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on May 22, 2014
Everything and nothing you ever heard about aliens is true in RaShelle Workman’s book Exiled.
This story is an amazing first look into earth from an alien’s point of view. Not your normal green alien with big glassy eyes but a beautiful silver Kelarian. Venus is the Princess of Alayeah, the biggest kingdom on Kelari and is exiled to earth with her Formytian, Zaren for the highest crimes against the planet. Zaren is able to get a message out to the gods before he leaves the planet and is able to get the gods to allow Venus entry back to the planet if she can complete a quest of the utmost importance, help a human boy, Michael, find true love. Venus thinks this will be easy and must complete this task as quickly as possible because if the atmosphere of earth doesn’t kill her A.L.T. or The Order might.
RaShelle does an amazing job developing these characters from the very beginning. Within the first couple pages you already feel as though you know enough about the characters to call them your friends, within the first few chapters your family. By the end of the book they become a piece of you. I can’t lie, after I finished reading this book and found out there wasn’t a sequel yet, I shed a tear. I was not a happy camper. BUT!!!!!! There is a PREQUEL! It is a short story about the gods of Kelari, Ith and Aetha. Once you read Exiled you will understand just how awesome getting to read Aligned really is.
Will the human government find her and run their evil tests on her or will the rouge alien group kill her before she can make it back to Kelari? Does she complete her quest and make it back to avenge her family, irrihunter and take her rightful place as Queen of Alayeah? Read Exiled to find out!
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on November 21, 2017
Interesting storyline with great characters.
Venus, an alien princess, is sent to Earth by someone close to her but the reason is unclear. Accused of killing an irrhunter, a formidable magical beast, among other crimes . Venus is running out of time, fast. She cannot breathe in Earth's atmosphere and has one week to get human, Michael, to recognize his soulmate or she'll never achieve immortality and clear her name.
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on January 1, 2013
EXILED (Immortal Essence Book 1)
First this was a typical YA story about what appeared to be high school students. Drinking parties. Romance angst. A lot of detail about a shopping trip and their clothing outfits. There was even detail about what was on a burger. Secondly it was a story about aliens, which was pretty interesting. But, what didn't fit was the totally unnecessary brutal torture, mutilation and dismemberment of women and children by teenagers. That takes this completely out of the YA category and drops the review score for me. It just didn't fit this story. Don't expect to find any answers as to what that is all about by the end of the book.
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wow i bought this awhile back ago and since there is a new essence book coming out i decided to read the entire seriws and boy oh boy what a ride .
what happens when you are wrongly accused of something you never did ./
what if the mission the gods tell you to do or face death .
and what if the one place you go can make you die within a week
and what if the person who was your mission does love but not who you thought they would ,.
what do you do when you follow your heart only to not have the one you love love you as well .
and who is Vinny really and why is he killing humans and what can he gain by doing so . and how is he related to the king of Venus and Zaren's home planet .
can you love more than one person or is it truly one on one forever . find this and much more when you read the Immortal Essence series
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on January 29, 2012
I really loved this book so I thought I'd tell some people about it's amazingness. The author did a great job of making a simple science fiction novel. I liked that the book didn't have a bunch of complicated language or super long explanations about nothing. The book was filled with adventure, secrets, and romance, keeping the reader on the edge of their seat. The concepts introduced in the book weren't hard to understand or keep up with. I liked that the author wrote the book in various two points of view, but focused mainly on Venus. I would recommend the book to girls who want romance with more action in it. I suspect that the book is the first in a series because it ended with a lot of unanswered questions. I give the book a 4 out of 5 only because I was mad about love triangle going on. Hope you decide to read it; it's really a good book.
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on October 15, 2012
First off, check out the cover! They have recently changed the cover (to the second, smaller one I have show) but both are VERY pretty!!

So, I have to say that I was extremely impressed by this book. You never know what kind of book you will actually get when you buy a free book... and I had never heard of this author before, so I really didn't have any idea what it would be like.
The story is about an alien princess named Venus, who is exiled to earth on false charges, and the only way she can go home is if she can help a certain human find his soul mate and fall in love. And she has to get home soon, because Earth's atmosphere will kill her within a week.

But it isn't that easy, there is an alien already on Earth (he is kind of in hiding... kind of.) and he is supposed to kill her.

But, she has her trusty Formytian (basically a guardian or body guard) who is completely loyal to her helping her along the way.

The world building in the book was pretty amazing, you learn the history and back story of the gods on her planet, you learn little things about the kelphi and keilvarians (aliens and immortal aliens) along the way and its pretty extensive and impressive.

The characters were good and unique and they each had depth. I didn't like Cheverly at all, ever. And I really felt like I culd see Venus go through each NEW emotion, one at a time. I could see and feel the way she was realizing her care for Zaren, and grow to be fond of Michael!

Zaren was by far my favorite, and though Michael was cool too, I still am rooting for Zaren. If you cant tell, these are the two love interests for Venus. And I really hate love triangles, so this is the only thing I didn't like about this book. Without this love triangle aspect, I would have given this book a 5 star rating.

Anyways, Zaren is her guardian, while Michael is the human she has to help find true love. But Michael has some SERIOUS baggage and issues of his own. He was beat as a child, and still his mother is verbally, emotionally and physically abusive to him.

I did want to mention there was a pretty graphic violent scene where the bad guy had teenagers chop up a woman and mentioned the children already being murdered... this was pretty sad and very image provoking in my mind. So be warned.
I really liked the way Zaren explained the difference of physical attraction, love and true love to Venus, who has never experienced these emotions (or really any emotions) as she is taught since being a child, that as a princess your own emotions should be nonexistent, so as to better rule for the greater good of the whole.

Overall, I was very impressed by this book and thought the book ending wrapped up nicely, though its obvious there could be more installments.

Review by Mrs Jones at: [...]
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on July 4, 2012
Rating: 2.5 stars

Venus is a sixteen-year-old alien princess, which means she is of age to achieve immortality. But her plans completely change when she lays her head down and then wakes up on Earth. Missing a huge chunk of time, Venus learns someone on her planet has accused her of horrible crimes and has had her exiled. The only way to get back to Kelari is for her to fulfill one request from her gods: help a certain human boy, Michael, fall in love. Why her gods care about a human falling in love, Venus has no idea, but she does know that she will not survive more than a week on Earth with its air poisoning her lungs.

Exiled sounded really neat to me and as I search my very forgetful mind, I do not believe I have read a book about aliens before. While I enjoyed this science fiction/paranormal beginning to the Immortal Essence series, some of it confused me.

It begins with Venus's sixteenth birthday party as she is sneaking away from it to get some alone time. Instead her annoying younger sister, Amberlee, visits her and actually acts sort of kind, which throws Venus off but does not alert her. Next thing I know, she is on Earth with her Formytian, a sort of guardian, named Zaren who has the hots for her. Zaren proceeds to fill Venus in on what happened - that she has been exiled for crimes she did not commit, her family is in hiding, and she needs to help a human fall in love - but no one knows who the true traitors are. Sans immortality, Earth's air slowly begins to wreak havoc on Venus. Also, she is just as vulnerable as a human (Zaren is already immortal). Then, Venus finds a stream where she has a not-so-chance meeting with Michael. Fast forward and Venus and Zaren stay with an alien they sort of know of, Dervinius, who is attending the local high school and goes by Vinny. It is also Michael's high school. Venus soon learns that Michael was sort of dating this girl Cheverley so she sets out to make them fall in love. Oh and strange cult-like human teenagers try to destroy Venus and the only father Michael has ever known turns out to be an agent of a secret agency that hunts aliens.

I liked Venus. On Kelari she was kind of cold and she thought love was not necessarily stupid, but not for someone as level-headed and focused on her people as her. But she was not on Kelari long enough for me to really get a sense of her personality then. On Earth, without her immortality, she changes and becomes more in tune with her emotions and of those around her. Zaren was pretty cool, if a bit stiff. Dervinius was creepy to me, but in Exiled, the reader knows a bit more than the characters. Cheverley seemed cool at first. And Michael was super arrogant and broken, but that was what Venus was trying to fix with love. It just did not quite work out the way she planned it.

At times it was hard to keep up with the alien lingo and ways. The book moves really fast and there were some gaps where events happened that I did not actively "see", so that causes some more confusion.

I am somewhere between thinking Exiled is okay and liking it. Even though I could not keep up with some aspects of the story, I started to get into it enough that I needed to know what would happen. And the ending left me needing to know what happens next, so I will probably read the second book, Beguiled.

Recommended for readers fourteen and up who are interested in an alien teen read. If you are more accustomed to books about aliens and enjoy young adult literature, then you might want to pick it up.

Google "The Musings of ALMYBNENR" to see this review in its original format and to follow my book review blog for more reviews and bookish content.

Please note: Whatever I rate a book here, please check what the ratings mean on Goodreads, because those are what I go by.
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on December 12, 2012
I picked up a E-copy of Exiled a while back for free, and when I heard about the tour for the next chapter I had to sign up. Venus has turned sixteen which means she now will become a immortal, setting her on the path to be the next queen. But fate steps in changing her forever when she's exiled to earth with her only chance of returning to help a mortal boy find love. Venus has seven days to help Michael find his soul mate or she won't be able to return to her home planet and Earth's atmosphere will kill her. Thankfully she's not alone on the alien world she has her bodyguard Zaren an immortal to protect her.

They seek out the help of a immortal who's pretending to be a high school student to help blend with the humans. However Michael isn't thrilled with the idea of finding love since both of his parents have let him down all his life. Then he catches his girlfriend cheating on him on his killing any chances of being in love when he meets Venus who he suspects is the Angel of Death. Venus thinks that by reuniting Michael with his girlfriend will solve her problem but Michael may love his girlfriend but he's not in love with her. On earth Venus learns that one of her own is killing a human which has the government after them too.

I just love the cover for Exiled it's just beautiful. I'm still new to the Sci-Fi genre but the more I've been reading the more I'm starting to really enjoy them. Exiled is a great first book in the Immortal Essence series. I wasn't sure about Venus as a character but the more I read I started to warm up to her and really like her. However with her love life I'm not sure how I feel about it. I try to avoid books that are love triangles because I hate them so much but for the most this one wasn't bad. I found the concept for the story unique and fascinating it captured my imagination refusing let go even after I finished. The story is filled, with action, adventure, romance and emotions that keep you wanting more. Exiled is a decent size book but for me it was a fast read, one of those you just don't want to put down and I ended up staying up super late just to finish. It even took all my will power not to start the next one. This is my first book by RaShelle Workman and after reading Exiled I'm a quick fan.
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on February 27, 2012
Venus finds herself on Earth with her protector, Zaren. Why she is there, she does not know. She is supposed to be on a journey that will make her immortal. Instead she is on Earth with a mission from the Gods, to make a boy find true love. On top of that Venus has learned that someone has framed her for murder back on her home planet. But Venus first needs to focus on Michael and there is a catch - she has only one week before she dies from Earth's atmosphere....

Venus' and Michael's first encounter is anything but pleasant but over the next few days Venus starts to get closer to Michael. Venus finds herself overwhelmed with emotions that she has never felt before, but not just for Michael but for Zaren as well. During which time, Venus struggle with finding a way to help Michael find true love.

I first found Venus rather annoying but as time went on I found her growth as a human/alien enduring and interesting. I loved seeing her react to human emotions and needs, like eating pancakes for the first time. The one character I loved the most was Michael. I fell in love with him right away. My heart couldn't help but feel for him; he is both a strong character literally and figuratively.

RaShelle Workman has created a very unique plot line. While at times I was bit confused of what exactly was going one, I fell in love with the plot, wanting to know what was going to happen next. Exiled was a very unexpected read, as I was very tentative at first after reading the synopsis. But I was soon surprised to find how intriguing it become - these are my favorite types of reads, never knowing what to expect.
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on February 4, 2012
I originally saw Exiled on a review blog where it was featured in a giveaway. The cover looked interesting and the storyline seemed different. So, when I saw it available on Amazon for free, I made sure to download it.

The story was interesting enough- I read it in two days. Exiled is the tale of a Kelarian Princess named Venus. She lives a stable life until she passes out and awakes to find that her family has disappeared and she has been framed for their killing. Zaren, her "Formytian," (basically her bodyguard/servant,) makes sure she makes it safely to Earth. There, they discover that they've been set a task by their gods to help the boy named Michael. From there, they meet up with Dervinias, (a.k.a. Vinny,) who is the villian of the tale. He's basically a psychopathic, murdering, immortal Kelarian who has his own agenda. He also has a bunch of humans, (including Michael's girlfriend, Cheverly,) under his thumb. The story continues with Venus and Zaren trying to complete their mission by helping Michael and is complicated by the love triangle between the three of them and Cheverly.

Meanwhile, Vinny sends out his minions to make attempts on Venus's life, (which sort of fizzle out to pointlessness in the end.) But time starts to run out anyway for Venus as her body becomes more and more poisoned by Earth's atmosphere and she starts to die. The story races to an interesting end which has a cliffhanger of sorts- will Vinny gets what is coming to him? Will Venus and Zaren find out what happened to her family? It's clear there's going to be a sequel.

I actually enjoyed reading this story: it was fun, entertaining, and had enough action to keep me reading. There were some typos that indicated one more editing check should have happened, but overall it wasn't distracting enough to stop me from reading the story all the way through. I did/do feel bad for Zaren in the midst of the whole love triangle- I'm kind of hoping the next installment will resolve that dilemma for him, at least. There were some complaints that the love triangle seemed contrived- but I remember being a teenager (horrors!) and I remember having 3 or 4 crushes at the same time (who never even knew I was alive lol.) So, I kept that in mind while I read.

The slang used was a little annoying and dorky- sometimes authors need to keep in mind that when they use slang in books- it pinpoints CERTAIN TYPES of teen groups. Slang differs from each teen cultural group to the next- just like it does for adults- so plleeeeeze be certain you're using the right slang!

Also, the idea of Venus's planet and culture were really interesting and compelling and drew me into the story immediately. Being thrown back onto planet Earth with Michael was a little confusing/overwhelming at first, but pulled together as the story went on. But I would love to learn more about Venus's planet and culture- they were interesting enough to pull me into the story in the first place.

In any case, none of the things in the book that irked me, bothered me enough to destroy my enjoyment of the story. The story itself is hard to classify- is it Contemporary Sci Fi? Is it Urban YA? Is it Mythological Romance? Hard to say.

Guess you'll have to read and decide for yourself!
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