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on October 30, 2012
It arrived timely and was fairly easy to assemble. After a week or two, it started to make a clanging noise. Customer service was excellent. They immediately offered to replace it. They are also quite willing to provide any extra nuts or bolts requested. I got the new treadmill and it was quiet, very quiet (much more so than my Epic treadmill at home). The treadmill is wider and shorter than some of its competitors but works just fine for a 6' foot male. It folds up nicely with the aid of hydraulics. The handle bars seemed unnecessary and got in the way for office use so I removed them and placed bicycle handle bar grips on the short stubs remaining after their removal. The desk is adequately sized and the power strip and cup holders are nice features. However, there's a bit too much movement on the desk top, shaking my monitors, when walking at a brisk pace but not a major issue. Also, the design could benefit by positioning the treadmill further under the desk top so that feet don't kick the cover when close to the desk while walking but walking a bit back from the desk is doable. A wider wrist pad directly behind the key board would also be an improvement. But all-in-all, its been great so far (I've had it about 2 months).

UPDATE: It's now two years later. The desk has continued to serve me well and customer service has been excellent even two years after purchase.
Exerpeutic 2000 WorkFit High Capacity Desk Station Treadmill
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on April 21, 2013
This was the only treadmill with attached desk I could find for under a thousand dollars. The desk remains reasonably steady and I can do work, browse the web, or play games while walking at a pace of up to about 2.0 mph. It can do more, but it becomes difficult to use the computer much faster than that. Instead, I find that I get the best calorie burn by increasing the incline while walking and I can still get things done on my laptop.

That said, there are a few suggestions I wish I could pass along to the manufacturer. These are nothing I had not either read already or observed from further reading to be issues common to most treadmills.
* Many treadmills will interfere with DSL service. I had to learn this the hard way. You may have to move which outlet your DSL modem is plugged into depending on how your home is wired.
* This (like any treadmill, I suppose) is a very heavy object. Get some assistance.
* The cup-holders are ludicrously placed. Way in the back, kind of useless.
* The heart rate monitor can take up to several minutes to "catch up" to your actual heart rate. My advice? Find a setting that gets you where you want to be rate-wise through trial-and-error and stick with that setting.
* The desk is slightly too tall for a 5'8" male, and my wife at 5'6" says it's very uncomfortable for her. There is no adjustment for that, so if you're much shorter than that, this would be a very bad idea for you to purchase (if you plan to use the desk).
* The desk needs to be angled further back on the treadmill. It's hard to walk close enough to the desk to type and not bang your toes against the plastic guard thingy at the front of the walking surface.

All of those gripes acknowledged, I've owned it for at least a month now and I still use it regularly. Since I can overlap exercise with work and play now, there is no valid excuse for me to miss getting a little workout in every day. (I'm still a lazy bum, but it's getting better thanks to this device.) The built-in outlets are handy.
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on February 13, 2013
I am a 5 foot 7 inch woman. I have to reach forward and up when using the desk station. I had an ergonomic expert review the product. Since it is not adjustable, it is unusable, unless I want to injure myself. I called the company and they said they noted my concern.
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on November 19, 2013
I LOVE this desk. I can't say enough good things about it.

I have owned this desk since June 1, 2013. This is the only desk that I've seen that offers such huge desk space and inclining ability. I am 5'6" and have no issues reaching my laptop. (plus incline adds a lot of inches) I am on my WorkFit for 8-12 hours a day because I work from home but I have never been uncomfortable (it did take my feet approximately 4-5 weeks to get used to standing for that long). Since working and walking can be distracting (especially when multitasking phone & computer), I usually walk no faster than #2, but if you add the incline you burn a lot more calories and can walk at a slow steady pace. And the desk space really is large: I have a 15" laptop, 24" 2nd flat screen on a box behind laptop, Ipad w/ speaker mount, charger & Iphone, and a large Canon laser printer/copier/scanner all up on the desk. (I uploaded a picture) Plus my pile of papers and notebook, a mirror that I do my makeup with and I still have space to rest bowls of food when I eat at the desk. There are still unused spaces on the desk in the back.

In a full day of walking as slow as 1-1.5 for 6-7 hours I usually burn over 800 calories (especially with a small incline). No better way to work out if you're going to have to work anyhow! Plus my back doesn't hurt anymore from sitting around at a desk for so many hours in a day. I convinced another telecommuter in my company to purchase one and she has also relieved her back problems.

Since June I've lost 25 lbs, can't complain about that fo sho!

My only Cons:
1. It is super heavy so I couldn't move it alone and delivers in two boxes that are about the size of a small car. Not sure why I didn't expect that.
2. The cup holders are in the back, 3 ft away from where your hands rest. You would need to crawl onto the desk to reach your drink lol!. That engineer was drunk... I use them to hold small items I don't use often. Nothing wrong with improvising.
2. You can't pause the machine. I like to track my calorie loss but if you stop the treadmill you lose all previous info on the screen. I have to step off a lot for many reasons and I wish I could just pause. BUT you can set it up to count down calories and just put the speed down to .4 while you're away, it won't really count any calories if you're only gone a few minutes.
3. It only goes to #4 speed, which is a steady jog at best. I wouldn't run during work, but I'd like the ability to run on the weekends or on my breaks while watching TV to up my exercise.

It started making loud clicking noises recently but I found that I just had to adjust the back roller to make it stop. Sweet.

5 year motor warranty and lifetime structure warranty. That's pretty rad.

All in all, the Pros outweigh the Cons BY FAR. I would recommend this desk to anyone.
review image
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on June 7, 2016
I read all of the reviews and looked at a lot of different treadmill desks before buying this one. I was quite nervous that the desk was going to be too tall for me because I am only about 5'5", but it works perfect! My arms rest perfectly on the desk to be able to type comfortably while walking. I work from home so this is hands-down one of the best purchases I have ever made! I am able to get in faster walks when I am attending online meetings and then keep a slow pace when I am needing to write or type. The treadmill folds up easily and has a little shorter base so it doesn't take up a ton of room. The desk portion has a lot of space and I love the built in power strip. I would definitely recommend this treadmill!
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on July 4, 2013
I bought this treadmill desk because I was being cheap. I returned it within 30 days. It can work for some people but those people are very few and need to be tall.

CONS: 1) The desk height is NOT adjustable and it is quite tall. I am 5'4 and the desk was at my breast area. This makes it almost impossible to do any actual work on the desk, I could not write and I could not type comfortably. If you are planning to use the desk to watch something on your ipad (the only task I could comfortably complete) then it's fine. But if you are like me and buy this for a work setting then unless you are AT LEAST 6'2 don't bother. Several people of varying heights used this desk while it was in my office and the person who was 6'4 said it was perfect. In fact if you look carefully at the picture they provide you can see it's too tall. The person's hands typing are almost the same height as her shoulders. That's a terrible position.

2) The desk is too far back on the treadmill. The controls are above the motor casing and the desk starts after that. So basically the treadmill isn't under the desk it's in front of the desk. I was constantly hitting my feet on the plastic top portion of the treadmill (the motor casing) while I walked. Again this was because originally I was attempting to use the desk to work. To use the desk I had to reach the desk and to reach it I had to get as close to the front as possible. I literally rested my chest on the control panel and kind of slumped over trying to type. Then every few steps my foot would bang on the plastic because I was too close to it. If you only use the desk to watch something, you can probably stand toward the back of the treadmill and avoid this problem.

3) The cup holders are at the back of the desk and too far away to reach while on the treadmill. They are utterly pointless.

4) It's sort of loud. I was expecting it to be quieter but I may have had unrealistic expectations.

PROS: 1) The incline feature is nice.
2) It's the cheapest treadmill desk.

In conclusion this isnt really a treadmill desk. Its more a treadmill with an attached surface to hold your TV or ipad or possibly kindle to read. However if that's all you want then just get a regular treadmill with that feature and save yourself hundred of dollars. If you want a treadmill desk you can actually do work on and you are not 6'2 then keep looking.
(I actually don't recommend buying a treadmill desk at all. Buy a height adjustable desk and a treadmill base. This allows more customization to your needs and is about the same price.)
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on March 22, 2015
This treadmill desk is exactly what I anticipated. I am 5' 9" and the height is perfect for me. It may work for someone 5' 8" but not much shorter since the desk is not height adjustable. I do graphic design and video work, and since my arms are braced on the desk I can even do the fine-tuned minor adjustments with no problem. I have my desk set at the first angle so it is not flat. To keep my laptop from slipping, I bought two of these pads: It extends well behind my laptop so I can put my external hard drives on it. This raises the laptop to exactly the height of the pad along the front of the desk and keeps it placed where I want, which works perfect for me.

I also bought a fitbit zip to keep track of my steps, which is incentive, but I walk about 10,000 to 15,000 steps a day. One day I got in 20,000 which is right about 10 miles. Normally I would just be sitting, which compresses my back and I had been packing on weight over the last 4 years. My back is now pain free and I have lost way more weight than I anticipated.

It is quieter than I thought it would be. Obviously you can hear it, but it is not terrible. The faster you walk or the more incline you have it set to the more you will hear your feet come down on it so I guess it depends on what kind of clip you are walking.

The handles (like others have complained about) do seem a little long, but I think that is mostly where I have it placed. Against two walls with the back against one of the walls.

One of the challenges has been what shoes to wear. I live in the woods so they need to be a dedicated pair of shoes for the treadmill only, to keep dirt off of the track. I run in and out quite often and don't want to have to take the time to tie up shoes each trip in the house. Walking in socks was not good, mostly because of the no-slip bumps on the belt. I ended up settling on my cushy crocs. Since I am only walking and not running, these work perfect for me.

Packing was pretty good. One knob came broken, it is the one you pull to release the treadmill down when you have it folded up for storage. I have mine set up by our dining room table, which my partner uses for his desk (small house) so when we have dinner guests over and I fold this baby up I will find out how that missing knob will affect things.

Overall I am exceptionally happy with this purchase!
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on September 23, 2014
Overall this is a great solution for the individual that wants to work, watch, or read while walking. I went back and forth about which unit to buy for my office and clearly chose this model. First off, it is about half the price of the other all-in-one solutions. Secondly, I am a male who is 6'1" tall. All of the reviews stated the desk was a little tall for individuals who are shorter than 5'8". I would agree with that assessment. It is nearly perfect for my height and could easily work for individuals who are + or - 3" . It's not impossible for shorter users it would just be more difficult for everyday use. The one thing to note is that the previous reviews regarding the cup holder and power strip position are no longer accurate. The company clearly reads the reviews and made the change as prescribed. Additionally, they also now have the option of using a small handle vs. the longer one with the incline and speed controls. It sure beats getting a set of bicycle grips to make the bars shorter. I mounted a Visidec monitor arm/laptop holder to the table and it is the perfect addition for productivity and comfort. For shorter users, one suggestion would be to order a keyboard tray and mount it to the bottom of the table. Exerpeutic could even consider adding it as an option. If all your doing is walking this is a great buy. Only con would be to add a Pause button.
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on April 21, 2015
Okay, this is a pretty amusing item. First, the reality of having something like this in the house: It is huge, yet is one of the smallest ones available, so keep that in mind. I use it, but thus far not as much as I had envisioned, but my use of it will grow as I work it into my habit. The best use I have found is when I am on the phone; I am developing the habit to go to it as soon as I get or place a call to a friend. I also try to use it when I am going to do idle browsing on the computer; two times when I don't have to think too hard, and time passes unnoticed. Now, the design: I bought this because it said short people have issues and tall people like it. That is only the half of it: The desk area is huge, a short person will never reach the back; heck, I'm 5'10" and have thought about what it would take to cut the desk in half; there is no way someone is going to use the back half of it — unless this really is their 'desk'. Perhaps the size of the desk was influenced by the physics of the fulcrum to support it. It is not easily adjustable (and the adjustment is minimal), so once set, you are likely to just leave it. The height is tall, but as a woman, I do not have gorilla arms so I tend to stand, er, walk, close to the desk so I can reach. This results in my kicking the front as I walk with my woman's size 11 feet. But, most people don't have the physical architecture I do, so I would say the ideal person for this probably a 5'10" to 6'4" male, or a tall woman with short legs.

It did take two people to set up, the directions were not perfect, and there were a couple of pieces in the box that did not go this model. But, no complaints for what it is, at its price point. All in all, I like it quite well. If I had to do it over — and had more money to throw at this concept — I would buy a short walking treadmill and a height adjustable desk that straddles it. However, I am not sure that set up exists with as small or smaller a footprint; so between that and the price, this wins.
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on December 31, 2014
I bought this two years ago here on Amazon, and am using it as I write this. Still can't believe this can be had for such a price (and free shipping) but it's the real deal. It's true that the height is not adjustable; I'm a 5'7" man, and I think if I were much shorter it could become uncomfortable to type on. However, one tip is that increasing the incline a few degrees will raise you considerably (and if the treadmill is stopped, it will retain this incline until it is started again). I have used the two programmable modes to input my own "conference call" circuits, and use them often. It folds up neatly for cleaning underneath. Heart monitor appears to work well. A few things curious shoppers should be aware of:

* Typing for extended periods on a treadmill desk -- any treadmill desk, I would think -- is difficult. If you envision typing furiously for hours while burning calories, you might want to adjust your expectations a bit. It is just not that natural to type while moving, although I still do quite a bit of it.

* Using a treadmill desk too much will do a real number on your legs and back, as I discovered in my first few weeks. You really can't ride this thing for eight hours a day, for days on end. You'll pay a price. Fortunately, when it's stopped it's a perfectly suitable standing desk. And I also have a tall stool nearby that I sometimes pull up on the stopped conveyor for a change of position.

* This sucker is HEAVY. It comes in two large boxes that most mortals would have a difficult time moving anywhere or unpacking without help. My wife was pregnant, and somehow I did manage to wrestle them down to the basement and get this thing set up, but it was borderline insane.

* Don't get too excited about the cup holders. The desk is a really large surface -- which is great -- but cup holders are weirdly placed on the opposite side from the walker.

* This is really made for walking and working (although it does go up to 4 mph, which is quite a clip). If you intend to seriously run, you might want to consider something designed purely for exercise.
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