Customer Reviews: Eye On It
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on August 28, 2012
I have been a big Toby fan since the 90's when DC Talk ruled the Christian airways. Toby's solo releases have always been exciting and fun and each has had it's own unique sound yet they have all shared one thing in common; diversity. Eye On It, Toby's fifth offering still brings the upbeat beats that Tmac fans love and expect but seems to lack some of the style variations that have always given Toby his own flavor. Lyrically this albm is a step up. Toby seems to be getting a little more direct with his Christian songs which is something I appreciate very much. I have listened through this album twice now and really do like it and you probably will too!

1. Me Without You: The first single that has seen a ton of radio play definitely reflects the current popular electro-pop flare. The message is solid and the I can see why it was his choice as a single.
2. Steal My Show: A cool song with a nice even flow that reflects Toby's desire for the Lord's leading in his life. If you liked "Background" by lecrae this song will sit quite well with you.
3. Eye On It: I am quite surprised that this song didn't feature a member of Family Force 5 as it sounds like something they would do. Different and not my favorite song but still upbeat and fun with lots of electronic flare.
4. Forgiven: A highly anticipated song featuring the popular Christian rapper Lecrae, this song is one of the highlights of the album and WILL see radio play. It's a good combo as Toby sings about the joys of being forgiven and Lecrae actually tells you where to find it (Jesus), lol.
5. Speak Life: Another one of the stand-outs on the album with a great message and distinct Toby flavor. Upbeat and easy to listen to, don't be surprised to smile and bob your head when this one comes on the shuffle.
6. Unstoppable: Definitely one of the few very diverse songs on the album. An interesting synergy of electronic synthesis with a rock-driven chorus. Blanca from G1C adds some great background vocals and the message is a great one that is getting more common as the church continues to come under scrutiny by the culture.
7. Lose Myself: Not my favorite on the album but still a solid song that I think will grow on me. The chorus is cool and the message is clear and direct. We must decrease and He must increase.
8. Family: The albums token slow-song ballad with a solid message that should make some people think. This one will probably be overlooked by most but will really hit a few and I am sure God will use its message in a big way in their lives.
9. Thankful For You: One of my favorites on the album with a very Tobymac flavor. Very reflective of Toby's career and a message that most "veteran" Christians will really connect with. Love the transition between the slower verses and the super upbeat chorus.
10. Made For Me: Toby's tribute to his wife. Fine song that I sure she appreciates but one you'll probably skip.
11. Mac Daddy: Truet is back and sounds like a man! Funny song (as usual). It will be interesting to see if Truet follows his father's footsteps. (Tip, listen to each Truet song chronologically. You'll get a kick out of this audible growth chart.
12. Favorite Song: Surprising closer featuring the popular Jamie Grace. Fine song but a bit generic. Didn't really stand out to me but your millage may vary.

Hope this review was helpful!
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on August 28, 2012
While this is not TobyMac's best album, and it certainly doesn't break any new ground, TobyMac fans should be mostly satisfied with his latest effort. My first experience of it was during a morning jog, and it served as a fitting soundtrack.

Standout tracks include the title track as well as Forgiveness, Lose Myself, and Thankful for You. In fact, Thankful for You possibly ranks in the top 10 TobyMac cuts. Also, in my opinion, both remix tracks of Me Without You outperform the lead track/radio single.

Overall, you have solid lyrics written from a Christian worldview placed with modern beats and electronic (light) hip-hop. No one in Christian music does that formula better. Toby knows his audience and sticks with what will make them happy. In doing so, he remains a good bet for young and old.
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on September 2, 2012
Tobymac is beyond talented. I've been a fan of his since the early 90's. I remember the days when Toby SET the bar, not reached for it. Some catchy stuff here but nothing new or innovative; sounds more like the goal is radio instead of originality. Reminds me of the final days of DC Talk-they used to set the bar in Christian music (Free at Last and Jesus Freak anybody?) Then 'Supernatural' came out and I remember thinking (with the exception of a few songs) 'This is good but it could be anybody-sounds like all the other stuff on the radio for the most part.' The break-up came and a few years later 'Momentum' dropped-YES! Toby was innovative again! Listening to this new though, I had pretty much the same thought as I did w/'Supernatural.' Good stuff-if you're an average band; but Toby is NOT average. I'll listen to a few of the songs that were more creative but in end, I long for the innovation and creativity/risk taking from albums like Momentum and even Welcome to Diverse City.
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on April 17, 2013
This is actually my daughter's but I listen to it too! I'm not much for rapping but Toby Mac combines it with a wonderful singing voice. The music is catchy and the message is wonderful. I like it more than I thought I would. My daughter of course loves it! Good to try something different now and then.
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on April 22, 2013
I bought this album over a month ago, and once I downloaded it, I burned a copy for in my car, and I haven't taken it out of the CD Player since. I love ALL the songs. It's great music, with a great message.
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on April 21, 2013
Always have enjoyed Toby Mac and this album is another great. It has some very catchy songs on it. Looking forward to the day Christ returns and I get to hear the heavens ring with this kind of music.
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on August 29, 2012

If I had to sum up Toby's most recent album in one sentence, it would be "It's Not About Me... It's All About Him". I've purchased every album Toby has released from Momentum forward including all the remixes. I felt that a few songs on his last album "Tonight" were a bit of a letdown, but you don't find that at all here.

Buy this without hesitation!

If you're still reading, here's my take on the individual songs...

Me Without You - (5 out of 5) Examines where he would be if God wasn't his Savior. Awesome beat and I love the line "I'd be building my kingdom just to watch it fade away, that's me without You." So true.

Steal My Show - (4 out of 5) Mellow tune about submitting all you do to Him and His will. Never been a big fan of the background noise intro, though I can see how it contributes to the song.

Eye On It - (5 out of 5) Awesome workout/running song. Paul talks about keeping your eyes on the prize of eternal life with God and that is reflected here.

Forgiveness feat. LeCrae - (5 out of 5) One of the best songs on the album in my opinion. LeCrae (who is an amazing solo artist in his own right) jams with Toby on this smooth track that reminds us that we all have sinned... and nothing is sweeter than the day we call out to God for forgiveness.

Speak Life - (4.5 out of 5) This fun tune reminds us that everything we say impacts others, for good or for worse.

Unstoppable feat. Blanca - (5 out of 5) Another great song for your workout/running list. Classic T-Mac, a good beat with great lyrics. "We make our moves in mysterious ways, we'd rather burn up than stick to the shade... Not of this world so we live on the run, we got our hearts set on what is to come. We are UNSTOPPABLE!"

Lose Myself - (4 out of 5) The piano intro and solos are sweet! Reminds me of an old school, DC Talk-style, song. I have to "Lose myself to find you".

Family - (4.5 out of 5) There WILL BE a time in your marriage when you question if it's really worth it. It is. If you love your spouse the way God tells you to, it truly is. "It's not too late to say, Father show us the way... to fight for what we got 'cuz you believe... in family."

Thankful for You - (4 out of 5) A song about trusting God to open the right doors and having the courage to step through them.

Made for Me - (5 out of 5) I have to pause here for a moment and give mad props to Toby for including this song about how much he loves his wife. Lecrae (who is featured earlier on the song Forgiveness) did the same thing on his recent mix-tape album 'Church Clothes'. Some people will just skip over these as "love songs"... but I think everyone, and men especially, need to listen to how these guys cherish the gift they have of getting to live everyday in a God-centered relationship with their wives.

Mac Daddy (Tru's Reality) - (4 out of 5) Tru (Toby's son) is really starting to become a good rapper on his music... but would you expect anything else from someone who's been making rhymes and beats since he was a baby? Don't miss the respect he gives his father at the end when asked a question... "Yes sir!"

Favorite Song feat Jamie Grace - (4 out of 5) A melody about dwelling richly in the presence and word of God.

Remixes are truly a personal thing... sometimes you love them, other times you don't.

Me Without You (Capital Kings Remix) - (5 out of 5) Takes the album verison and mixes things up without being a huge departure from what makes the original great. Seems to be just a little slower tempo, but still great.

Steal My Show (Jack Shocklee Remix) - (5 out of 5) I like this remix a lot better than the album version because it adds a really good beat to the song and brings it up just a notch so I can use it in my workout/running playlist.

Lose Myself (Capital Kings Remix) - (3.5 out of 5) The loss of the piano really kills this mix for me.

Family (Jamie Moore Remix) - (3.5 out of 5) Again, substituting a synthesizer for piano just doesn't feel right to me for such stirring lyrics. This is still a very beautiful song, but I really like the album version better.

LoudNClear (Telemitry Remix) - (4 out of 5) You have to go back to the album 'Tonight' and listen to the original verison where TruDog had a "freestyle battle" with his younger brother to get a really good comparison. I like the beat on the original song, but it was way too short. This version mixes it up and lengthens it, but you miss out on the really funny exchange in the original...

Me Without You (Telemitry Remix) - (5 out of 5) This mix is hot and an awesome way to end the album. It takes the original and really steps it up. There is a heavy dose of DubStep in this mix, so get ready!

OVERALL: 5 out of 5
TobyMac knocked this one out of the park! Don't wait, buy this and start listening now!
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on December 3, 2012
It's hard for me to think my comment will go over well here, since many who read this review are likely 'fan boys' of tobyMac to a certain extent. I certainly have been. Along with many people, my long-term interest started with DC Talk: I bought the first tape when it came out in the late '80s, saw them in concert in the early '90s, and ultimately purchased everything they put out. Then I loved the tobyMac solo material: I own his live concert DVD and everything he's put out since DC Talk. He has always released albums that have not required any listening of samples prior to purchase; you simply knew you were getting music you'd love for life.

Sadly, this album is different. Most of it, including the remixes, is just 'okay.' This is the first album involving Toby that I've regretted buying in its entirety. Aside from tracks 3 & 5 on the standard album, and track 13 on the deluxe edition--all 3 of which are genuinely fabulous, the album sounds to me like he expended little effort. He's got the kind of musical talent where he can make an album that's halfway decent in his sleep. And that's what this album is: halfway decent; not terrible, but not great. The lyrics are clearly from his heart and meaningful to him--to the point that writing some of the tracks may well have been cathartic for him. But I truly think he coasted through this project. Does even he think it's one of his best? Highly doubtful. So it grieves me to admit that I'll need to preview his next outing before anteing up my cash.
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on April 16, 2013
Like this CD a lot. The previous release, "Tonight", has more upbeat music but I found the lyrics in this CD to go a bit deeper overall than "Tonight". I'd highly recommend this CD. If you're a TobyMac fan or not, new to his music or an ol' groupie, this is good music for both groups, period!
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on October 1, 2012
How does he keep doing it?
It's been way too long coming, but TobyMac delvers another great album that was worth the wait! I am continually surprised when an artist delivers great material time and time again, and TobyMac is an excellent example. I've been a TobyMac fan since the early days of dcTalk and it's great to hear what first attracted me to dcTalk and hip-hop sounds back in the early 90s grow and mature and Toby continues to evolve his sound in a way that fits in to the changing mainstream. Christian artists can get a lot of flack for "ripping off" mainstream artists, but Toby's blend of hip-hop, R&B, and Soul - and lately, electronic influences - keep him sounding fresh amidst artists who fall in to genres rather than defy them.
It's also great to hear Toby's son yet again on this album - he's been guesting in songs since he could barely put words together and now here he is on "Mac Daddy" sounding much older and like a lil' T-Mac himself! I'm looking forward to seeing if TruDog gets his own solo album.
Lyrically, TobyMac hasn't digressed at all - if anything, his lyrics have also continued to mature as he delivers line after line of fun, thoughtful, and even introspective lyrics all while maintaining the message that Christ is King.
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