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on April 23, 2015
Missed Mickey Rourke But chuckled at Norris! Fans of the first movie will be pleased filled with testosterone, muscles & a virtual who's who of Hollywood Bad A$$es "The Expendables 2" picks up where the first left off . A bit darker than the 1st movie it still manages to keep the successful formula of humor , action & little surprise cameo's. Jean Claude Van Damme excels at being a bad guy which is a real plus when your larger than life hero's are well...larger than life! You have to find some pretty imposing characters to make the adventure a challenge when you have a cast like this!!! I can see this franchise climbing to James Bond status because its all about the action & fun. I don't see a Oscar in anyone's future in this franchise, but I do see a successful formula that can keep on going this is one of those times when the sequel is as good if not better than the original & I am looking forward to number 3!
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Top Contributor: Writingon November 30, 2012
Being a fan of most of the stars in this movie, I am biased...very biased. The action is great. Lots of gun play with hits that are more realistic than I have seen before. When a human body gets hit with a .50 round, he doesn't just slump over like in the 1960's TV shows (Combat or Rat Patrol). Here we see massive gore, body parts and parts of body parts flying away. The stunt folks take the hits accurately too, none of that "slumping over into an eternal snooze" --these folks look like they were hit with a high-powered round.

Excellent job in the hand-to-hand department, although for my money there could have been a lot more of that and a few less one liners. But I confess, some of the one liners were LOL funny! I won't spoil it here, because I detest movie spoiling. Suffice to say I am not given to laugh out loud, especially when I am alone. Some of the humor bits really were perfect! The exchange between Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger during the big battle scene was HILARIOUS! I am shocked that Van Damme agreed to play the bad guy. He should have because in my book he is the least likeable. Just to have a movie with this kind of a cast is the very definition of EPIC. In that respect it was like The Dirty Dozen, my favorite old school war movie.

This is one of those movies that make you saw to yourself, "I never thought I'd see all these great action actors together in the same movie, I am so glad this happened in my life time!" I am so glad I took time out today to watch this movie. It was well worth the rental and I am probably going to buy it as well.

And I am glad I could share a few thoughts with you as well. I hope you will watch it now. Enjoy the movie.

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on December 16, 2012
Yep, they are all here, all the action stars of the 80;s and 90's. I was hoping someone could put all of them together for one big movie and Stallone did it! It is one wild ride from beginning to end with everything you expect from the 3 major stars, Stallone, Schwartznegger and Willis. Yes you will hear "I'll be back" and you will see "Lone Wolfe Mcquade" and terminator jokes will be made as will burning towers. There will be explosions, fights and gun battles as expected... you get it BECAUSE you expect it and that is the beauty of this movie. It doesn't take itself too seriously but you also learn more about the team and the way they interact with one another makes you believe these are men that have seen and done too much together to take each other for granted but will tear each other apart jokingly and enjoy it. Tragedy sends the team after a cold blooded killer played by Van Damme after he takes a box they were sent to retrieve. Saving a village in the process is just part of the journey for vengeance and falls into place wonderfully in the story line. Liam Hemsworth is great as the newbie and shows why he will follow in his brothers footsteps. The kid is a great actor and falls right in place with this great cast. There is also a sense of sadness because you know this show is the last and only time you will see these great men of action together but take heart, there is already talk about a 3rd EXPENDABLES....CAN'T WAIT!!!
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on February 21, 2015
I watched Expendables one with my son, and there were plenty of "Ooohhh!" shouts at some pretty outlandish scenes. It was an easy choice to go for the second movie. Filled with plenty of action, fighting, and "Did you see that!" scenes. What surprised me was how much fun my wife and daughter also had when watching this movie. The story was ok, plot not too hard to follow, and over all just an excuse for an adventurefest. I'm giving 4 stars because it kept all 4 viewers entertained, which not a lot of movies do.
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on May 26, 2016
I love the movie but the quality of the picture is so grainy and I bought this as a replacement for my other copy because the quality was like watching a very used VHS tape and they are almost one and the same.

I am tempted to buy a regular DVD to see if it the production of them is better than the Blu-ray, because I have both of the other Expendables Movie and the quality of them is how a Blu-ray should look.
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on December 30, 2012
It's got the basic special features with director commentary if you into that and digital copy is readily accessible online but for those who may not be based in the US ... you CANNOT access nor download your digital copy though you have paid for it.

As for the movie, if you liked The Expendables then you're in for a treat because part 2 is all that and more! I hate selling out a movie ... like those trailers that after watching it you feel as if you just watched the entire movie in 5 minutes ... but there are some good surprises in this film. The story line is definitely stronger and more in depth than the first (good improvement) but they also cut the story for the sake of senseless action. Not a bad trade off in my opinion.

Of course with an all action star line up you may be wondering about the quality of acting but it's all good, no disappointments at all but then most of my favorite 80s and 90s stars are in there so possible biased and boy do they all look old!

So if you don't like movie spoilers, don't read on ...

Stallone and Statham have a real good connection and make a good team, though I think there is less emphasis on Statham's character and more on Stallone. Jet Li got more a guest appearance at the start but hopefully he'll be back if there's another installment because he was missed.

Finally a real movie that starred Willis, Arnold (don't pretend to spell his surname) and Stallone with a compliment of other good action stars. Yes there are a few tacky statements about each other that could have been left out but there's also some good humor in it. Van Damme played a fantastic bad guy; I mean have you seen his productions in the last 10 years? Less than entertaining but he really did a good job here. But the best and most ridiculous thing is Chuck Norris who mysteriously appears in the middle of the movie whne you need him most ... the true Lone Wolf.

Hats off to a great sequel.
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on June 29, 2017
Great over the top tough guy fun. Stallone does it again brings back more past and present action stars in a mega explosive tough guy movie. Only didn't care for Jean Claude Van Damme as the arch nemesis
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on April 19, 2014
What better a way to bring back a bunch of our old school action hero's than to have a block-buster all star cast all together in one movie, of course that goes for the first one too, and I'm sure the 3rd will be just as kool, and funny. Honestly I think Stallone's last Rambo movie that came out what 3-4 years ago I guess I think that was his best one yet. Stathom of course he's a much newer action star and pretty bad ass, except for being bald, lol. Jet Li just had one small scene at the beginning of this one don't know why, I mean I don't think he died in the beginning did he or did I miss something, lol. I don't know why Van dam wound up being a has bin so early in his movie career, but only after what about 10 short years all his movies became very much alike, and wound up just making straight to video movies that tells ya right there that they are done. Dolph he had a few decent movies as it was and that was only because of Van Dam, and Stallone's help. Rourke what a weird freak he turned out to be, I mean why the hell he ruined his body for that stupid wrestling movie as well his his face with that awful face lift he had. The ones that started out wrestling and now have done a few movies including these, I mean of course that's all that tv wrestling crap is, is acting.
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on July 9, 2017
It is well written & great acting but some parts of it were muck like the first, far fetched. It is a very graphic movie but is action packed for sure. I would recommend.
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on July 28, 2014
Is this movie well made or not? WHO CARES!!!? The sheer star power alone will throw you through the back of your chair and then through the wall into your yard! Pick an action hero from the last 30 years and chances are they appear on this movie with maybe only a couple of exceptions(where is Steven Seagal?). There are too many stars for me to list here; I MEAN IT! Mercenaries much like the A-Team but far less comical and far more dangerous. I am completely blown away by this movie!
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