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FIFA 14 - Xbox 360
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$11.03+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on February 8, 2014
The teen who received the gift was pleased and entertained as he both follows soccer in the Us and internationally, and plays it.
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on April 26, 2017
love it
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on October 5, 2016
The product came with no case or box and no instructions on what to do in the game. Very disappointed about that.
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on May 22, 2016
The CD was broke
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on December 22, 2013
You look forward to a new FIFA every year without any doubts of flaws or anything like that. You look forward to the new updated system and all the new gadgets EA has featured in the game. This year was different. FIFA 14 is by far THE WORST FIFA I have ever played in my life. It's not even near realistic, the passing is slow, the dribbling is slow, and holding the sprint button is nothing but a nightmare as it makes you send the ball 4 feet from you regardless of the player and the dribbling stat. Nothing seems to make sense, players are constantly tripping over eachother and the goalies make the stupidest mistakes. NOTHING in this game would you actually see in real life, the players run like there headless it's so hard to control and frustrating. There are several cases of this game crashing for many people and EA does absolutely nothing to help it's costumers. It's also extremely frustrating when the game crashes in the middle of the game and you get the loss at the end of the game. Literally this game is far from realistic and it feels as if I'm playing on manual sometimes because 1 out of the ten passes I make are to the players feet. Did I mention the horrible touch every player in this game has? You can have the highest stat for ball control and yet the ball with still roll 5 feet away from a simple pass, I feel as I'm playing pinball with this aggrivating system. I know many people who couldn't take it anymore and just went back to FIFA 13. As for me I won't be buying anymore FIFA's until EA gets off their lazy asses and actually does something good. I don't recommend this game whatsoever to anyone it does nothing but frustrate. 0/10
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on July 14, 2014
This Fifa game is horrible, I still play Fifa 13 Because this game is just that bad. First off let's start with the overpowered headers the overpowered chip shots, and the overpowered volleys. Come on man this is horrible and the lob balls holy smokes this game is the worst fifa game ever. Also the player moment is something to laugh at. You can't even sprint with the ball without taking huge touches and no turn speed at all. This game is for people that have never played a fifa game. 1/10 is my score honestly. STAY ON FIFA 13 PEOPLE!!!!
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on January 13, 2014
I like purchasing.and.enjoying the game each year but this by far the worst overall experience game play ever in fifa history. The players dont do anything but stare at the ball. The players tend to lose the ball uncontrollably. The motion of the players is not smooth because of the realism they tried to add. I thought games were suppose to be fun this game has frustrated me more because the game does.not want the benefit the game players point.of view and.not doing what we want it to do before hand and action. I wish i hadnt bought this game to be honest. Save your money people and maybe EA will make it a bettet experience to play than making it worst each year. Elevate not downgrade.
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on May 11, 2014
I am a big fan of Fifa/PES for many years. But EA sports has succeeded in creating a video console game which crashes regularly!
It started with Fifa 13, I am surprised there are still bug in this new version. It is not acceptable for a video game console.
Anyway about the game itself:
I play only in career mode.
The big change since the last version is how to scout new players. You do not have all the info about a players but just estimations. I like the idea but I think it could be better by adding some features which will help to save time.
For example you cannot choose in your search criteria that you are looking for a left handed player. Some positions are missing as (you cannot search a LW/RW, etc). A very important criteria is: "First Team Quality": at the beginning I didn't know the interest of this criteria. Very useful: your scout will choose only player who have the level to play in your team. Else you will see many bad players in the selection. I would appreciate to have something like this "seconde team quality" to find for example young less expensive who will be able to progress and become first team quality. I would appreciate as well to have a possibility to do a "OR" instead of a "AND". It is nore common to look for example for a Middlefield player with "Long shot" ability OR "Playmaker". Unfortunately it is always a "AND".
About the gameplay itself, it is great. I love the ball trajectory, it is more realistic and fun than before. Now it is possible to score nice goals from far, like in reality. My only reproach for the gameplay is about the head: too easy to score with head. I score 50% of my corner with my tall defender or attacker (Varane, Sakho, Falcao :-) ).
Actually in most of my matches I score with the head on a crossing at least 50% of the goals. This is not balanced.
Question: do I have to buy FIFA 13 if I already have Fifa 14: I do not think so. The price doesn't justify the pleasure of ball trajectory and because too easy to score with the head, tthe game is not as balanced as before.

Conclusion: good game (which can still be improved) but wasted by unacceptable bugs :-(
PS: I have never seen a crash with PES...
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on December 11, 2013
I was so psyched for this game to come out. It's a good game, and the minor tweaks they made here and there are great but there is still much to be worked on. One of the main flaws I found about this game is the AI. They are STUPID. I have yet to mess with the sliders in the game but on FIFA 13 I didnt have to mess with anything except for upping the difficulty. My guys are constantly getting caught offsides, and not in a "oh ok I can see, he made that run too early." kind of way. No, I will be in the box get a shot blocked and play goes back the other way, I'll intercept it and make a long pass to a player that is onsides and if it goes past him I get called for offsides. The replay will show that there was a player still by the box and I get called for it because he is the "closest player" This wouldn't be such a bad thing if it only happened occasionally but it happens ALL THE DAMN TIME. At least 3 times a game...at least.
Other than that, the game is still pretty solid. I mostly a career mode kind of guy and although the menus and features have changed a little bit, its still pretty much the same as last year. The menu is a little confusing and takes some getting used to but eventually it all gets figured out.
The mini modes are back and there are a lot more of them, which is good. Although I wish you could switch to the old arena mode from fifa 12 when you could play 1v1 with a friend. but thats minor.
Ultimate Team is back, though I havent messed around with it too much, but I like what I've seen so far.
This game is still a must buy despite its flaws, if you love football, then you'll love FIFA 14
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on September 21, 2015
This game is a blast. If you love soccer as much s I do but am only a casual gamer and not willing to spend $50 on latest game this one will suffice. In this year Real Madrid and Bayern were the top teams followed by FCB, Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United. To players of course were Ronaldo, Messi, Ibrahimovic, Mueller, Götze, Hazard, Rooney. Not too much different form today.
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