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on July 3, 2016
This filter really does make tap water taste much better, and makes it much safer to drink. There is no "Flat" taste that I have gotten with some of the other 10" filters that I've tried. The 0.5 micron filter helps to remove lead, cyst, and giardia I use this filter in the Watts 500315 counter top unit. Living near Phoenix Arizona we have very hard water. We use 3-4 gallons a day for a family of 3. Because of the hardness of the water I'm changing the filter every 4 to 6 months. Seems to be working. Hoped this Helped.
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on March 27, 2016
Well, you never can really tell how well these filters are working unless you send a sample out to a lab for testing, right? That said, it seems like it doing a good job. I have conducted blind taste tests with a few family members and friends and the filtered water, with this filter, and it has won over unfiltered water every time. That is a very un-scientific test, I realize, but it's the best I can do. Cheers!
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on December 19, 2015
I have the ISpring clear countertop water filter. One replacement filter I bought a few months ago has had a funny taste to it, even after running many gallons of water thru it. I bought he KX Matrikx, ended up putting an extra rubber washer in it to make a tighter fit, ran several gallons of water thru it and the water tastes great. Will be buying again when it needs to be replaced.

UPDATE: I installed a new filter in April and after almost a month it still has a little bad taste to it. It does filter the chlorine but it still tastes like the rubber washers at the ends of the filter.
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on September 9, 2013
I use this filter to reduce water spotting when washing my cars and it works. I had an associate at .....Home Improvement fit some quick connects to the cannister. Just remember to buy a cannister with a flow through switch on top. Heres how to wash your car with the filter. If possible wash in the shade.
1. Draw a bucket of water using filterd water and a non-waxing car shampoo.
2. Switch the cannister to flow through and rinse car off with hard jet of water.
3. Switch cannister to filter function and thoroughly re -rinse all water off. In filter mode this filter produces a lower flow rate because It is a half micron extruded carbon block filter.
4. Wash and rinse car one section at a time making sure to keep whole car rinsed off until finished.
5. Chammy car dry glass first then hood cab trunk then sides.
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on September 29, 2012
I just bought 4 of these to have on hand for the next two years.
Watts 500315 Counter-Top bought that last year and didn't replace the filter in it until six months later
with one of the ones listed here.

The replacement worked as well as the original and after I had let it run at least 5 minutes to flush no odd tastes were noted.
At the time my water company had the chlorine content rather high and this filter removes the taste as well as the PUR's I used
to use years ago (all of which broke within 1 to 2 years of use ).

Just be sure to flush this filter well before using as stated in the instructions. Do not use hot water. (DUH) that will ruin the

I'm hoping the replacment will last at least as long as the original that came with the Watts 500315 Counter-Top and expect
I could extend to 8 months before swapping. However realized that is with MY water. Not HIGH iron area or extreme mineral content
but frequently but not always way too much chlorine.

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on March 31, 2013
This filter instantly turned my cloudy water into sparkling clean water. I was overjoyed, really. But I must tell you it did slow down my water flow significantly. In fact it takes me a lot longer to take a shower due to the lower water flow. I hope I can get used to it because I don't want to give up this filter. There's always a trade off I suppose. I had been having major problems with fine sediment (orange in color) getting into everything. It's a relief not to have that any longer. But if I turn the washer on, then go try to wash my hands it just dribbles out of the faucet.


I had to remove this filter due to slow water flow but I don't blame the filter. I have concluded that this filter was not designed to be a whole house filter. So I can't really expect good water flow. But I will say the water is crystal clear with this filter and I'm now considering buying a countertop water filtration system just so I can use this filter! In a nutshell it's a keeper but not for whole-house filtering unless you can take a shower with a trickle of water.
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on April 27, 2016
We have researched a lot about water filters and I whittled them down to this and one other filter. I am happy with the quality and the filtering capability. No I didn't do tons of water testing after installation, but I am confident that it is doing its job. You do have to run water through the filter as recommended. I probably didn't and did have somewhat of an aftertaste when I tried it. After running water through it, no odd taste. Just nothing in the water and I'm happy.
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on March 17, 2016
I use this as a water filter at my sink. Carbon block are thought to be better than granulated carbon. I bought a whole house filter for this and now just change the filter ever 6 months. Its not as easy as those made for under the sink like filtrete or culligan. But not I have a set up that I get very good filtration for under 20 dollars for 6 months or more. You do not get the results of reverse osmosis or distilled but as far as filtration from carbon this is the best it can get.
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on November 22, 2011
Not a lot to say about this. It does what it's supposed to do really well and for a very good price.
The only possible drawback I see is that it does it's job almost too well where I live.
On days when the water quality is good, it almost removes too much from the water for water that I drink straight.

Now if I lived somewhere with consistently poor water quality you wouldn't even see me mention this.
As it is, this means the water filtered by this is even better for cooking/tea/coffee/ect.

The purer the water, the less taste it will actually have. What gives water its flavor is the total of all the impurities in that water. So if you remove too many, you get tasteless water. So if you don't want your water to ruin the taste of other drinks this is perfect. If you want to just drink water though it depends on your own taste preferences and just how impure the original water was.
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on May 29, 2010
The previous reviewer did not make a "false judgement". The fact that this filter is white and NOT grey as is pictured should signal that something is clearly wrong. I've owned 2 genuine Matrikx filters, I know Matrikx filters and this sir, is no Matrikx Pb1 filter. The real filters are manufactured by a company called KX Technologies in Connecticut. Their filters are GREY and their filters are stamp embossed with the company name: KX Technologies and MADE IN THE USA. The filter shipped by Purenex has no such stamp. It came with a generic paper label that says "Block Activated Carbon - Water Filter". As insult to injury, the filter doesn't even work. I can very strongly taste the chlorine in my NYC tap water flowing through the filter system so I'm not convinced that it's even doing any filtering. Purenex is trying to sell this filter, which isn't even a knock-off -it's just a generic piece of crap, instead of the real thing. Save yourself some money, aggravation and perhaps your health by ordering from another storefront that sells the genuine KX Tech Matrikx filter (it may cost a bit more, but it'll be worth it). I've contacted the seller about returning this and I'll update my review with my experience with them.


After writing this review, and buying the genuine item from another vendor, I realized that this product page spans all Amazon sellers, not just Purenex, which in at least two cases has been dishonest. So my rating has changed from 1 star to 5. This product, the Matrikx Pb1 made by KX Technologies, is Superb. It's probably the best filter out there. But the filter sold by Purenex is a generic piece of crap. Purenex did send me a full refund for my purchase. But anyway... Before you order, contact the seller and make sure the filter you'll receive is manufactured by KX Technologies.
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