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on February 2, 2017
Factual, gripping, a real eye opener. I have already recomended this book 5 times and will do so again.
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on April 21, 2016
I used to have this on my computer, to search "Made in America" for almost everything I bought in my home remodeling, even banking, I closed an account because they outsourced jobs. I was telling my son, just last night, "if businesses hired enough people to answer the phone instead of the answering machines/robo calls we wouldn't have very much unemployment in this country." I will not stay on the phone when it's obviously a robo call. I'm mad enough to change insurance companies, homeowners and health, over answering/routing machines I repeatedly say "talk to a human being." The bank account I closed was over outsourcing, that the bank teller asked me what outsourcing is! I told her people don't even have to come to this country to get your job. No wonder we have security problems with account information.
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on February 18, 2016
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on December 10, 2012
It is easy to see why Lou Dobbs is disliked by 'the media' and 'Corporate America.' TRUTH is often either hard to take, or actually "dangerous" to those who stand to 'lose,' if it be known. When you see how 'Corporate America' has outsourced America out of millions of GOOD jobs (not just penny-eny jobs) and, worse, not paid taxes because they produce in another country, nor paid import taxes on those things shipped back to us, AND exponentially increased their profits by not having any environmental restrictions (polluting the other countries' air, land, and water bodies to DEATH), no safety standards for the workers (the Walmart fire was a drop in the ocean), slave labor wages, AND no quality control (hence the lousy quality of so much we buy), it makes you want to wish GREAT ILL upon the profiteers. Very informative, and the truth can be confirmed with just a little effort. Point being: if the government would levy the appropriate import taxes on our outsourcing corporations, ONLY give breaks to those corporations that contractually agree to expand business here, and not just a 'token' factory, in the U.S.--a reasonable agreed-upon amount, and end the practice of "accidentally" allowing countries to pretend to use America as a 'transfer station' during which the goods are destined for a different country, (meaning no import tax), when the goods are ACTUALLY delivered to OUR shelves, (but that way they get out of paying the import tax,) and so on, I think we could begin to chip away at the deficit WITHOUT oppressing the innocent--senior citizens, students, children, etc.
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on May 18, 2008
Outrage over shifting of American jobs to Mexico (and others). Effective solutions are thin for number of chapters on subject. Roll back NAFTA? Re- write NAFTA?
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on August 30, 2004
Being an avid reader of business news, both domestic and foreign, I know that our blue and white-collar jobs have left and continue to leave this country at an alarming rate. When you combine this fact with our equally alarming trade deficit, it is hard to understand why our government and the multinational corporations engaging in these practices continue to preach that unfettered free trade is good for America.

Lou Dobbs, both on his show, and in this book, very convincingly (and accurately) points out the inevitable outcome of this free trade frenzy -- a radical decline in consumerism in America as a result of the death of the middle class. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in discovering what is REALLY going on in the world of multinational corporations, free trade, and globalization.

I think it is commendable that Mr. Dobbs, despite his own personal circumstances and beliefs, made the decision to objectively and courageously examine our current trade practices, and the relationship between corporate America and our government. The result of his research has done much to validate those who have been, or are in danger of, being displaced from their jobs by cheaper foreign labor. It has also placed him in the position of being sharply criticized by the business community (witness the sour review above from "The Economist"). Such criticism has not deterred him, and, in fact, he welcomes debate on his show with those who strongly oppose his views.

Lou Dobbs makes a very strong argument that it is time that our government worked for the people who are responsible for all those government jobs...the American public.

It's my opinion that it is time for our government to stop protecting and rewarding those corporations who are pushing our country toward the brink of economic annihilation.

It's funny, but those who scream the most loudly about the evils of protectionism appear to be engaging in this practice the most.
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on August 28, 2004
Mr Dobbs is doing a good thing by bringing to the public arena the free-trade/globalisation issue. I beleive his heart is at the right place, concern for the American worker. However, for him, nothing else seams to matter. I beleive that Lou, as a news anchor, has the luxury of not having to compete in the global market. Our small company has to. When he states on page 4 that outsourcing jobs achieves relatively insignificant cost savings, he contradicts his figures on page 11 that Mexican workers earns $1 an hour and Americans workers earn $15.This is not insignificant. The reach of the global economy as experienced at the moment is a new phenomena caused by better communication and transportation systems including internet. It is also because of China's end of total totalitairianism which actually created this vast pool of cheap labour. Had China, India and other 3rd world nations developped more alligned with western institutions, this would never had been so catastrophic. Europeans, Japanese and Americans (less so) do share part of the blame in having so dominated these societies economically and militarily in the 19th and early part of the 20th century. Obviously,adjustments will always be necessary and will be harder for us then them. This is one of the costs of global security. What bugs me a little from his discourse is that Lou is a fat cat millionaire. Truly, I am sure this man does not really rub shoulders with working people, flies business class and probably lives in a gated community. I don't see him compromising his own well being and reproaches this same behaviour in others, those greedy CEOs. Personnally, I feel that globalisation at the moment is only good for the owner class in all countries and is basically neutral ( in the case of China) or a negative (US) for the workers. This is because 1) greed from above ( this is not synonymous with free trade and Lou is an example) 2) hidden costs not accounted for ( under-priced oil wasted in transport and environmental costs not tabulated. This gives unfair advantages to cheap labour markets. If this was accounted to its right value it would clearly demonstrate the wastage of the global transportation system and would favour domestic labour markets everywhere).

Lou calls himself republican which means he beleives in less interference from government but he is calling for interventionism. Republicans are traditionally anti-union. Unions could be helpful in this present situation but they are now more kin to the greedy fat cats. Lou should review his own self image and face the fact that he's not a pure capitalist republican. That is not a bad thing in itself but Lou is not being honest with himself. Lou you are an interventionist.

When you take into consideration that the US consumes so much more than it's fare share of the world's resources, it becomes a joke to complain about out-sourcing. In fact it sounds a little selfish. The problem is how to share all this wealth equitably. Don't blame free trade.
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on August 27, 2004
Lou Dobbs seems to be the single remaining reporter, either on radio or television, who still cares about America. As Lou points out in the book, the politicians are so beholden to the big corporations for campaign funding, trade policies which benefit the corporations are almost guaranteed to pass through congress. The "experts" say that shipping jobs overseas will be good for the United States, and we (regular Americans) can retrain for something else. That something else is the jobs that are also leaving for distant shores. As Lou clearly points out, it's a losing game for this country. If you or someone you know has been effected by outsourcing, buy this book and pass it on. Great job, Lou!
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