something wrong I had no problem re-doing it. With this one in the other hand, it was more difficult to install. The plastic is very hard compared to the black one. It is not easy to flex side to side and if you make a mistake it will be a pain to re-do.

Color white!
Hard plastic for protection. (Can be a con)
Cable management tool included to help facilitate process
BONUS: includes 2 wall mounts to stretch across your wall without touching the floor.

Super difficult to add new cables if you decide later. (You basically have to take all the cables out and put them all back on)
Not very flexible for sharp turns.
Only fits around 4-6 average cables.

You can live with it but there are alternatives out there!
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on January 6, 2014
once i looked it over and saw how it works and i arranged the cords the way i wanted them, it was a snap. the little gizmo to feed the cords in is very clever and easy and smooth to use. I'm glad i spent the extra money and got this one rather than those big less expensive tubes. the color is nice and white. i have the cords from 2 lamps, the cell fone power cord, and the power for the laptop (the smaller end) in the Medium with room to spare. i left just enough cord (a few inches) from each wire to reach and do what it was for on the top of the (clear glass) desk then fed the rest over the edge and into the zip clip. it feeds all the cords down into a pretty basket under the desk. the power strip is in the basket, plus all the extra cord and ugly transformer-box from the computer, etc. the basket pretty much hides the one big white cord from the power strip to the wall. it has made a big difference in how the living room looks. the big thick slab of glass has some glamor to it now (long as i keep it clean). ps, once the cords are in there it would be a bit of a job to re-arrange them so i'm buying an extra power cord so the laptop can travel. ($18 on amazon).
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on April 16, 2014
This works really good. It was able to "zip" and conceal about 5 wires that run from the back of my TV. It hid the coaxial cable, the chromecast cable, hdmi cable, tv power cord and satellite box power cord. I will admit it was tight fit and zipping it was somewhat difficult at times due to the amount of wires, but it did the job and worked well. It'd be great if the cable was a little wider to hold at least 5 or 6 wires. Also the directions that come with the package aren't that great. I had to stare at the picture in the 3 steps for a while before I was able to figure out exactly how the clip and then zipping worked. But once that was done, it worked like a charm and is great! Plus they give you more than enough length of organizer cable to conceal long cords if need be. And, it's very easy to cut the concealer cord at the place that you need it, and have extra just in case.
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on January 12, 2015
I wasn't sure if this would do the job but I'm very happy with the outcome. I have two monitors, a set of speakers, mouse, keyboard, and a few other cords. I was able to fit everything into this.

It's pretty long so I was able to cut it in half and use it to wrap two sets of cables. It's very easy to use a looks great. Also, it's much safer when you have children around as they can't access individual cables.

I highly recommend this zipper cord. For most computer setups this size will work great. Also, it's very easy to use, I had no trouble adding the cables and zipping it up.
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on April 18, 2012
My main goal was to cover up a bunch of computer wires that were running around our home office. After researching a few other options I decided to try this out. It is fantastic. It is simple, and the zipper idea is genius. I am actually about to buy more because they work so well.

For those who are wondering, here is my experience on the med vs large ones.

Med - these are good for a few cables depending on how thick they are. Maybe 3-4 PC power cables would fit, but not much more

Large - I fit 6 or 7 power cables plus some smaller cables as well

Hope that helps!
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