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on May 11, 2013
Updated Jan23, 2016.
Still like this bike. Just noticed the comments asking for the table info. Here is the link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002VWJZ8S

Original post

I got this bike a month ago. So far I like it. Here are something I'd like to share. It might help you decide which one to buy.

1. The seat is not comfortable enough for me to stay on the bike for 40 minutes. I put a pillow on the seat and it solved the problem (see the image I uploaded).

2. Adjustable Seat: Not sure if I did it wrong, it's adjustable but after adjustment, you have to tighten the screw. It's not like the adjustable ones in the gym that you can adjust whenever you want. I'm OK with it since I'm the only person who use it.

3. Assembly: Easy enough. I assembled it by myself. No difficulties.

4. It's quiet and resistant is good. Easy to adjust.

5. I work at home more than 40 hours a week. Plus driving kids to all kinds of activities, cooking meals etc. Sometimes it's hard to take 30-40 minutes to exercise. So I want to transfer some of my working hours to fitness hours. There's no book holder on console to hold the book or iPad. To buy one, the cost is about $25-$30. I searched high and low on Amazon and found a overbed table less than $60. Bought the table and now I have a bike work station (see image uploaded). I'm typing this review while cycling :)

6. The console works fine. The pulse is accurate. It also tells you time, calories, distance which I don't care. No problem seeing the display.


review image
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on April 25, 2016
The bike assembled real well; it's straight-forward enough that for the most part you don't even really need directions. It took about an hour and a half to do by myself, after unpacking and laying out all the items on the floor in a fairly organized manner.
The build was good, no missing or broken parts, no scratched metal. 5 stars for that.
It's very quiet, and the tension settings are easily adjustable. The seat is fairly comfortable, and as long as you have the adjusters tightened correctly it makes no noise as you ride. If they are not very tight, there will be some wobble during the ride. Do I wish for more support or cushioning in the seat? Absolutely. Is it unbearably uncomfortable? Not at all.
The display is fairly simple; it displays the current distance, the time spent, your current heart rate, your mph, and how many calories you've burned for the workout. It also keeps a running count of your overall distance. It doesn't have any fancy programs or anything, it just comes on when you start pedaling. I like that because it's more like a real bike -- just get on and ride!
Also, less gizmos, the less things to go wrong with it. Do you need a bike with a USB charger, a cup holder, a tablet holder or a pretty display to look at if you are using it in your home, where there is probably an outlet and a TV nearby to keep you busy while pedalling? That's the real differences between a $750 bike and this one.

The Cons: When compared to a more expensive bike used at say, a PT facility, the seat is not as comfortable, and the pedaling mechanism isn't as smooth. But it's not a $750 bike either, so I guess you can't expect Mercedes seating at a Ford price.

Long story short, I've had an excellent time with this bike so far, and would highly recommend it to anyone who's looking for a relatively inexpensive bike and trying to get into a healthy workout routine. The negatives are too minor at this price point to discourage anyone from buying it.
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on November 27, 2015
Before purchasing this bike on Amazon I read many reviews. Some were glowing others were terrible. I decided for the low price of $169 I’d give it a try.

Delivery: My bike arrived in 6 days which was well within what was promised

Condition: The box had experienced a few bangs, styroam was somewhat broken up, but overall everything was in good condition and nothing was missing

Instructions: Pretty tough to follow. Poor English. Some parts erroneously referred to. Take your time and realize what you are trying to accomplish. The picture on the box is a big help. It took me about 2 hrs going at a very slow pace.

Result: My bike was extremely hard to pedal. At the gym I use a setting of 3 or 4 just for a warm up. This bike was much harder to pedal at a setting of 1. The pedaling was also very uneven as mentioned in other reviews.

My Assessment: Some people may exaggerate there fondness of the bike, but there are so many glowing reports that logically you have to assume that many people are indeed legitimately happy with the product. How then can so many other people, me included, have something that is so difficult and inconsistent to pedal. The answer is in the Tension Control.

Customer Service; I called and got through within a minute or two. The girl I spoke with was very polite, but didn’t seem to understand my problem. Eventually she agreed to send a video showing how to adjust the tension control. It didn’t arrive. That was Friday six days ago. I just called and she promised to immediately send it out. No adjustment for the tension control was received.

How to adjust Tension Control: (My unofficial approach)

1. Remove the screw that holds the tension control in place. Ensure that the cable is not hung up on anything. If it moves freely. Re-install and try again.
2. I felt strongly something had to be wrong and that the problem might be elsewhere so I went a step further at disassembly.
a. I first removed both pedals then
b. about 9 screws that hold the two covers together
c. I also removed the tension control by its one screw and washer
d. The whole bike was then wide open for investigation. I made sure everything was in place and working properly. To remove the two covers may require removal of the cap nuts on the front stabilizer.
e. There is a plastic piece with a groove that is intended to hold the cable in place keeping it from snapping into the cover. Mine had come free. I snapped it back in place.
f. I then adjusted the tension control by loosening the nut which hold the cable into the bracket. I then turned the bracket several turns such that the amount of thread closest to the tension control was reduced.
g. I then turned the pedals by hand to see if they would turn easier. Surprise surprise. They did. I’m not sure if my adjustment fixed the problem, or snapping the cable back in place fixed the problem, or just taking the whole thing apart and freeing up the cable was the cure.
Result: My bike is now working properly. It pedals very easily and now has smooth pedaling.

Two videos were received from customer service

Video to Install Tension control knob:


Speed Sensor Adjustment:

Neither of these addressed my situation, but the first one is of value. .

A. If you have not yet assembled: Before attempting to assemble the bike watch the video on How to assemble the tension control.
B. If you have assembled and the tension control seems way too tight: Watch the install video and ensure that your assembly is in accordance with the video. Dissassembly to check this out requires removing only 1 screw and
C. If step B doesn’t work then more disassembly may be required. See step 2 above.

Overall: Since I was able to fix its biggest problem, I now believe the bike is an excellent buy for the money.
My rating is 4 based on the somewhat tedious process of adjusting the seat, and for directions I consider less than acceptable. If the video referenced above were recommended in the instructions then I would've rated it 5.
Hope this saves others some of the aggravation I experienced
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on March 3, 2017
When you buy products like this from China look at the pictures and skip the instructions. I was able to put this together in about an hour. So far I have only had it one day and used it once but I plan on using it every day from now on and if anything changes I will update this review.

I have read reviews on here where customers claimed the item was banged up or scratched. Mine did have scratches on it next to where the pedals are but that was about it.

As always I researched similar products and this one had good ratings at many different websites and the price was reasonable.


It is very quiet so far. Gives me a good cardio workout, which is why I bought it.


It does smell of chemicals, even after wiping it and all the parts down. Though wiping it down did improve the smell. I am sure in time the smell will lessen but for that reason I wouldn't recommend putting this in your bedroom until it airs out a bit.

The directions are worthless, but the pictures were useful.

The seat isn't very comfortable, after about 30 minutes you can feel your glutes getting sore.
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on March 28, 2016
Assembled easily and worked as it should. Warranty is actually 90 days on anything that might break. Screen is small, far away and hard to read. It takes 3 screw knobs to loosen and tighten to adjust the seat so I leave it set for my wife. Promotional video and description are misleading, but that's not new. On a positive note it is still working fine. I think that for the price it is a good machine if it lasts a few years. We have a second home so for it I opted to get a used 5 year old Schwinn 220 recumbent. It is obviously more sturdy, has a one knob adjustable seat, much better screen and better seat. But it retails for over twice as much as the Exerpeutic. I would buy the Schwinn used if you can find one at a good price.
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on March 8, 2016
Great price with free delivery, with fairly high reviews I found on exercise equipment in this price range. It is solid, comfortable and pretty easy to assemble (for someone who has some patience to follow directions, two pairs of hands needed at times). The computer is basic, but offers all details on speed, calorie usage, pulse/heart rate, and distance. Seat and resistance is adjustable too. Osteoarthritis in knees prevented any other kind of long distance walking, let alone running or climbing options, so this seemed perfect for me. Feeling some strength return in upper legs already in just nine days of cycling at just ten-twelve minutes a day plus a bonus of 3 pounds down! Slow and steady wins the race.
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VINE VOICEon January 22, 2012
I was in the market for a piece of exercise equipment that would provide my wife and I with a good cardiovascular workout. Any additional benefit such as lower body, upper body, core was secondary to that. Also my wife is still recovering from leg injuries and she never really used an elliptical we bought before all that much. The elliptical was well over twice the price of the 900 XL and it broke just after a year. So I wanted a recumbent bike that was good but I did not want to pay for a mid or even premium priced one. I am also around 260 lbs. For all those reasons I decide to go with the 900 XL.
Set-up: We were actually very impressed by how the bike is shipped to you. If you open the instruction booklet you are likely to freak out by all the parts listed. But the vast majority of pieces are already put into the machine. Now you will have to take bolts out and then back in, but there were only 6 loose bolts. Where they reasonably could have done the construction before shipping and still fit the item in a box, they did. It took us about 2 and half hours. Including the one hiccup we encountered which took about 30 minutes. This was the tension cable set up. We had to get a wrench and loosen a screw. The instruction booklet does not tell you to do this. But after trying everything else this was the only other thing to try. We did that and then everything went smoothly. The instructions are straight forward and not a single piece missing. If we didn't need to loosen that screw all the tools would have been included, there is a handy `multi-tool' that handles everything needed.

The bike itself is a pleasure to use. It is very easy to get to my target heart rate and keep it there. The seat and back rest are both very comfortable. There is a `computer' and it is very simple but useful. You get elapsed time, speed, distance, heart rate (which seems pretty darn accurate), and calories which has to be a guestimate since you do not enter weight anywhere. The tension settings work and the bike goes from way too easy to peddle to way too hard (for me and my wife at least). There are NO programs. No hill programs, nothing of that sort. You can set the computer to count down time instead of up but that is about it.

The one big downside is if you have people of different heights who all want to regularly use it. The seat/ back rest is held in place by 3 knobs. You need to get all 3 out and all 3 back in to adjust the seat distance. Is this is a pain? Yes. My wife and I are luckily just close enough that there is a setting just slightly too short for me and slightly too long for her that does work for both. Also I would be remiss in not reporting a couple of things. One the manual says 300 lbs not 325. This is a big deal as the 325 kind of sets it apart. Also we called support when we were having the tension cable problem and they never called back. Not good. The warranty also might be misleading. It says 3 years but then right below basically says anything I could think the warranty might cover as 90 days. So I am not sure.

Given those negatives, would I still recommend it? Yes I would. For the price I am getting a very comfortable and effective cardiovascular workout . This is exactly why I bought the bike. Would I like some programs, perhaps. But without programs I still am getting the workout I want. The biggest downside would be people of different heights in a household who all wanted to use it. Would everyone get use to adjusting the seat? I am sure they would. Is it a deal breaker, not if you want a good, solid piece of exercise equipment that gives a good CV workout at a good price.

I did debate on 3 stars versus 4 stars. I don't like products that say one thing, 325 lbs on Amazon then you open the instruction boolet and it says WARNING maximum weight capacity is 300lbs. They should fix the listing or fix the manual but not leave people wondering. Also not calling back was not very good customer service and does not leave me with a lot of confidence should something go wrong. The manual is also very evasive as to what is actually covered up to 3 years versus 90 days. I can usually parse that out, but not the way the company choose to word it. However right now it is working great for us, was exactly what I was looking for, is quiet and fun to use, so 4 stars.
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on October 13, 2016
I am very impressed with the quality, stability and function of this recumbent exercise bike. I purchased it to aid in recovery from a knee replacement, and it has found a permanent place and regular use in our home gym alongside more expensive equipment.
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I've been going through rehab for the last two months to regain the strength in my legs after I suffered nerve damage in my spine. I'm going to a physical therapy clinic and a wellness center that has the workout equipment I need, but I wanted to do more at home, so I shopped around for recumbent stationary bicycles and chose the Exerpeutic 900XL on the basis of price and the number of favorable reviews it had.

The assembly of the bike took a little less than an hour. The illustrated assembly instructions were clear enough, and the necessary tools - an Allen wrench and a multi-hex tool with Phillips screwdriver - were included.

This is pretty much a no-frills bike, although it does include a readout for time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse rate. There are no programs, just a knob to adjust the resistance. The seat and back cushions are comfortable enough for the sessions I have, which are 20 minutes or so at a time.

The bike is very sturdy and looks like it's built to give good service for a long time. It's not up to gym quality, of course, but for the price, it's a nice piece of home workout equipment.
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on April 26, 2017
I had low expectations for this, but I wanted to have something like this at home so I can save driving to the physical therapist as much- it's paid for itself in a short time by not driving somewhere to use one.
Back in my misspent youth, I was REALLY into cycling and had all the latest high end training gear as well as a membership at an expensive gym. Unfortunately, had a major injury in the military and now live on a meager veterans administration retirement/disability pension so buying a super high end machine was not possible. The one I ride at the V.A. hospital cost $4500 and is commercial grade, so I know how good these CAN be.
With low expectations, I ordered this. It assembled easily and the quality of the components already had impressed me. Once assembled, I tried it out and I'm amazed how smooth it is. The magnetic resistance is just as smooth as the commercial units and offers a wide enough variety from none to a serious workout with a simple mechanical dial. The expensive versions have an electric button to adjust resistance, but really- once it's set, you may change it once or twice during a workout and the mechanical dial works well enough. The cost savings is more than worth it.
I ride this every day, and have put several hundred miles on it. The pulse detection works great and the scanning display that scrolls through the speed, pulse, odometer and timer is relatively basic but offers all the info you need. Sure, a color LCD screen on a $4500 unit is nice- but park this in front of your TV and enjoy the cost savings. It's so quiet, I don't even have to turn up the TV to ride while watching the news.
If I had to find something to consider a negative, it's that the front and rear feet are far apart so the center of the frame can slightly 'bounce' a small amount- so I slipped a hockey puck under the frame in the middle. I didn't even notice when riding it, but only discovered it when watching someone else try it out- and yes, he bought one too. I weigh just under 200, he weighed about 170 and it had that flex/bounce in the frame for both of us. Again, I wouldn't have really noticed if I hadn't watched someone else ride it.
This is one of the few products these days that truly is better than one would expect for the price. Had I paid twice as much for this, I'd still be satisfied with my purchase. Being that it is not a commercial model, I don't expect it to last forever with daily use- but if I wear it out eventually, I'll buy another one. VERY happy with my purchase. This bike is helping me get my mobility and health back and I am thankful for it.
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