Customer Reviews: FINAL FANTASY XI Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition [Download]
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on August 21, 2013
First a Disclaimer: If you're pressed for time, or enjoy the World of Warcraft style of play, I don't mind telling you this game is probably NOT for you. I don't mean to discourage you, please try it if you're so inclined as I would love to be proven wrong. However, I've been playing for over a decade and I've seen the different types of player come and go. FFXI will NOT spoon-feed your game to you; expect to read web-pages to find out what needs to be done next, expect to get stumped on missions/quests, expect to have to party with other people in order to accomplish your goals, expect to work on a single task all evening. If you have a high degree of patience, and love the Final Fantasy series, by all means give it a spin, you won't regret it.

If however (and be honest with yourself, you're looking for a game "YOU" are going to enjoy) you're one of the afore mentioned individuals and are a bit more pressed for time; maybe you have a demanding job, or 3 kids, or a full schedule of college classes, or just have too many other hobbies and would prefer a less time intensive game. Might I suggest you give the newest Square-Enix MMO a try ---> Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, is a game more suited to today's gaming expectations and will assist your quests with a "go here next" icon and much shorter time requirements. if you've only got an hour... well, I wouldn't expect to get much done in FFXI. :)

As far as FFXI is concerned, I've been playing for SEVERAL years now, despite it's age it's actually still quite an enjoyable game. Unfortunately the game does suffer from a few limitations in order to support the "Playstation and XBox" console players, such as a maximum resolution of 1920x1080, that's right you'll not be getting any multiple screen resolutions out of this game, sorry guys a bit before it's time. Also the game doesn't like 'Alt-Tabbing' so without using a third-party program like "Windower" (which is against the EULA) don't plan to alt-tab out and look at any web pages while playing.

The game itself is a lot easier now than it used to be, a lot more 'solo' options available to you now then were ever available before. But parties are still a necessary evil for some storyline content and advancement and I would probably still rank it as one of the more challenging MMO's out there on the market today as far as party mechanics are concerned. There's plenty of content, in fact there's so much content it'll make your head reel at first trying to absorb all the information. Don't. Take the game in stride, one thing at a time, keep to the content of your level and the rest will come on it's own. I don't recall exactly how many expansions we're up to, but easily close to 10 expansions now if not more (all included in the Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition as of 8/21/13 later expansions will not be included), Seeker's of Adoulin being the most recent expansion. Maximum level has been increased and now sits at lv99. Events are held on a regular basis, with prizes to match. And the social environment is one of a friendly atmosphere (social experiences will vary based on your personality, of course) but overall the populace is generally very friendly and helpful.

That being said... I hope to see you in-game sometime!
Phoenix Server is by far the best (My shameless plug, lol) come on in!
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on March 31, 2013
The game has changed a lot since I first played when it was released. For me the game has gotten better and easier, but still gives you a good challenge. Preparation is key in this game. Also, the community is still strong. My server (Ragnarock) averages 1,600 at any given time and up 2,000 during peak hours. There are still tons of linkshells to join and are well worth getting into.

Buying this package is great idea even if you already own the the previous expansions or are returning and have some of the expansions. This will give you everything that you might be missing, the new expansion, two virtual items, plus access to the two new jobs. The virtual items are quite helpful in the game especially if you are starting fresh. You get a Destrier Beret which gives you Regen, Refresh, Auto-Reraise, Increased Movement Speed, Increases Skill Gain Rate and will last up until level 30. Then there is the Choco TShirt this gives you +50 Accuracy, Ranged Accuracy, Magic Accuracy and helps you loose less when crafting. (They have some other features, but these are most useful to someone starting fresh.) For old players these items only existed in our dreams.

Of course with an all new area to explore we get two new jobs. This now makes it possible to play 22 different jobs in FFXI. The two new jobs released are Geomancer(GEO) and Rune Fencer(RUN). I won't go into to much detail but GEO is like a BRD with BLM spells. RUN a is new style tank that uses a Great Sword and can change his resistance to different elements and can inflict elemental damage. They have limited to access to WHM, BLM, and RDM spells.

Another good note:
Solo until, at least, level 13-14. (Don't forget to check the Field of Valors/Ground Tomes the quests are repeatable and can give a decent amount of extra EXP.)

Then head to:

Gusgen Mines (usually Book Page 1, in Grounds Tome, I have been in some that did page 2). Stay here till around 30~33.
(At 30 you can begin the Abyssea Quest, you want to start this quest ASAP to start collecting stones. The stones give you 30 minutes of time in Abyssea and take 20 hours to regenerate.)

Then go to Crawlers Nest (Book Page 1) you can easily stay here till over 60. (If it is a new character, then don't forget you will have a limit break quest starting at 50, a good idea is to get 50 and get 1 exp from 51, do the limit break for 50 then go out and kill an easy prey to get 51, you will then be able to do the 55 limit break quest and level to 60 before having to do another. This can be done all the way to 99, just look up the quests and pay attention to the minimum level required to start the quest and plan accordingly. Once you do these quests on a job, you do not have to do them again.)

After 60 head to Bostaunieux Oubliette (Page 4) there is usually a party here. You can level all the way to 99 here, I usually get to around 80 then head to Abyssea Areas. (If you started your Abyssea Quest at 30, by this time you should have a few stones to get you started.) (To access Bostaunieux Oubliette you either need to be on mission 2-3 in Bastok/Windhurst or Rank 2 in San d'Oria.)
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on April 24, 2014
I've been playing this online Massive Multi-Player Role Playing Game or MMORPG since 2007 and have been addicted to it ever since. To pick up the basic mechanics and controls of the game is very simple. Picking up the depth of the game is a horse of another color - and I don't say that to scare anyone off. This gave is phenomenal. It was launched in 2002 and has had 5 expansions - 1 just recently - and several additions. Square Enix, the developer (after this known as SE) has made a lot of changes to the game to make life for the newer gamer much much simpler. In the earlier years of the game you would end up spending hours and hours playing the game to complete missions and quests that now SE has give work arounds to. Like in the case of maps. For areas that used to require that you do a quest to acquire the map, 9 times out of 10, it can now be purchased with the in game money called Gil.

Oh, yeah, you will have to figure out a way to make Gil, but there are always other gamers that will give you tips. You can farm, fight, craft, camp NMs, sell drops from parties on the Auction House. There are multiple ways to make Gil. You can also Fish in the game as a hobby and that is one that if you have the time and patience can make you a lot of in game money. I've been playing long enough that I really don't have to work to hard to making in game money - I've had my systems set up to long and I just go with what works best for me.

Being able to buy maps is quite handy since one map was such a pain that it could take you more than a month and have you traveling all over the entire map gathering objects just to get that one FREAKING MAP. For me it was a matter of pride that I was going to finish the quest, but that was also before you had the option to buy the maps LOL.

Basically you have 5 races you can play, Hume, Elvaan, Mithra, Galka and Taru-Taru. This game is NOT like WoW and a lot of the other games where each RACE starts out with equal stats. Meaning an Elvaan does NOT have the same magic pool that a Taru-Taru has. Nope, a Taru-Taru will always have a much higher magic pool and much less hit points, where an Elvaan will have higher hit points and less magic. The same thing will be said about intelligence, mind, agility, dexterity, vitality, etc stats. They will vary per race. To me that makes the game that much more interesting. It teaches you how to adapt and survive. You have wide ranges of gear that can be purchased, quested for, crafted, etc. that can help even out those differences and in some cases exceed another races stats. Unlike WoW and many other games, gear in this game is not bound to you (for the most part). The economy in this game is geared toward the ability of you being able to sell items that you no longer need.

In WoW typically once you equip a sword or a body piece it is bound to you and can not be resold at a market value. The best you can do is either NPC sale it or reverse engineer it to hope for some components to craft other gear. FFXI the only gear you will not be able to sell will be very specific gear that is called Rare/EX gear. That is typically gear that is quested for a particular job or dropped from a HNM. Just about all other gear, goods and spells can be sold on the auction house, for a profit is you play your card right - which is online at That site itself is a hub to many different sites that can offer tons of information regarding any topic you need while play, so make note if you decide to play this game.

In addition to the 5 different races, you have male and female characters, except in the case of the Mithra, who are all female (but don't be fooled, a lot of guy gamers play Mithras) and Galkas who are all male (mostly all guys play Galkas...I've only met 1 female Galka). But in addition when you start the game you have 6 jobs to chose from. In this game you do NOT have to create a different character for each job. You will play 1 character and have the ability to switch between job. Of course if you wish to create more than one character that is an option open to you, you just have to pay the extra fees for that extra character each month.

But back to the 6 initial jobs. You will have Warrior, Monk, Whitemage, Blackmage, Redmage, and Thief to START with. Your first goal will be to level to level 18 with one of these jobs, at that point you will start a quest that will allow you to have a "sub job", meaning you will have 2 jobs at once. It is a lot less confusing than it sounds once you get used to it and the whole foundation of the game is based on it. For instance it is typical for a Whitemage (who are the games healers) to "sub" Blackmage. It gives them a boost to their magic pool and the higher they go in level, it gives them spells from the Blackmage side that are very helpful. So, example a 20 Whitemage subbing Blackmage would be 20WHM/10BLM. Your subjob is always 1/2 of your main job. Also there are shorthand terms used to describe the jobs: Warrior/WAR, Monk/MNK, Whitemage/WHM, Blackmage/BLM, Redmage/RDM and Theif/THF.

So to explain the benefit of subbing BLM to WHM. As a level 20 WHM you have all the spells that a level 20 WHM has - then you sub BLM, that also makes all spells up to level 10 BLM available to you. So the higher you go in level the more BLM spells will become available to you as a WHM. The highest level currently is level 99, so you can be a 99WHM/49BLM, This makes this job much more flexible, allowing you the full range of the Whitemage spells and all the spells available to a level 49 Blackmage.

Now at level 30 you have a whole new world opened up to you - you have what is called advanced jobs and boy-o-boy, can these jobs be FUN!! You have to quest for each of these jobs, you will typically have to have a higher player help you, which really isn't all that hard to find, then once the job is "open" you will be able to level it. Currently there are 19 advanced jobs that you can open, then mix and match as you see fit as main and subjobs once you have level them. Some jobs you will hate (me, I HATE Paladin) and some you will fall in love with (me, its a toss up between Beastmaster and Dancer)

The atmosphere of FFXI's chatter and player interaction is much much different from other games I've played. I've been on WoW and seen the flaming and nasty language on the channels. I've played Star Wars The Old Republic and witnessed even worse behavior and I can say with confidence - there will be some drama every once in a while, but you will NEVER see or hear the garbage like I witnessed on WoW and SWTOR. The people that play FFXI are a different caliber and they KNOW that if they take it too far a GM call will be placed and a GM WILL show up (Game Monitor)....or if the GM doesn't show up, that person will quickly find their screen going blank and will find themselves in the Mordion Goal and you don't get out of that place until the GM releases you. You really ARE in gaming jail....I've been in there thru no fault of my own so I KNOW you can't get out (my satellite signal was going in and out so it was reading as a bot on one of their redundant systems, the game grabbed me and tossed me into jail 3 times in 1 weekend - I changed service providers)

Anyone looking for an indepth, very different game that will challenge your intellect, this game will do it. There is a few website that you should be aware of. The FFXIAH(.)com I mentioned above and FFXIclopedia(.)org. There is a Wiki Answers section on FFXIclopedia that I am currently doing a lot of the answers for under the name of Skyfiredancer - so if you have questions, type them in and I usually get back to you within a day.
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on August 31, 2013
I have always loved Final Fantasy XI, so this review may be a bit biased. I will say that this package is the whole deal. You get all of the expansions and extra content that there is for this game, including the one that just came out this year. That's 10 years of storyline, quests, missions, etc. The game graphics do show their age a bit, but there are many inspired level designs, and I get a feeling of total immersion while playing on my big screen. The servers still have decent populations, and you can still find low level players to group with, especially with the introduction of two new jobs in this latest expansion. All told, I'm glad to be back, and plan to be around at least until I can see all of the new content I've missed in the last couple of years.

Final Rating: Still one of the best MMOs I've ever played.
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on October 31, 2013
Since it was so long, I wanted to see if I could reactivate my old Content ID (characters from 2004), and miraculously I could! So awesome! What was more awesome was that there were people still playing from when I was on back in the day- Hardcore!

You do need your old account information to verify if you do this. I had to call in as I had a bit of trouble online. FYI you could be on hold for a long time due to the launch of FF 14. Amazon download was easy, its my 1st software purchase here. Its cheaper than getting directly from Square Enix or Steam (I missed their Summer Sale).

If you had an old POL account like me (Playonline needs to merged w/ the new Square Enix Management System) before activating, its all done online, takes about 15 min. What takes the longest is the updates. You'll need a good broadband connection as it could take a long time. Mine took 2 hrs. Could be more or less depending on your internet plan. You can play this on an older computer so don't worry if your PC is old. It will run! This was originally designed for Win XP. I have Win 7, so you'll need to download the Win 7 POL application from the FFXI website. If you are an older player, its still fun, but the gameplay is entirely different than before. Come back to Vana'Diel!
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on September 9, 2015
still a game that has a charm about it with the great music and sfx magic spells and weapon skills unmatched in any game imo, I soled to level 80 , and got to 99 then quit again this game is pass its hayday I used to enjoy back in 2002 when I was 21 and got all the mithra's
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on March 23, 2014
Excellent game. The game has mostly been updated to where you can reach level 99 now and leveling is so much easier. You can now solo all the way through the game without a party. It is a bit of a downsize but how old the game is it is still worth it.

You do more parties now with more end game content.
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on April 26, 2014
Final Fantasy XI is one of my favorite games in the series, surpassed only by VI and VII. For such an extensive RPG, it's a pretty decent price for the program, but unfortunately there are three aspects that made me bump it down two stars:

1. The subscription renewal.
The cost to renew your monthly subscription is 11USD each month, plus 1USD for each character you have active. This is on top of purchasing the game itself. If this game was as large as something like WoW, I would understand better, but it's not. Not only has it decreased in size and players, but it's not even the most recent MMORPG of the series. The 12+ USD seems a bit much now that 14 is up and running and has taken over the players and Square Enix's update attention.

2. It's too complicated for one game
The number of things you need to do to get your subscriptions up is ridiculous. You need to set up your monthly subscription, a separate set up for your characters, a set up for Square Enix, then you gotta link them together... By the end, you've got, like, half a dozen usernames and passwords and four programs to worry about. Games like Runescape and WoW? One username covers all your worries.

3. Updates Time
First off, the game download time is laughable. You can download WoW from the internet in half the time. It literately took more than a day and a half to download and install everything needed for this, and then another four hours to do an Update right off the bat. Secondly, the Updates themselves take far too long to justify the frequency. Expect an update three or four times a month regularly plus whatever spontaneous, unplanned maintenance is made, each lasting between one and five hours, only to get in game and not notice any differences.
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on February 3, 2016
Very difficult to recommend this game in 2016. Controls are quite clunky and UI is horrible. The core game and community are fantastic, but at this point it's like trying to read a book in a different language and trying to translate it as you go.
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on September 10, 2014
This is one of my favorite MMO's of all time. It is dated at this point, but still holds up as when it was released in 2003 it was easily 3 years ahead of its time. Also no other MMO has been this successful and been on multiple platforms. I will say, as far as MMO's go, this is definately one of those games that if you don't have friends, you aren't going to get anywhere fast. This may be looked at as a negative, but I think it gets back to what MMO's were all about at one time... kinship.
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