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on June 30, 2015
For those who may be interested in the technical specs of the antenna I will post those following a brief review.

The unit is constructed solidly. The antenna I received did have "ExpertPower" markings on the barrel/base of the antenna. The cap at the end is a solid plastic, not rubber like you find on more whip antennas. The textured base does make it easy for install and removal. Overall it is a decent performer, especially for the $13 price (as of June 2015).

Now for the SWR specifications. I used an AW07A Antenna Analyzer to get specifications on the antenna performance. The antenna is advertised as being for 144-146 and 430-440 MHz. I will cover those areas in detail, as well as the surrounding areas.

120.000: 4.6
125.000: 4.5
130.000: 1.7
*Note: The lowest SWR achieved in this area is 1.4*
133.050 - 135.250: 1.4
140.000: 2.5
144.000: 3.2
145.000: 3.5
146.000: 3.7
150.000: 4.3
155.000: 4.5
160.000: 5.4
165.000: 5.1
170.000: 4.5
175.000: 2.4
176.750-177.850: 1.4
180.000: 2.8
185.000: 5.7

400.000: 4.6
410.000: 3.9
420.000: 3.0
430.000: 2.2
433.000: 2.0
436.000: 1.9
440.000: 1.6
445.000: 1.2
**448.120 - 448.975 shows SWR 1.0**
450.000: 1.1
455.000: 1.5
460.000: 2.1
465.000: 2.7
470.000: 3.6
475.000: 4.2
480.000: 4.8
490.000: 5.6
495.000: 6.1
500.000: 6.7

I hope this helps you make an informed decision on the antenna you will be purchasing.
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on April 11, 2013
I bought this antenna a few months ago for my Baofeng UV-5RA. The stock rubber duck antenna obviously does not perform very well, so I was in want for something better. I decided on this and when I got it, I noticed an immediate improvement over my stock antenna. I live right on the edge of my local repeater effective range for a 5 watt HT, so I'm in the perfect spot to give a comparison on the performance of this. Before, I couldn't even hit the repeater and I could just barely do it outside my house... sometimes. But this antenna has allowed me much greater range than before. I still need to go outside my house if I want people to hear me clearly, but it still works fairly well inside. Like a lot of other repeaters out there, there are two tail tones that let you know how well you're getting into it, and I can usually get the weak signal tail tone anywhere in my house which before was impossible. I've also compared this to other HT 2 meter antennas like the Diamond, and I haven't been able to notice any significant difference in performance (if any difference at all).

My only caution to people considering this antenna is that it is slightly on the large side for an HT antenna, but your performance is sure to be improved. It's hard to use in the car because you have to angle the radio sideways just so that the antenna won't hit anything. But you should be using a mobile rig for that anyway ;) So overall, this is a very good antenna that can increase your effective range at least by a few miles, and if you're considering it, I encourage you to buy it.
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on December 5, 2012
The ExpertPower 14.4 dual band antenna replaced the 7 inch HT antenna the came on my Wouxun 2 Meter/440 mHz HT. I been checking into 2 meter ham net for months. I have had to go outside the apartment to hit get into the repeater.
After getting the ExpertPower 14.4 antenna when I checked into the net I was going to mention that I had a new antenna but as soon as I checked in the net control station said "N0UWY your signal is excellent tonight." He said it was the best check in that he had heard from me!
Since then I check in from inside the apartment and hit the repeater with a strong signal.
The net is on 2 meters. So I know the ExpertPower 14.4 is better on 2 meters than the stock antenna that came with the Wouxun HT.
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on May 16, 2017
This is absolutely the antenna to have for your HT. It is so much less whippy (technical term) than the 15" that it is much more convenient to use. I have a 15" extendable antenna that does not get as good of reception as this little guy.

Think about where and what you are using your radio for. If you are getting into/out of cars, this is a great option because it is short enough to stay clear of the roof when you hold the unit to your mouth. If you are backpacking, it fits much easier into a bag or compartment. It is flexible and will not break when deformed. And the reception is great.
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on October 11, 2016
I too recently purchased this antenna, the one that came with my Baofeng UV5R just wasn't getting out or receiving well. I'm just outside the range of the nearest repeater, but after receiving my ExpertPower Antenna, I noticed instantly a big difference in transmitting and receiving, I also purchased a 30 ft. cable with it to raise the antenna up twenty to twenty-five feet, you would not believe the difference. Now I have a great little system where I can talk to just about anyone I want. Plus I have purchased a second one for my other radio.
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on June 14, 2013
I had been using the stock antenna on my Baofeng UV5R+. It seemed to work ok, but was way too stiff. bend the wrong way while carrying it and SNAP!!! There goes the antenna along with the radio. I wanted something that was flexible, and if it had better performance it would be a bonus. I found this Expert Power "7.56" Dual band antenna here on Amazon. Although i was a little skeptical because of the price i deceided to give it a try because it seemed to be just what i needed. I received the antenna very quickly. It was flexible and lightweight which was just what i wanted. I installed it into the radio and it fit like a glove, nice and snug down into the radio mount with no gaps. It actually looks like it was made for the radio (factory). I immediately noticed a marked improvement in my receive power. Distant stations and repeaters that i had been listening to were now louder and more clear. My transmitt power also improved, repeaters that i had been barely pushing, were now reading me loud and clear. The antenna is perfect for everyday carry, not too big and very flexible. It is well worth the price. I wouldn't recommend it if i wasn't satisfied. Go ahead and get one..you'll be glad you did!
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on July 11, 2013
A good add on to your BaoFeng UV 5R+.
The base of the antenna fits perfectly to the transceiver - nice and snug. The 7.56" length doesn't get in the way.
The antenna is better than the BaoFeng rubber ducky but it's not a powerhouse.
I did hit a couple of repeaters that I couldn't hit with the antenna that came with the hand held, however if you need more distance, you might want to look at the longer Comet or Diamond antenna.
I'm satisfied with the ExpertPower Dual Band antenna.
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on April 15, 2014
If you don't need to do frequent antenna switching, this thing fits the UV-5RA like it was specifically made for it and MILES better than the OEM antenna. I have not measured the SWR on this antenna like some people have but we did do a reception test and this was way better than stock, and seemed just as good as a $30 main stream brand name antenna. The larger version of this antenna has a VERY poor SWR per some other reviewers, and for this radio I wanted to keep a smaller antenna.

Rx and Tx performance to my local favorite repeaters was vastly improved over the stock antenna. Also did some testing with simplex operation and again, huge gains in range.

So, a cheap antenna for a cheap radio. It works. I still think going with a nice quality brand name antenna is the best route, but if you're on a tight budget this one just can't be beat at this price.
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I have a feeling that this antenna was some sort of random discovery by customers; not something that was intended to be this good; kinda like the 1000 monkeys writing Shakespeare deal, while it is statistically possible, it is highly unlikely it will happen, so perhaps between antennae runs are different as well...

So far, all 3 antennae I've purchased here (2 SMA-F and 1 SMA-M) all came straight. Interestingly though is that the SMA-M version is about 1 cm longer than the SMA-F, yet performance was equal, as in, I couldn't tell the difference between the two.

The test involved several rubber ducky antennae (12 total, including a tribander JTH2 antenna, a few dedicated UHF ones and a few dual banders) The radio TH-F6A was used for recording the signal strength on the S meter; always from the same spot for known repeaters/stations/airports on Airband / 2 meter / 70 cm bands. All tests were performed from the coffee table in our living room. Now, take this for what is worth: its a rubber duck small antenna, and as such, my magmount mobile antenna beat them all by a good margin, but then again, I can't carry around the magmount antenna...

Frequencies RX tested were:
Willow Run airport ATIS: using AM ~127.430 (~10 miles)
KE8HR repeater: FM (narrow) 146.760 mhz (~30 miles)
KIH29 162.475 mhz: FM (narrow) (NOAA) (~52 miles))
WJR 450.750 mhz FM (narrow) (~30 miles)
I didn't test 220 because I don't have another radio that can RX on 220...

I was pleasantly surprised to see it picking Airband, although not as good as the JTH2, it outperformed all other antennae in the test and matched the stock TH-F6A duck.

The overall performance in 2 meters was really good, the only antenna that beat it was the JTH2 by certain situations, in other situations it matched it. I also tested two different BF GT-3 antennae (the older model and the newer model which is a little shorter with a flat top) and although the newer model is arguably better, they don't come close to match this antenna in 2 Meters; neither in 144 mhz nor 162 mhz... that shows the RX freq range of this antenna is pretty wide. 2nd best, losing only to an antenna that is twice as long and four times more expensive... kinda expected. The stock TH-F6A antenna showed similar performance around the low 140 mhz range, but once it went to the high VHF freqs, 150-170 (MURS, NOAA) the Experpower was able to beat it by on S on the meter.

The surprise was on UHF tho, where the Experpower antenna smoked the competition. I was able to get S9 on the WJR station from my living room, the 2nd best was one my single band UHF antenna for my old GMRS radios, which got fluctuating S7~S8. The worst was the Midland G-11 stock stubby duck, which was deaf; and 2nd worst was the JTH2 with just S2... horrendous in UHF, even worse than the stock TH-F6A rubber duck which got ~S6.

simplex TX performance test:
Magmount mobile antenna inside house using a BF GT-3.
x1 TH-F6A
x1 GT-3

In VHF it was able to reach 5.67 miles on nearly flat semi-suburban town area with houses and vegetation. We couldn't hear each other at all at that range. Reception was S8 when last contact (around 4.6 miles), so probably we couldn't get a clear path or we were at a lower altitude... it seemed like equal range to the JTH2.

UHF wasn't as good, only reaching a tad over 3 miles before I couldn't hear base but base could hear me. Perhaps due to the fact that the GT-3 has only 3 watts vs. 5 watts on the TH-F6A?

So, there you have it, for ~6 bucks + S&H you can't get much better than this rubber duck IMO.

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on January 20, 2016
I don't have any fancy testing equipment to test the range of my radio with. I'm not a HAM operator, but I do understand the concept of how radios work and repeaters and all that "schtuff" What I can say is this:
Radio: UV-5RV2+
I bought this antenna because I thought the short one wasn't very flexible. I thought if it works as good, then I'm happy because I really didn't buy it for better reception. I needed a flexible antenna for my application.
Things I liked about the antenna:
1. The antenna snugged up nice and tight. Don't need to be an expert to know this is a good thing, so in fitment, it gets an A+.
2. The my radio picks up KLOVE better than it did before. Of course that could have been atmospheric conditions at play. I didn't measure humidity, dew point and barometric pressure, I didn't even look outside. I just said, "Hmpf! The the radio station is coming in more clear." I also realize this isn't the true purpose of the radio, but it's a nice bennie.
3. I also noticed that I'm picking up a repeater that I wasn't picking up the stock antenna. Again, there could be a plethora of other reasons or factors, but I kinda just thought, "Put new antenna on. Radio picks up more stations." Kind of simple, but that's what it is.
4. This is kind of tied to the first comment, but I just wanted to comment again on quality. This radio goes in a chest right and I have to bend the antenna down over my shoulder straps. It did not break, nor does it seem that it will. It seems to be very well constructed.
5. $10.95. I mean even if this thing slightly improves reception, it's $10.95. I also read many other antennas did not fit secure to the radio I have
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