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Style: Long Whip (14.5 in)|Change
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on December 5, 2012
The ExpertPower 14.4 dual band antenna replaced the 7 inch HT antenna the came on my Wouxun 2 Meter/440 mHz HT. I been checking into 2 meter ham net for months. I have had to go outside the apartment to hit get into the repeater.
After getting the ExpertPower 14.4 antenna when I checked into the net I was going to mention that I had a new antenna but as soon as I checked in the net control station said "N0UWY your signal is excellent tonight." He said it was the best check in that he had heard from me!
Since then I check in from inside the apartment and hit the repeater with a strong signal.
The net is on 2 meters. So I know the ExpertPower 14.4 is better on 2 meters than the stock antenna that came with the Wouxun HT.
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on October 26, 2013
Works better than I had hoped. I bought this antenna to see if it was any better than the stock Baofeng antenna that comes with the UV-5R. First thing I noticed was how much better some of the more distant repeaters came in. Next, I do a SWR sweep on the 2 meter and 70 cm bands using a professional Vector Network Analyzer. On 2 meters, the lowest SWR was outside the low end of the band (about 140 MHz.) But the antenna SWR was just over 2:1 at 148 MHz and was still useable all the way to 155 MHz. On 70 cm, the SWR was below 1.6:1 from 430 MHz to 450 MHz. Now, I have one of these antennas for each of my 3 UV-5Rs. Good deal for the price.
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on June 14, 2013
I had been using the stock antenna on my Baofeng UV5R+. It seemed to work ok, but was way too stiff. bend the wrong way while carrying it and SNAP!!! There goes the antenna along with the radio. I wanted something that was flexible, and if it had better performance it would be a bonus. I found this Expert Power "7.56" Dual band antenna here on Amazon. Although i was a little skeptical because of the price i deceided to give it a try because it seemed to be just what i needed. I received the antenna very quickly. It was flexible and lightweight which was just what i wanted. I installed it into the radio and it fit like a glove, nice and snug down into the radio mount with no gaps. It actually looks like it was made for the radio (factory). I immediately noticed a marked improvement in my receive power. Distant stations and repeaters that i had been listening to were now louder and more clear. My transmitt power also improved, repeaters that i had been barely pushing, were now reading me loud and clear. The antenna is perfect for everyday carry, not too big and very flexible. It is well worth the price. I wouldn't recommend it if i wasn't satisfied. Go ahead and get'll be glad you did!
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on March 7, 2017
I purchased this antenna mostly for SWR testing. I had received a new analyzer and tested one of these for another HAM who used his and said he had poor signal report from another HAM on 2 meters. When I tested his, it was awesome on the 70 cm band and had extremely high SWR across the full 2 meter band, so I cautioned him NOT to use it on that band. After receiving my antenna, I ran the same tests and found that the 70 cm band is again awesome, but had somewhat better results on 2 meters. HOWEVER, the center frequency is NOT at the 144 MHz frequency, it's at 157 MHz, where the SWR drops below 10 around 153 MHz. Since most of the repeaters in our area are much lower than 153 MHz on 2 meters, I don't feel this antenna should be advertised as a dual-band antenna, since two out of two show differently. On another note, I did test on two different analyzers with the same results.
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on August 29, 2016
Near perfect fit for my issued Baofeng UV-5R. It wobbles subtly in place, but remains in place and functional. This is a far better set up than the factory whip antenna. The other choice of the 'diamond' branded stub antenna is popular too. Mine is easier to tell apart, because everyone else has that. Both are the same length. However, the flexible (bendable) ability of this antenna provides great safety for me and those I deal with. Plus, one could imagine the humor it provides to us in the tactical fields... off record jokes.
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on April 20, 2016
Decent antenna. I have the 14.5" and the 7.5" version. Predictably, the 14.5" antenna has better performance, but I don't like how heavy it is!! It causes the UV-5R to be very top heavy and unstable. For example, when walking around with it, causing the antenna to flop all over the place, if you set it down and expect it to stay upright, you need to wait for the antenna to stop moving before you let go otherwise the small movement in the antenna will cause it the radio to topple over. Also, when I have the radio clipped to my backpack, the heavier antenna causes polarization mismatch issues, because again, it's top heavy.

Also a notable difference between the 7.5 and 14.5" antennas from ExpertPower is the threads of the female SMA connector. The 7.5" has a bare metal finish, and the 14.5" antenna has a painted or anodized surface finish which causes the measured contact resistance to be ~2x higher. See photo.
review image
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on November 10, 2014
Do not order. This particular antenna has a known defective connector that it does not screw in straight. Leaving the antenna setting crooked on the radio, Baofeng UV-5R. A replacement was requested if seller would guarantee a non-defective antenna. I received a refund less the $1.75 paid for shipping. Kudos to the seller for paying the return shipping, but this appears to be a known quality issue that others are complaining. Seller should not offer products known, or should be known to them, as defective.
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on March 7, 2014
This is a great way to maximize the ability of your portable radio. The EXPERT Power 14.5" antenna extends the range of most portable radios by a large percentage...also helps on reception of weaker signals.This is about as long an antenna as is comfortable to carry on a portable radio and some find it a bit unwieldy in use , but performance is worth the additional length and handling care as I often expect performance well beyond the normal range of my hand held radio and I am very happy with how well this works on my UV5RA and UV82 radios.
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on April 11, 2013
I bought this antenna a few months ago for my Baofeng UV-5RA. The stock rubber duck antenna obviously does not perform very well, so I was in want for something better. I decided on this and when I got it, I noticed an immediate improvement over my stock antenna. I live right on the edge of my local repeater effective range for a 5 watt HT, so I'm in the perfect spot to give a comparison on the performance of this. Before, I couldn't even hit the repeater and I could just barely do it outside my house... sometimes. But this antenna has allowed me much greater range than before. I still need to go outside my house if I want people to hear me clearly, but it still works fairly well inside. Like a lot of other repeaters out there, there are two tail tones that let you know how well you're getting into it, and I can usually get the weak signal tail tone anywhere in my house which before was impossible. I've also compared this to other HT 2 meter antennas like the Diamond, and I haven't been able to notice any significant difference in performance (if any difference at all).

My only caution to people considering this antenna is that it is slightly on the large side for an HT antenna, but your performance is sure to be improved. It's hard to use in the car because you have to angle the radio sideways just so that the antenna won't hit anything. But you should be using a mobile rig for that anyway ;) So overall, this is a very good antenna that can increase your effective range at least by a few miles, and if you're considering it, I encourage you to buy it.
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on February 24, 2014
This is a must have upgrade for the factory dummy loads included with the overseas radios. Expect a 6-8 db increase in performance over stock antennas as supplied with the Baofeng radios. I have tested 35+ HT antennas on an analyzer and in the field. This ranks up in the top 5 given its size. Yes, true 1/4 waves do outperform, again consider the compact size, around 1/8 wl on 2 meters physical length. For the price point of around $5.00 + SH, this is your best bang for the buck upgrade hands down. ...a must have...
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