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FIFA 14 - Playstation 3
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$6.64+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on December 13, 2013
In many respects, it's a great game. The ball physics and passing are pretty good and quite realistic ... until it comes to shooting and scoring. Shots that should go in such as one on ones with the goal keeper either never happen, miss, or are blocked by the goal keeper who seems to have super human abilities. Other shots that have extremely low chances seem to randomly go in. Aiming is a nightmare and because the shot gauge controls both the strength and height of the ball. This makes no sense and ends up making shooting an arbitrary, random act. It also results in the inability to take hard low shots, except as the game sees fit to dish up. That is, if one can even get a shot off against the superhuman goalies. The drills are fun, but in no way reflect actual gameplay nor help one learn the horrific shooting and long pass controls. As far as I can tell, shots and long passes are not really aimed. You never know what you're going to get, no matter how careful the aim and shot strength/height are. The players seem to forget what they were doing the closer they get to an opponent's goal, while the defense, which is laughable most of the time as one can dribble from one end of the field to the other effortlessly, all of a sudden seems to close in.

All in all, it's an experiment in frustration that could have been a great soccer game. It's obvious EA's idea of difficulty is just making the controls more difficult and frustrating (especially in the skill challenges). Higher difficulties actually lead to more goals and the control problems, especially shooting and defense are so glaringly obvious at lower difficulties, the game is unbearable. Thus, the learning curve is incredibly steep. While it does a good job with midfield play and occasionally even headers, this is not a football simulation. I won't even bother to address licenses as they don't matter and tactics as they don't exist.
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VINE VOICEon November 4, 2013
I bought this as an upgrade to Fifa 12 and after playing this game for a month my boyfriend and I both agree it was a smart purchase.

At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about it. The graphics were noticeably better and I loved how well the player appearances and jerseys had been rendered. It's very lifelike and really enhances the game experience, especially when you are playing with teams you follow and know well. However, initially I found the game play tricky. Tactics that worked on Fifa 12 didn't translate well to Fifa 14. Fifa 12 seemed to give you the benefit of the doubt at times, accommodating slightly inaccurate passes and shooting by assuming where you want it to go. In Fifa 14 passing and shooting seems slightly trickier and seems to require more precise movement on the controller to be accurate. But thankfully there are lots of skills drills you can do to get a feel for the game and what movements are necessary to have good results. To balance it out, I also found tackling and defending to be easier in this version of the game than in Fifa 12. We also both feel like the more time we have played it the more we prefer it to Fifa 12. Once you get the hang of it, the play feels more lifelike, more physical and more precise. It almost feels like you are playing Fifa for the first time and that things are challenging, new and exciting again.

Playing in ultimate team mode is also downright addictive. It gives you so many aspects of the team to control in addition to playing matches. It's like a mind puzzle to try to organize squads that have the best possible chemistry in addition to having great talent and since you can trade and buy players as you earn more coins, there are constantly more things to adjust and fiddle with no matter how long you play because better and better players become within your reach. The only downside is it is easy for WAY too many hours to get sucked up by this game because it gives you an incentive to keep playing so you can earn more coins, trade for better players, and have an overall stronger squad.

Of other features we love, we appreciate how when you are playing as real teams (not in ultimate team mode) it updates the lineups and the forms of the team based on how teams and players are doing in real life. Since we tend to play as teams we watch in real life, this is really fun and especially exciting when the team you are following is doing well. It adds to how lifelike this game is and makes you feel like you are truly playing this team. We also love the range of stuff available for purchase with points like vintage kits, different balls, etc.

Beyond some initial frustrations when we were getting used to this game the only other thing we don't like is that at times, the game lags and the players seem to be going in slow motion. But thankfully this happens pretty infrequently.

Overall we love Fifa 14 and are really enjoying playing this game.
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For a great deal of time I was an annual purchaser of EA Sports FIFA title. I looked forward to every October and seeing what changes were in store as well as improvements to old tried and true game modes, the usual roster updates, and graphical evolution of the series. That changed a bit after a few big disappointments, namely FIFA 2006 and 2008. I found myself skipping a year in between releases as simple roster updates and a few tweaks between games wasn't enough to spur me to make an annual purchase any longer. That said, the last FIFA title that I purchased and played extensively before FIFA '14 was FIFA '11. So take that into consideration when reading my review.


Perhaps the most important part of any soccer title is the gameplay. FIFA has been criticized by many (myself included) for often feeling like the player wasn't really in complete control and the computer decided too many aspects of the gameplay as scripted events rather than naturally evolving plays as players jostle for the ball, shoot, pass, etc. To that end FIFA is constantly compared against the Pro Evolution series which has historically featured a more detailed and advanced control set.

FIFA '14 is a step forward for the series in my opinion (remember I'm coming from FIFA '11). Player motion, ball physics, passing and the like are greatly improved over previous FIFA titles. Simply mashing the run button now to make a sloppy run at a defense will in most cases result in your player losing the ball and the AI or another human controlled player having control and mounting a counterattack. Things like stride, having control of the ball actually have meaning in this game.

Similarly on defense simply mashing the jostle button or standing tackle while off balance, running or committing your player in a certain direction can have dire consequences as the opposing team can, if prepared, simple dribble the ball past your player. The phrase I would use is that FIFA '14 is more about finesse and smart gameplay rather than relying on the schemes that worked in previous titles.

Passing is another area that's changed considerably. Now passes rely heavily on the amount of power you apply to the ball as denoted on the power meter when you press the pass button. Going for a cross-field lob without sufficient power will cost you. Similarly, going for an off-balance short pass while mashing the pass button will lead to an errant pass. After a few games of adjustment I found the new passing scheme was excellent overall and in my opinion better than in previous games.

Personally, I love the changes and FIFA '14 has shaped up to be my favorite game in the series since FIFA '05 on my Xbox. Though I have a number of friends on both sides of the fence.


On-field graphics are generally excellent. Players look more like their real-world counterparts than in titles past where the players looked a bit "plasticky" like they were action figures. Stadiums are rendered nicely and have more color denoting home field advantage and support.

Introductions to games have a more polished feel too and are best described as similar to how EA handles team introductions in their FIFA World Cup games. There's also more fanfare when you win an important game, cup match, Classico, rivalry, etc.


The main menu now is a series of widget looking tiles that not only look great but also display pertinent information. Now after a game you don't need to go into a sub-menu to see your players fitness level, the information is displayed promptly on the team management tab. Changes to your formation can be made right from the root of the menu by highlighting the team tile and using the right-thumbstick to switch things up. More detailed changes can still be made by entering a sub-menu but it's nice that a lot of stuff can be done without going further into a menu.

Another nice addition is a more granular level of control over your team if you go the career manager route. You still cannot set ticket prices, concession prices, etc. like in many other EA Sports titles but you do have a lot more options on everything from scouting (completely revamped and actually relevant) to junior team, career options, player contracts and negotiations, interaction with team staff and budgets. The scouting mode is particularly interesting and much deeper than in previous games. Don't expect a Football Manager type of depth but enough to keep you interested and make the mode worthwhile. Scouts can be purchased and the better the scout the more they cost. They can be sent to specific geographic areas to recruit and you can even focus them on what type of player your after. Non-scouted players have some general information available to them, however, more detailed information, in the form of numerical ratings, can only be seen once a player has been scouted. There are also different levels of detail from a quick scout to a more in-depth report. This is important when making an offer for a player as more detailed information will lead to a more accurate offer and thus a better likelihood that the player and team will accept your offer.


The newest feature for the online portion of FIFA is called FIFA seasons where you and a buddy can team up to take on other players in a 2 vs. 2 match-up. Seasons has a number of different tables and a world-wide leaderboard that you and your friend can climb. Otherwise, the old match modes make a return and online gameplay is stable and reliably free of lag most of the time.


(+) Improvements to gameplay overall; player motion is more natural, shooting is harder, defending once acclimated to is easier
(+) Passing is much improved
(+) Overhaul of the menus is a very welcome addition
(+) More stuff to do - from skill games, manager mode options, player creation, etc.
(+) The season calendar feels more thought out to space games out and now includes international friendlies (your manager can be hired by an international team)
(+) More leagues! Poland here I come...

(-) The menus look really great but can take a bit of time to load when moving between tabs
(-) First touch moves are trickier and not the almost guaranteed way to destroy a defense like in previous FIFA titles
(-) Why is there still no option for online friends to join or start a career mode together playing against the AI is stupefying


FIFA '14 is overall a fantastic entry in the FIFA series that features the right mix of new along with improvements to the old formula to justify a purchase. Expect a good game but expect one that also requires old dogs learn new tricks.
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on October 22, 2013's simple. This game is as real as it gets, which could be good or bad depending on your preference. If you are a soccer (or futbol) purist and you enjoy stiff defense and all of the passing and setting up that leads up to the goal then this is the game for you. If you are into a more offensive straight ahead classic video soccer game then save yourself some $ and get FIFA '13. You have to really understand soccer strategy to get seriously good at this title. The ideas of passing backwards in order to go forwards and not over-speed bursting in certain situations are key. As an American football and basketball junky I am actually learning the game of futbol as I play. Learning when to attack or slow play, where to take shots from, how to pass effectively. I have even found myself really watching soccer on TV for the first time ever to learn new strategies, which is good for the sport I think. I read a lot of negative reviews saying that it's difficult to pass, but I don't agree. If your body isn't in a good position to pass then the ball will go astray but if that's the case then you need practice. I'm no FIFA novice, as I've owned a few games in the past, but I've never been as vested in any of those as I am in '14. I'm also not an expert by any means, but after a week of battling lesser teams on the professional level with my Arsenal squad, I just completed my first multiple goal game, a 4-1 victory. I can't wait to start my Premier League season after a little more practice. 5 stars for me. I'm going to put off getting 2K14 for a while I think.
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on June 11, 2016
When you play against the computer you know right away it is 100% biased with it self! I usually play Real Madrid against Barcelona. The referee makes fouls against me for no reasons at all! when their attack fails suddenly I see there is a foul against my team. Yellow cards and red cards given to my player just like that for no valid reason! on the other hand the other team don't play football they play Karate, Kung Fo and all the marshal arts they don't get cards, not only that, they rarely get foul against them!
It is a very unfair and unjust game! Just imagine the opposing team gets 5 players replacements and you only get 3!
Some of the issues;
When you pass a long pass your players are always offside!
When the opposing team attacks you don't see the whole view and in a fracture of a second you just see a player facing the box in a good position to score a goal and the ball reaches his foot.
Many attacks when they score the view is from behind and you just don't see the ball and don't know what's going on then you see they scored! How you just don't know!
The other team players only need to stretch their foot for you to find that you lost the ball and it was gone to another player from the opponent team! not only that but also even when they slide the ball goes to one of his team mates!!
The goal keeper blocks some legendary strikes that can't ever happen in real!
The opponent team spread like crazy! even near the end of the game where every one is exhausted you see still find them run and spread like rockets!
Imagine you jut had a substitution player playing at the minute 70 a player from the other team who is playing from the beginning still can run faster than him and blocks him!
Also you are counter attacking you see the defense coming 15 feet from behind and still can catch up your player and you suddenly find him in front of your player with the ball in his control!!
The goals the opponent team scores most of the time that they are so silly so that the system does not show a play back! this always happen when they score while the player is offside! either don't do a playback or do it from angles make you don't see the actual positions of the players!
When my team passes a long pass especially at the defense the ball will always go off the field while the opponent team will rarely go out!
The opponent makes a long pass you see the ball is so so fast that no way the attacker can reach it suddenly you see unbelievable slow down in the ball speed and its a goal!
These are some of the things I was able to remember!
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on March 16, 2014
I am giving 2 stars: not because i do not like the game, but because i keep paying for things that are not improved or fixed to my satisfaction...

- Freekicks are no fun. Solution for me: I would enjoy an actual minigame similar to penalties 10x more.
- The AI skill levels are not differentiated enough. Semi-pro is too easy, Pro is too hard. Fiddling around with the detailed settings is not satisfying. More levels or an easier interface to modify the AI are needed.
- The defense is too smart on the offside trap. Defenders do not build the trap, because they see the other players, but because EA has build too amazing algorithms. I would make this customizable (see above).
- When playing with friends, there should be an option to normalize team strength, i.e. to give a 2nd division team the same overall skills of Bayern or Barca. When playing with friends, you want to play with the team you support - but without being penalized for doing so.

EA. I would read through 2-star ratings, and i hope you do. Please work something out for the next FIFAs!
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on February 7, 2014
I play PES for a very long time and I still buy it every year but I had to start playing FIFA so I can play against/with friends(They all play FIFA). Anyway, PES does not have all the online modes FIFA offer to play with friends. The game play, I think FIFA2014 gets better than last year. But (in my opinion) there are fundamental football flaws in the this game (FIFA) which are really annoying, such as,
Defender rarely bicycle kick to clear in real world, they just don't - it doesn't make sense to risk- it happens every game and very often in this game, even when there are other options available to clear. EA probably this its cool.

Goal keeper do not take over 5 sec to kick/pass the ball when you are behind especially in late game. They do in this game for no reason.

Ridiculous celebrating - it's rare occasion to see player celebrate in unique way in real game (like crouch robo dance) but in this game - the players always do stupid celebrations - even when they just score one consolation goal in 6-1 loosing game.

Commentator - I was very happy when I found out I was able to change to a different set of commentators which were less annoying. I mean why do they need to praise back heel pass every time? It is nothing special. The worst of all why do they have to make a big discussion about every time when referees allow advantage play ?? Do EA think whoever playing their game have no clue about football?

On the gameplay - in real world a player with weak foot will 9 times out of 10 try to kick with his strong foot, no matter be it outside foot or backheel or toe or knee. In this game, it depends on your positioning behind the ball. Try to dribble and kick a long shot with one footed player a few times, if you don't control, he will hit 50/50 left/right. I think it is just wrong. Real life player would always try to position the ball so he/she can hits with stronger foot.

FIFA wins in popularity and online but PES still gives you better football feeling.
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on March 27, 2014
Being a PES fan since ISS Pro Evolution Soccer 2, and Winning eleven 3 on the PS One, I always tought FIFA would not be able to reach PES ever.
When I played FIFA12 at a friend's house, I saw how much they had improved and actually enjoyed the game.
Same with FIFA13, however I still thought the PES version for those 2 years were better.
When the demos came out for both FIFA and PES 14 I downloaded both and I fell in love with FIFA, I went to the other side since then, I love the high amount of clubs and how the line ups are constantly updated depending on the team's situation during the week. I have played PES14 as well and it is not a terrible game, but FIFA is way better.

Only thing I would have loved is that FIFA had more National teams, instead of some worthless leagues like the Korean or Indian one, (probable there should be different versions containing local leagues, but that's too much to ask for) My country is not in the game (Costa Rica) which is a big let down, but I'm waiting for the World Cup verison to come out.
Another thing which is a very small but significant let down in my opinion, PIRLO DOESNT HAVE HIS BEARD...WTF... WHY???
other than that, great game
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on January 14, 2016
I'm not that into soccer but it's a great game to play with friends and make fun of incredible dribbles and goals.

There are several modes of play for a single player, multiplayer and online. The good part about online playing theses days is that everyone has a busy life so whenever you have some spare time you just jump online and play.
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on October 14, 2013
I'm so disappointed in this version. I've been playing since its release and it is by far the worst version I've played in several years. Most reviews hit it on the head, so I won't go into too much detail. What I'll add that I have not seen complaints about is major faults in gameplay. Here is what I've noticed that is not discussed in other reviews:

1. Too many goals are being scored from distance. I swear, every game I've played in seasons, the other team is scoring MOST goals from really long distances. The goal keep just stands there, not moving allowing for 40+ yard goals to go in regularly. Depending on who you ask, this can be annoying. I usually play with Celtic, so I play lots of Mexican Liga MX teams (due to similar star match-up and popularity with the hispanic demographic), all of them shoot from distance, scoring with multiple defenders on them and my goal keeper just remaining static. This did not happen in 2013, where a distance shot took skill, strategy, multiple attempts, and defenders missing tackles.
2. Too many goals being scored from corner kicks. In reality, 1 of 20 corners should be hitting the back of the net. In this version, it is 1 of 3. Again, depends on who you ask as to if you like it or not, but this is not real. Not reality. Too many high-percentage goals made on corners.
3. I got a penalty against me on a ----CORNER kick. Get the freak out of here with something like that. Agian, not reality. There is pushing in shoving in the box in the real game on corners, there should never be a penalty awarded on a corner--unless Suarez takes a bite out of someone! This NEVER happened to me in over 2000+ games combined in 2012 and 2013.

All this amounts to issues that really take away from the experience for me. Though, I might just need to start choosing teams that are better in the air and from distance--maybe I'll like the game more if I did that. But, to me, this takes away from the use of smart tactics to win, not random long shots and over-relience on corner kicks.
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