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FIFA 14 - Xbox 360
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$7.53+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on May 11, 2014
I am a big fan of Fifa/PES for many years. But EA sports has succeeded in creating a video console game which crashes regularly!
It started with Fifa 13, I am surprised there are still bug in this new version. It is not acceptable for a video game console.
Anyway about the game itself:
I play only in career mode.
The big change since the last version is how to scout new players. You do not have all the info about a players but just estimations. I like the idea but I think it could be better by adding some features which will help to save time.
For example you cannot choose in your search criteria that you are looking for a left handed player. Some positions are missing as (you cannot search a LW/RW, etc). A very important criteria is: "First Team Quality": at the beginning I didn't know the interest of this criteria. Very useful: your scout will choose only player who have the level to play in your team. Else you will see many bad players in the selection. I would appreciate to have something like this "seconde team quality" to find for example young less expensive who will be able to progress and become first team quality. I would appreciate as well to have a possibility to do a "OR" instead of a "AND". It is nore common to look for example for a Middlefield player with "Long shot" ability OR "Playmaker". Unfortunately it is always a "AND".
About the gameplay itself, it is great. I love the ball trajectory, it is more realistic and fun than before. Now it is possible to score nice goals from far, like in reality. My only reproach for the gameplay is about the head: too easy to score with head. I score 50% of my corner with my tall defender or attacker (Varane, Sakho, Falcao :-) ).
Actually in most of my matches I score with the head on a crossing at least 50% of the goals. This is not balanced.
Question: do I have to buy FIFA 13 if I already have Fifa 14: I do not think so. The price doesn't justify the pleasure of ball trajectory and because too easy to score with the head, tthe game is not as balanced as before.

Conclusion: good game (which can still be improved) but wasted by unacceptable bugs :-(
PS: I have never seen a crash with PES...
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on April 15, 2014
This game has many different ways to play from kick-off (where you jump right in to play a quick match with almost any two teams) to career mode (where you are the manager of a team, who sets the lineup, buys/sells players, and plays the games each season to Ultimate Team (allows you to put together a team of any players and take on the computer or on-line opponents). EA makes their money on Ultimate Team, as people are willing to make in-game purchases for additional players/uniforms/stadiums/consumables. Given that this is the primary money-maker, this is where EA seems to invest the most time.

I prefer career mode, with the satisfaction of building up a league 1 or league 2 team and taking them to the BPL. I would like to see EA make it more immersive.

The out of the box settings are a little arcade-like, but you can adjust the sliders for a more realistic/challenging/fun experience.

I also enjoy playing the game with my sons, as it helps teach them about the rules of soccer (it really helped with offsides!) and about the importance of passing the ball.

The game is not perfect, but we play it quite frequently and have gotten hours and hours of enjoyment out of it.
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on January 8, 2015
EA has done it again! Every fall, EA release the greatest test my marriage faces. Having already prematurely balded, one would think I'd aggressively seek to maintain my marriage to someone far more attract than me and not waste hours swearing the screen because Werder Bremen are losing to Augsburg but I do. On the plus side, the game works as birth control. No sane woman would want to bear a child from the kind of an idiot that'd play this for hours. My last thought on the game is this. How the hell is it that West Brom can't connect 3 passes together in real life but if I'm leading 2-1 in the 87th, Berahino, Anichebe, and Chris Brunt suddenly pass and move like Messi, Neymar, and Xavi? This game will ensure you use your full arsenal of profanities.
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on February 28, 2014
FIFA is a good game. It has more leagues and more official players than PES. It is so much better than PES 2014 as well. But FIFA should risk much more. We need more changes, not just updated jerseys and player's faces. I recently bought FIFA 14 for PS4, but it didn't come with Fernando Palomo and Mario Kempes Latin-American narrators. So, I returned and I bought the Xbox 360 version because it does have those terrific narrators. The bottom line is that FIFA 14 is a good product, but if you already own FIFA 13 I don't see any improvements that worth expending the extra money. I actually liked FIFA 13 much more than this one. Nevertheless, if you skipped FIFA 13, and you want a new FIFA game now, you'll enjoy playing FIFA 14 because it is a lot of fun. It also has Tournament mode, which it was removed from PS4 and XONE versions.
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on December 11, 2013
I was so psyched for this game to come out. It's a good game, and the minor tweaks they made here and there are great but there is still much to be worked on. One of the main flaws I found about this game is the AI. They are STUPID. I have yet to mess with the sliders in the game but on FIFA 13 I didnt have to mess with anything except for upping the difficulty. My guys are constantly getting caught offsides, and not in a "oh ok I can see, he made that run too early." kind of way. No, I will be in the box get a shot blocked and play goes back the other way, I'll intercept it and make a long pass to a player that is onsides and if it goes past him I get called for offsides. The replay will show that there was a player still by the box and I get called for it because he is the "closest player" This wouldn't be such a bad thing if it only happened occasionally but it happens ALL THE DAMN TIME. At least 3 times a least.
Other than that, the game is still pretty solid. I mostly a career mode kind of guy and although the menus and features have changed a little bit, its still pretty much the same as last year. The menu is a little confusing and takes some getting used to but eventually it all gets figured out.
The mini modes are back and there are a lot more of them, which is good. Although I wish you could switch to the old arena mode from fifa 12 when you could play 1v1 with a friend. but thats minor.
Ultimate Team is back, though I havent messed around with it too much, but I like what I've seen so far.
This game is still a must buy despite its flaws, if you love football, then you'll love FIFA 14
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on December 31, 2013
In terms of shipping, delivery, etc. Amazon was spot on.

However, I am disappointed with the game itself due to 4 reasons:

1. Squads not Updated: The game came out a few weeks after the transfer window closed, but big name signings are missing from the game, such as "Ozil to Arsenal" and "Bale to Real Madrid". The problem this creates is that people who do not have an internet connection cannot play the "Official" Career Mode with the proper squads in place.

2. Overpowered Headers: FIFA was quite balanced in the last few years but this year they screwed it up completely. The game is not balanced anymore since headers are so overpowered now.

3. Loss of Balance: This goes in with my previous point, which is, due to the overpowered headers, almost every player I play against now rushes to the wings and keeps crossing in the ball towards big players such as Zlatan, Negredo, Cristiano, etc.
Very few players actually play through the middle anymore.
This is ruined the beauty and balance of the game since "tika-taka" or "passing build up play" is not rewarded anymore in this game. I am the type of player who likes to play tika taka and this game is essentially ruined for me.

4. FIFA 14 for current gen consoles was intentionally made bad: EA made FIFA 14 much better for the next gen consoles (XBOX One, PS4) where they fixed the problems mentioned above. However, the patch that they released for FIFA 14 current generation consoles (PS3, XBOX 360) did not fix the issue of overpowered headers much at all. People still overload the game with crosses and it sucks playing like this.
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on April 30, 2014
The game plays great from all aspects. I just don't like how all these sports games, which already cost a pretty penny, are made with the idea of bleeding you further with a bunch of micro-transactions. You are almost forced into spending real money to get fake "in game" money (or points) so that you can acquire the better players. And the system is built on aquiring players randomly so that you never know what you get and you have to keep spending real money to keep opening random player packs in the hope that you get a decent player. It is a scam that incites you into gambling real money and thus losing real money without really giving you what you want. As such the game nickel and dimes you, I should actually say 1 dollar's and 5 dollar's you, as so many of today's sports games do!
Where does the greed stop? Just give us a game where we can earn better players without having to pay for them and then not even get them!
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on January 19, 2014
This game impressed my at first, it had a real authentic look and sound. Several times I thought the gamer in the family was following a real soccer game on TV when he was actually playing. However, lately I have come to realize one very unpleasant aspect of the game. If you don't want to spend extra money for buying other players in your team, then you have good chances of losing a lot. Let me explain: we just bought the game and I had assumed that you can get better players by skill. This is certainly true to one extent, but I don't see that happening right now. The gamer now wants to spend more money on this game because his players cannot beat other teams of kids that are actually purchasing all the star players.
Altogether, and sadly, I think this is another realistic aspect in the soccer world.
Summary: if you have an enthusiastic soccer fan in the family, this is your game. Be aware though that the price you pay for the game might not be the final cost.
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on April 23, 2014
Man, what a great game! The realistic action of the ball flying around the pitch is unprecedented. One of my favorite things is the mini-drills they have you run while your game is loading. They help your game get better.

My only complaints are in the season mode, I can't load from the first screen. I have to take the back door in to my season my going through "customize". Also, in season mode, they send you an obnoxious amount of e-mails from scouting.
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on September 21, 2015
This game is a blast. If you love soccer as much s I do but am only a casual gamer and not willing to spend $50 on latest game this one will suffice. In this year Real Madrid and Bayern were the top teams followed by FCB, Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United. To players of course were Ronaldo, Messi, Ibrahimovic, Mueller, Götze, Hazard, Rooney. Not too much different form today.
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