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on May 25, 2014
After reviewing Supercell, I had enjoyed the actual story, but hated the numerous mistakes and typo's so, thought I'd give the author another go at it.
I ended up still liking the story in Supercell better, but Eyewall truly had its moments as well.

Being a weather fanatic, I love the study of severe weather and if it weren't for the fact that tornado's would mess up my hair, I'd probably chase one or two. Hurricanes are more predictable. Thank God.

Eyewall had good character development and like with Supercell, this was also a page turner for me. Read this in one evening. I admit to skipping several pages when Bernie and Arlen spotted a baby clinging to its mother on a fallen tree during Hurricane Janet.
When it got to the part where the two men get a hold of "Stormy" and try to get him back to the safety of the plane and even though I pretty much figured the kid would make it, I just couldn't read those few pages. I fast-forwarded to the part where the baby was absolutely safe inside. My heart just couldn't take it.
It certainly did the job of keeping the reader on the edge of their seats/beds/chairs and anywhere else one tends to read a book.

While it's suspenseful for most, a true severe weather enthusiast will appreciate the amount of technical information given because you end up learning more about natures storm systems just by reading the story.

As for the editing, this book was a hell-of-a lot cleaner than Supercell was. There were only three instances where there were missing words out of sentences, but that was about it.

As far as suspense goes, both books did their job, but I actually thought this one had just a smidge more because of the wee little tot in peril. I HATE kids and animals suffering even for the sake of fiction (You just HAD to have a lab doggie paddling through the murky bacteria ridden surge water without any hope in sight, didn't you?) Poor puppy...Sigh

Good book. Really enjoyed it.

This is a good writer. If Supercell is ever re-edited, I will go back in and edit my review for that book and raise it from two to five stars.
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on February 25, 2016
It is February in the middle of the country and as I read this book, I kept glancing out the window to see if the outer bands of the hurricane had arrived. The book is THAT good. I found myself reading faster and faster, my anxiety rising with every millibar the barometer dropped. A well crafted, could-very-well-happen tale, that never bogged down whether it was character related or technicality related. I now have an admiration for those who fly into the hurricanes as well as a question....are you completely nuts? Thank you Mr. Bernard for some of the most exciting and knowledge filled couple of hours I have ever spent.
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on January 6, 2013
I am the author of War Worlds, and I am not a friend of Buzz Bernard's, nor did he solicit this review from me. In fact, I've never met or spoken to the writer of Eyewall. I purchased Eyewall on Amazon, and what follows is my honest appraisal of the work.

Entertaining, light fare, Eyewall by Buzz Bernard delivers plenty of tense and exciting moments in a, should we say, breezy style. The story begins with the standard disaster movie formula - a warning of impending doom that no one, except the hero, is willing to acknowledge. In fact, this part of the story is so formulaic that most readers can supply the story line for themselves. However, Bernard backs up this rather weak story with two better stories. The story of the family trapped on St. Simon's island is heart-poundingly exciting, and I defy you, the reader, to read some of the narrow escapes with dry palms.

Eyewall really takes off, however, with the story of hurricane hunters flying into the storm. This part of the story is easily the best part of the book because it takes us places where we haven't been and are very damned unlikely to ever go. I hope. The flying sequences are perfectly balanced with the personal struggles of the people aboard the plane. I became so enthralled that I found myself frightened for them as they spun helplessly at the mercy of a storm that seemed alive and malevolent.

I do find it odd that females disrobe in this novel at the drop of a hat. I've never really experienced that. I also find it odd that one of the heroes is willing to work for a boss who is cartoonishly villainous. Those oddments aside, I recommend Eyewall as a smoothly constructed tale of narrow escapes. Three stars for professional execution, deductions for overuse of familiar plots and stagy characterization.
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on July 22, 2017
A heart-pounding read, especially when following the scary but realistic adventures of the brave Hurricane Hunters! Kudos to all those folks who fulfill this job, flying into the eyewalls of hurricanes to gather vital information regarding these monster storms! The other storylines were excellent, too, and really loved the part of the on-camera hurricane expert, Dr. Obie! I highly recommend this book, especially if you live in an area that may experience hurricanes!
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on May 24, 2017
Two tour in Nam as part of 30 years in the fast movers, capped off with a decade at the Weather Channel give the storyline a legitimacy. The language is most indicative of a military lifer. He won't be a threat to the Pulitzer crowd, but you'll spend a few great rainy afternoons with these characters.
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on November 9, 2017
Sometimes you get book that is exciting and has good people to like and dislike who drive the story forward. I loved the story nothing like a huge storm And a vulnerable airplane And crew. Lots of tension to see if they could survive now I can breathe a gain
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on July 20, 2016
What a great read! It truly was hard to put down. It even invaded my dreams. The characters were all wonderful people that I find myself caring about right from their first introduction. The story line was awesome and timely since we are coming up on hurricane season as I was reading. I think it's the finest story I've read yet on my kindle. Thank you Mr Bernard for such a good story.
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on July 2, 2016
Always lived on the sea in mass. growing up. Experienced hurricanes and the low pressure you could feel as they came in from the ocean, crawling up the cliffs with the raggedy wind howling. Parents were navy, one loved storms the other said: George get those girls inside as we waited for the eye to pass over and the winds begin again. Good story
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on April 6, 2013
You can't believe everything you read. But in this case, you can. Bernard being a retired meteorologist for the Weather Channel, this book is chock full of information about weather patterns and hurricanes. Informational and entertaining! Who could ask more from a book?

The information is presented in laymen's terms and actually easy to understand so don't let that scare you. It's not a technical book. It's a fast paced, exciting story.

The story spans over a 15 hours period and follows three main characters through one of the worst hurricanes to hit the Eastern coast ever. I found that the author did a very good job with character development given the short time period we get to know them.

I even liked the "all's well that ends well and everybody living happily ever after" ending, it fit the story.
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on October 26, 2011
Very enjoyable and what I would call good "escape reading". A book in which you can certainly get lost for short intervals, but it is still an easy read. I give it 3 stars. It is not a great novel, as the characters are shallow, and I am not sure why the author painted all the females to be particularly "simple". Still, I enjoyed the action being placed outside, inside, and parallel to the storm, and it had moments of being a real page-turner. An extra bonus for me was the setting, since I am a Georgia resident, and have a good visual of some of the areas depicted. Would recommend for a rainy day!
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