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on November 22, 2010
Quick overview. Good speaker Just what i was expecting maybe bettter.

Design- Nice hefty design. I got the orange one very pleased with choice. Not bright orange but a nice dark orange. This way i can see it in the grass but it also look cool. The only thing i would change, i knew this going in, I would be to put a bigger D-clip on it with some 550 cord. The plastic loop that the current clip uses is kinda small.

Durability- It feels durable and will take some abuse. I have not tested it's waterpoofness but it has a rubber seal and the latches seem strong. They also has a button lock on them which is nice. I would take care on rocks though because it is plastic on the face and back. Plastic is brittle so it may survive a drop on the ground but not on the rocks.

Sound- As expected it's not earbleeding loud but loud enough. It should be fine for a group of people huddling around a table eating or playing cards. I compared it to my other portable speaker its about the same but with more bass. I got this for its waterproofness, size and durability not for the sound. I like that it only needs 3 AA batteries.

If you want a larger speaker that is also water resistant and durable try Sangean U-1 or U-3. They seem like larger and louder sound systems that are tough. But their line ins are on the outside. If you want a fully enclosed unit try the fatbox. but all three are large. I choose Sangean because unlike other rugged sound systems they run off regular batteries not ones for power tools.

Update- For some reason it sounds louder now. it could be the songs. But now i would recommend it for a large group. For personal listening i hardly go over 1/3 turn Also I have noticed that even at max volume i don't hear any distortion, which i did on other portable speakers.

***end of summer review***
Took it to the beach and camping many times. Words can't describe how perfect this speaker is. I think it's a great compromise between sound (it is still plenty loud, I don't see a great need for anything louder) and size. I just throw it in my pack or clip on and off i go. Also the fact that it use AA batteries is great. When the power goes out you swap out batteries and keep listening and rocking while others need to recharge their internal batteries. Also for the people who don't like wasting batteries you can always buy AA rechargeables.
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on February 15, 2012
Awesome product! I really liked my Grace waterproof case with speaker. I say "liked" because it was so good some low-life at the Chattahoochee River takeout noticed it and decided they needed it more than I did. I bought it last spring and used it a couple dozen times over three months while floating the Hooch in a tube and in my kayak on the lake. I'm about to order another one and thought I'd share my experience.

It really is waterproof.
Great sound for a speaker of its size.
It floats.
It uses AA batteries (3)
Good battery life with my rechargeables

Cons: none really. There are a couple of things I might change, but they are personal preferences that I will note below.

The first thing I did was test it. Yeah, it sounded great, but I mean I closed it up and dunked it in the sink - without my MP3 player inside you knuckleheads. I put tissue paper inside and it came out bone dry. I noticed one of the negative reviews said theirs leaked from a corner and the manufacture rep told them to double-check that the cord does not get pinched in the corner. That happened to me a couple of times but it was really noticeable when I tried to clamp the case shut - push the cord aside and no problem. I also saw the rep says the cord has been redesigned to better plug into players/phones that are in a protective case.

It is somewhat bulky, but that is what gives it the big sound and makes it float. I actually would have liked a bit more space inside. I was using a larger-than-most MP3 player (Zune 80GB). I managed to wedge in spare batteries (I use rechargeable), ID, cash, and car key off the key ring. If the case was just little thicker I could have carried my phone too.

Regarding the spare batteries... I only carry them because I don't recharge daily. I've gone all weekend on one set without any problem. I don't doubt they get close to the manufacture's stated 30 hours.

I saw some complaints about poor sound from the speaker. I don't recall if it was in the instructions or I read it on here but if water gets onto the speaker you just have to turn it over and tap it against your palm. It handles splashes well and I've only had to do this after dunking it. If water got into your ear it wouldn't sound too good either. This speaker is the best I've heard for its size.

Another review mentioned the size of the strap used to attach a carabineer. I also would like it more if it were a smidgen larger, so I could use a larger carabineer on it. Not a big deal. I just attach my larger biner on theirs so I can clip it to my float tube handle.

And, since I know the manufacture reads the feedback, maybe make the grooves on the volume knob a bit deeper for a better grip.

That may be one of the best things about this product - the manufacture cares about the user. This case is bulletproof (no, not real bullets but it is tough). But anyone can oops now and then. In the Amazon reviews, I saw the manufacture's rep listening to the feedback and offering solutions. I sure wish other companies would learn a good lesson from these folks.

I'm looking forward to replacing my stolen speaker soon with this same one from Grace Digital. Spring is almost in the air and I gotta have my tunes... See y'all on the Hooch.

Update June 22,2012: I got my new ECO Extreme case/speaker. I switched to alkaline cells (vs. rechargables) and haven't had to change them over 8 trips down the Chattahoochee River (about 24 hours). They did make the carabineer more friendly and the audio plug also was changed for a better fit. I now use my smart phone in the case (the POS Zune player died). I've measured the inside and it looks like it will fit the larger Samsung S3 if I upgrade. Every trip someone asks where I got the great speaker/box.
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on June 24, 2012
Lost it in the river at night, when I flipped my kayak after hitting a tree that was crossing the river.
Saved myself and my paddle, but lost my shoes, cooler, ECO Extreme radio with my Iphone inside of it.
That was May 14, 2012.
Today is June 24, 2012.
A guy calls me today to tell me he found the radio with my phone inside of it and both still work fine !!!!!
the thing is awesome, saved my $600.00 Iphone and the radio, with a new set of batteries, works fine !!!
Thanks Grace !!!!
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on April 7, 2017
This is a good, and very sturdy product. I bought this to bring with me during Tough Mudder obstacle courses. It gets banged, dropped, submerged, covered in mud. Still works perfectly. There isn't enough room in there for the larger smart phones, but smaller ones fit just fine (I use a Galaxy S3). There's room in it for a little spare cash and a car key, if needed. Nothing I've put in there has ever encountered a drop of water, and it's never come open unintentionally.

Battery life is also very good. Some AA's will last hours and hours. Volume in good. Not very loud, but loud enough to be easily heard by people within about 10 feet or more. For the price I paid, I could not expect anything more. It's actually a little better than I thought it would be. I wish there were play/FF/REV button on it, but again, I chose an inexpensive unit. Didn't want to spend a lot of money because I was sure I would break it. Didn't happen.
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on June 13, 2017
I have had two of these speakers. I love the sound quality which is really good for one small speaker. Its plenty loud for most uses. And 3 double A batteries last for days and days. HOWEVER, with both of my speakers I have found that they are NOT waterproof. I had one in a pool floating and found water inside. And it was totally locked close. And I recently lost a 160gb IPOD classic on a Canoe trip while inside this locked speaker. We tipped our canoe and after 10 minutes I checked the speaker and there was enough water inside the case to destroy my IPOD. I would recommend for Water Resistant use, but not Waterproof.
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on January 21, 2018
I was excited about getting this and yes it does work adequately but it could be better. The sound quality on this is not the best that is my biggest problem with this speaker. I have several other of the ecoxgear products and the sound quality is better on all of them.

The size is good for the kayak I have it on. It is nice they give a little extra room in the compartment to place other items like money or credit cards. It does have a carabiner attached to the top corner for securing it wherever you want it. It also lives up to their gaurentee it does float and is waterproof.
review imagereview image
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on September 7, 2016
I used this for tubing with friends, strapped to the cooler. I went for an Aux case because I didn't like the idea of bringing my cell phone near the river using a waterproof bluetooth speaker.It is sufficiently loud to take down the river where everyone can hear it and still hold a conversation. I put an old iPod in mine. The 10+ year old iPod nano on full volume is quite a bit louder than my cell phone on full volume, so I think what you're plugging in can matter if you're worried about volume/sound quality. I think I bought mine refurbished, so the battery cover is loose and doesn't clip in place, causing the batteries to fall out if dropped/jostled too hard. The case itself, including the clips, feels pretty indestructible. I don't think a new one would have this issue, at least initially. The "Eco Extreme" logo on the front is somehow not waterproof and wiped off, but everything inside the case stayed perfectly dry!
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on August 11, 2014
I was very excited with this purchase. It really was nice having my own personal soundtrack accompanying me as I floated down the river. The product feels very rugged without being unnecessarily heavy. My phone and belongings fit inside perfectly - a little extra room to spare without being too big and bulky. There's also a little mesh container inside to keep things from moving around. Everything stayed entirely dry inside.

Some people have complained about distortion of the sound. I read in the directions to keep the volume on my music device at 70-80% to avoid distortion and this worked like a charm. The downside of this is that it reduces the top volume you can achieve. I kept my Eco Extreme turned up to 100% most of the trip. It sounded perfect to me in my innertube. My brother said he didn't hear it much, so I guess the sound didn't travel much beyond my personal space. However, some others floating by commented on my good music choice, so they could obviously hear it! Got a lot of attention from people wanting to know where they could get one.

Well worth the reasonable price. I had mine running from 11:00am - 11:00pm and never ran out of battery. I was very surprised that my phone battery held up as well. I just turned on airplane mode since I wouldn't be using it other than as a music device while on the river. I started with 98% charge at the beginning of the day and still had 80% charge at bedtime after streaming music continuously all day.

I'm very pleased with this purchase.
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on August 4, 2014
No bass but it does everything else great. Plenty of volume, plenty of battery life, easy-to-use. Not looking forward to seeing it float with a contracted-iPhone in it but there's plenty of room inside to hold the rumored 4.7" iPhone even if it's in a bulky case. The value on this thing is's super beefy and far more robust than I would have imagined for $32. Make sure you scroll through the colors as they're all different prices! The latches are very high quality. It does NOT have a headphone jack on the outside for private listening, that's what you'd want the pro model for. The short aux cable inside is very pliable but does not include the third lead for track control from the outside which is what I'd suggest to the manufacturers of this device to include on the next model...a small button to pause, play, double-tap for track forward and triple tap for track backwards. Another place for water to infiltrate I suppose though and certainly push the price up. This is money so well spent to use your phone for sound on a quiet beach, a canoe or paddleboat ride, pool parties, or sitting on the deck while working in the garden or back yard. Smart purchase for better sound at a very reasonable price. And I'm sure someday I'll see how effective the seals hold up to water but until then, I'm going to keep being careful! The bass lacking is the only thing that would say if alone I'd rather use headphones because this speaker is rated down to only 160Hz and that's awfully high for almost all music types. But I'm really happy with this purchase...plenty of loudness to cut through most mild background noise
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on September 19, 2016
I have owned Grace Digital products for the last six years with my first purchase being an Eco Extreme Waterproof Portable speaker. I purchased the original speaker six years ago and have used it in bodies of water coast to coast, rivers, lakes, the Gulf of Mexico and even transited the Panama Canal in a Mark V Zodiac with my Eco Extreme. All of this use resulted (after six years mind you) in one of the retaining clips breaking. I contacted the company seeking a replacement clip and offered to pay for it as my unit was well out of warranty. Unfortunately, they no longer have that style of retaining clip but offered to exchange my unit for a brand new one. I was blown away, this is a solid company that stand behind their product and offer exemplary service to their customers. This unit I purchased is for my daughter as she is stationed overseas in the military and needs something durable and waterproof. As for the speaker itself, I have never had an issue with it. It has never failed me in fresh or salt water, just read the directions and follow them. This has been and I believe continue to be an excellent product from an excellent company.
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