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Color: BLACK CD-RW DVD Combo|Change
Price:$20.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on December 23, 2013
Here's how you get this thing to work, and it's easy.

Plug it in.
Download VLC media player from CNET.COM.
Play your movie through VLC media player.

All the bad reviews about it not working come from people who basically plugged it in and gave up.
The little dvd is useless.
But you don't need it.
If your computer was made in the past 10 years, then it will load up the device itself.

It is NOT in cheap plastic like the reviews say. It is a hard metal/plastic that does not feel cheap whatsoever.

If you bought a MacBook, kick yourself in the testicles for paying $3,000 for a labtop thats dvd drive stopped working. I paid $200 for my Dell, and this thing loaded up fine with it. The only reason I bought this was because I have a netbook and does not come with a dvd drive.

But for $20 it's an amazing deal.
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on May 9, 2013
Lets start from the beginning. I ordered this player along with a mouse on a Tuesday evening at 10PM. It shipped from Phoenix and was on my doorstep here in Vegas 36 hours later, and that was using the Free Super Saver shipping. Never had that fast of a delivery, so Amazon gets an A+ there.

Now, I have had this computer for 11 years, a Sony VGC-RB30, and both the dvd and cd player have died, but I didnt want to buy a new computer just because of that, as this computer is still better than most computers made today. Anyway, plugged in player via both USB cords, and it was ready to go, plug and play.

So far, I have put store bought cd's and dvd's in it, and I have put in dvd -r's recorded at 8x speed, and cd-r's recorded at 52x speed, and all have played with absolutely no problems at all. No matter what I toss in there, it plays it. And there is no lag in dvd's, video and audio are in synch, so everything is working fine.

One issue tht is very small and maybe not even worth mentioning, but I dont like the way the discs have to be placed in the tray. They need to snap on to the center post. With older players, you just layed the disc in and closed. When I have to press that disc into place, I use one hand for disc and one hand to hold the tray, as I am worried I may break the tray. But then again, I suppose the snap in feature reduces most any wobble from discs and therefore is probably a good thing.

Only other issue is the 2 USB cords. Short at about 2 feet long each. But for most, this wont be a problem. Was just barely long enough for my setup.

So, no probs here. Maybe for those who it didnt work for, maybe it was a driver issue. I am not very computer savy, but I have always had the k-lite codec package installed and have never had a driver issue, EVER.

So, for the 16.80 I payed for this player, I am so happy. I can now watch all of my thousands of dvd's and listen again to my thousands of cd's. Me thinks its time for some brewskis to celebrate.
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on April 8, 2016
This Product gets a ZERO.
I was thrilled at first. As a hardware tech, I needed a removable drive and it seemed perfect, then came issues. The drive was preset to "Region 3" which I reset to Region 1 (United States). The software mini-disk I received included: Nero Extreme, USB drivers, and Version 9 of something.? for the drive itself. However, they were in Chinese and wouldn't install on Win 7.
The drive reads DVD's, but will not recognize or write to a blank CD of any sort. Some DVD's are also rejected even if the session is closed.
I purchased the DVD drive as an alternative to a Fixed Optical Drive in my machine as a security measure but it has turned out to be a proprietary mess instead. The drive itself has no markings on the exterior (model, serial, mfg, etc.) with which to find drivers. I'm assuming that it needs drivers for the Win 7 OS to recognize and write data to a CD.
If you are in need of a "sometimes operable" external drive, then welcome aboard.

*The drive no longer works at all and is no longer eligible for return. It doesn't work with Windows XP (SP1 or 2), Windows Vista (any SP), or Linux.
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on August 18, 2015
Do you like getting headaches? Do you like becoming a complete rage monster? Do you wish there was a small puppy that you could kick and stomp on? Well then look no further this product is exactly what you are looking for then.
After receiving this ever so wonderful product, I immediately plugged everything into my computer and the drive. Everything turned on quite well, so I put the instruction/download disk into the machine. The drive refused to run the instruction/download disk. Oh joy! After thirty minutes of leaving it alone and hoping something good might happen, I decided to just immediately download the CD program that I needed on my computer. After switching out the disks, and leaving the drive alone for awhile, the drive refused to do ANYTHING! Fed up with this ever so lovely piece of junk, I pushed the button to open the drive so I could get my disk back. And what do you know, the drive refused to open! After spending three hours, (repeat three solid hours of my life I'm never going to get back!) on trying to open drive, I had to open my toolbox, unscrew every screw, and take it apart piece by piece in order to get my CD back. When I looked upon the pieces of the drive, I knew then that I had to return it. As mush as it broke my little heart, I knew what I was doing was the right thing. I assembled the pieces back together, printed a return label from amazon, drove all the way to the post office, and dumped the little technology junk into the mailbox. As I drove away I couldn't help but think to myself, 'Gotta love technology, especially when it doesn't work.'
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on December 30, 2014
As I type this I cannot get this external USB DVD/CD drive to work. I am running Windows
7 Professional with 2gig and a 350gig HD in a Atom brand netbook.
I plug both cables in (the USB and the USB to round plug) into the netbook.
Windows 7 says it has found new hardware and tells me that it is ready to use.
I go to the file menu list and all it shows up is my drive (C).
When I reboot the computer the boot-up process hangs during the POST cycle.
When I unplug the USB DVD/CD and reboot the computer boots OK.
With all this said if I can't get this thing to work I am going to send it back.
The Jury is still out on this purchase.

A day has passed and what the instruction book said to do if the computer did not
recognize the CD/DVD did not work. Or at lease going into the drive management
on the Windows 7 Pro did not have the things to click on to make any changes.
I would put a music CD in and it came up with Windows Media Player. I always use
VLC media player as my default player.
I rebooted several times and put in a DVD and went into the file explorer and told
it to play the DVD using VLC media player.
This was the first time the unit played a DVD.
By the way the USB CD/DVD is called the Teac DV-28E-V.
After playing parts of the DVD I ejected it and put a music CD in. This time
it played it.
As for newer drivers I am using the latest drivers.
I guess I will keep the unit and play with it. Maybe after a few weeks the
Atom Brand Netbook with grow to love it's USB CD/DVD. Who knows the outcome :-)
Thanks for reading this fiasco.
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on March 15, 2016
I bought this because I got a new computer that has no disc drive. I used it to rip my CD's onto my new computer. It works okay,if you have an hour to wait for it to work. It took a very long time for the drive to recognize on my computer and to turn on. Maybe that is because of my computer, but seeing as it is brand new out of the box, it's unlikely. When the disc was revolving the drive made some pretty scary sounds and I thought it was scratching my CDs at times. Thankfully it wasn't! But if you have a scratch on your disk, forget about it because this device won't read it which is super annoying. I honestly wish I would have spent some more money for a better drive. At the end of the day this got the job done, but i really wouldn't recommend it. It is just not convenient and takes forever to fully download a CD or rip one.
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on March 9, 2015
ok i have now bought 4 of these drives the first 2 i bought over 2 years ago and they just started having trouble reading dvd's i am 99% sure it is because in 2 years i have never used a cleaning cd to clean the laser lens but 2 years of nonstop use for about 30$ is extraordinary reliability
the drives them self are not very sturdy so do not put them in a tight bag or anywhere they can be hit by anything i have one mounted under my desk on Velcro and one at work under the desk with Velcro they have not failed to perform perfect if they are taken care of
review image review image
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on October 22, 2013
You know how u think 'how bad could it be what do I have to lose?" well in this case if you value a dvd you could lose that. The dang thing could not play my NEW dvd and so I tried to eject it a million times until I was left prying it open with a screw driver before returning it. Keep in mind this is right after it was delievered and the first thing i put in it. DO NOT GET THIS. WHAT DO THESE PPLE THINK THEY CAN JUST SELL CRAP AND NOBODY WILL PROTEST?
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on April 17, 2015
for windows 8 this sucks. I tried to use it for dvd's and it doesn't work at all. It opens the dvd's in a file type that cant be played. It played and downloaded my games fine but it doesn't do anything for dvd's. Also the installation disk is in Chinese or Japanese and it installs a ton of things that just kept popping up on my desktop. got very annoying and I could not delete them because I couldn't figure out how. I had to reset my computer's program but I kept all my files so that's a plus. wouldn't recommend unless you know what language it installs in and you like putting in a lot of work to get it to work.
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on November 12, 2015
Worked absolutely fine for two movies, plugged into a 2015 MacBook Air running OS X Yosemite. Halfway through the third movie I tried playing on it, it randomly quit working. The DVD is currently stuck inside the player; having it plugged into a power source does not make it work and neither does plugging it back into the laptop. It is receiving power; the light comes on and it makes the whirring sound of DVD reading, but won't play the DVD on the laptop or respond to pressing the button to eject the DVD.
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