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on August 12, 2015
Tested the SWR on the antenna is way too high (almost 2 watts reflected on UHF)! You will burn out your radio without even knowing it, I am assuming people have returned radios they used with this antenna thinking the radio failed - instead they blew it themselves with this cheapo antenna!
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on September 28, 2017
If you were as frustrated I was by wondering whether or not those "authentic" Nagoya are real or not, then look no further. No controversy, these antennas just work. The antennas I received perform their job admirably and much better than the stock antennas, so I am happy with them. They also fit my radios without requiring use of a washer, sitting flush with the chassis as they should. If you are in the market for a solid antenna for your handheld, look no further.
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on August 29, 2016
Near perfect fit for my issued Baofeng UV-5R. It wobbles subtly in place, but remains in place and functional. This is a far better set up than the factory whip antenna. The other choice of the 'diamond' branded stub antenna is popular too. Mine is easier to tell apart, because everyone else has that. Both are the same length. However, the flexible (bendable) ability of this antenna provides great safety for me and those I deal with. Plus, one could imagine the humor it provides to us in the tactical fields... off record jokes.
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on January 26, 2016
The 2 meter performance of this antenna was worse than the factory antenna for UV5RA. Seems to be well made but has inferior RF send/receive characteristics, Was unable to receive local repeater signals clearly, signals were fine with default UV5RA antenna. I cannot recommend this antenna and I am returning mine.
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on April 25, 2017
I'm not a electrical engineer or an expert ham radio guy... however the antenna seems to give my HT more range, a vast improvement over the stock rubber duck antenna. The antenna is a bit long at 14.5 inches, however as with most things there are trade offs. Most of the time my HT is attached to my backpack shoulder strap so the height of the antenna is not an issue for me. I'm pleased with it and would recommend it to others.
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on September 4, 2017
This antenna fits very well on my Baofeng radio. I would also believe that this antenna would also fit on any radio that has an sma-female adapter.

The two things that stand out for me are the knurled base of the antenna so you can grip it when installing or removing it, and the antenna has the proper depth at the base so there is no gap between the antenna base and the radio adapter. This a problem with the UV-5R series.

You could still place a small rubber O-ring at the base so you eliminate water or dirt getting into the connector.
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on May 19, 2017
Bought two of these for a pair of Baofeng UV-5Rs. I wasn't expecting a huge improvement for a low-cost product, but hoped the extra length over the factory antenna would provide some extra range. I wasn't able to perceive any difference for good or bad after switching to these, so I decided to just use the factory antenna instead as it's easier to work around.
I gave two stars because the antenna also does not seem to be very well-made, even for a cheap product: its threaded portion is not properly centered within the antenna body, so the antenna sits cockeyed rather than threading down flush to the radio.
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on January 24, 2014
I bought 2 of these,1 for my Baofeng UV-5RE+ and one for my Baofeng GT-3. I was a little disappointed to see the first one out of the package was slightly off center and didn't sit level on my radio. I was VERY disappointed to see the second one out of the package was severely off center and was nowhere near level. I figured I would at least see if they worked and found reception to be the same as the stock antenna.

When I tried to remove them to place the stock antennas back on the units I found they were stuck and had to be turned with pliers to be removed. They were put on hand tight so I am assuming this was due to being off center.

I was going to send them back but being such a low priced item it is not worth the hassle. The one plus is that if you get one that is straight it is more flexible and less prone to breakage than the stock antenna.

I am going to chalk this up as a lesson learned and buy a couple of Nagoya antennas.

That being said the seller was quick to ship and no hassles. Unfortunately the product did not live up to the expectations.

Update: The seller was contacted and both antennas were replaced. Unfortunately these bases were even more crooked Than the first set. One won't even go on the radio and the other one sits at a 20-25 degree tilt. The seller has 5 star customer service but unfortunately the product is a failure. Go with Nagoya or Diamond unless you can examine these first hand before purchase to make sure you get properly drilled bases.
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on August 20, 2017
I had hopes for this but when I received it I immediately tested its SWR (a reading of how well matched it is to maximize both transmit and receive). An excellent reading is 1.00. Over 3.00 and you can burn your radio out when talking. This was at the meters maximum reading of 19.9. I had also ordered two of their 14.7" antennas. They tested excellent at 1.13 and 1.31 for each. Returning and replacing with their 14.7".
review image
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on January 20, 2016
I don't have any fancy testing equipment to test the range of my radio with. I'm not a HAM operator, but I do understand the concept of how radios work and repeaters and all that "schtuff" What I can say is this:
Radio: UV-5RV2+
I bought this antenna because I thought the short one wasn't very flexible. I thought if it works as good, then I'm happy because I really didn't buy it for better reception. I needed a flexible antenna for my application.
Things I liked about the antenna:
1. The antenna snugged up nice and tight. Don't need to be an expert to know this is a good thing, so in fitment, it gets an A+.
2. The my radio picks up KLOVE better than it did before. Of course that could have been atmospheric conditions at play. I didn't measure humidity, dew point and barometric pressure, I didn't even look outside. I just said, "Hmpf! The the radio station is coming in more clear." I also realize this isn't the true purpose of the radio, but it's a nice bennie.
3. I also noticed that I'm picking up a repeater that I wasn't picking up the stock antenna. Again, there could be a plethora of other reasons or factors, but I kinda just thought, "Put new antenna on. Radio picks up more stations." Kind of simple, but that's what it is.
4. This is kind of tied to the first comment, but I just wanted to comment again on quality. This radio goes in a chest right and I have to bend the antenna down over my shoulder straps. It did not break, nor does it seem that it will. It seems to be very well constructed.
5. $10.95. I mean even if this thing slightly improves reception, it's $10.95. I also read many other antennas did not fit secure to the radio I have
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