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on February 15, 2013
Let me start by saying that I love ExOfficio products in general, and I use and love their give and go boxers, and I recently purchased the ExOfficio Men's Trifecta Check Long Sleeve Shirt which is awesome. I though I would also buy some travel pants from them since their other products were so good.

I am going on a trip overseas soon which will involve about 20 hours of flights. I wanted to buy some comfortable pants that would be good for airplane flying. Previously I wore jeans when I took this flight in the past, and after a few hours they became uncomfortable. So I started to look for a pair of pants that would look good (not look like tracksuit or pajama pants) and be comfortable for such a long trip. The Nomad pants looked like they fit the bill - from the pictures they look like a nice pair of Kakhis. Plus the reviews here were very good so I thought it would be a safe bet. The one positive thing about these pants is that they are very lightweight while still feeling like they have substance. However for me the list of cons were too long:

- They do not look as nice as they do in the pictures. They look more like a tracksuit pant or a pair of pajama pants. I am not looking for anything formal or dressy, but these pants look too informal.
- They are tight in the crotch area and when you sit it is very noticeable
- I felt like I needed a belt, but since the material is so thin wearing a belt is a bit uncomfortable.
- Even though they are tight in the crotch area, they seem to be a bit too baggy everywhere else.
- When you walk they make a bit of noise like a tracksuit pant would. Its not that bad, but definitely noticeable.

I think these pants would only be good if someone was going to a tropical environment, or hiking or something like that. Otherwise if you are looking for a comfortable pair of travel pants that work well for air travel these in my opinion are not good. I have already returned them.
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on May 20, 2013
The reviewer who made the remarks about these feeling like pajamas or track pants brought up some good points, but I think the pants are deserving of more than 2 stars.

For comparison, I also bought a pair of travel pants made by Royal Robins (discovery stretch nylon). One of these pair of pants will replace a pretty standard pair of cargo pants which I already own and are too big and heavy to pack into my upcoming bicycle tour.

Compared to my existing pants, both brands feel very light and comfortable. Both pack into a much smaller space. On my scale the ExOfficio pants weighed 236g (8.3oz) which was about 1/3 lighter than the Royal Robbins pants which weighed 357g (12.6oz). Either pair are a big improvement over my old pants which weighed in at 688g (24.3oz). Oh, all the pants are waist size 32 within similar leg lengths.

Exofficio also feels more comfortable to me than the Royal Robins brand travel pants, but again, both pair were definitely comfortable enough to make it through even the longest of flights and would be very ideal in tropical conditions. In colder conditions, just layer.

Neither pair of pants was comfortable with a wallet in the pocket. The material used in the construction of the pants is just too light and thin. However, the Royal Robins pants seemed to do a little better. Neither pair had very useable cargo pockets, maybe good for a phone and a map, or small camera, but not comfortably. I didn't try either pair with a belt but they didn't need it. They just stayed up on their own.

For looks, I believe the Royal Robins travel pants look and present much better than the ExOffico pants. I might try to sneak into some formal settings with the Royal Robins pants, but definitely not with the ExOffico pants. They are just a little to pajama like. My main concern with the ExOffico pants is that they are so baggy that I almost feel like I look 20 years older wearing them. (note) I only realized as I was opening the package that ExOfficio makes a couple fits of these pants. Apparently I bought the "relaxed fit" baggy pants when I probably should had bought the "regular" fit less baggy pants. Also, with black brief style underwear the underwear line was faintly visible through the ExOffico pants, but not the Royal Robbins. White underwear and boxers were not noticable.

All in all, I'd say if you can only have 1 pair of pants and weight and space is absolutely critical then go with the ExOffico. The lack of weight is really amazing. Otherwise, it would be worth trying out a pair of Royal Robins before you buy.

rating break-down 1-5 (5 is best)
Comfort - 5
with stuff in pockets - 2
weight - 5
space savings - 5
appearance - 2

Royal Robbins;
Comfort - 4
with stuff in pockets - 3
weight - 4
space savings - 4
appearance - 4
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VINE VOICEon June 6, 2013
Fantastic. You'd have to visit a lot of stores to find something as good. It runs tight around crotch - unless you go up a size for waist and voila - perfect summer pants! I went up a size for waist and they fit perfect and look great. I recommend you size up for waist with this particular pants.

Please don't believe these are like pajamas or track pants. They simply are 100% nylon pants. I've had another pair of nylon pants for years, a different brand. Once you try nylon pants in summer, you're hooked.

When nylon pants fit right they are the most comfortable pants you'll ever own. They're extremely lightweight and they don't trap sweat. Most of the men's nylon pants that you'll find come in olive-type colors and have one or two zipper pockets. The really good ones have seven belt loops. It's like a secret code for men's nylon pant quality - the belt loops. This one has seven thick belt loops - extraordinary.

Drawbacks: Men's nylon pants weigh down if pockets are loaded with heavy items. The sleek non-wrinkle appearance of such pants is sacrificed when you have some heavy things in the pockets. End of drawbacks.

The pants are tough. They will last and last. They dry easily after washing - you'll be able to wear them more frequently than you thought. They're masculine pants - ideal for both urban and desert environments. Most guys will be able to wear these to work, except that it seems to attract ladies and we have to concentrate at work.
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on December 27, 2014
This is the 2nd pair of these pants I own. I prefer these far above convertible or other "cargo" pants due to the irritation of the zippers and possible loss of the detached legs. Also, I tend to snag cargo pockets on brush when hiking.

The nylon fabric is very soft, much like cotton, but dries super fast and can be laundered in a sink or bucket and will dry overnight. The zipper rear pocket is a bit small for my giant wallet but the front slash pockets hold my keys, knife, and other small items well and don't gap open when sitting. I haven't used the other storage pockets much as these are my primary hiking pants and I normally have other storage options when on the trail.Having the small section of elastic in the waist is nice to take up the slack when layering with thermals or tucking in a shirt. The wide belt loops accommodate a variety of widths and hold well. Even without a belt these stay in place well, even when wearing a backpack and hip-belt. These are my go-to pants for bad weather. They offer no barrier to rain but dry quickly once the clouds part and aren't clammy when wet. Stream crossings or a dip in a river aren't too bad either.

The price tag is kind of steep but I was glad to take the additional discount on the slate (I guess the khaki and cigar colors were more popular).
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on June 6, 2014
Bought three pair for a trip through Jordan and Egypt. Wanted something easy to backpack, comfortable to wear and good for the extreme heat of the desert. I guess two of of three isn't bad. The pants are super light and easy to pack. Seemed to be okay for the well over 100 degree heat of the Egyptian desert. However....when it came to comfort...the pants fit okay - you will not be stylish by any means, best not to expect them to be acceptable in restaurants - won't cut it there. Anyway - the manufacturer could take a tip from the manufacturers of military fatigues and allow some flexibility in the knees. Climbing was an extreme chore with these pants. Constant grab at the knee and they would not slide or release without having to pull the pants leg up to relieve the bind. Had an old pair from Northface - no problems there at all, a tad heavier material but still nylon and just as quick to dry. I'll give them a three rating, but won't use for hot weather trips - may just cut the legs off and hem them.
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on September 14, 2011
These pants are great. I'm a 6'2" and wear a 32. These fit perfectly. I mean, perfect length and no belt needed perfectly. The material is light, easy to wash and dries quickly. I bought them for an upcoming 3 week trip where I'll definitely have to wash them by hand a few times and will update this review with how that goes. It has just the right number of pockets to make it useful for travel while still looking somewhat proper. The comparison is made because other ExOfficio pants that I own have cargo style pockets in the front which makes them look a little less dressy.
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on October 8, 2012
I bought these for use during yoga/meditation and light exercise, as an alternative to sweats or spandex (some traditions frown on tight clothing). I feel very comfortable when I wear them, but they are of limited use, you have to be out in the desert or someplace else where you need something cool and breathable, they are basically a high-quality, somewhat expensive pair of pajamas. Also, somewhat embarrassed to say this, but these pants are cut in such a way that they emphasize your "package". This can be OK under the right circumstances, but if you have a wife or girlfriend you need to get her 100% honest opinion about how you look in these (she may like it!). You have to have a certain self-confidence to carry the look of these things. I guess this is just the same as what women go through all the time. Overall I'm very happy with them. But it's a unique garment - not for everyone.
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on September 15, 2012
Received the Nomad pant a couple days ago, and I love these pants. I live in South Florida, hot and humid, and these pants are actually cooler on me than wearing shorts. Simply amazing, and look nice enough to wear out to a casual affair. The inseam is 32 on these pants here on Amazon, and they do offer a 30 inseam (called short) on Exofficio's website. But with free shipping, no sales tax and Amazon's reliability and return policy, it's a wash to have them hemmed locally. I purchased the khaki color which has a golden tone to it, and have just purchased the Breen which are on sale. Have no idea what the color Breen will actually look like, but I hope it's decent looking as I do want another pair of these, and the Breen is on sale at $45. For a very light pant, they seem appropriately strong enough to last for a while, and the hidden cargo and phone pockets are a big plus. No ugly cargo pockets puffing out. The waist also has a small comfort stretch band for comfort. These pants are on the high end price wise, and are not entirely wrinkle free, but I do recommend these pants highly especially if you live in, or are traveling to, a hot or humid climate.
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on May 3, 2013
These are without a doubt my favorite hiking pants. They are very, very lightweight and comfortable, but also feel strong and well constructed at the same time. I am a slender 5'08" and usually wear a 31" waist pants with a 32" inseam. I bought the 32"x32" and they fit great. There is plenty of room for flexibility and maneuverability while hiking/ exploring, but the fit looks very appropriate enough to go out for a night on the town if you needed to use them for that. The "breem" color is awesome too. I usually wear camouflage and tactical colors in my line of work/ hobbies, so I like the browns and earth tones in general.

The pants are expensive, but I wear them all the time and consider every penny to be more than worth it. Without a doubt you will stay very cool and very comfortable at all times in these pants.
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on September 15, 2013
Bought these for my trip to Seattle. I wanted something cool for the late August heat, yet water resistant for the constant rain I was expecting. Turned out these were great travel pants that kept me very comfortable and did their job in the rain. I wish they were a bit darker and didn't look so thin and flimsy.

Also, these pants will set off the new TSA body scanners because of a zipper pocket on the right thigh. A quick pat-down though and you're good to go. The elastic waistband allowed me to travel without a belt, which made up for the zipper defect.
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