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on March 28, 2014
When I first read about the ExpoDisc, I wondered how in the WORLD it could work.. You know, really "work" at creating perfect white balance for a photographer. I tend to be a more visual learner, so before purchasing this product a few weeks ago, I went to town searching for information on the ExpoDisc process.

After researching, I purchased, and upon receiving, I am absolutely thrilled with its performance with the Sony A77. Not only is it super simple to use and maneuver, I am also so impressed with the outcome of my images after ED'ing my white balance. Now I can create custom white balance and get a perfect image.. Every time!

I love that it is encouraged to purchase an ED for the size of your largest lens. I actually purchased a size up from mine and with the included carrying case and handy lanyard strap, there won't be any issues of misplacement.

The ExpoDisc process is so easy. Access your camera's custom white balance function and turn your lens focus to manual. With the ExpoDisc in place, check your exposure, then shoot from your model's perspective (if possible). Afterwards, simply set your custom white balance using the data from the image shot (and don't forget to turn your lens back to AF, if necessary). I would encourage anyone who struggles with white balance or wants to learn more about white balance to give the ExpoDisc a try... It's such a small investment for such an amazing little piece of equipment!
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on September 4, 2015
I had considered purchasing this for a while and finally went ahead. I have to say it's now one of those purchases I wish I had made earlier. The product lives up to it's hype. I bought this specifically for an assignment that I knew would have me shooting in a large building lit both with fluorescent light and daylight mixed. I know the temps would be about 1000K different but didn't want to guess at WB or try to dial it in after the fact and maybe have the hue off slightly. Using this to set my WB told me from the first frame that it was worth the money I paid for it. Colors were dead on. If you look at your photos and wonder why they lack that pop you see in other photos, it will usually be either poor exposure or incorrect WB. This handles WB for you easily and accurately. I will tell you this, do not expect colors to be right if you don't also have your exposure right; this is a tool not a magic device, when used correctly it works great. I suspect that a few of the negative reviews may have been written after improper use of the product.
The only knock I have is that it feels a bit cheap to me. I would love this to feel a little more solid but if it meant raising the price, I would say I'll live with the feel.
I would buy this again without hesitation.
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on July 4, 2016
It works. I shoot weddings and have one particular location we call the "orange room". Dark orange wood on the walls so it speeds up the White Balance correction. I typically go into the room and shoot an image with the flash on and flash off. I do not try to do a custom white balance on a wedding day.

At home I go into Lightroom and select each image and do the dropper white balance adjustment in Lightroom. I now know the number for the white balance. I can then apply it to pictures with flash and the other balance to those images without flash. Once I know the white balance value I may choose the images shot in the room with the flash one and adjust one of them to the correct white balance. I review it and fine tune it to my liking. Then I select all the images I want to adjust using Shift-click, then I press the "Sync Settings" and choose what I want synced; in this case white balance, then click okay. Orange pictures are now white balance corrected. Looks great. Done.
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on April 18, 2016
I never bought the first generation model, but I'm really really happy with this product! It makes getting an accurate white balance nearly effortless. Just hold the disc up to your lens, take a picture, then set that picture as the WB reference in camera. People are saying how there's so many steps with a Canon camera, but there's only three steps. Each time your lighting changes drastically, just take another reading. It's built well enough - there's some flex with the black outer rim, but I'm thinking that would be good for shock absorption.

Tip: when trying to get a white balance reading, don't take a reading toward your subject - either walk up to your subject and take your reading where YOU are going to stand (most likely the coolest part of the scene), or just turn around a take a reading.
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on July 8, 2017
I wish I could say I had a good experience with this as much as others have. I watched about 5 different videos on how to use this, all of which matched the instructions. I took my camera to my subject's location and shot back towards my shooting location to capture the light. I used PRE on my Nikon D750 and got a GOOD reading every time. I have two cameras when I shoot as well and both were giving me readings that were incredibly warm. As in, correct temperature was around 5500K and it was producing between 7500-10500 as correct color. I used it on 4 different photo shoots and the only session it got it right was an overcast day. And I used it every time I changed locations and lighting conditions. I shoot portraits on the beach and maybe it's just not meant for that. I tried it in the morning, midday and near sunset (didn't use at sunset due to wanting to capture the colors).
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on December 30, 2014
I've been using an ExpoDisc for several years and recently obtained this new model. I've always been very happy with the ease and speed that I get using the ExpoDisc, but more importantly, it almost always gets the colors right, the very first try.

That's a big deal to me. Like most any photographer that's been shooting for years, I've accumulated a ton of White Balance tools. I've tried so many that I can't even remember how many there were. I always come back to the ExpoDisc. All of the other WB tools seem to take longer, with much more fuss, to get the colors right in the camera. When I'm out on location, especially with several people who are involved in the shoot, time is a big deal. Most people aren't comfortable being photographed to begin with, so if we're all standing around, waiting for me to set the white balance, people can get frustrated. Sometimes, when you take too long to set up a shot, they think that you don't know what you're doing and will say so.

I've never had that problem with the ExpoDisc. It only takes a minute to set the WB and start shooting. My clients are happy, which makes me very happy, especially when the photos come out great and don't need much post processing.

Bottom line for me, I'll always have a couple of the latest model ExpoDiscs in my bag.
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on June 27, 2017
Getting a custom WB is super fast and stoopid simple with this.
While it doesn't seem quite as robust as the's less expensive AND still quite durable. I'm certain it will last a very long time.

It comes with two "warming" filters but I've not seen the benefit to those... Once one has a proper WB it's simple enough to warm, or cool, that either in camera or within Photoshop, Lightroom, or whatever post software one chooses. I'm sure if one were shooting JPGs they could make a difference.

The "coin purse" pouch is a little odd but up to the task. I'd prefer something that truly closed, to keep shtuff out...but it works.

All in all I think it's a pretty useful tool and a great addition to just about anyone's bag.
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on November 3, 2016
Once you start use this for especially portrait sessions, you do not ever have a session without it! Perfect white balance on most of the time even in the sunset hours. This practically reduce my editing time for white balance to near zero. I use this with Canon 6D and bought this for few of my major lenses, 70-200mm f/2.8, 24-70mm f/2.8, and 17-40mm f/4.0. Even in case some fill flash is introduced, I found a color to be still as close as I see with my eyes.
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on August 25, 2014
As a pro photographer and cinematographer for mote than 30 years now, the right light balance is indeed a very big deal. However, the Expodisc has never met my expectations. In fact, it has never delivered an acceptable result. It doesn't do mxed light sources well. Daylight is never quite right with it. In reality, I still find an 18% gray card reading the de-facto standard for the best w/b readings. Now, to be honest, if you shoot RAW, in-camera auto light balance is more than sufficient 99% of the time. You can always correct it in Lightroom, DXO or Capture One Pro. If you're a RAW shooter, save your $50 and put it toward gas in your car to shoot another 1000 shots or pay for 5 months of your Adobe Photoshop subscription. If you feel you have the need to get your white balance as close as possible (slides, scientific, etc.), get a collapsable 18% gray card and learn how to do PRE's on your camera. You will save money, get a more accurate white balance read and lose a great deal of frustration in the process.
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on July 21, 2017
I was pretty skeptical when a fellow photographer told me about the ExpoDisc but holy crap, it's amazing. My goal this year is to improve my straight-out-of-camera images and the ExpoDisc is exactly the tool I need. It took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to use it and the difference between using this versus auto or one of the white-balance presets is mind blowing. The colors are spot on and the lighting is perfect. I don't know the physics behind it but if you are taking professional portraits, just buy it. It's probably the cheapest and most useful piece of gear I've bought in years.
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