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on January 15, 2014
The Speedlight 90EX is a small but very harsh flash unit. Alone it is pretty much useful only in an emergency. This diffuser cap actually makes the 90EX a pretty usable flash unit for indoor and close fill lighting. Some of the other reviewers here have complained about the 90EX not having a swivel head or bounce features but IMHO that is not something you can or should expect from a small (easily fits in a pocket), inexpensive flash unit. It is also more than a "pop up" flash that other have described it as. Either way, the 90EX must have a diffuser in order to keep it from producing harsh shadows, glare and red eye. This is a great diffuser for that purpose. It is small and compact enough that you can place the 90EX with the diffuser in place in the storage bag that come with the 90EX and still pull the drawstring closed making this easy to store with the unit without getting lost. As a bonus the price is so good that there is no excuse not to have one.
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on August 5, 2014
The 90EX is a nice little flash for macro and close fill-in light but lacks swivel/tilt and thus illumination is a little harsh. The Fotasy DF90EX Professional Omni-Bounce provides a wee bit of diffusion and is the easiest way to improve the quality of light. Nothing dramatic but every little bit helps. It also broadens coverage by diffusing light upwards and to the side. Like any small clip-on diffusion device, the effect is at its best for close-ups and diminishes with increased subject distance. That is, diffusion is nearly nil at 3 meters but decent at 1 meter.

DF90EX construction is fine: basically an inexpensive translucent cap that snaps on the 90EX with a gentle push. Couple the DF90EX with an off-shoe cord (Zeikos ZE-OCSCC Off Camera Shoe Cord for Canon Rebel T4i 650D T3 (EOS 1100D), T3i (EOS 600D)) for better modeling or bouncing off a panel, and the 90EX transforms into a great little flash for macro and fill light.
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on January 7, 2015
- Inexpensive
- Attaches quickly to Flash
- Options for Attachment Angle
- Does an OK job of diffusing light at sides.

- Not Very Sturdy Attachment (Can Fall Off Flash).
- Needs a little more diffusion/opacity directly to the Front of the Flash.

This Fotasy diffuser fits the 90EX flash I use on my Canon cameras. That smart flash is small and has adjustable intensity. The Fotasy diffuser is compact and quickly attaches to the flash when you need to make quick adjustments to the lighting. It attaches by sliding on to the front of the flash and is held on by a friction fit. The diffuser can be put on the flash either upside, or downside up. This allows a change in the angle of the front face of the diffuser which directs the light slightly up or down to get better control of the light intensity. There is a little play in the diffuser to flash fit which gives a slight amount more adjustment. All things that help to reduce glare from the subject. I find the diffuser to be helpful in reducing glare off faces with lighter skin tone or more oily.

While the diffuser helps to reduce glare, it could be better. I find that adding a small amount of diffusive cloth (I use cheese cloth) into the diffuser space, further reduces direct illuminance to the front while still allowing light to come out the sides without too much restriction. I would like to see other inserts for this diffuser instead.

Yes, inserts would cost more money but I'd like the option. This diffuser is inexpensive enough that I can play around with it (putting materials/coatings inside and out) to get different effects and lighting without getting worried about the cost if I ruin it.

The other points you should know are that the diffuser can fall off if you are being energetic in your camera work. The friction fit isn't all that tight and it gets looser as you put the diffuser on and off the flash many times. It isn't too big a concern unless it falls off during the shoot and you loose it. Again, the cost of these diffusers are low enough that you can afford to have a spare, or two, in case you need them.

In conclusion, The Fotasy DF90EX diffuser is a reasonably priced tool that helps to reduce glare from an overly bright flash. I will not say that it eliminates glare or red-eye but it certainly helps to reduce it significantly. The relatively low cost of the diffuser offsets the tendency to fall off after prolonged use. I can certainly recommend this diffuser.
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on May 19, 2018
Easy, slip on diffuser works perfect with the 90EX flash. It is simple, cheap and does the job. I shoot with it almost all of the time because it helps avoid the harshness of the direct flash plus it spreads the light out a little for more even light on the subject.
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on January 18, 2014
This diffuser provides a little bit more softness to a pretty direct small flash. I try to avoid using direct flash when at all possible because I dislike that harsh flash, but sometimes you don't have any other choice, and this helps.

As an aside, I've found that if you have a bright ceiling or wall you can bounce the flash off of, you can tape a folded up white index car under neath the flash, and bend it at the end so that the flash hits the index card, bounces up or over to the wall and you have a much softer, indirect flash effect. If you don't have a bright wall/ceiling, it doesn't work though and you just have to use direct, diffused flash.
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on November 19, 2014
I have mixed feelings about this speedlite. It flashes and it flashes well - but during rapid shooting it might only flash once every third shot. With a slow charge time like that it makes it very frustrating when you get to editing to realize that perfect shot would have existed if it only could have kept up.

I'd only recommend buying if you just need an occasional flash... But if you're working professionally then pass this one by.
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on January 11, 2014
Well I guess it works OK. The flash is tiny and has no bounce feature so it isn't a great deal better than a head-on flash on a compact camera. However at least with this diffuser the light output is softened enough, but you still get that 1980's snapshot look to your photos.

So, its OK rather than terrific but to be fair I think that is more a function of the flash it is designed to fit than the diffuser.

This flash unit comes with a mall soft case - the flash and this diffuser just about fit in the case so no need to remove it all the time.
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on February 8, 2015
Love it because its small size. Perfect addition to my camera bag because the Canon 6D doesn't have internal small flash and sometimes you just need it. Very light and compact so you don't know it is in the bag until you need it. It comes with a diffuser and a nice small pouch and its TTL so the camera controls the amount of light and exposure. I also use it to trigger my bigger flash when the bigger one is stand alone and just shoot when the small one does. Exactly what I needed.
Arrived on time.
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on August 8, 2014
This diffuser fits perfectly and securely onto the Canon 90EX flash. My camera has a popup flash which is likely on par with the 90EX, but I bought it for its ability to remotely trigger slave flashes while retaining ETTL. With this diffuser, the 90EX is no longer as harsh and, surprisingly, I believe I will be using the 90EX as a fill flash in place of my 1100D's popup now and won't have to deal with overexposed highlights and hot spots. For close-in work, this will be much easier to handle and significantly lighter than my more powerful hotshoe flashes. It looks far better than taping a business card or using an on-camera soft box.

The price is wonderful, it's very good quality for a cheap diffuser and is essential for the 90EX. Bravo!
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on June 22, 2015
The diffuser works well, relative to the size and shape of the lens. It is not incredibly softer like a box diffuser would be, but it is pretty much a must to avoid artificial lighting look. But be advised that it does not lock onto the lens, nor fit too snugly; and it comes off fairly easily. So just handle it with care.
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