Customer Reviews: ExpoImaging ROGUEGELS-U Rogue Photographic Design Rogue Gels Universal Lighting Filter Kit
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on January 30, 2012
I purchased this product because I didn't fancy gluing Velcro pads to my expensive flash. The gels are already pre-cut to an ideal shape for mounting to any flash using a standard rubber band, and a perfect rubber band is already included!

I was initially disappointed because the included rubber band wasn't shaped the same way as the one I saw in the product picture here on Amazon. The one in the picture has a couple of slits cut into it to make mounting the gels easier. The one I received is just a solid black elastic band with the word 'ROGUE" indented in it. Honestly, any 1/2" wide elastic band would work fine for this purpose. But the one provided is black (which matches most flashes) and is very high quality.

You put the rubber band around the head of your flash, somewhat near the front of it, and leave it there. Mounting the gels requires lifting the rubber band a bit at the side and slipping a narrow end of the gel under the band. Once you do that on each side, the gel stays safely in place and completely covers the reflector. After doing it a few times, it's become very easy. I can switch gels in seconds. This system also has the added bonus of being able to easily mount multiple gels at the same time. I can easily use these gels with my flash's bounce card extended, or with the Rogue Flash Bender bounce card attached.

The gels are very high quality. The light they produce is even and predictable. After many repeated uses, none of my gels have become crinkled or damaged in any way. The whole kit comes in a handy pouch for storing everything. Inside the pouch are dividers for keeping all the gels sorted. And there are identification cards inside the pouch which list the name, color and light loss of each gel. In addition, each gel has all that same information printed right on it, so it's easy to keep things organized and get exactly what you need without any guessing. At less than a half-inch thick, the whole thing slips easily into any pocket or camera bag. It's a very well thought-out and high quality kit.
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on December 30, 2011
Great product hands down, but there is a down side. A black rubber strap is included to hold the gels in place on your flash, it is just very difficult to do so without damaging the gels because the strap is so damn tight and it's hard to slip your fingers out of place once you get them snugged in there. Now here's my solution to that problem. Easy fix, toss the rubber strap it comes with and get a hold
of some rubber bands, it makes a world of a difference. You be able to switch gels faster than a gun slinger. :)
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on April 26, 2012
I like this little kit of filters. Can this be hand-made at 1/4 the cost? Probably. Well, definitely, as I have used these filters as a template to make more color correction filters for multiple flashes. But the original is still a handy kit to have, and it comes with a cute little chart in a cute little wallet.

The big surprise for me, though, was the frosted filter. It works nearly as well as my diffusers for evening out a direct flash. I'll even add a photo to the Amazon page to show you the difference between bare flash and this filter.
review image
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on February 27, 2012
I've been reading a lot of books and articles later about what I can do to get those extra details that make a shot exciting. Up until a few weeks ago, I had rarely used color gels other than to compensate for ambient lighting, and I wanted to pick up something that had a wide variety of colors to use. The Rogue system definitely fit the bill with a number of color correction, as well as special effects colors to use. I also like that the gels have their colors and f-stop loss information written directly on the material. Very helpful.

The filters are organized into three sections, Greens/Blues, Correction Filters, and Yellows/Reds. Having a slaved or radio-triggered speedlite somewhere in the background with even a slight tinge of color is often enough to keep a viewer's attention, even if for an extra few seconds. I found the system helpful in supporting the themes that I was going after, drawing attention to a specific area of a shot, and giving energy to a still image.

A few usage notes: When fastening the gel to your flash head, let it "bow" up a little bit. Don't strap it down directly across the lens, as it will start to deform from the heat. I looked over at one of my flashes during a shoot to see smoke coming up from it. It had actually begun to melt the gel material in place. Once I gave it some slack, it performed beautifully, although I'm not sure how you would go about using a strap-on grid... probably why Rogue makes their own circular grid and pack of gels for it (sold separately, of course).

Also, they're nice enough to include a rubber strap to hold the gels in place by their tabs. If you want to use two different colored gels on two different flashes (CTO orange up front, red in the back, for example) you'll need a way to hold it in place. I recommend buying a couple of thick rubber bands (there's really so much more you can use them for as well) or using one of those "I Support Kittens Rights" wrist things that everyone sells for charities nowadays. They make great speedlite accessory holders.

livestrong bracelet, hair tie or rubber band
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on April 28, 2012
Gels can be tricky to work with when you're starting out, but once you get the hang of using them, they are an invaluable tool. I love this set from Rogue and I think they're well worth the cost!

One of my main uses for gels is to set up colored backgrounds when I'm on the go. Sweeps and muslin backdrops are expensive and difficult to haul around. These little gels fitted on a backlight allow you to turn just about any wall into any color. It's great and it allows you to work with the subject's wardrobe if you haven't been informed in advance.

Of course there are a set of color correction gels for when you're lighting on location and you can't escape the harsh glare of tungsten or warm light. And these are wonderful for that as well.

I really like how well they're organized and how the color name and exposure compensation are printed ON the gel so that no mistakes can be made if a piece of paper is misplaced. These are far superior to the Roscoe gels, in my opinion because of the way they have been cut and the rubber band system of affixing them. No tape, no velcro, no mess. I find these have a lot less light leaks than the other brand, which is a huge plus in my book.

The carrying case is very protective and is the perfect size for tucking into one of the flat pockets of any camera bag. They take up almost no space and are easy to bring with you on the go.

I can't recommend these gels enough for anyone shooting with speedlights.
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on May 14, 2015
 I suggest watching my video review because i go over what comes in the box, i give a review and opinion on this product then i answer some of the common questions on it's amazon product page.

-I can't say enough great things about this product ... my favorite part is the separators it comes with has the info of the gels on it and the gels also have the name and the f stop loss written on them as well

-It comes with a rubberband that goes on your flash then on the sides of the band is where you stick the tab pieces of the gel

- I love the pouch that comes with it as well it keeps everything organized

- If you need good gels to change colors or do some color temp adjustments then i would get this product


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on May 22, 2013
I was looking for a starter gel kit for my canon flashes (580 EX II and 2x 430 EX II). I bought one of these, and will probably now get the color corrective kit that includes 3x each color gel. These gels fit either flash easily, and are substantially larger than the flash head, which means no wasted time aligning them. The kit includes a rubber band you can slip the tabs under, or you can use a Honl or LumiQuest speedstrap, or whatever else you want. You could put little velcro squares on the tabs of the gel, and on your flash, if that's what you want.

Each gel is individually labeled with its color, and the amount of light it blocks (important for calculating flash output). The pouch they come in is very compact and handy. I just leave the whole pouch in my camera bag, and when I need a gel, pull it out, flip right to the gel I need, and have it on-flash right away. Very easy to use, effective, and a great kit if you're just getting started gelling your flash!
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on February 26, 2014
Honestly, I just use these mostly for color correcting the flash to match the incandescent setting on my camera so when shooting night portrait shots with lit buildings in the background, everything has the proper white balance. Without this the buildings look too yellow (filament lighting) and the subject looks too blue (flash lighting) so I pop on a light yellow filter and set my camera to indoor lighting and it looks great. It all comes in a neat nylon holder that is very durable and protects the filters. To install the filters you just put a big rubber band around the head of the flash and then tuck the wings of the color gel filter into the rubber band. It's easy to change them and I have no issues with anything about the product. I really haven't played with the rest of the filters; I guess you could use the dark reds, blues, and greens if you like really crappy wedding pictures.
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on January 13, 2016
I really like these gels! This is the first time I've worked with gels. Having a daughter who has worked in technical theatre for nearly 10 years, and having worked in theatre myself for a few years, I was acquainted with lighting gels already and have always been fascinated by the endless creative possibilities that lighting gels have to offer. The first gels I used from the Rogue pack were the reds and used a white backdrop. The color intensity depends on what your flash is 'zoomed' at, how close or far your flash is from your backdrop and / or subject, and shutter speed. There are many variations to work with, but it's fun to see what you can create. I had no problems securing the gels onto the flash and taking them off with the rubberized band. Thankfully, that 'rubber band' has small tabs at each side to make grasping it much easier, as opposed to regular rubber band that one could fumble with.

These gels fit my Cactus RF60 just fine, but a bit small for my old potato masher, the Sunpak 544. But that's to be expected. The Sunpak 544 is a monster. Needless to say, I'm enjoying just playing around with the new gels and learning what the correction gels can do by watching the tutorial videos online.

For anyone having a hard time attaching the gels with the 'rubber band' by Rogue, what I did was slid the rubber band onto the flash head first, then slipped the tabbed ends of the gel into the rubber band.
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on June 14, 2014
The rubber band is way too tight even on my Canon 430EX II (as opposed to something larger like the Yongnuo 560-II) to make changing gels a quick process, having to pinch at the rubber band and move it out of position in order to lift it up. As such, I thought I could be lazy and use the wide diffuser to hold it in place while I took some practice shots with different colors. This worked great until I fired off a flash at 1/4 power. When I took the gel off I noticed that the top part of it nearest the diffuser hinge had warped. 1/8 and lower seemed to be fine however.

The included wallet also doesn't make it convenient, in my opinion, to find the color gel you want (without removing the color section from the wallet). Overall these are great gels, but I feel that the rubber band is too unmanageable for 5 stars.
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