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on May 14, 2017
I will read this book over and over again and follow the references more closely to see if I can glean more eye-opening information! Extremely interesting!
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on April 9, 2016
I wanted an informational source that did not pander to the popular ideas. I knew that our Government was hiding the truth. For whatever reasons you choose, read this book. If you're honest with yourself, it will shock you. In a good way.
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on February 22, 2013
I use to be really into the scene, the topic of UFO's. I read everything i could get my hands on growing up, collecting articles, listening to radio shows with my dad and talking with him into the wee hours about it all. Then i hit a wall. I stopped reading and researching. Maybe it was the lack of evidence as i saw it, or rather the failure to disclose given what evidence exists. It seemed to beg the question of more research but it didn't feel as if anyone else felt the same. I took some time off, many years in fact. Of course i followed and read sightings that would pop up from time to time, but i put the topic of UFO's and i guess my hobby onto the back burner.

Lately, perhaps given the rage i feel against the secrecy and lack of dissemination which abounds with all knowledge of government concern, that old curiosity reawakened. Maybe it was 2012 and Annunaki fears deep rooted inside, who knows. But the yearn for information came back and i have been devouring UFO related literature as of late. This was the first book i read in probably 15 years on the topic.

The book is short, but its focused and driven. For those who have kept up maybe it is nothing new, or maybe it feels like a conspiracy theory, or even disinformation in its own right. For me it formed a few wrinkles in my brain. I felt like i was inside the bases, witnessing the events firsthand, and often felt like i was talking with a FBI or CIA agent in a dark room who was giving me an above top secret security clearance in a gentleman's agreement that i wouldn't talk about what i was about to hear.

The authors have the pedigree to take what they say as truth; even a nonbeliever must beg the question "why make it all up?" If its a cover for something else, than that something else must be even more frightening. The book talks about the Aviary, MJ-12, Eben's, Area 51, etc. What i would describe as the underworld of UFO research- things so hard to believe that few want to admit the possibility. I was hooked from page one, and read it in two long nights via my kindle app.

I highly recommend the book; believers will see it as an "i told ya so!" nonbelievers will see it as proof of fringe lunancy. Fiction or nonfiction, depending on beliefs, it beats 99% of what pop authors are passing off as a scary story. Which makes me ask how can something so farfetched and scary not be real?

This may not be the book for those who have not read on the subject, it presumes or requires some knowledge of the basics like Roswell, Area 51, Wright-Patterson, etc. If you dont buy it first, add to your wishlist. But at some point this book needs to be on your shelf, virtual or otherwise.
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on April 2, 2016
Exempt from Disclosure is one of the most intriguing books on aliens and UFOs that I've ever read. It contains many surprising details, such as drawings of the underground vaults at Wright-Patterson AFB and computer modeling of the internal organs of an alien from the Zeta Reticuli star system. Some of my favorite parts of the book are the photocopies and reproductions of government documents and information about an alien Energy Device. Also notable are the number of distinguished researchers who have reviewed this book, including John Schuessler, Robert M. Wood, Clark McClelland, etc. I've bought many books about UFOs. Most of them are in storage. Not THIS one! Exempt from Disclosure is part of my permanent reference library, and has a special place on my bookshelf.
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on May 17, 2014
FINALLY! A book written by inside people with valid information and not re-hashed second-hand reruns. I learned more about what is really happening inside our beloved government's hall of mirrors than the last twenty books I read. For this I am truly grateful. A little more than half the population of this planet know that there is and has been an alien presence for many, many years, and we can only hope that the other half opens their eyes eventually. Obviously not that it will do any good, as is restated in this book; absolute power corrupts absolutely, and as long as our bully-on-the-playground government thinks they can keep the cool super-toys buried under their layers of secrecy and disinformation, they sure as heck will. But we can KNOW, and that should make them uncomfortable in their impenetrable fortresses.
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on June 5, 2006
If events at Roswell were Extraterrestrial and if as a result our governemnt instituted a covert program to study the problem of UFOs and an alien presence on the planet a hidden history would result. Robert M. Collins gives us a look into that history with the help of a number of named insider sources, documents, and personal investigative experiance. Newly updated with additional material and fastinating bits of information this is not just another UFO book! People who have been asking questions about "The Aviary" contact with "EBES" and the mysterious MJ-12 will find numerous answers and information here. I was personnaly aware of some of this information having worked closely with researcher Bill Moore in the 80's and early 90's. Other fasinating tales such as the "failed" disclosure process in Washington D.C. were new and exciting to me! The documented section on Vaults under Wright-Patterson AFB as presented here is a significant research contribution by this author. Is this book controversial? You bet! Can you dismiss the credentials and experiance of the people involved? No you can't! Read the book and decide for yourself.
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on January 24, 2017
This was amazing. The info in this book corroborates info I've read in other places, plus it has new information I wasn't aware of. Anyone with interest in UFOs, or anything relating to it's cover-up, has got to read this book!
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on June 18, 2009
I almost didn't purchase this book due to a lone bad review. In it, the reviewer stated that the information was freely available on the Internet, and thus the book was a poor mish-mash of unverified statements obtained from the internet. ha! Don't be fooled. Correct or incorrect, the authors have done their best to crack open the ultra black world of contemporary Ufology...

Yes, I suppose that one could find the information on the internet if they had hours and hours of time, not to mention the research skills necessary to do so... Not everyone has this ability. Most of us carry a full weight of work and home responsibilities and the inconvenience of a comprehensive internet search is unlikely and very impractical. For me, the small price of the book greatly outweighed the months of time to acquire the information on my own.

That being stated, the information is exactly what you would expect. The key players are represented and the "state of the art" understanding of the UFO issue is presented in all it's glory. There will be few surprises for the knowledgeable reader of this subject. yet, it is a great asset in that it is comprehensive and serves as an excellent resource for digging further on to the subject matter. Truth be told, the internet is the only information source many of us use for our information source. That include technical research and work issues.

Welcome to the real world of the UFO situation. All of us players in this arena are now approaching retirement and we are tired of the black world of compartmentalization. We yearn to know the entire story. many of us only know the bits and pieces that we have experienced while in the service or when we worked at the secret facilities. we want to understand what was behind the curtain. We want to know exactly what happened when we walked into the electronic field. We want to know where the technical documents that we studied came from.

Truthfully, other people like me, made the drawings for the technical illustrations. Other technical writers gave the descriptions of the alien devices. Other Engineers wrote the equations and did the testing. Do you actually think that all of us have decided to be quiet and accept the agreements that we signed when we were 21? Now we are nearing retirement. We are through multiple divorces. We have children that we put through college and are looking at the lives that we lived. We have only one way to get our information out. That is through the internet.

If you want to know what is going this book. I can't vouch for all of it. But enough of the things that I do know as fact are in here. It is a bit too limited to the black projects associated withe the CIA, DOD and AF. It leaves out the very significant dimensional transportation work of the Navy (I am NOT referring to the Philly experiment) . But in time that will come out as well. Read it. Absorb it. You will not be sorry...
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on September 18, 2007
After having read the many top-notch reviews written here on Amazon, I cannot think of much else to add--it is all said so well in the rest of the reviews. However, I must point out that I still have a "bad taste in my mouth" from reading Linda Moulton Howe's An Alien Harvest years ago, because of the disinformation role played by (co-author) Richard Doty during her visit to Kirtland AFB back in 1983. Can we trust Mr. Doty now? Plus, I still remember the TV show "UFO Cover Up Live" and the joking comments of the host after Falcon (Doty?) mentioned how the EBE's like strawberry ice-cream.
There are a few inconsistencies involving the planet of origin of the EBE's, and in the location of the 1964 Holloman landing. Plus, can we really believe that project SERPO happened? How could humans make it back and forth to another star system in such a short time?
So, as with most books on UFO's, there is much information presented, but we cannot know for sure what, and how much, is true. It would certainly appear that this book has more truth than fantasy--let's hope!
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on March 1, 2011
I purchased the previous two books, and this edition is up to date and outstanding! Claims are substantiated by documents with REAL names that I can locate in other places, such as public records.
I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is skeptical.
Of particular interest are the locations where debris is supposedly stored, and the claim that the Naval Research in Washington DC is heavily involved.
This would correlate with the Clementine images showing machinery on the Moon being recently purged from the online database administered by said organization.
Also note the involvement of DARPA.
Certainly the astronauts involved with the classified Space Shuttle flights are also aware of the truth.
Very interesting throughout from a materials science standpoint.
Also the information on James Jesus Angleton is absolutely confirmed in other sources that do no specifically deal with UFO's.
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