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on January 30, 2012
I purchased this product because I didn't fancy gluing Velcro pads to my expensive flash. The gels are already pre-cut to an ideal shape for mounting to any flash using a standard rubber band, and a perfect rubber band is already included!

I was initially disappointed because the included rubber band wasn't shaped the same way as the one I saw in the product picture here on Amazon. The one in the picture has a couple of slits cut into it to make mounting the gels easier. The one I received is just a solid black elastic band with the word 'ROGUE" indented in it. Honestly, any 1/2" wide elastic band would work fine for this purpose. But the one provided is black (which matches most flashes) and is very high quality.

You put the rubber band around the head of your flash, somewhat near the front of it, and leave it there. Mounting the gels requires lifting the rubber band a bit at the side and slipping a narrow end of the gel under the band. Once you do that on each side, the gel stays safely in place and completely covers the reflector. After doing it a few times, it's become very easy. I can switch gels in seconds. This system also has the added bonus of being able to easily mount multiple gels at the same time. I can easily use these gels with my flash's bounce card extended, or with the Rogue Flash Bender bounce card attached.

The gels are very high quality. The light they produce is even and predictable. After many repeated uses, none of my gels have become crinkled or damaged in any way. The whole kit comes in a handy pouch for storing everything. Inside the pouch are dividers for keeping all the gels sorted. And there are identification cards inside the pouch which list the name, color and light loss of each gel. In addition, each gel has all that same information printed right on it, so it's easy to keep things organized and get exactly what you need without any guessing. At less than a half-inch thick, the whole thing slips easily into any pocket or camera bag. It's a very well thought-out and high quality kit.
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These gels are great. The Roguegrid can be finicky and a little awkward to set up at times, but using gels is one area where it is miles better than some of the competition. Those little square gels with the tabs on the side and the rubberized elastic band you have to stretch around the head of your flash... you know the ones I'm talking about... you have to have 3 free hands and a degree in telekinesis to get them on your flash and get going with them. Those aren't these. These slip into the grid with no effort at all. I can stack multiple gels on top of each other with basically no added effort. The gel completely fills the light source, so there's no worry about multiple shades leaking into the light output from the flash if the head is slightly larger than the gel or the wind is blowing around. The gels are clearly marked, and they have a nice little pouch with dividers that takes up pretty much no room at all in my bag.
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on January 13, 2016
I really like these gels! This is the first time I've worked with gels. Having a daughter who has worked in technical theatre for nearly 10 years, and having worked in theatre myself for a few years, I was acquainted with lighting gels already and have always been fascinated by the endless creative possibilities that lighting gels have to offer. The first gels I used from the Rogue pack were the reds and used a white backdrop. The color intensity depends on what your flash is 'zoomed' at, how close or far your flash is from your backdrop and / or subject, and shutter speed. There are many variations to work with, but it's fun to see what you can create. I had no problems securing the gels onto the flash and taking them off with the rubberized band. Thankfully, that 'rubber band' has small tabs at each side to make grasping it much easier, as opposed to regular rubber band that one could fumble with.

These gels fit my Cactus RF60 just fine, but a bit small for my old potato masher, the Sunpak 544. But that's to be expected. The Sunpak 544 is a monster. Needless to say, I'm enjoying just playing around with the new gels and learning what the correction gels can do by watching the tutorial videos online.

For anyone having a hard time attaching the gels with the 'rubber band' by Rogue, what I did was slid the rubber band onto the flash head first, then slipped the tabbed ends of the gel into the rubber band.
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on March 3, 2017
These gel sets are an indispensable tool for the strobe/small flash user. The ability to add a little bit of color here and there takes an already good or great image to the next level! Being able to imbue mood, adding to the infinite possibilities for grading in post-production, etc. . . these gels become more and more handy the more you use them. Gelled lighting can be tricky at first, so be sure to experiment and try many different applications to figure out your own sweet spot with colored light. Don't give up after the first or second try. Your work will stand out if you persevere, and for $30, you'll own them for forever if you take care of them. Great value!
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Enthusiast: Photographyon November 23, 2015
Spendy for what they really are...gels are gels...until you need a precision cut set to fit the RogueGrid2. I bit the bullet and purchased these out of necessity because the mother unit only comes standard with 3 gels. These are individually quality gels, nice thickness for durability without deteriorating flash power too much. I only wish the RogueGrid2 came with more as a standard package thus making the purchase of this package a creative expansion option and not so much a necessity.
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on May 22, 2013
I was looking for a starter gel kit for my canon flashes (580 EX II and 2x 430 EX II). I bought one of these, and will probably now get the color corrective kit that includes 3x each color gel. These gels fit either flash easily, and are substantially larger than the flash head, which means no wasted time aligning them. The kit includes a rubber band you can slip the tabs under, or you can use a Honl or LumiQuest speedstrap, or whatever else you want. You could put little velcro squares on the tabs of the gel, and on your flash, if that's what you want.

Each gel is individually labeled with its color, and the amount of light it blocks (important for calculating flash output). The pouch they come in is very compact and handy. I just leave the whole pouch in my camera bag, and when I need a gel, pull it out, flip right to the gel I need, and have it on-flash right away. Very easy to use, effective, and a great kit if you're just getting started gelling your flash!
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on October 18, 2014
This kit has a really simple, extremely practical design. The gels are relatively thick and easy to handle. The gels are individually stamped with the filter designation (e.g., 1/2 CTO). The gels have ears, allowing them to be strapped to the sides of the flash head with a rubber band (which Rogue supplies). No velcro, no tape, no fuss no mess. I have three off-camera speedlights, so the fact that the kit has three of each gel was a happy coincidence.
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on January 5, 2016
These are great fun to use and I would buy this product again in a heartbeat. I played with just about all of them within 2 days of purchase and if any of the gells wear out I know where to go to replace them. I took them on a trip recently, out of state, and the gells I used for an outdoor winter photoshoot worked perfectly. They worked well for another 5 indoor shoots, both for portrait shots and still photography. I really like how lightweight, durable, and small the kit is, which packs easily into my nikon's form-fitting camera bag. The rubber band which grips the gells to the flash works very nicely, and the tabs for adjusting it are great too. Would I buy this again? Yes. Would I recommend to a friend? Certainly.
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on December 2, 2016
I feel like most of the rogue products are slightly over priced especially when it comes to the flimsy little rubberband that they include with this set, this alone is my reason for the rating.... As far as the gels go they work awesome... I like the wallet they come in... I actually use these gels sandwiched in between the mag grip and the mag grid system. Overall I'd say buy this set... Your life will never be the same.
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on January 2, 2017
Great for the money. It's super helpful to have such a range of gels to match the scene's white balance. The band is a little cumbersome, but still way better than a rubber band. The case is very nice to have.
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