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on March 2, 2015
I have a flock of egg laying chickens and I get way more eggs than I can use. I use my Excalibur Dehydrator to dehydrate the excess eggs and make egg powder. I had to figure out a way to do it without making a mess because there is no lip on the trays and the scrambled egg mixture was leaking off of the trays. I tried several different things but ultimately what worked was 12 inch pizza trays that I purchased from my local dollar store. Now, by using the pizza trays in my Excalibur, I can dehydrate 4 dozen eggs at a time with no mess! I love it!

I have also dehydrated bananas, apples, and pineapples with great success. This is a great machine!
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on August 18, 2009
I've used virtually every dehydrator on the market and even a few home-made versions. Trust me when I say that this dehydrator is the best you can get for the money.

The round tower-type dehydrators are inexpensive for a good reason: they aren't worth it.
-The trays are flimsy and crack too easily.
-The holes on these trays are too big to use with herbs or diced foods, so you must use the mesh inserts.
-You only have about 1/2" of space between trays, so you cannot dry bulky items--like flowers or granola.
-When it comes to fruit leather, the only thing more inefficient than the round shape is the hole in the middle. Yes, I know they come with fruit leather trays, but have you ever tried to store fruit leather pealed off of the tray and rolled up? A shredded mess to begin with and a sticky mess once they've stored for a while.
-With the motor on the bottom any food or juices that fall through the cracks shortens the life of the machine.
-The drying process in these tower-types is not uniform--the bottom trays dry quicker than the top trays, the center dries quicker than the edges.
-Some models have only recently started adding temp controls. Still, it does little good because there is more heat on the bottom than the top.
-The motor is loud--I had one model I had to run on the porch because it was so loud.
The two round models I bought died within a year and a half of use.

The next best dehydrator on the market is the L'Eqip. It is much quieter, comes with a healthy 10yr warranty and has temperature controls. But it is a hybrid with many of the faults of the round models and few of the benefits of the square-shaped Excalibur. It still has a hole in the middle. It still dries unevenly. It has deeper trays but you still can't dry flowers. It still has a motor on the bottom. I have a friend who dried berries in her L'Equip. They leaked on the motor and it died the first summer of use. Now granted, the folks at L'Equip stood by their machine and replaced it for her with no hassle, but how many times do you want your summer-time dehydrating held up while you wait for your replacement to come?

The Excalibur is perfect for anyone who is serious about dehydrating. Here are the features that I like:
-Heat source and fan are in the back, forcing air to distribute evenly throughout the chamber. Other than the way you place the food, there is no reason for uneven drying spots.
-Love the timer. I can set it and leave. It'll turn off automatically whether or not I'm there. That means 'round the clock drying during the height of your summer harvest. Put the food in when you go to bed, wake up to dried food and put another batch in.
-Temp control lets you choose low heats for herbs and flowers, higher temps for fruits and jerky.
-Love the square trays. For fruit leather I line the trays with plastic wrap and spread the fruit puree out. When it's dry I cut the leather into 2" wide strips, roll them up and secure with the tail end of the plastic wrap. The plastic peels off easily when it's time to eat.
-BIG trays--you can pack a LOT of food into this. This is especially important at the height of the summer harvest when there's a non-stop stream of food that needs drying. (This is also the one single thing that is in my negative column--the trays don't fit flat in my kitchen sink, making them a little hard to wash. I solve this by washing them in my outdoor garden sink--old fashioned tubs on a stand. Since I like the big trays, I really shouldn't complain.)
-Mesh liner on all trays. I can dry herbs, diced onions and finely chopped fruits without having it fall to trays below. No food cross-contamination means I can dehydrate more than one thing at a time.
-Removable trays. If I have bulky items--flowers, herbs, granola, etc--I can just remove every other tray and have another 1/2" or more room.
-Makes a great proofing box for sourdough. Also good for culturing yogurt, esp if you like to make it in larger containers. For both sourdough and yogurt, make sure it is covered so that the moving air doesn't dry it out.
-10 yr warranty. I've had mine for almost 15 yrs and it's still going strong. Every year the money I save on herbs alone pays for what it originally cost me. That means this machine has paid for itself 15 times over.

If you're at all serious about dehydrating, don't waste your money like I did--get the best from the get go. That's the Excalibur.
(Written by Ross' wife. He's also happy that I like it so well and have gotten so much good use from it. I have more information on dehydrating in general and comparin Excalibur with others in particular: [...])
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on June 11, 2016
Received on time, unpacked, washed it all down, ran for 1 hour on lowest setting, let cool, 1 hour on med, let cool, 1 hour on the highest setting, let cool. I had some previous dried lavender that had re-hydrated in the air - I put that in on a medium heat overnight, just to get rid of any potential plastic or other odors. I loaded it up the next morning and have been running it 24 hours since then. Very happy with the way it works, the quantity it will hold, and the quality of the unit. I used the 105 degree setting on the first batch, to try to preserve as much of the living enzymes as possible, it took about 30 hours to dry a full load at that temperature. The second load made turkey jerky at 150 degrees in about 10 hours. I could not be happier with this unit. If you just want to dry some bananas here and there and some herbs, it may not be worth $200 - but if you have a large garden like I do it is invaluable. I expect it will pay for itself this year by preserving food that otherwise would go bad.
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on February 29, 2016
I have done a lot of research on dehydrators! Again and again I kept coming back to the Excalibur! Torn between the 2900 economy and the 3900. The 3900 does have better overall components. I happened upon different purchase options on amazon and looked into the "used" found mine for 160 bucks. It came to me with a slight cracked section upper left. 10 minutes and half a tube of epoxy fixed that right away! I can honestly tell you that these dehydrators are badass! I'm smelling my jerky right now! Can't wait to dry my veggies etc etc. I easily placed 10 pounds of marinated London broil on the 9 trays.i also ordered non stick liners for fruit leather. I am difficult to impress! Even my "used" (broken) Excalibur is keeping me up late! Do yourself a favor, get one. Did I mention made in usa?
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on November 8, 2015
After a lot of research on different brands and types of dehydrators, we decided to go with this one. We've had it for a few years now and have had no issues with it. It does everything it says it's supposed to do, including dehydrating all racks or food evenly. We've made many items from the extensive recipe book they provided with the dehydrator. We definitely recommend this to anyone who will use it regularly for regular food use, or food storage. It's large, so it requires a good amount of space for storage.
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on November 29, 2015
This has been great so far. We've used it for apples and it does a great job.
I like the mesh mats. The dehydrator we had previously (from the 80s) had screen-door mesh and I didn't feel safe about residues that may be flaking off during use. The clear plasticy mesh on the Excalibur feels much safer to use.
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on December 25, 2015
I am glad I ordered this large size, I used it to dry apple slices and tomato slices. It seems to dry fastest on the middle trays, so I flip bottom and top trays with middle about half way through. I bought mine second hand, and it came with two manufacturer books in the package about drying. The corners of the dryer were a little banged up, and out of alignment as if it had fallen from a counter (?) but easily aligned back with a couple of whacks, and the plug prongs were bent, but easily straightened. Works great, helps preserve garden produce for us. Recommend. Would buy again if this one went kaput.
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on December 31, 2015
Works well for drying all of the plums from our Italian plum tree. We had a huge harvest this year for processing. This dryer works as well as the large floor model we had on the farm. It's compact but still is a bit large for putting on a kitchen counter. It works better on a utility room counter or garage bench. Do put a plastic sheet under the dryer to protect the surface on which it's sitting from drips.
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on September 17, 2010
I was in need of a new dehydrator as mine was from the turn of the century. I've been trying to change my diet over to at least 80% raw and a dehydrator is a must.
This is a splurge. I know it was hard to make that initial leap. I weighed my choices and figured that with how much I was going to use it, I might as well go for the big mamma. It was bigger than my mind thought it was. The nine pull out trays are heaven and they dry perfectly. The dial for the temperature setting is on the back right which wouldn't be the biggest hassle, unless you think that the space I made for it is on the far right side of my counter. So not the easiest reach over. The front cover hangs on the front. Literally. There are no hindges, just a shelf to sit it on. Sometimes after checking my items, I do not close it properly so you have to make sure. This unit is also super duper easy to clean. EVERYTHING pulls out and can get swabbed down. I do wish that it came with the solid sheets as well as you will have to buy them. The excalibut sheets are waaaaayy expensive, so I might go for that multi pack I keep seeing.
Overall.... I wouldn't have gone another way. I love this machine and may go home and use it again now that I'm thinking about it.
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on October 4, 2015
Trays are easy to use and reasonably well-supported; good mesh covering for the trays; good temperature control and even distribution of heat with the fan. I especially like that the machine cycles on and off to allow the food to dry evenly throughout.Easy access to the trays. Just purchased a second unit. I am using mine to dry coffee which tests the unit on two points: 1) I use it on the lowest temp setting, which has been a little tricky to keep it running and cycle; and 2) the trays do sag a little when loaded with wet parchment coffee, but they seem to come back to flat as the coffee dries.
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